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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS1 PART 16

And last one for right now! One day I will actually get around to adding alt text where alt text goes, but that's not right now because that junk's boring.

Why do I keep doing this bit right before going to bed.


To the castle!

The war room is now on the fourth floor rather than the third. I think it'll still be on the fourth floor in size four? I'm not sure offhand. As usual, Mathiu's standing in it.
MATHIU: "... I see. Dr. Liukan... I understand. I have an idea. Please wait a moment..."
And he walks off. Fade to black! He walks back in.
MATHIU: "In the township of Antei, which I believe is now called Bier Blanche, lives a counterfeiter named Kimberly. Let's get her and a scrivener named Tesla to join us. Kimberly is an acquaintance of mine. I've written her a letter. Give this to her and she'll join our cause."
GREMIO: "What do you plan on making them do?"
MATHIU: "Let's save that pleasure for later. For the moment, please go and find Kimberly and Tesla."
Received Mathiu's letter!

[BGM: Peaceful People]

KIMBERLY: "What is it? A letter from Mathiu? Let me see... ......... .....................??? Oops, I forgot to mention that I can't read. What's it say?" ... you would think Mathiu would remember this.
GREMIO: "......... Okay, I'll read it."
Fade out.
KIMBERLY: "I see. Mathiu's up to his old tricks again."
GREMIO: "You'll be joining us, then."
KIMBERLY: "Join. Hmmm..." She paces and looks at my party members! Mostly stares at Viktor, then stops in front of Flik.
[BGM: Theme of Perversion]
KIMBERLY: "Hey, you there."
FLIK: "M-me?"
KIMBERLY: "Yes, you. You're a handsome fellow. I'll join up if you promise to take me to dinner."
Flik bolts past Gremio!
FLIK: "Who, me? I-I can't. I have someone..."
VIKTOR: [walks over to Kimberly] "All right, all right. Do what you want with him."
FLIK: [bounces] "Viktor! You!"
KIMBERLY: "Good! It's a deal. Come here, pretty boy." She slowly sidles up to Flik.
FLIK: "Whoa! Wait a minute."
Fade out.
Kimberly keeps shaking her glass, and Flik blinks and refills her cup periodically.

FLIK: "Y-yes ma'am." [does so]
KIMBERLY: "All right, don't spill any." [sips] "... OK." [shakes glass.] "It's your turn next." [picks up kettle or whatever] "You're cup's still full. Come on, drink up. Or can't you drink tea with a beautiful woman?" Good grammar there.
FLIK: [shakes hand] "Oh n-no, n-not at all." [picks up glass.] "Th-thank you." [... then slumps] "......... good grief."

Fade out!
[BGM: none, birds chirping]
KIMBERLY: "Well, I'm going to go ahead to Penis Castle or whatever."
FLIK: "How can you stay out all night and look so well?"
KIMBERLY: "What are you talking about? You're still tired, pretty boy. Say, ☆☆☆☆☆☆, you're planning to recruit Tesla too, right? He's here in this town. But I believe he's using the name of Albert."
GREMIO: "Albert, is it?"
KIMBERLY: "OK, I'm going now. Pretty boy, we'll have dinner again when you return to the castle." Problem solving the Viktor way: set Flik on dates.
FLIK: "Er... no thanks." In three years, you will look back on this and be glad that at least Kimberly's not in high school, Flik.
Kimberly joins!

[BGM: Peaceful People]
Tesla lives right next door to Kimberly! Convenient.
'ALBERT': "Who are you people? I'm just a normal, quiet, ordinary citizen of this town." Unsuspicious!
VIKTOR: "You're Tesla the Scrivener, right?"
'ALBERT': "Goodness, no. My name is Albert Onyx. My people have lived here for generations." Hey, his fake identity has a last name. Last names are uncommon in this setting! (No, it's not 'last name not given' most of the time; it's 'they don't have one'.)
VIKTOR: "Really? Then what is your mother's name?"
'ALBERT': "Ummm, her name is Marianne Onyx."
VIKTOR: "And your father?"
'ALBERT': "I believe it was... ah... Allen Onyx."
VIKTOR: "Grandmother!"
'ALBERT': "Uhhh... let's see... Leah Onyx."
VIKTOR: "Hey Tesla." ilu
'ALBERT': "Yes? .........! I mean... that's not my name, Tesla."
VIKTOR: "Do you give up?"
TESLA: "All right. Mathiu wants me, right? I prefer to lead a quiet life."
VIKTOR: "Stop yapping and get ready to leave."
TESLA: "O-OK. My god, how unlucky I am. Led back into a life of crime." Eh, you'll get used to it. It took Tir, what, three hours to go from loyal citizen of the Empire to head of the revolution?
Tesla joins!

He's a big boy.
VIKTOR: "What else is there to do? He doesn't want to travel with us. Shucks, treating people as if they were bandits."
FLIK: "It's because you scared him so much, Viktor."
GREMIO: "Young Master, we should be going back to Penis Castle too." Wow, he skipped an opportunity to snip at Viktor! GREMIO IS GROWING UP.

[BGM: Glorious Island Fortress]
KIMBERLY: "I created this imitation seal myself. I guarantee its safety."
TESLA: "But... but don't blame me if it doesn't work."

