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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS1 PART 2

I'm not sure why I'm faintly disappointed about no comments when pretty much no one reads my dw, or, for that matter, knows I post on a dw. I am, though! It is very sad and faintly silly.

THE STORY SO FAR: A bunch of people with faces got introduced, and nothing anyone cares about happened. :'( Also I feel faintly apologetic about capslock character names in alt text, but it'd probably be a pain in the ass to make it ... not do that .... Doesn't really work with how I auto-insert the portrait sprites.

And now we're finally actually going to OUR HERO's room. "Please let me join your entourage."
Aren't you ... already in my entourage .... While Ted says this, Blond Stew Guy walks upstairs and to the room up on the top. You can probably spot the very bottom of his sprite up there,
TED: "I owe so much to Master Teo, who adopted me when I was an orphan, and I want to return the favor. OK?" Yep, Ted, I'm sure you're perfectly capable of adopting Teo when he's an orphan.
Pahn and Cleo also walk upstairs and go join Gremio! Spot their feet.
Of course. / Gee, I dunno.
TIR: "Gee, I dunno."
TED: "Please, I want to work for the Imperial Guard too. Oh please.."
Of course. / Gee, I dunno. ... I SAID NO, DUDE.
TIR: "Gee, I dunno."
TED: "Oh, come on. I thought we were friends."
Of course. / Gee, I dunno. You know, you could try listening to me when I tell you I don't want you in my party.
TIR: "Gee, I dunno."
TED: "Hey, stop giving me a hard time. You're really going to let me join you, right? I know what's on your mind." Is it sex? It's sex, isn't it.
Of course. / Gee, I dunno. ... ... ...
TIR: "Of course."
TED: "Great! I knew you were a good friend." Fuck you, too, Ted. Asshole.

TED: "Now for more important matters. What kind of man was the Emperor? And tell me about Windy, the Court Magician. Was she beautiful? Come on, tell me everything." She was like 400 years old and kept hitting on me :'(
TED: "I see. I am sure I would like to see Windy in person." ... WHY.
TED: "Hey ☆☆☆☆☆☆... I really don't know how to tell you this, but... ummm..." ... If it's that you want in his pants, we already know this.

TRIVIA: In the manga, Ted tries having this conversation while Tir's undressing. Yes. Yes I know. NO I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.
Teo walks into the room up top!
TED: "Say ☆☆☆☆☆☆ there's something I want to tell you. Can you keep a secret?" If the secret's that you have a crush on me, no. I really can't.
TED: "Can you promise not to tell anyone what I'm about to tell you?"
GREMIO: "Young Master! Ted! Supper is ready!"
TED: "Hey, it's time to eat. Let's go, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. We can talk some other time."

Our current main cast is all sitting around a giant table. Talking to everyone~
TED: "Gremio, you've prepared a fine meal, a usual. This is why I love visiting ☆☆☆☆☆☆'s house." MORE TRIVIA: Gremio's stew with salt added is Adult Stew.
GREMIO: "Young Master!! Hurry up and take your seat. Your food will go cold."
PAHN: "Wow, this is a feast! My stomach's growling." DON'T CARE, PAHN.
CLEO: "Young Master, it'll be some time before you can eat with Ted again. I suggest you enjoy this time together." Wait, what? Do you mean Teo? Because I don't think Ted's going anywhere OR IS HE
TEO: "What's the matter? Take your seat."

