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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS1 PART 4

Do I get a cookie :D

You are very punny.
Varkas is such a nice blend of "Karkat" and "Vantas."
You get a ... you get a not quite a cookie, that's what you get. Cheesecake? Yeah, sure, cheesecake.

Hey, Varkas is even the red one. It totally works. I guess.

I made a rec thread a while ago and included handy-dandy links to things like roms and emulators. Except I totally didn't. Because that would be Wrong. But seriously, I'm playing this on my $300 netbook running Ubuntu without any problems. You can get through the first game in about 12 hours if you know exactly what you're doing and don't waste time; most playthroughs end up around 20 hours. The second game's doable in a bit under 20 hours; I finished at around 45 both times I played, but a lot of that was spent idling trying to get the entirely-optional squirrels to join. And on my second file I wasted about three hours beating up 108 groups of soldiers at the beginning of the game because I heard rumours that if you beat up 108 groups of soldiers before jumping off the cliff, the opening sequence would be in colour rather than sepia tones. Said rumours are right, btw.

The rest of the series is quite a bit harder to emulate, being PS2 (ignoring the gaidens which are japan-only) games, and suikoIII was never released in Europe, but they're good too. III has good writing and interesting but not necessarily good gameplay (the manga adaptation is good, though, and actually findable unlike the other manga adaptations) and IV has terrible writing and good gameplay. V is really fucking long, but it's pretty good. Just needs more palette swaps: it keeps reusing the same monsters all over the place. :( IV also has the problem of not enough palette swaps; III uses palette swaps whenever an area goes up in level, which I am totally fine with except that item drops change every chapter. I and II don't usually reuse monster designs. It's kind of neat, really.


THE STORY SO FAR: A bunch of people have been introduced, and our manipulative b(est|oy) friend is off with the Scumbags with Faces. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG

[BGM: Main Theme Arrangement: Guitar Version]
Inside the house, Pahn goes: 'Finally, home sweet home.'
GREMIO: "Young Master, I'll prepare some food right away." Just ... don't put anything funny in the stew, Gremio ...

FADE TO BLACK. Something funny may have been in the stew.
[BGM: none; sound of thunderstorms. OMINOUS]
Pahn goes, 'Phew!  I'm stuffed!'  They're in the dining room.  Half of the chairs are empty. Oops, we ate without Ted. That definitely won't bite us in the ass.
PAHN: "Sure beats the dried meat we've been eating. Finally some food fit for humans." Shut up, Pahn.
CLEO: "What are you talking about? You'd eat anything to fill your stomach." Shut up, Cleo.
PAHN: "You've got a point there. Ha, ha, ha, ha!" Worst laugh ever, asshole.
Gremio walks in!
GREMIO: "Young Master, I've made some tea." ... not if it's bitter.

Talking to everyone!
CLEO: "Young Master, you must miss your father." No, actually, not particularly.
Not so much. / I guess I'm... a bit lonely. / Cleo's here, so I'm fine. what the fuck I can flirt with Cleo
TIR: "Cleo's here, so I'm fine."
> CLEO: "Young Master, where did you learn such language?" ... cleo so mean
> CLEO: "Pahn! Was it you?"
Damn, can't answer differently. [loads quicksave out of curiosity]
TIR: "I guess I'm... a bit lonely."
> CLEO: "Well, I can't quite be a surrogate mother to you, but if you're lonely, Cleo here..." ... will talk in third person?
TIR: "Not so much."
> CLEO: "You're a grown man now. How I'd like to show you to Master Teo."

CLEO: "It sure is raining a lot."

PAHN: "Young Master, it's kind of disturbing, isn't it, how so many people are saying bad things about the Imperial Army." Not really.
CLEO: "You're right. Compared to the days when we won the War of Succession, the Army's reputation has gone down the drain."
GREMIO: "That's because of shady characters like Kraze and Kanaan doing whatever they like."

PAHN: "I wonder how long I'll have to work for Kraze?" Stop wondering.

GREMIO: "Ted's late. He said he'd be right back. The stew's getting cold."

Aaaand Gremio moved out of my way, so going downstairs ...