MATHIU: "Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, you're back. We've made all the necessary preparations. Kimberly and Tesla did excellent work for us."
KIMBERLY: [steps forward] "I'm a perfectionist."
TESLA: [steps back] "I-I too did well, I hope."
GREMIO: "What? Excellent work?"
MATHIU: "Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, what you see here are forged Imperial papers. Milich's signature, the Official Imperial Seal, it's all there, perfectly forged. With these papers, we can walk right into Soniere Prison. Please free Dr. Liukan with these."
Obtained fake orders!

Set my party to Viktor / Flik / Pahn / Gremio / ☆☆☆☆☆☆ since I want Pahn to level up quickly...

[BGM: Gate]

VIKTOR: "At ease, soldier. We carry orders from General Milich himself."
SOLDIER: "Yes, sir, they are indeed, sir. Please enter."

[BGM: Intrusion]
The card monsters here have a chance of dropping the Opal for Esmeralda! I found one my first monster this time. Still haven't gotten a Nameless Urn for Jabba, though.
Hi, lever!

Why does it keep specifying 'imperial' soldier? Where else would they be from? Jowston? ... The former Kooluk Empire?
Haha I just had Flik electrocute them they're not having a good day.

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: "Suspicious character! You may not pass!" I think Flik's Lightning rune might disagree.
IMPERIAL SOLDIER: "What's your business at this prison?" To get the treasure chest you're guarding!
IMPERIAL SOLDIER: "D-do you want to f-fight?" ... I feel bad for you a little. Dudes picked the worst day to go to work.

LIUKAN: "Ah, so my time is up. I'm prepared to die. And I won't miss this world."
FLIK: "That would be a problem. We came to rescue you."
LIUKAN: "You're... those troublemakers who came to my house."
FLIK: "Whatever you say. Right now we have to get you out!"
LIUKAN: "Good idea. I'm beginning to miss the sunlight."
Flik unlocks the door and lets him out! Apparently Liukan does not actually join my party yet :'( I wanted to give his sacrificial buddha to Gremio. Let's just assume he's still holding the one from earlier.

That's not suspicious.
[BGM: Theme of Tension ~ Impact Version]
As soon as you step through the gate, Milich moves away from the wall and flips the lever!
MILICH: "Oh, we meet again. I dropped by to take a look after hearing that some rats sneaked in, and it turns out to be you."
VIKTOR: "Good timing. Let's fight it out right here. We'll save some time this way."
MILICH: "My my, how barbarous. I'm not bad with a sword, but right now I'm not in the mood. So I'll give you this instead."
It sparkles.
MILICH: "Can you see what it is? It's a bottle. This bottle is filled with the Spores of Agony. Aren't they beautiful? It took a lot of work to fill this bottle."
FLIK: "What! What do you plan to do with that stuff?"
MILICH: "Why, I plan to do this, of course."

MILICH: "Oh dear, the bottle's broken. You must hurry, or you'll be in big trouble. By the way, that's a dead end, so there's not much you can do. Now if you'll excuse me..."
He bolts out the door! Viktor tries to follow.
VIKTOR: "Damn, it won't open. That Milich must have locked it." [walks back] "Run! They'll eat us!"
Gremio opens the door. Everyone but ☆☆☆☆☆☆ runs through; he stops to look at Gremio.
GREMIO: "Young Master, the door! Hurry!" And he shoves ☆☆☆☆☆☆ through and closes it!
... Gremio's still on the side with the spores. Also, he's offscreen.
[BGM: Theme of Sadness ~ Guitar Version]
VIKTOR: "My god! Gremio! Come on out! What are you doing? Hurry!"
GREMIO: "Viktor. This door can only be opened and closed from this side."
VIKTOR: "What are you talking about? We'll get by somehow. So hurry up and come..."
GREMIO: "No, it's too late. The spores are at my feet now, so if I open the door..."

TIR: "Open the door, Gremio!"
GREMIO: "Young Master, for once I refuse to do as you ask."
TIR: "This is an order, Gremio!"
GREMIO: "No Young Master..."
... Pause.
GREMIO: "Young master, can you hear me? I'm sorry I can't protect you any more. ... But now that you've grown up, you no longer need my protection. Young Master... You make me proud. I wish Master Teo could see you now."
VIKTOR: "Gremio..."
GREMIO: "Young Master. I think it's time to say goodbye. I can't see anymore. Young Master. I'm proud of you. Promise me you'll always follow your heart. That is my first, and final... request..."

Fade out, music stops.
Mathiu walks in, flips the lever.
MATHIU: "Are you all right, Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆? You were away for so long that I brought the troops along. What's going on here? Where are the Imperial forces?"
VIKTOR: "They must have been devoured by the man-eating spores."
MATHIU: "M-Man-eating spores?"
VIKTOR: "Let's get out of here. ☆☆☆☆☆☆ needs some rest."

He stays there for a few seconds, then stands up, eyes closed, stands there for a moment or two, then walks out. Right as they leave the room ...
VIKTOR: "Wait a minute."
He walks back in the room with what's left of Gremio and back out.
VIKTOR: "All right, let's go."
Mathiu leads ☆☆☆☆☆☆ out.

Soul Eater level 2.


- STARS RECRUITED: 51 + Kimberly + Tesla + Liukan - Gremio = 53.5 / 108
- Game Overs: 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 67.5 + 8 = 75.5, Pahn: 8, Cleo: 14, other: 4, total: 101.5
- TALENTED MILITARY SURGEON: Mathiu: 2, everyone else: 2, 4 total
- Bathrooms: 0


. . .