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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS1 PART 27


PREVIOUS PARTS: [ 01 ] [ 02 ] [ 03 ] [ 04 ] [ 05 ] [ 06 ] [ 07 ] [ 08 ] [ 09 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [ 13 ] [ 14] [ 15 ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] [ 18 ] [ 19 ] [ 20 ] [ 21 ] [ 22 ] [ 23 ] [ 24 ] [ 25 ] [ 26 ] [ 27 (that's this one) ]

LAST TIME: Listen up, big bad Barbarosa! I've got the Toran Army behind me and we're all over Gregminster like cockroaches! I hope I end up getting a computer good enough to handle III by the time I finish IV and Rhapsodia.

Got Humphrey his windspun armour! In II, he either comes with a removable knight armour (which is shitty) or, if you had windspun on him in the first game, a permanently-attached windspun, and windspun is actually even better in II than it is in I. And it's already really good.

Wow, Gremio's stats are fucking terrible. He's a special fucking snowflake so his strength growth is a bit above average until level 20, and then it is the worst until level 60. Like, at level 54 his strength is lower than his magic, and his magic is damn bad. If you get him up to level 99, his strength's a bit above average again, but you're probably never going to get anyone higher than, say, level 62. He is so fucking terrible after a certain point, you have no idea.

There are a bunch of scripted encounters with soldiers in the palace. :(

Barbarosa, why can't you be at your throne? Why do you have to be aaaaaall the way ... somewhere ...?
Gremio with a crit does less damage than Flik with a regular attack. ... Crits triple damage. He is such a useful party member you have no idea. The minmaxer in me is sobbing.

Holy shit there are a lot of guards near where the emperor is. ... Gee. I wonder why.

The last save point. Speaking of which, here is my memory card file for suikoI. There's a save right before naming the castle, right before Gremio's death, right before Ted's death, right before Gremio getting resurrected, and this one right before the final battle. You can use that save for suikoII just fine and everything that carries over (excepting making everyone level 99) has been handled, though if you have a NA rom (which you shouldn't unless you've patched it), you'll need a thingummy to convert the save to be NA. Tir'll be named ☆☆☆☆☆☆, though.
I'm not sure whether Viktor, Flik, or ☆☆☆☆☆☆ will get the 4 level bonus. We'll see, I guess.

Wonder where this could be.
'sup, Barbarosa!
BARBAROSA: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, Commander of the Liberation Army, thank you for coming this far."
He gestures to the gardens.
BARBAROSA: "Look at this garden... a beautiful place full of flowers in bloom. This is the end. It is all that remains of my Empire."
He leans forward.
BARBAROSA: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, I shall protect my Empire. With my own hands!"

BARBAROSA: "Dragon King Sword, give me power!"
[BGM: Ultimate Enemy]
Where are we?
What are you doing?
Why are you suddenly a Golden Hydra?
The head on the left casts Mother Ocean frequently! Kill that one first. The left head's immune to wind, the middle to lightning, and the right to fire. Be very careful not to cast Blazing Camp (fire + lightning) 'cause it's not going to help. Stick with Thunderstorm or Water Dragon or Fierce Wind Fang.
This is taking me longer than usual, it feels like. I'm not having trouble; it's just taking a while. No one's died or anything. Aaaaaaaand it died right as I was typing that.

[BGM: Echoes of the Changing Past]
Whooooaaaa, like dude, that was totally unnecessary! And he slumps a little.
Kasim, Milich, and Kwanda walk in! Sonya probably would too but she's in my party.
KASIM: "Your Highness!"
BARBAROSA: [looks up] "Kasim..."
KASIM: "You've changed, Your Highness. Why? We believed in you."
BARBAROSA: "Kasim, I've missed you. And I miss those days we fought together."
KASIM: "You were deceived by that woman. By Windy."
Speak of the devil and she teleports in and walks over to Barbarosa.
WINDY: "Barbarosa! What happened? You lost? The Golden Emperor indeed."
She walks closer to the balcony.
WINDY: "And you call yourself the Golden Emperor. For shame."
KASIM: [steps up] "How dare you insult His Highness!"
WINDY: "Don't be silly."
White out, sound of zapping, Kasim collapses.
KASIM: "Y-Your Highness..."
WINDY: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Now it's your turn, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. This Empire is dead. But I'll still take your Soul Eater! Give it to me!"