[BGM: This is Just a Rumour]

By the front door, Ted is barely conscious on the floor.  He goes, 'Uhhhhhh...'
Well, shit.
Gremio walks downstairs.
GREMIO: "Young Master, what in the... Cleo! Pahn! Give us a hand!"
Aaaand they come downstairs too.
PAHN: "Ted! What happened?"
CLEO: "All this blood. And this wound, it's not natural. Magic?" ... how do you tell, Cleo...
GREMIO: "What are you doing? Bring him in immediately. Young Master, give us a hand." Don't tell me what to do >E /POUT
Help / Don't help
[picks help because not that much of an asshole]
GREMIO: "Ready? Put your hand on my shoulder and... heave ho..."

[BGM: none; sound of rain and thunder.]
Ted is in Cleo's bed.  She goes, 'What happened?  Was he attacked by thugs on his way back from the palace? Interesting that he's in Cleo's room.
CLEO: "But then, why would he have a magic wound?" Eh, random soldiers in IV can cast spells. Though rune orbs in IV are a lot cheaper than they are in the rest of the series. Still, wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of thugs can light things on fire with their miiiiiiinds.
PAHN: "He's coming around."
TED: "Uhhh... ohhh... where am I? Where are they? The Imperial Guard, aren't they here yet? Help me ☆☆☆☆☆☆."
GREMIO: "Relax. Everything's fine. Tell us what happened after you calm down."
TED: "Gremio, I..."

[BGM: This is Just a Rumour]

Kraze is talking to Windy in a room; outside, Ted and Kanaan are there.  Ted says, 'Hurry up, will you.  I'm starving.'
Two known scumbags and the creepy old lady. UNSUSPICIOUS.
KANAAN: "Keep quiet and wait. Commander Kraze is seeing Lady Windy now." Not like that. I hope.
KRAZE: [walks out] "All right, Ted. Follow me."
TED: "OK, OK." [walks in.]
Windy goes, 'It's been a while, hasn't it, little man.' Um.
WINDY: "You haven't changed a bit in 300 years. I'm envious." Uh, you don't age either, asshole. Also ... yes he did. You're kinda stupid, Windy.
Kraze and Kanaan walk in like friendly people blocking the exit. Scumbags.
TED: "You! You're that witch!"
WINDY: "Well now, you remember me, do you? That pleases me. Of course you've never left my mind for a moment." HE WAS LIKE FIVE LAST TIME YOU SAW HIM GROSS :(
WINDY: "Now give me that rune you have in your right hand."
TED: [backs up] "No way! I'd rather..." [BACKS UP MORE]
WINDY: "What are you doing??"
Ted turns away from Windy and holds up his right hand, as one does.
TED: "It's the Cursed Rune, the 'Soul Eater.' Its power..."
WINDY: [steps up] "Don't be a fool. If you use that here, you'll destroy yourself too."
Ted glows!! Ted does all the glowing! And white out.

[BGM: none; rain and thunder]
TED: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, please..."
PAHN: [moves from foot of bed to next to ☆☆☆☆☆☆] "Hey Ted."
GREMIO: "He's passed out again." It's a runebearer thing, Gremio. Don't worry about it. With ultimate power comes immortality, angst, Leknaat, angst, narcolepsy, angst, and Leknaat. Oh, and angst.
PAHN: "What is going on here? It seems the Imperial Guard was after him." Wow, really? I am amazed at your powers of deduction.
PAHN: "But how can that happen..."
GREMIO: [RUNS UP TO PAHN!!!] "What are you accusing Ted of? He's a good boy!" Also an avatar of, you know, death. And apparently over 300. Which is kind of the sort of thing one should mention before someone tries adopting you, or before someone feels comfortable undressing with you in their room, or ... ... ... man, Ted's like 17 times ☆☆☆☆☆☆'s age. Good job there, Ted.
PAHN: "I don't know, Cleo. Maybe we'd better contact the Imperial Guard." I like how Cleo wasn't even talking. Also wtf Pahn.
GREMIO: [shoving Pahn~~] "Why? Your best friend would never do anything to harm the Empire!" ... I'm really starting to wonder who Gremio is meant to be talking about.
GREMIO: "Why should we call the Guard?" Out of hope that they're not assholes! ... Wait.
PAHN: "But we can't be sure. We can't cause problems while Master Teo is away." Newsflash, Pahn: Cleo's the responsible adult here. Not you.
CLEO: "Well then, we'll wait until Ted wakes up."

