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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS1 PART 12

This failure to alt text is kind of a recurring theme :(
LAST TIME: Fucking elves.

[No music.]

Oh noes! The stairs are creaky! Tir and friends step back.
KIRKIS: "Who is it?"
Aaaand Sylvina walks down!
KIRKIS: "Sylvina..." yeah, I recognised her, douchebag. She's only the only named female elf in the game.
[ BGM: Touching Theme ]
SYLVINA: "Grandpa said I shouldn't come here, but I have to ask..."
KIRKIS: "Ask what?"
SYLVINA: "Tell me, Kirkis, why are you so hung up on humans? Humans act big, yet they're dead after only 50 years or so. Why bother with such lowly creatures?" I wonder why Kwanda wants to burn them all.
GREMIO: "Dead after only 50 years or so? What an awful thing to say." Well. She is an elf. Elves are assholes. It's a rule.
KIRKIS: "Listen to me, Sylvina. It's true that humans dislike elves and dwarves. We look down on humans. The dwarves detest us. Isn't it sad? After all, what's the difference between us? Why can't we get along? I just don't understand it. It's very sad." Well, as a guess, I'd say it's because none of the dwarves in this game are named, and the only elf who isn't an asshole is Stallion, and that's probably because he's too busy watching himself masturbate in the mirror.
SYLVINA: "Kirkis... I'm sorry, Kirkis. I don't understand what you're saying. I just can't. I just can't trust humans, and dwarves scare me." Her contract says it's gotta be this way.
She stares at the wall for a bit, then turns back.
SYLVINA: "But... but ... I'll believe you. I'll believe whatever you believe. I'll do my best to believe." That's kinda creepy, Sylvina.
KIRKIS: "Sylvina..."
[ BGM: Mysterious Forest ]
SYLVINA: "Here's the key to this cell. Do you think I'll end up in here for doing this?"
She walks over, opens the door. Stallion dashes out!!!
STALLION: "Ha! I, Stallion, shall show you how fast I can run." And then he leaves!
GREMIO: "In-incredible." Stallion-san wa sugoi desu ne...!
SYLVINA: "Kirkis, you run too. You can't run that fast, of course..." Ouch.
KIRKIS: "No, I can't run away. I have to do something about that Burning Mirror that Valeria was talking about."
Valeria walks over.
VALERIA: "What can you do?"
KIRKIS: "I have an idea. Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, northeast of this village is the Village of the Dwarves. They must know something. Let's get their help."
Hm, do we agree to go do something or do we go take a break and do some day trading before being useful? Do I have to ask?
TIR: "Let's go back to the castle first."
GREMIO: "Young Master, we don't have the time. The Burning Mirror is being built at this very moment. We must hurry." Yeah, that's why we're going back to the castle.
SYLVINA: [bounces] "Kirkis! Are you going to dwarf country?! They say dwarves eat elves." WE CAN'T STOP HERE! THIS IS DWARF COUNTRY!
KIRKIS: "That's just a nasty rumor. We should get rid of prejudices like that. Let's go, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆."

I have control again! Saying hi ...
VALERIA: "Dammit, we don't have time to waste around here. Shouldn't have trusted those elves!" You know the door's open, right?
SYLVINA: "Hurry Kirkis, or I'll get in trouble." That's a great reason to wait!

Up the stairs, out the building, down the tree, and --
VALERIA: "Take me with you, Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆. I want to help protect this forest."
Kicking out Meg for Valeria ...
SYLVINA: "Kirkis..."
KIRKIS: "Do you want to come along, Sylvina? This time you're welcome to join us." Yes, do, Sylvina! She's quite a good mage, and she has a good unite with Kirkis.
SYLVINA: "......... I'll stay. I'll wait for you to come back. So, promise me you'll return. Promise?" BUT SYLVINA ...
KIRKIS: "I promise I'll be back. I'll never make you feel sad again."
SYLVINA: "It's a promise."
Kirkis walks over and kisses her.

Aaaand to the Dwarf Trail! It is a boring trail up a mountain. Probably the only reason it exists is so Kirkis has somewhere to talk later.

Valeria is short-ranged, as she uses a one-handed sword, and has the Falcon Rune! It's a skill rune that lets her do notable damage. In this game it's merely pretty strong; in suikoII, it's possible to get her to break the damage cap and heal monsters for 12k, which I think means she's doing 44k damage. She and Killey are tied for highest possible damage.

The dwarf trail is filled with boars and dwarves and eagle men. Boars sometimes drop boar crystals, which are almost entirely useless: they can pretty much only be equipped by Pahn. I think Morgan and Eike can, too? And Ronnie Bell theoretically might be able to, but I think her Hate Rune's unremovable.... Let's not mention that boar runes suck.

