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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS1 PART 20

I liek Squirtles:
You should've made a stat for how many assholes you've encountered. Then again, that number would be in the hundreds already.
It'd be easier to tally people who aren't assholes. So far my list is 'Cleo'. ... Actually, wait, in the Gremio short story, Cleo has a lot of words to use for Gremio after Tir gets kidnapped, and this is while Gremio is pretty thoroughly beaten up and also like infinite TT____TT because he has failed his bocchan. Also I think he's a self-hating teenager at that point in the timeline too. So er. Non-assholes: ... yeah I don't know of any.

LAST TIME: The beginning of the other arc I hate! Except I hate Lorimar arc because it's got Neclord in it, while I hate Great Forest arc because it's long and boring.

[BGM: Inside the Silence]

Going to ignore the monk inside the temple with the saffron robe at first in order to say hi to a blind guy next to a crystal ball.
MORGAN: "My name is Morgan. Due to certain circumstances, I'm staying here. And you? Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆? I would surely like to see your face. You have an interesting voice. Oh, excuse me, I've been blind since birth. But in fact I see better than others." I hate that trope so much. ... though actually I think half of this got retconned or was badly translated or something and Morgan's meant to be the guy Shoon talks about when he's explaining what gladiators can expect from life to Georg in V.
MORGAN: "I can see a big sky behind your back. My life is in your hands."

HUGO: "That's funny. Where could it be? Say brothers, have you seen the War Scroll anywhere? I'm so embarrassed, being the librarian. If you see it, please let me know. I'll repay you." This dude is named Hugo, but he's no relation to the Hugo in III. Probably. Unless ... unless Hugo's father is secretly Hugo!!! LUCIA RAN OFF TO QLON PARTWAY THROUGH II AND SLEPT WITH A MONK. Yeah. That is totally it.

FUKIEN: "I was expecting your arrival, Starmaster." I bet Fukien and Leknaat drink tea together every Firesday. Also I just checked my Japanese caps to make sure: Fukien calls Tir a tenkai there.
VIKTOR: "Starmaster? What's that? Do you know ☆☆☆☆☆☆?"
FUKIEN: "Of course. Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆ is the destined leader of the 108 Stars of Heaven and Earth." What, you mean the magic rock that Luc stands next to all day like an idiot?
VIKTOR: "108 Stars? Cleo, this priest is bonkers."
FUKIEN: "Viktor, you were born under the Star of Heavenly Loneliness, and Cleo under the Star of Heavenly Fulfillment. You were all born under the signs of the 108 Stars, as was I myself." No one cares dude.
FUKIEN: "We are all destined to gather together, once again, under Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆'s sign, the Star of Heavenly Guidance." Blah blah blah blah blah. Go drink fermented yak milk tea with Leknaat.
VIKTOR: "That's enough babbling, old man. Now listen to what we have to say." I bet Viktor and Leknaat would get along smashingly.
FUKIEN: "I already know. You've come here to find out how to destroy Neclord the Vampire. Correct?"
CLEO: "Then you know a way?"
FUKIEN: "Yes I do. Please follow me."
Nope, it's a magic rock.
FUKIEN: "This is the entrance to the Cave of the Past. What you are looking for is in there."
VIKTOR: "If you knew we were coming, why didn't you make preparations?" :)
FUKIEN: "Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, much awaits you in the cave. You must be ready to accept it all. Please go in, and be sure to watch yourselves." I like that he ignored Viktor entirely.

Fukien moves the thing.
I left the area then came back.

Oh whoops missed what he usually says because I already had the seeds with me, oh well.
ZEN: "Good, good, now I can finish my work here. Thank you so much for the seeds."
ZEN: "There we go. So now I'm a member of your party."
Zen get!

[BGM: Penpe]

Found a Flowing Crystal! It's stronger water magic. Flowing runes aren't significantly better than water runes (and my stepdad keeps questioning me when I replace water with flowing, actually, but he also hates my reliance on wind magic in V and doesn't understand why I rarely use fire) but they're amazing in I. The one downside is that flowing runes lose access to Drops of Kindness, which fully heals one character and restores status (but can't revive), but I find the ability to cast Kindness Rain frequently much more useful. And in I, the level 5 water spell (so flowing level 4; elemental runes have 1-4, advanced elemental have 2-5, true elemental have 3-6), Mother Ocean, fully restores entire party including rezzing so it's kind of ... yeah why are you judging me dude. Mother Ocean is single target in the rest of the series afaik, though (I've never cast it in III, but it probably targets one pair), but then again in the rest of the series you have three rune slots so it'd be completely fucking broken rather than merely very good.