[BGM: still just rain and thunder.]
I have control again!  Ted is in the bed; Gremio is next to me; Cleo is guarding her diary; Pahn is outside the door.
Talking to Ted does nothing. Guess he's not snoring.
GREMIO: "Don't worry. Ted would never get into trouble." If you say so.
CLEO: "The 'Soul Eater' that Ted mentioned. I've heard of it somewhere."

PAHN: "Young Master... Ted's fever isn't getting any better. I'm going to go wake up the shopkeeper and buy some medicine."
Pahn walks out, entirely trustworthy. ☆☆☆☆☆☆ walks back next to Ted's bed.

GREMIO: "It won't stop raining." It's atmospheric!
CLEO: "It's a nasty rain. Gives me the shivers." And the foreshadowings.
TED: "Uhhhhh..." [turns in each direction]
CLEO: "He's waking up..." No, really?
TED: "N...."
TED: ".........."
TED: "I'm sorry... to be a bother." Really, Ted. Really.
GREMIO: "Forget it. What did you mean by 'Soul Eater'?" He means fluffy bunnies, Gremio. Duh. Also congrats re: bedside manner for half-dead asshole bff.

[BGM: Touching Theme]
Why's it called Touching Theme? It's the BRB DESTINY INFODUMP theme. Which usually means Leknaat. Or true runes. True runes and Leknaat.
TED: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, please... Will you do something for me?" No.
What is it, Ted? / No.
TIR: "No."
TED: "Please, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. A big favor..." Then the answer is definitely no.
Still 'What is it, Ted?' or 'No.' Oh inescapable dialogue options ♥
TIR: "No."
TED: "All right. I'm always asking you for 'big favors', but this is the last one. Please..." Fuck yes I'm denying your final request.
What is it, Ted? / No.
TIR: "No."
TED: "Please, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. I'm in pain. Don't tease me..." Who the hell said I was teasing?
What is it, Ted? / No.  STILL NO, ASSWIPE.
TIR: "What is it, Ted?"
TED: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, take off my right glove..." No.
☆☆☆☆☆☆ in the bed too. Oo la la.
And now they are not sharing a bed, how sad.  Gremio goes, 'What's this?'
CLEO: "Not one of the 27 True Runes?" He's mentioned being 300 already. I don't think humans in the suikoworld usually live that long.
TED: "Yes, it is. This one is called the 'Soul Eater'... the Cursed Rune..." And you're giving it to your best friend. Nice.
TED: "The source of all this trouble, and the reason the Court Magician -- Windy -- is after me..."
GREMIO: "Why? Why Lady Windy? Why would she do such a thing?"
TED: "I don't know why, but that witch wants this rune. I've been wandering the world for 300 years, trying to escape from her. I never thought she'd find me here. My mistake was using the rune's power at Mt. Seifu." And that's why if I tell you no, that means don't do it, not 'oh thank you for being concerned but I don't give a shit'. But that would prevent plot I guess.
CLEO: "Is this what you used to blow away the Queen Ant?" No, that was a flamethrower. They're easy to get mixed up, what with the rend in space where Ted aimed his death ray and all.
TED: "☆☆☆☆☆☆........," I wish I was making up that punctuation but I'm not.
TED: "with this wound, I'll never escape from that witch. I hate to bring friendship into this. And knowing it will bring unhappiness. But.... But....., you're the only one! Please! Please protect this rune! This Cursed Rune must never fall into the hands of Windy. You're the only one I can entrust this to. Please, take it.... Please take this rune."
'I'll take it,Ted.Don't worry. / No.'  No, there are no spaces between it, Ted, and Don't. On one hand, infinite magical power, immortality, Leknaat, friends .... On the other, avatar of death. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm....
TIR: "No."
TED: "You're the only one... I can depend on."
TIR: "No."
TED: "Please.... Please don't let my 300 years of suffering be for nothing." Angst angst angst angst.
TIR: "No."
TED: "☆☆☆☆☆☆.... You're the only friend I have... Please... take this rune." ALL RIGHT ALREADY FINE I'LL TAKE THE DAMN ANGST TATTOO.
TIR: "I'll take it, Ted. Don't worry."
TED: "Thank you, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. This rune... may bring you suffering. If it does, blame me." Oh, I will, all right. I will.
TED: "But you must never...., never let it fall into Windy's hands." Pun intended.
TED: "Give me your right hand. ☆☆☆☆☆☆."
☆☆☆☆☆☆ is doing all the glowing.
TED: "And now.... I... can... Relax."