Ooh, I found a Sacrificial Buddha! aka Sacrificial Jizo or Jizo Clock, depending on the game. It's a thing that automagically revives whoever holds it. I'm going to give it to Gremio for now.

I don't care, Kuromimi.
GREMIO: "That kobold ..."
KUROMIMI: "You! I don't forgive ... grrrrr. But Kuromimi busy now." Aaaand he runs off!

[ BGM: People of Great Pride ]
Welcome to Dwarfland! Warning: it's damn boring.

In the smithy is a guy in green, named Meese!
MEESE: "Hmmm, Maas, eh? Okay, if Maas thinks you guys are OK, then you're OK. I'll help you out. Put me in charge of your weapons."
On don't recruit:
MEESE: "You Fools. If I don't join, neither will the other blacksmiths." Oh, hey! A hint for how to get the other three.
MEESE: "All right. I'll go tell the Chief of the Dwarves that I'll be gone for awhile. After that, we'll go to Penis Castle."
Meese get.
Sharpened ☆☆☆☆☆☆'s Wolf Fang Staff into a level 9 Dragon Fang Staff, Gremio's Axe to Copper Axe, Valeria's Seven Star Sword, Kai's Conjurer's Staff, Cleo's Air Moon Sword, and Kirkis's Light Bow into Shine Bow.

Aaand now to talk to the dwarf chief! He's got a viking helmet and a blue cape over his purple tunic.
DWARFCHIEF: "Well, what unusual visitors. Human and elf, hand in hand. What brings you to the Dwarf Mines?"
KIRKIS: "Chief of the Dwarves, we come to ask you for a favor."
DWARFCHIEF: "A proud elf asking a lowly dwarf for a favor?"
VALERIA: "Chief, have you ever heard of a Burning Mirror?"
DWARFCHIEF: [bounce] "Of course I have. It's one of our treasures."
VALERIA: "Kwanda Rosman has gotten hold of the blueprint, and is planning to burn down the forest."
DWARFCHIEF: [bounce] "Ho ho! That's very funny. I hope all the elves are killed. Ho ho!"
KIRKIS: "What a thing to say!" I don't blame the dude.
DWARFCHIEF: "Besides, do you expect me to believe that one of you sluggish humans really succeeded in stealing a blueprint from us?"
VALERIA: "It's true. A fellow called Kage stole the blueprint." That name seems familiar ...
DWARFCHIEF: "Ho ho! You'll have to prove such human competence. You're saying a human can break into our vault? Try it, then."
Fuck this arc. Let's try ...
DWARFCHIEF: "Ho ho, what fun! Then try to steal the Running Water Root from our vault. If you can do that, I'll believe your story. Our vault is due north of this village. It was way too big to build here, ho ho."

[BGM: Penpe]
RANDOM DWARF: "The Chief has filled us in. This vault can't be opened by a stupid elf."
And now, for terribad dwarf security! We fight stairs, levers, giant balls, robots, more stairs, a fucking shoddy maze that I just got through by accident, bypassing all the treasure, some hoverpads (idefk) ...

This dungeon has more fucking stairs than Leknaat's tower.

Fiddle dee diddle dee piddle dee doo. Thanks, game! That makes loads of sense!
In katakana: pikoponponpikopikopikoponpon While this was actually helpful. Always a bad sign if I'm referring back to the Japanese to figure out what to do.

Bastard's immune to fire, which makes this a bit tricky, given that the zombie dragon didn't drop a lightning crystal for me. Oh well.

Running Water Root get! And teleporting out, thanks to my infinite use escape talisman I stole from Krin.

DWARFCHIEF: "Grrrrrrr... you succeeded in breaking into our vault. All right, I'll believe your story. As you said, the Burning Mirror is a terrible weapon. But it can be blown to pieces using another of our treasures, the Firewind Cannon. I'll have one built for you right away." Because nothing bad will happen between then and now.
VALERIA: "We are grateful, Chief." I am full of grates. This is grating.
KIRKIS: "Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, let's return to the village and deliver the news. The Chief of the Elves should believe us now." Riiiiight.

It sure is unsuspicious that there's this here Dwarf Trail, isn't it! But of course we'll get to the elf village okay.

Nothing to worry about!



- Game Overs: 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 50.5 + 1 = 51.5, Pahn: 8, Cleo: 14, other: 4, total: 77.5
- TALENTED MILITARY SURGEON: Mathiu: 2, everyone else: 2, 4 total
- Bathrooms: 0