TEO: "Are the glasses filled? Attention, everybody." 'No orgies while I'm gone. That means you, Ted.'
TEO: "Tomorrow morning, I must travel north. ☆☆☆☆☆☆ will be responsible for the household in my absence." And if he hears of any orgies or revolutionary activity, he will GROUND YOU FOREVER.
TEO: "I'd like you all to give him full support."
TEO: "Gremio."
GREMIO: "Y-y-yes... sir." Give him a moment, Teo: he's distracted by thoughts of him and BOCCHAAAAAN~ without the supervision of a responsible adult.
TEO: "You've taken care of ☆☆☆☆☆☆ since he was a baby." ... and yet he's still so ... ... ... so Gremio? Gross.
TEO: "Thanks to your efforts. He's grown into a fine youth. I'm grateful to you." BRB, TELLING THE EMPEROR I DON'T WANNA.
GREMIO: "But Sir, I, this is my job, an-and besides, serving Young Master is a pleasure for me, too..." IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE.
TEO: "I'm glad to hear it. I hope you continue to watch over him. Cleo, Pahn, I'm counting on you two as well to help and protect."
CLEO: "Yes, Master Teo." After all, they need a chaperone.
PAHN: "Of course, Sir. Leave it to us." Acceptable chaperones do NOT INCLUDE YOU, Pahn.
TEO: "And Ted, I hope you'll always be a good friend to ☆☆☆☆☆☆." Aww, he approves. I think.
TED: "I'd do so even if you said otherwise, Sir. Right, ☆☆☆☆☆☆?"
Teo is holding the stupid glass. "Enough talk. Let's eat before the food gets cold. Let's raise our glasses." I hadn't noticed for a while, but Teo turns his head to face whoever he's talking. Details!
And raising it now. "To my son. To the Empire." TO NOT BETRAYING THE COUNTRY ON A WHIM \o/

[BGM: none.]
Theeeey walk upstairs, and:
☆☆☆☆☆☆'s room is visible; everything is in greyscale except for Teo's portrait and the dialogue box. "It looks like I won't be seeing your face for a while, ☆☆☆☆☆☆."
GREMIO: "Shall I wake him up?"
TEO: "No, let him sleep. It's not as if we'll never meet again." Saying that is never a good sign.
TEO: "... Gremio. Take good care of him, will you?"
GREMIO: "I will, Master Teo."

[BGM: none, but birds are chirping.]
Gremio walks upstairs.
It is no longer greyscale.  Gremio is looking at ☆☆☆☆☆☆'s shelving. Stop looking at my diary, Gremio 8|
GREMIO: "Oh, did I wake you up? Good morning. Listen, Young Master. Master Teo departed while you were sleeping. You're such a late sleeper..." YOU COULD HAVE WOKEN ME UP, ASSHOLE
GREMIO: "Today you start working as a member of the Imperial forces. We must prepare to visit Commander Kraze." QUICK, GET ME A SHOTGUN it'll save time

Checking the player's diary brings up the save game menu.

Downstairs, next to the staircase right inside the building, Pahn is talking. "... so the next time we have a day off..." THE POLYAMOROUS MATING CALL: "Let me get out my schedule ..."
PAHN: "Hey, here he comes. You're late, Young Master. It's your first day on the job." AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT, GREMIO
PAHN: "I'm so excited!" Picturing Pahn in a seifuku jumping up and down. Now wish I didn't. Gross, it's Pahn.
PAHN: "Whether it's battling bandits on Mt. Seifu or monsters on Lake Toran, Pahn here's your man." What about climbing stairs? Can you do that?
CLEO: "Calm down, will you? All you ever think about is fighting." THAT'S A LIE. He thinks about food too.
CLEO: "Our job is to protect the Young Master."
PAHN: "I know, I know. Now let's be on our way to the palace."
Pahn joins the entourage! Cleo joins the entourage!

☆☆☆☆☆☆ examining a sleeping Ted. "Mmmmmm... uhhh... oh, please, let me sleep just a bit longer."
Huh, I can't check Pahn's diary right now. I also can't find Gremio's diary.

TED: "Hey, wait for me, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. How can you leave me behind?" Easily.
TED: "You know you'll be lonely without me, right, ☆☆☆☆☆☆?" Oh, fine.
Ted joins the entourage!