You are in a twisty little maze of invisible passages, all alike.
The window crystal (used to recruit Window, that creepy mime in the Warriors' Village item shop) is in the room to the south of the invisible passage.
You see the suspiciously straight bit I'm facing? It's an entrance to an invisible passage.
Hi, Crowley!
CROWLEY: "Recruit me? Hmmm... perhaps when the castle is a little bigger, I'll consider it." He's one of the two castle size four people you can see before you have a size four castle. I think size four is at 98 recruits?
Aaaand found the war scroll for Hugo-as-in-Yuugo. Karayan Hugo is Hyuugo. I may or may not end up doing an lp of Suikoden III. That'd be a bit ahead of myself and also I'd need a better computer probably.

That's not suspicious!
Music stops, is replaced by echoes of dripping water. Same background noise used in the Lenankamp hideout and in Soniere after rescuing Liukan.
VIKTOR: "This must be what the old man warned us about."
CLEO: "Don't get too close to it."
VIKTOR: "No problem, don't worry."
The sword starts spinning.
SWORD: "He who awakens me, be cursed." It's named the Star Dragon Sword, btw.
VIKTOR: "What?"
And then a sound much like the use of Soul Eater, and a sphere around the party, and --


And they're thrown out of the shrine to the bottom of the steps.
VIKTOR: "Ouch! What is this place?"
CLEO: "Who knows? It looks like we got thrown out of the cave. Thanks to you-know-who."
VIKTOR: "Hey, we made it alive, didn't we?"
The doors to the two houses next to the shrine are locked.

Ha ha, you can't see me.

A kid in yellow and blue walks out of that house, sees Tir and friends, jumps, runs back in.
Examining the well heals you completely. Doesn't tell you it did, though.
Whoa, kid, how'd you get from the house to behind the well without me seeing you? He runs to the bottom of the screen.
[cue Jaws theme]
TINYTED: "Are you the people who came to take away the treasure?" His name is written as 'Ted'. Hmmm.

TIR: "No." He apparently reacts the same either way.
TINYTED: "Good. I didn't think so. Grandpa looked real angry, so I was worried."
VILLAGE CHIEF: "Ted! Come here!"
TINYTED: "Yes, Grandpa!"
He runs off.
CLEO: "Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, did he say 'Ted'?"

TIR: "He did remind me of Ted."
CLEO: "What's going on?"
TIR: "No, it must be someone else."
CLEO: "But he does look like Ted."
There are now people in the village.
LITTLE GIRL: "Are you Windy?" ... I sort of wish I had Luc in my party right now.
WOMAN: "We can't give you what we have been protecting for so many years." What, you mean this? [raises hand.]
Someone left their house and left the fire on.
OLD WOMAN STANDING IN FRONT OF A TREASURE CHEST: "What are you looking at? That isn't good. This treasure chest is..."
MAN: "Why did you come here, to this village of the Hidden Rune?" I do like runes.

Let's annoying Ted!
TINYTED: "What's wrong? Is there something on my face?" Yeah, your face.

VILLAGE CHIEF: "Were you people sent by that woman?"
VIKTOR: "What woman? Messengers? What are you talking about?"
VILLAGE CHIEF: "So you have nothing to do with her?"
VIKTOR: "With who?"
VILLAGE CHIEF: "If you don't, you must leave this place immediately. Come, Ted." So, what, would you welcome Windy???
TINYTED: "Wait, Grandpa. I want to talk to those people." 'I think if I look really hopeful and have my eyes open super wide, they'll give me candy!'
VILLAGE CHIEF: "Come with me!" Hey, we're friendly 8(
And they head inside.