I'll take that as a no.
WINDY: "W-why do you reject me, Soul Eater? You control life and death, and eat souls. I am your ideal host. Together, let us take revenge on this cursed world. Even you reject me, Soul Eater! Even the most cursed rune refuses me!" Uh, dumbass, don't try to take true runes when you already have one. They don't like each other that much.
Barbarosa stands up and puts his hand on her shoulder.
[BGM: Theme of Sadness ~ Ensemble Version]
BARBAROSA: "That's enough, Windy. Stop it."
WINDY: "What are you doing?! I'll destroy you with my magic."
BARBAROSA: "It's no use, Windy. The rune on my Dragon King Sword, the Sovereign Rune, is protected against any form of magic. Even the Rune of the Gate."
WINDY: "But with the Black Rune... you were..."
BARBAROSA: "I lied." And he pulls them both to the balcony.
WINDY: "Wh-what do you plan to do, Barbarosa."
BARBAROSA: "I loved you."
WINDY: [shakes her head and closes her eyes] "Liar. You loved my resemblance to Claudia!"
BARBAROSA: "That's not true. I wanted to erase the sadness that lies hidden deep in your eyes. The sadness of one who cannot accept others. I loved you. But that was a mistake. It was my only mistake. But it cannot be forgiven."
He shakes his head, then she shakes hers.
WINDY: "Please... please stop it, Barbarosa." [looks at him.]
BARBAROSA: "As a result of my mistake, I lost my Empire. ☆☆☆☆☆☆, what kind of land will you create in its stead?"
☆☆☆☆☆☆ moves a bit. The music stops, to be replaced with wind.
SONYA: "Emperor Barbarosa!" She didn't actually say this in this file because she was in my party and I guess it only checks for people at the castle, but.
MILICH: "Emperor..."
KWANDA: "Your Highness!"
BARBAROSA: "Farewell!"
And he jumps off, taking Windy with him.
And then the screen's shaky from here on out, because that was a load-bearing emperor!
VIKTOR: "The end of the Emperor."
FLIK: "And the end of the Empire."
Kasim stands up.
VIKTOR: "I don't think this palace will hold for much longer. We'd better escape."

[BGM: Theme of Tension ~ Tama Dator]
KASIM: "Please escape. This place won't hold much longer."
MILICH: "Emperor Barbarosa..."
KWANDA: "The Emperor..."

Inside is all red now! I guess the lights are off.

RANDOM SOLDIERS: "It's the Liberation Army! Don't let them escape alive!"

TIR: "Don't be ridiculous, Viktor."
VIKTOR: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, this country still needs you. But me? Once the war is over, I'm useless. Don't worry. I'll be right behind you. Flik! Take care of ☆☆☆☆☆☆!"
FLIK: "Let's go, Leader. Let him do what he wants."
Flik drags him off!
VIKTOR: "Anybody feel like dying today? Step forward. I'll fight until my heart stops!"
Fade out.
Working my way out the palace ...
Flik just got shot with an arrow.
FLIK: "Fool! Be careful!"
FLIK: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, you were chosen by Odessa to rebuild this country. I can't let you get killed here, or else Odessa will be furious when I see her again, up there. Go, ☆☆☆☆☆☆, and fulfill... Odessa's dream. Hurry!" Actually, I'm pretty sure Odessa's in ☆☆☆☆☆☆'s right hand. You'll have to die near him as one of his loved ones to see her again. ... :(

TIR: "I can't leave you here."
FLIK: "I'll be all right. Viktor and I will join you later."
TIR: "I can't leave you here."
FLIK: "Hurry up and go, or I'll kill myself right here!" ...
TIR: "Stay alive, Flik."
FLIK: "It's a bit too early to see Odessa again. Our reunion can wait until I become a better man."
☆☆☆☆☆☆ leaves, Viktor strolls in.

VIKTOR: "Where's ☆☆☆☆☆☆?"
FLIK: "He's gone ahead."
VIKTOR: "Now we can fight to our hearts' content."
FLIK: "Yeah, too bad I have to fight alongside you."
RANDOM SOLDIER OFFSCREEN: "☆☆☆☆☆☆ has escaped this way! We must avenge the Emperor!"
Flik and Viktor move down to block the way ☆☆☆☆☆☆ went.
VIKTOR: "Let's go, Star Dragon Sword!"
SWORD: "You sure know how to treat a man." Fliktor/Sword ot3.