[BGM: Royal Palace Consultation]
Checking off to the side before entering the palace itself...
There's lots of dirt and nothing, and a guy with a finned headband standing next to a black dragon. "Stop staring at Black. Haven't you ever seen a dragon before, you country bumpkins?" I LIVE IN THE CAPITAL CITY, YOU ASSHOLE.
TED IS PISSED. "What did you say!?" AVENGE MY HONOUR!!
Gremio steps out to be the voice of reason. "Now, now, take it easy. We must hurry to Commander Kraze's room." Gross, Kraze has villain facial hair.
Examining the dragon makes him trumpet like an elephant. I am not sure why the dragon makes elephant noises. IT JUST DOES.
I'm not sure I'd ever bugged Futch prior to officially meeting him before, actually.

In Kraze's room, Kraze is being snippy. "Heh. So it's Teo's boy? You're late! You can't be pampered all your life, you know." you're just jealous because I'm prettier than you.
KRAZE: "Now for your first assignment. Listen carefully, because I'll only tell you once. Northeast of Gregminster lies the Magician's Island. Leknaat the Seer lives there. She has been commissioned to look into the stars. Go there and bring me her results.Are you listening? Tell me where the Magician's Island is."
Northeast of Gregminster. / Northwest of Gregminster. / Somewhere on this earth.
TIR: "Somewhere on this earth."
KRAZE: "Don't think you can treat me like a fool just because you're the son of a great general." No, I treat you like a fool because you are.
KRAZE: "Keep acting up and you'll be sorry."
KRAZE: "Heh. Here are the rest of your instructions. There is no boat to Magician's Island, but I've arranged for a Dragon Knight from the Knights of the Dragon's Den to take you there. You'll find him in front of the barn. The dragon will transport you to the island. By the way, Leknaat the Seer is the younger sister of the Court Magician Windy, so you'd better behave yourself."

Outside the building, my entire party is being snippy.  Starting with Pahn. "Gee, I was looking forward to your first job, and it turns out to be an errand."
PAHN: "As if we were kids. I was hoping for something really exciting..."
CLEO: "Take it easy, Pahn. Besides, the astrological results are very important for the Empire. It's not such a bad assignment." I'm sort of curious: is she looking up who the stars of destiny will be? Because that's a bad kind of important.
GREMIO: "You're right. And this job won't be so dangerous..." ... unless rocks fall.
GREMIO: "Oh, I don't mean to imply that you're not reliable, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, but..." ... WHOA, GREMIO DIDN'T GO BOCCHAN.
TED: "Hey ☆☆☆☆☆☆. We get to ride a dragon, and meet a real Dragon Knight!" Good to see that your priorities are in order.
TED: "Dragon Knights are really cool. Come on, let's get going!"

... eh, nah, I'm going to check on Sonya and Milich first.
[BGM: Beautiful Golden City]
SONYA: "So General Teo has already departed for the north. I wish I could accompany him. But I, too, have my responsibilities as an Imperial General. ☆☆☆☆☆☆, I hope you'll come visit me from time to time. I feel much better when I see your face."
Aaaand Milich hasn't changed.

[BGM: Imperial Palace Consultation]
Back with Futch and his dragon... "Are you the Imperial Guard? I'm Futch, apprentice Dragon Knight, and this is my dragon Black." I bet that name took you hours.
FUTCH: "Hey Black, introduce yourself."
Black spreads his wings and trumpets like an elephant again!
FUTCH: "Isn't he cute? So you'll be going to Magician's Island. Black will take you there in no time."
TED: "You're a Dragon Knight? You're just a punk."
FUTCH: [JUMPS] "What did you say? You're a punk yourself!"
TED: "I'm a punk? I happen to be 300-years..." ... what.
GREMIO: [walks over to Ted] "All right, that's enough. Let's be on our way." BUT I WAS LISTENING TO THAT. SORT OF.
TED: "Let go of me, Gremio! He called me a punk!"
CLEO: "Oh boy, this is going to be some trip."
PAHN: "Take it easy, Futch. Let's get going."
FUTCH: "OK, OK. Everyone climb aboard the basket on Black's back."
Somehow, everyone manages to fit on the dragon using only ☆☆☆☆☆☆'s sprite. "Are you ready? Hold on tight, or you'll fall off."
FUTCH: "Not that I'd mind if one of you did fall off."
TED: "Hey!"
CLEO: "Watch it. Quit fighting in the basket."
FUTCH: "OK Black. Let's go!"