[BGM: Theme of Tension ~Impact Version~]

GREMIO: "Y-yes?"
CLEO: "Out front. Follow me, Gremio."
GREMIO: "Yes, Cleo."

[talks to Ted]
TED: "☆☆☆☆☆☆... For 300 years, I never had a good night's sleep. But now. I think. I can..." Yeah, what with the guards at the door and all I bet you have plenty of time to sleep.

Oh, huh, I can check on Pahn's diary. "Yesterday's menu / Steamed spring chicken, seafood salad, cheese omelet, Gremio's special stew, dumplings..."

Cleo and Gremio between the door to the rest of the house and the stairs, ☆☆☆☆☆☆ up front, and  Kraze, Kanaan, Pahn, and three soldiers are blocking the door.
KRAZE: "So, Young Master McDohl is here too." Get out of my house, scumbag.
KRAZE: "Give us Ted. We know he's here. Loyal Pahn here told us." Pun intentional?
CLEO: [steps forward!!] "Pahn! You!"
GREMIO: [does too!] "Why, Pahn? How can you do this?"
PAHN: [looks away] "I can't allow any trouble to happen while Master Teo's away." So you're selling out everyone else. Great thinking there, Pahn. I bet Teo will be so pleased to hear it's your fault his kid's on the lam.
PAHN: "I can't lose his trust in me. Please understand."
KRAZE: "Drag Ted out of there." BUT HE'S TAKING A NAP.
Soldiers move to the side! Probably blocking the stairs.
CLEO: [steps forward] "I won't allow it, Kraze. No one, even a Commander of the Imperial Guard can enter Master Teo's house without just cause."
GREMIO: [steps forward! >E] "That's right! I swear on my hatchet I won't let you pass." According to Suikosource, his hatchet's third name (every weapon switches between three names depending on level; offhand my favourite's probably Cathari's gun in V: Rotkäppchen → Aschenputtel → Schneewittchen), Axe of the Oath, has something to do with backstory involving Gremio beating the crap out of people who kidnapped tiny Tir. I kinda like that tidbit, but I have no idea where it's from. Probably one of the novels; most of the series has little things with backstory for everyone except a certain few characters, but the first game sadly doesn't. I just kinda like that Gremio apparently swears by his axe a lot.
Ted slowly walks out. :'(
TED: "W-wait."
KRAZE: "So you're giving up, huh?"
TED: [turns] "☆☆☆☆☆☆..., they think... I still have the 'Soul Eater'. I'll be the bait... while you escape."
GREMIO: "Then what about you, Ted." Wait, if Ted's speaking loudly enough for Gremio to hear him, how does Kraze-tachi not hear him, too?
No. / All right. COMBOBREAKER:
TIR: "All right."
GREMIO: [hops] "Young Master! With that wound, Ted will never get away." Yeah, Gremio, yell loudly so we can be sure Pahn and the other fuckheads can hear you.
CLEO: "Quiet, Gremio. Young Master knows it too. But he must keep his promise to Ted by leaving right away. Right, Young Master?" Yeah. Yeah let's say that's it.
TED: "H-hurry!"
GREMIO: "I understand. Young Master, let's escape through the back of the kitchen."
And there is indeed a side door in the kitchen.
Kudos to anyone who spotted the door earlier. Also I love that their house just kind of has a secret exit. I mean, it makes sense: Teo's a general and there was a civil war seven years earlier.... Does Pahn know of the exit? Or does he just not want to cause even more trouble for them by mentioning it to the other fuckheads?
TED: "Thank you. ☆☆☆☆☆☆.... In 300 years, you were my only... My only true friend."
One, Ted, that's depressing and also explains so much about your social skills. Two, Ted, does Aldo not count? Actually Aldo was your creepy stalker so I guess he probably wouldn't buuuuut going by his ending in IV, Ted probably did eventually care. A little. Though possibly in a Stockholm syndrome sort of way. But Lazlo (guy in front) should definitely count. ... probably all of Ted's problems could have been resolved if he just moved in with Lazlo on his island with the turtle, really.

[BGM: None. It's raining, though.]
We are outside and it is raining.
That's Sonya's house I'm right next to. ... I think I understand why the secret exit's in the kitchen: shortest for Teo and Sonya to sneak out without anyone awkward noticing. They are so subtle.
For some reason, almost all of the doors are locked. I think it may have something to do with it being the middle of the night and also the whole ... being on the lam ... thing. Just a guess.