... which is totally an invitation to follow, amirite?
VILLAGE CHIEF: "Are you still here? We don't want strangers here." Well, we are pretty strange.
CLEO: "What are you so afraid of? Are you afraid of 'that woman' you mentioned?"
[BGM: Theme of Tension ~ Impact Version]
WINDY: "'That woman'? Rather a rude way to speak of someone, don't you think?"
The village chief walks outside, as does everyone else.
'I thought I'd drop by, have a coffee, maybe kill a few people. Why, how about you?'
VIKTOR: "Damn you, Neclord! How dare you come here! By the way, Cleo, what is this place?" ilu
CLEO: "Who cares?" ilu ♥
VILLAGE CHIEF: "What's your business here, Windy?"
WINDY: "Village Chief, I came all the way out here because you refused to give me the rune. You should thank me for making the effort. Now give me the Soul Eater." But it's Tir's.
VILLAGE CHIEF: "I've never heard of such a thing!"
WINDY: "Don't bother to lie to me. I happen to know that this is the Village of the Hidden Rune." I like how they named their village after the fact they're hiding Soul Eater.
VIKTOR: "Hey Cleo, let's remember that. The Village of the Hidden Rune." You're absurd.
CLEO: "Village of the Hidden Rune... a boy named Ted..."
The screen shakes.
Sorry about the dialogue box that's popping up.
WINDY: "Did you see that, Chief? While you were in denial, Yuber got bored. Give me the rune, or else this village will be sharred beyond recognition."
She steps closer to the chief.
VILLAGE CHIEF: "Damn you. Are you that eager to see the cursed power of the Soul Eater? Oh Soul Eater, Cursed Rune, show your power and strike the enemy."
It glows, shoots lasers, and teleports the chief and Ted and Tir's group. Windy turns around a bit, confused.

[BGM: Forgotten Days]
It's okay, dude, we're used to it.
VIKTOR: "No kidding."
VILLAGE CHIEF: "Ted. Come here."
TINYTED: "Yes, Grandpa."
He steps a bit closer to him.
VILLAGE CHIEF: "Give me your right hand. That's right. Stay still, Ted. Oh Soul Eater, rune of life and death, depart my body and give this boy your power."
It does the whole glowy pulsy thing with the hexagram that it did when Ted gave Tir the rune.
TINYTED: "G-Grandpa, what's this?"
VILLAGE CHIEF: "Forgive me, Ted. I'm afraid I've passed on a sorrowful fate unto you. Remember that the power of this rune must never be unleashed." I like how he's giving an artifact of ultimate power to a six year old and expecting him to live by himself for the next eternity. What's Ted supposed to eat? What happens when he runs into monsters? It's like ... he's not only a kid whose village is now pretty much gone and everyone he's known is dead, he's a kid who has lost everything and if some nice person takes him in and adopts him then said nice person will die in a tragic accident in the near future, and oh let's not forget that Windy'll want him dead. How the hell did the kid live to his next birthday?
VILLAGE CHIEF: "Travelers, up ahead is a secret path which leads to the village's outskirts. Take Ted -- this child -- and run. I will get Windy's attention and act as a decoy." Oh, great, you're designating some time-travellers as his responsible adult. You don't even know their names. Wow you're an asshole.
And the chief opens the door behind the scroll and walks off.
CLEO: "Let's go, Ted."
TINYTED: "O-OK. Grandpa, you'll come later?" ;__;
CLEO: "That's right. You must hurry now."

[BGM: Theme of Tension ~ Ensemble Version]
Whoops, didn't get a cap of Yuber dropping out of the sky.
"Lady Windy sure is a worrier. Instead of beating around the bush, why don't we just burn this village?" Oh Yuber. Also I just noticed that's water on the bottom bit of the screen.
YUBER: "I just follow my orders and stand on guard, and look who's coming. Just a child and some cowards."
VIKTOR: "What did you say!"
CLEO: "Keep your distance from him, Viktor! This one's tough!" He's fucking YUBER.
VIKTOR: "Yes, I know. He's not human. Even at this distance, I can feel his terrible power."
YUBER: "So you understand my power, do you? Well then, don't bother to struggle against my sword. I'll chop you all into little pieces, making sure you feel no pain." You know, there is a LOT of cutesy Yuber fanart.
CLEO: "D-damn..."
He steps forward, and then Neclord teleports in between them.
NECLORD: "Hey Yuber. Lady Windy wants you. That old man escaped into the forest."
VIKTOR: [steps forward] "Neclord!"
NECLORD: "You again? I'm very busy right now. I'll take you on some other time."
Yuber and Neclord walk off.