FLIK: "In the name of my sword Odessa, I won't let you pass!"
Fade out.
[BGM: Into a World of Illusion]
Slow pan down through Gregminster... to where all the unkillables are standing. Let's not wonder how Cleo got there that fast.
TAIHO: "Look! We won! We won!"
LEPANT: "The Empire is destroyed."
KIRKIS: "We did it, we did it, Sylvina."
SYLVINA: "Kirkis!"
CLEO: "It has ended at last, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆."
PAHN: "Our Empire has been destroyed."
Hix goes like \o/ and then puts his arm over Tengaar's shoulder and keeps shaking them.
HIX: "L-look, Tengaar! We won! We defeated the Empire!"
Then Tengaar pushes him off and he's like \o/ trying not to fall over.
TENGAAR: "Ouch! Ouch! Don't pull me like that!"
HIX: [rubs his head] "Oh, s-sorry."
FUTCH: "Black is avenged... I guess."
HUMPHREY: "... it's over."
GEN: [... I'm pretty sure he just grabbed Kamandol's ass.] "Hey, old man! Aren't you lucky you got to see all this before kicking the bucket!"
KAMANDOL: [punches the air] "Stop calling me 'old man'!"

Pause for a moment, then [BGM: Theme of Sadness ~ Ensemble Version]
MATHIU: "Master Liukan, those voices... Have we won?"
LIUKAN: "Yes, undoubtedly."
MATHIU: "I see. Master Liukan. I despise war. I always felt that to take a life of another, for whatever reason, was wrong. And yet I became a military strategist, and took many lives. Did I do the right thing? Perhaps I should have remained in that village, fishing in my idle moments, until my death." Oh, good, they didn't fuck up his title here. That would've completely ruined the moment. Also ;~;
LIUKAN: "Master Mathiu... the answer to that..."
Long pause.
LIUKAN: "Are you asleep now, Master Mathiu? May you rest in peace. You have accomplished so much in your life."
And it stays on Liukan and Mathiu for about ten seconds.

CREDITS!! BGM starts with REQUIEM, then goes straight into Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao, which is in really bad portuguese. After that, it switches to Victory March while displaying the names of the people who worked on the game. Strangely the translators get no credit. I wonder why.
This has the stars' endings, but no music for some reason. As such ...