Flap flap trumpet aaaaand we're off!
[BGM: Fly, Black!]
Dragon in the sky with clouds!

[BGM: none, sound of waves and birds]
A forest!  Futch standing next to Black!  The party all taking up one sprite, as usual! "Here we are. Speed make you dizzy? Well, my job ends here."
FUTCH: "I'll wait here until you're done. Be careful."

[MUSIC: Black Forest]
OKAY this is usually where you first start fighting things. As such, going to explain more of the menu!
Status screen! This is the stats screen! ATK is PWR + whatever the second number for your weapon is, ARM is DEF + whatever your equipment gives. SKL determines accuracy, critical hit rate, dodge chance, and chance to counter when dodging. SPD is mostly useless; it just determines attacking order but for the most part your party will outrun all enemies so who cares.
The line of 0/0/0/0 is how much MP you have. Currently nobody has any MP, since they're level 1 for the most part, and I haven't healed at an inn so Tir and Ted don't have any MP. They don't have any usable runes equipped, though, so their MP doesn't matter. I'll explain runes when they become plot relevant.
Gremio has a level 1 Axe, Pahn has a Boar Rune (it's a command rune; deals double damage but unbalances, so Pahn can't attack next turn) and level 1 Claws, Cleo has a level 1 Air Sword. Ted has a rune equipped: it's ???? and unusable.
Notice that Cleo and Ted are in the back row! S-ranged characters hit things in the front row and must be in the front row themselves (that's Pahn), M-ranged can attack from either but only hit the front (Tir and Gremio), L-ranged attack whatever from wherever but tend to suck at doing damage (Cleo and Ted). Basically, swords and fists up front, bows and throwing knives in the back, everyone else wherever. You go to Formation to fiddle with who goes where. It's pretty important when it gets to suikoIII and suikoV, but in the rest of the series it's mostly a matter of 'can everyone attack'.

Battle screen; I'm currently commanding for Gremio.  Attack / Defend / Rune / Item / Unite; Rune is grayed out because I haven't given him one.
Notice Unite is not grayed out! Different groups of characters get unite attacks together, which do ... varying things! Gremio and Pahn have Talisman Attack together, which does 2x damage to one enemy. SuikoI and V unfortunately tend to have very boring unite attack animations (excepting one where Humphrey uses Krin as a projectile); II-IV unites tend to be absurd. Things like Riou beating up an enemy while Nanami eats lunch, or Vincent and Simone staring into each other's eyes while rose petals fall.

Sometimes enemies drop items! I got a ? Pot from a BonBon earlier -- explanation of antiques later -- and a Robe from a Holly Boy just now.

Random kid in green named Luc! "How unusual to have visitors on this island. I must prepare an appropriate welcome."
WHOAAAAA random guy
LUC: "Wind Rune..."

[BGM: Ultimate Enemy]
BOSS FAITO.  Against a Golem.  It is made of rocks.  LUC, ROCKS ARE YOUR /BROTHER'S/ JOB.
Aaaand it dies in two turns because first boss. Also because ☆☆☆☆☆☆ and Ted are like level 10 to everyone else's ... 4, probably.