Inside the inn, Marie goes, 'Oh my.'
MARIE: "Why, aren't you the young Master McDohl? What in the... come on in."

[BGM: none; birds are chirping and the rain's stopped.]
We're all upstairs in the inn!  Marie says, 'What's going on here?  Imperial soldiers running around, while you come scurrying in soaking wet.' Kind of like we're on the run or something.
MARIE: "What the... Oh well, forget it. You probably can't tell me about it. Don't worry. You're welcome to hide out here. I'll put it on your tab."
I like that we have a tab. Also there's no way that could bite us in the ass.
GREMIO: "Thank you so much."
Marie walks downstairs.

Talking to people~
CLEO: "I think our only alternative is to travel north and ask Master Teo for help. For now, we'd better figure out a way to escape Gregminster." I'm sure he doesn't have any Opinions on us apparently lasting about two days without supervision before becoming fugitives. That will work great, Cleo.
GREMIO: "Young Master, we'd better make ourselves scarce for a while. But good heavens, I never thought we'd ever..." Oh, no, I was planning on running up to the palace and painting 'SCHTOLTEHEIM REINBACH III WAS HERE; WINDY IS A LOSER' on the front gates. They'd never suspect a thing.

Heading downstairs~
GREMIO: "Young Master, try not to wander about."

[BGM: Beautiful Golden City]
It'll be more beautiful when I come back with my invading army and ransack the place. :3
RANDOM GUY: "Hey, how about accompanying me on a journey? Travel is fun. Unseen vistas, new friends, and romance. Yeah, let's go! Well then... Now that we're fellow travelers, I'd be grateful if you'd pay my bill for me." Sorry, dude, I'm too tenkai to give money to people without faces. Get a portrait sprite and I'll spare all the money for you.

MARIE: "Young Master, you shouldn't wander about."

At a table in the bar is a man who is probably a bear.  I mean the hairy human kind.  Hi, Viktor!
Huh. That guy looks different.
Soldier on the top says, "I just can't believe that General Teo's son was a member of the rebels." Don't get ahead of yourself, dude; give me about an hour. Give me two hours and I'll be in charge. :)

VIKTOR: "Uh oh. I was so hungry, I just couldn't help myself! What shall we do?" 'we'?
Don't worry, Viktor, I'll pay your bill if you make out with Flik. I doubt his girlfriend'd mind, especially if you let her watch.

Start walking outside, and...
Soldiers run in! "Whoa... ouch! Watch where you're going, you little runt. I get called to duty on a holiday, sent out to search for someone all night, finally find a moment to catch some rest... and you come along!"
'Shut up, you fool.' / '(We'd better try to be inconspicuous.)' ... eh, I figure even if I'm currently playing him as an asshole he's not suicidal.
TIR: "(We'd better try to be inconspicuous.)"
SOLDIER: "Halt, you little runt. Who do you think you are, bumping into me and not apologizing." Gremio'd be furious :'(
SOLDIER: "What kind of upbringing did you have?"
SOLDIER: "Hey, wait a minute. You look familiar..."
TIR: [backs up]
Gremio runs in, going, 'Y-y-young Master, are you allright?' Subtle, thy name is Gremio.
CLEO: "Hey, you! Who do you think you are!" ... thy name is also Cleo.
SOLDIER: "Who are you? And what's this 'Young Master' business?" CAUGHT BY THE BOCCHANING.
Gremio pulls me back!  The soldier goes, 'You!  Show me his face.  You look like that fugitive, the McDohl kid.' Wow, really? I thought I looked like that guy over there. [points wildly]
GREMIO: [STEPS FORWARD >E] "What did you say?"
CLEO: "Any more of a fuss, and we're in big trouble." Yeah, it's not as though our nonexistant cover has already been thoroughly blown or anything.
GREMIO: "Young Master, get away while we hold them off."
CLEO: "Guess we have no choice. Here we go!"
Viktor walks over!
VIKTOR: "That's enough, young fella. You too, Imperial big shots. Use your heads. Would fugitives from the law still be hanging around here? They couldn't be that stupid." I love you, Viktor. ♥ You are my favourite, except for all of my other favourites. But right now you're my favourite.
SOLDIER: "I-I suppose you're right. We just wanted to be sure.."
VIKTOR: "Stop it, you're scaring them. Leave it to me to kick them out."
SOLDIER: "Hey, wait a minute..."
Viktor walks out, with everyone else following!
Someone says, 'Don't worry.  There's no reason why we should be so loyal to the Empire.' Uh. Right.
MARIE: [backs up] "Hey! It's that guy!" * Marie is now known as Troy.