[BGM: Forgotten Days]
They're back in front of the chief's house. Also, the shrine is glowing.
CLEO: "It looks like... we're safe."
VIKTOR: "Yes, and the fire in the village is dying down too. But I don't know what happened to the villagers." ... uh, Ted's grandpa used his rune. That's probably what happened to everyone. Either that, or Yuber happened. Or Neclord happened! Probably not Neclord, though.
TINYTED: "What happened to Grandpa?"
CLEO: "Ted, I'm afraid you're going to have to depend on yourself from now on. Do you understand?" He's like six.
CLEO: "Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, this boy is definitely the Ted we knew. We must be in the past."
VIKTOR: "The past? The Star Dragon Sword's curse threw us back into the past?"
CLEO: "Probably. What just happened was the incident from 300 years ago that Ted mentioned. And from this moment on, Ted must journey alone for 300 years." HE'S SIX.
CLEO: "In any case, we must find a way to return to the present."
VIKTOR: "You're right."
VIKTOR: [looks over at the shrine] "Hey ☆☆☆☆☆☆, what's that light? Isn't that where we first came out?"
CLEO: "I agree. Let's go back to that place."
But first, treasure! There's a boar crystal (how useless) next to where Yuber accosted the group, and a champion's crystal (keeps away random encounters that you can Let Go) in the chest the old woman was guarding.
I adore the sprite detail in this game; notice the stuff on the table's now broken?
Walking up to the shrine!
VIKTOR: "Maybe if we enter there, we can return to the present."
CLEO: "Could be. That's a pretty good idea, coming from you." How cold :3
VIKTOR: "Oh, leave me alone. ☆☆☆☆☆☆, what shall we do with the kid?"
Hm, refrain from breaking continuity, or be responsible?
TIR: "We'll take him along."
CLEO: "But we don't know if that's the right thing to do." ... hey, we'd feed him.
VIKTOR: "Let's get going, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. While this light is still shining."

[BGM: none; echoes and dripping water]
VIKTOR: "Boy were we lucky. I guess we made it back."
CLEO: [looks around] "Ted's gone."
VIKTOR: [does too] "You're right."
CLEO: "He probably belongs on the other side, and was unable to cross over. From now on he's on his own. And his destiny cannot be altered." Yeah well if Gremio was there he'd at least make him a lunch. ... I just made myself sad.

We move down to where the sword was!
VIKTOR: "This thing again? Stay clear of it, everyone. We don't want to go through that again."
CLEO: "Listen to Mr. Expert. You got us into that mess in the first place."
SWORD: [spins] "Viktor..."
VIKTOR: [BACKS UP.] "I-I d-didn't do anything."
SWORD: "Viktor... Don't you have an important mission?"
VIKTOR: "That's right. I'm going to kill that Neclord."
SWORD: "I was just getting tired of sleeping. I'll join you on your mission. Pull me out."
VIKTOR: "What's with this thing? Pretty arrogant for a sword."
SWORD: "If you don't want to, fine. But you'll never defeat the vampire."
VIKTOR: "I mean, yes sir." [picks up sword]
SWORD: "Let's go, partner."
VIKTOR: "(Tsk. Why should a sword call me 'partner')"

Escape scrolling out!

Delivered War Scroll!
HUGO: "That's it. That's the War Scroll I was looking for. Thank God it's been found. I must repay you with something. Let me see, are you the Liberation Army? I see. OK, I've decided. I'll join up. I'm Hugo the Librarian."


- STARS RECRUITED: 81.5 + Morgan + Zen + Fukien + Hugo = 85.5 / 108
- Game Overs: 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 75.5, Pahn: 8, Cleo: 14, other: 4, total: 101.5
- TALENTED MILITARY SURGEON: Mathiu: 2, everyone else: 2, 4 total
- Bathrooms: 0