[MUSIC: Black Forest]
Shut up, Luc. "Wow, you guys are really something, beating my magic like that." FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE
LUC: "I'm impressed, Imperial Guards."
PAHN: "Hey! Have you got something against us, or what?"
LUC: "Take it easy. I know who you guys are. You've come to see Lady Leknaat, right? I just wanted to test you. I guess you're the real thing. Come this way, honored guests." Ughhhh guys who make politeness an insult ASSHOLE

The entrance to a blue tower!  Sadly no red thorns.
CUE STAIRS. Let's count the flights. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Eight flights. THAT IS EIGHT TOO MANY.
At the top of the steps, there is a woman with a cloak who glows mysteriously. "I was expecting you, messengers from the Empire." You'd be a fucking shitty psychic if you weren't.
LEKNAAT: "Oh my, what a cute messenger we have this year." WHAT IS WITH OLD LADIES AND HITTING ON THE PROTAGONIST grossssss you're like a billion times his age
TED: "She says you're cute, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. How do you feel about that?" Grossed out.
LEKNAAT: "I'm sorry. You're a soldier of the Empire. I shouldn't call you 'cute'. I have prepared the Astral Conclusions. Follow me."
She walks off.
GREMIO: "Young Master, we must go to Lady Leknaat's." REALLY.

Talking to everyone!
TED: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, Don't you think Lady Leknaat is so beautiful... Anyway, you should hurry." FOUR HUNDRED YEARS OLD, TED. FOUR HUNDRED.
CLEO: "So, it seems that we'll get The Astral Conclusions shortly."
GREMIO: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, Lady Leknaat should be waiting for you...." WHO SAID YOU COULD USE MY NAME
PAHN: "Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, Let's get The Astral Conclusions quickly and get back home. I'm starving!"

[MUSIC: Touching Theme]
A stained glass window with the image of a dragon on it is shown, which I failed to cap. Pan down to
Leknaat in a pretty room with giant stained glass windows and the reflection of a dragon on the floor and giant bright purple curtains.
LEKNAAT: "Imperial messenger, here are the Astral Conclusions. Please take them."
[ WALKS UP automagically ]
LEKNAAT: "!!!"
LEKNAAT: "What's your name? I see. ☆☆☆☆☆☆ -- such a friendly name."
LEKNAAT: "I am an astrological magician. My job is to see the future in the stars. But the future is not unchangeable. All I can see is the overall flow of things. ☆☆☆☆☆☆, you are bearing a huge burden in the flow of destiny. You will have to make painful choices, and experience a great deal of pain and sorrow. And I know not what the outcome is. But always remember that your destiny is in your own hands. Never forget that. You must decide what is right. Do you understand?"
LEKNAAT: "Here are the Astral Conclusions. My job is now done. But we will meet again. Not that I see our reunion in the stars... It's just my wish." I don't mind if we meet again, as long as you knock before entering my room in the middle of the night.
[He receives the Astral Conclusions.]

[BGM: Black Forest]

Back at the top of the stairs, Ted needs to shut up. "You're back at last. You sure took your time. What were you up to in there, eh?" SHE'S LIKE 400 YEARS OLD, TED. I AM NOT INTERESTED.
PAHN: "If we don't hurry, Futch will get impatient and leave us behind. Let's get going."
CLEO: "Don't be so rude to Lady Leknaat. Are you hungry or something?"
PAHN: "Shut up."
Leknaat walks in.
LEKNAAT: "You must all be bored. I'll have Luc take you to the shore. Luc?"
Everyone moves out of the way for Luc to teleport in.
LUC: "I'm here, Lady Leknaat."
LEKNAAT: "Take ☆☆☆☆☆☆ and his companions to the shore. And none of your tricks now, do you hear?"
LUC: "Of course not, Ma'am. I would never trick anyone." Asshole.
CLEO: "If you'll excuse us, Lady Leknaat, we'll be on our way."
Leknaat walks over to Cleo.
LEKNAAT: "You..."
CLEO: "Yes?"
LEKNAAT: "Your job is to protect ☆☆☆☆☆☆. Take this. It should come in handy sometime."
Fire crystal acquired!
LEKNAAT: "☆☆☆☆☆☆... Remember what I told you."
LUC: "Ready, everyone? Then close your eyes. Wind Rune, show your power."
Teleport noise, white out, aaaand