Everyone's running! :D Aaand they stop.
We're outside.  Gremio says, 'Thank you very much.' which is probably the one and only time he will ever be polite to Viktor. That's the appraiser right below Gremio's portrait.
VIKTOR: "No big deal. I was just wondering how to pay for my meal, and..." Asshole ♥
GREMIO: "You mean..."
CLEO: "You did that just to bilk the..."
VIKTOR: "Come, come, let it go, eh? Well then, thanks for helping us out." 'Us'?
Viktor walks off!

Viktor on a park bench!  He says, 'What's the matter?  You look troubled.  Heh heh, I know who you are.  That rebel McDohl kid, right?'
GREMIO: "We are not rebels!" Working on fixing that, Gremio. Just give plot a moment.
VIKTOR: "I couldn't care less either way. Incidentally, how do you plan to escape this place? I have an idea, if you care to listen. I am used to this kind of thing. Interested?"
'I'm not sure I can trust you.' 'All right.  Help us out.'
TIR: "I'm not sure I can trust you." Yes I can.
GREMIO: "I agree, Young Master. I can't trust him either." That's because you're a stubborn twit.
VIKTOR: "Oh, come on."
TIR: "I'm not sure I can trust you."
CLEO: "We can't trust him, yet we have no alternative."
VIKTOR: "Exactly. You're a smart one, young lady."
TIR: "I'm not sure I can trust you."
VIKTOR: "Well, OK then. Do as you like."

TIR: "All right. Help us out."
VIKTOR: "Leave it to me. But I have one condition."
GREMIO: "Here we go."
VIKTOR: "It's no big deal. If you succeed in escaping, I'd like you to meet someone. A small request, right? So it's a deal. Let's hurry. First we must go to the palace gates. Don't worry, I won't hand you over to the Imperials."

Viktor joins the entourage!

Giant pretty fountain of an angel! Capping this just because.

Viktor is by the gate and he says, 'Well then, I'll go talk to them.  Just relax and wait here.'
Viktor has a discussion!
VIKTOR: "Everything's OK. Make sure you hide your faces."
Guard guy walks off to the bushes to the player's left. "Sure is hot around here. Think I'll get in the shade..."
GREMIO: "Phew! We did it. I thought my heart would burst."
CLEO: "How did you do that?"
VIKTOR: "No big deal. I just gave him a little gift. Imperial soldiers act tough, but money's their weakness. That's the state of things in the Imperial Capital. Corruption is everywhere. Everything's about to come apart at the seams."
CLEO: "That's too bad."
GREMIO: "Say, how did you bribe him? You just told us you had no money."
VIKTOR: "Why should I use my own money to help you get away?" O Viktor never change.
GREMIO: "What do you mean?"
GREMIO: "Hey, my wallet! When did you...?"
VIKTOR: "Here you go. I suggest you keep a better eye on it. And now for our little promise. You haven't forgotten, have you, little fella?"
GREMIO: "It's Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆!" Or bocchan. But I think Gremio's stockpiling all the bocchaning for himself.
VIKTOR: "Ok, so it's Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆. I'd like you to meet someone in Lenankamp. Agreed?"
'It's a promise.' 'I've never heard of Lenankamp.' I really hope he knows geography enough to know the name of the nearest town.
TIR: "It's a promise."
VIKTOR: "Fine. Now let's get out of here. Lenankamp is due south of here."

♥ [BGM: Tiny Character in a Huge World]

Aaaand that's where I'm stopping for now. That took foreverrrrrrrr.


- People with faces met: Viktor = 1 + 20 = 21 total
- Game Overs: 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 10 + 12 = 22, Pahn: 2 + 3 = 5, Cleo: 4 + 4 = 8, other: 4, total: 39
- Bathrooms: 0
- People I'm going to throw into the moat as soon as I get a goddamn moat: 1. Fuck you, Pahn.


... I usually don't play Tir as quite this much of an asshole. It doesn't ... actually matter ever ... but usually I feel bad being a jerk to Ted. This playthrough, I don't. Not sure why.