TIR: Become the President of the Toran Republic, and...
GREMIO: Follows ☆☆☆☆☆☆.
PAHN: Embark on a journey to improve his imperfect self.
CLEO: Tired of fighting, continues to protect Teo's mansion.
VIKTOR: Missing in action in the final battle.
CAMILLE: Become the lancing instructor of the Republican Army.
WARREN: Become the 1st Chairman of Toran Republic's Congress.
VARKAS: Named Captain of the Border Guard.
SYDONIA: Disappears.
HUMPHREY: Leaves Toran Republic with Futch.
JOSHUA: Returns to Dragon's Den to coach the junior.
FLIK: Disappears during the final battle.
LEDON: Enjoys success after opening an honest inn.
KESSLER: Named Captain of the Toran Republic Patrol Corps.
MATHIU: Hearing of the victory, he rests in peace.
TAIHO: Returns to Kaku and enjoy a carefree life.
YAMKOO: Lives by the shores of Lake Toran, and enjoys fishing.
LUC: Disappears with Leknaat.
LEPANT: Returns to Kouan with his family and lives in peace.
EILEEN: Always by Lepant's side.
GIOVANNI: Starts his own business.
KRIN: Steals Gregminster Palace's treasure and vanishes.
JUPPO: Departs on a journey to find a bigger "trick."
KIRKIS: Works for rebuilding the Village of the Elves.
LIUKAN: Opens a clinic, where he saves many lives.
GEN: Returns to Teien, where he continues to build ships.
KAMANDOL: Still preoccupied with alchemical studies.
TESLA: Become the Secretary-General of the Toran Republic.
KIMBERLY: Forces her way into Tai Ho's household.
KASUMI: Returns to the secret hideaway at Rokkaku.
MOSE: Works for rebuilding the new capital of Gregminster.
KUNTO: Wields power as head of the Merchant's Guild.
FUKIEN: Return to Qlon Temple.
TAGGART: Becomes assistant to Warren.
FUTCH: Departs with Humphrey on a journey.
MILIA: Returns to Dragon's Den, where she resumes her duties.
TENGAAR: Follows Hix on his journey.
HIX: Accepted as a "True Warrior," he departs on a journey.
KWANDA: Become Commander-in-Chief of the Republican Army.
VALERIA: Becomes a Platoon Commander and mediator with the Elves.
MILICH: Spends his life protecting the graves of Barbarosa.
GRIFFITH: Begins a business.
KASIM: Become the Commander-in-Chief and protect the border.
SONYA: Become the Admiral of the Republican Navy.
SYLVINA: Marries her childhood sweetheart Kirkis.
STALLION: Departs to become the fastest man in the world.
RONNIE: Said to be training for homemaking.
VINCENT: Returns home and claims his inheritance.
KUROMIMI: Becomes Village Chief of Kobold.
ALEN: Appointed Co-Commander of the Republican Guard.
GRENSEAL: Appointed Co-Commander of the Republican Guard.
ANJI: Plans to go into the shipping business and make a bundle.
LEONARDO: Goes into business with Anji.
KANAK: Goes into business with Anji.
KAGE: Saying his contract was up, he disappears.
SHEENA: Wandering around and having a good time, as usual.
APPLE: Goes off to collect material for a biography of Mathiu.
ESMERALDA: Lives a comfortable life with a garden full of roses.
FUSULU: Was in Kobold for a while, then set off on a journey.
GON: Working hard to become the No.1 warrior in Kobold.
RUBI: Welcomed into the restored Village of the Elves.
LOTTE: Lives in a small house with Mina the cat.
FUMA: Invited to Rokkaku.
LORELAI: Sets off to another land to find another adventure.
MORGAN: Returns to Qlon Temple and resumes his studies.
QUINCY: Returns to the forest.
MINA: Becomes the most popular dancer in the Republic.
BLACKMAN: Returns to his fields.
KREUTZ: Leaves the country.
KIRKE: Throws away his scythe and becomes a farmer.
MEG: Leaves home, saying "Adventure calls."
MAX: Retires from Knighthood.
SANCHO: Happily continues to serve his master.
GEORGES: Disappears north, Saying he found a good business.
ROCK: Asked to design a giant safe for dwarfs, he sets to work.
MELODYE: Departs to collect all sounds of the world.
WINDOW: Accepts an offer to design stained-glass windows.
GASPAR: Still tossing dice at Kaku.
ONIL: Still loves to gossip.
ZEN: The Ancient Castle of Toran is still full of flowers.
SARAH: Working as a maid at Marie's inn.
KAI: Appointed Martial Arts Instructor.
EIKEI: Departs on a journey in search of worthy opponents.
SERGEI: Becomes rich off his inventions.
HUGO: Appointed the Republic's first Chief Justice.
TEMPLETON: Departs for the sea in searchof the edge of the world.
IVANOV: Sets off on a journey to find "the color of freedom."
SANSUKE: Keeping busy designing new bathtubs.
JABBA: Placed in charge of the Republic's finances.
MARIE: Reopens her inn at Gregminster.
VIKI: Failed at teleportation, she disappears without a trace.
QLON: Gladly accepts an offer to be keeper of Toran Castle.
HELLION: Succeeds Leknaat as Seer.
JEANE: Resumes her career as runemaster at Antei.
KASIOS: Departs to spread the Liberation Army's songs.
ANTONIO: Still the cook at Marie's inn.
LESTER: Opens a restaurant specializing in stews.
MAAS: Dissatisfied with his work, he resumes his studies.
MEESE: Goes to the Village of the Dwarves to improve skills.
MOOSE: Becomes Master Blacksmith.
MARCO: Leads a vigorous life.
CHAPMAN: Retires from the armory and successfully opens a theater.
CHANDLER: Finally succeeds in opening his own store.
MACE: Lets Moose succeed and retires.
LEON: Spends the remainder of his life in his hometown.
CLIVE: By the time the war was over he was gone.
PESMERGA: Still in search of Yuber, he leaves the country.
CROWLEY: Despising the world, he returns to the caverns.
A curled-up image of Gremio and our hero walking off into the sunset for their next adventure.


- STARS RECRUITED: All of them. Aaaaaaaall of them.
- GAMES OVER: 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 77.5, Pahn: 8, Cleo: 15, other: 4, total: 104.5
- TALENTED MILITARY SURGEON: Mathiu: 2, everyone else: 5, 7 total

NEXT TIME: In SY 460, War was Beginning.