[BGM: none; shore and birds.]
Back where we left Futch... "Boy are they late. Hey Black, think we should leave?"
FUTCH: "The Imperial Guard should be able to fend for themselves."
Everybody teleports in, one at a time.
☆☆☆☆☆☆, Gremio, Pahn, Cleo, and Futch are there.  Pahn goes: "What the??"
PAHN: "Whoa, what's going on here? We're back here already. I've never seen such magic."
GREMIO: "You are a worthy apprentice to Lady Leknaat." Who are you talking to?
CLEO: "That's all fine, but... where's Ted?"
Ted appears in the air, flailing
Further flailing!
And then lands on his face.
And pulls himself up!
TED: [now standing again] "Ouch! Watch it, you punk!"
FUTCH: [hops] "Better watch your mouth!"
GREMIO: "Enough is enough. I'm sick of all this fighting."
OUR HERO walks over to Futch.
FUTCH: "It's about time. Hurry up and hop on, or we'll leave you behind."
Everyone on the dragon!
GREMIO: "W-we're all aboard."
PAHN: "Darn, it's crowded in here."
FUTCH: "OK Black, let's fly back to the Imperial Capital!"

[BGM: Fly, Black!]

[BGM: Imperial Palace Consultation]
FUTCH: "That's the end of my job. You all have to deliver the Astral Conclusions to the Commander. While I'm in the capital, I might as well take a look around. How would you like to go to the theater, Black?"

FUTCH: "What's the matter? You'd better hurry over to Commander Kraze and deliver the Astral Conclusions."

Back in the palace ...
A new dude in Kraze's room!  Named Kanaan.  He looks evil, too. "Heh heh. You sure took your time. Commander Kraze will be furious." Fuck you, too.

KRAZE: "Finally back, eh? I've been sick of waiting for you. Hurry up and give me the Astral Conclusions."
[Deliver Astral Conclusions.]
KRAZE: "I guess you've done your job. You're apparently not totally useless. So get ready for your next assignment. What's the matter? Why don't you look happier? It's an honor to be able to work for the Empire."
KANAAN: [hops] "Commander Kraze is right."
PAHN: "Ho hum."
KRAZE: "Listen carefully. East of Gregminster, you'll find a town called Rockland."
KANAAN: [hops] "Understand? Rockland, east of Gregminster."
KRAZE: "For some reason, this own has failed to pay its taxes."
KANAAN: [hops] "For some reason, they won't pay."
KRAZE: "So you will go to Rockland."
KANAAN: [hops] "That's right, you'll go to Rockland."
KRAZE: "And tell them that their tax payment is overdue."
KANAAN: [hops] "Tell them they're overdue."
KRAZE: [turns to Kanaan] "Shut up! Stop yapping while I'm talking."
KANAAN: [hops] "That's right. All of you stop yapping."
KRAZE: "Idiot! Kanaan! I'm telling you to shut up!"
KANAAN: [hops twice] "Who, me?"
KRAZE: "Forget it. Anyway, ask the military commander of Rockland about the tax situation. His name is Grady. And you'll take Kanaan with you on this mission."
KANAAN: "Heh heh. Listen, all of you. I'm your superior in the Imperial Guard. Disobeying me means disobeying the Empire. Keep that in mind."
CLEO: "What a creep."
KRAZE: "That's all I have to say. Now get on your way to Rockland!"
[Kanaan follows.]

Aaaand stopping here since another pointless prologue quest is over with.


- People with faces met: Futch, Luc, Leknaat, Kanaan = 4 + 13 = 17 total
- Game Overs: 0, 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 5 + 4 = 9, Pahn: 1 + 2 = 3, Cleo: 2 + 2 = 4, total: 16
- Bathrooms: 0

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I stumbled through this and it's hilarious! I am dying laughing-- best Let's Play ever!