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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS1 PART 13

Wow, we are at a lot of bocchans, huh! Sigh alt text.

LAST TIME: Fucking dwarves! It's a bit of a change from FUCKING ELVES but not by much.

[BGM: Theme of Tension ~ Impact Version]
KIRKIS: "After returning from Dwarves' Village" You a narrator now? Also, yeah, no punctuation. In Japanese, he goes 「あ、あれは‥」 which is more "Th-that's ..." The more you know!
GREMIO: "W-what's that?"
VALERIA: "I don't know." It looks like a fire to me.
GREMIO: "That direction is..." Oh, Gremio, you're so smart.
VALERIA: "It couldn't be..." They have a MAGIC FLAMETHROWER MIRROR.
KIRKIS: "Too late!"
His line in Japanese is a bit longer ... Sometimes I wonder if the localisation team gave a damn. And then I remember Suikoden II and know the answer is 'no'.

[BGM: a bar or two of a percussion-y version of Mysterious Forest, then cut to Theme of Sadness ~ Ensemble Version]

Valeria walks towards the bottom of the screen.
VALERIA: "This is awful."
GREMIO: [steps closer to the tree] "How horrible."
VALERIA: "Our efforts were..."
KIRKIS: [walks halfway to the tree, then turns back to the party] "That's right. In vain. All of our efforts were in vain. But why? Why? Please tell me, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆. What good were our efforts? Why did this happen? We did our best! I was insulted and abused, but I fought on. And yet... yet..." ... goddammit. I'm going ;___; even though I hate the elves.
GREMIO: "Kirkis..."
KIRKIS: [walks over to in front of Tir, then runs to what's left of the rope ladder] "Nothing... nothing remains! Everything I tried to protect."
Kirkis turns to the side, leans forward a bit, closes his eyes. Takes out something shiny.
KIRKIS: "When everything was over, I planned to give this ring to Sylvina. Poor Sylvina. Now this ring has no hand to adorn. It's useless now."
He looks at it for a second or two, then tosses it aside, looks back at the tree, and wilts.
KIRKIS: "There's nothing..."
Gremio slowly walks over, kneels down to pick up the ring, and offers it to Kirkis.
GREMIO: "Kirkis, this ring is your hope. And you must never give up hope. With just a little bit of hope, you can survive, live on. And that goes for humans as well as elves."
KIRKIS: [looks at him] "Gremio..."
GREMIO: [pockets the ring] "Young Master, let's return to the castle. We must never let this tragedy repeat itself. Let's defeat Kwanda Rosman's army, and destroy the Burning Mirror. That is our only deliverance." Gremio :3
KIRKIS: "......... Let's go. For the sake of Sylvina."

Step out onto the world map, and then back in --
The hell, kid?
TEMPLETON: "My god, this is terrible! I wish they wouldn't do such things! Now I'll have to change the maps." Templeton has the greatest reaction to genocide. I love the minor characters in this series what in the fucks
TEMPLETON: "Say, who are you? Liberation Army? I see. I just heard that the Ancient Castle of Toran was taken over by the Liberation Army. Won't you let me join you? I'm an expert mapmaker. Of course, you'll have to let me map the Castle of Toran." Aren't you, like, twelve? [checks] Oh, he's eleven.
TEMPLETON: "OK, OK. I'll head for PenisCastle as soon as I've finished surveying this area." Kid, where are your parents? Shouldn't they have Opinions about you joining the army at the grand old age of eleven? ... Shouldn't Gremio try being a responsible adult? Or Cleo? CLEO, TEO TOLD YOU TO BE RESPONSIBLE. RESPONSIBILITY MEANS DON'T LET KIDS JOIN YOUR ARMY.
TEMPLETON: "Oh yeah! Let me give you this. This map is really helpful. Don't lose it!"
Obtained 'Suiko Map'
I now have a world map icon in the corner! Thanks, Templeton.

To the Great Forest! No music, sound of birds. Kuromimi walks in from the Toran Lake area side.
KUROMIMI: "Kuromimi cannot caught here. Must help everyone."
☆☆☆☆☆☆ walks up to behind Kuromimi.
[BGM: Theme of Tension ~ Impact Version]
A bunch of Imperials pop up! Not armoured; they're the men in green.
DUDE: "Who are you guys? Hey, you're that traitor Valeria. Fancy meeting you here. There's a price on your head. Better turn yourself in." The price on her head is probably lowest in my party, dude. Speaking of which: why doesn't anyone care that Kai's wearing the Scarlet Moon Empire's flag on his tunic? CONSPIRACY.
GREMIO: [turns to ☆☆☆☆☆☆] "Young Master, we're surrounded. This is a bit dangerous." Because it amuses me: 「ぼっちゃん。 すっかりかこまれした。 これは ちょっとピンチですね。」
KIRKIS: [turns to Gremio] "What are you talking about? This is extremely dangerous." 「なにを言ってるんですか 大ピンチですよ。」 Oh, Kirkis. Sometimes I love you.
VALERIA: "Hey, you there. If I turn myself in, will you promise not to hurt the others?" Of course not, Valeria: I'm only the head of the Liberation Army and the bearer of one of the more powerful True Runes. They're totally going to forget about me.
SOLDIER: "Ha ha! A deal, eh? All right. I swear to god I won't hurt them."
GREMIO: "V-Valeria, by law traitors are put to death." Oh, Gremio.
VALERIA: "I know." ... You're kind of stupid, aren't you.
GREMIO: "Then..."
VALERIA: "The Burning Mirror must be destroyed. That can't be done if we all die here. The Liberation Army can't afford to lose its leader. A leader must stay alive. That's why..." ... you're going to leave so we don't have a fucking Falcon Rune swordswoman in our party? As a general rule, if you have to pick between someone with a falcon rune and some random five other people with swords, pick the fucking falcon rune. Pretty much the only time the falcon rune user isn't the best fighter with a sword in the game is Belcoot in V, and Belcoot's only second to Richard. ... Relatedly, Belcoot's the only falcon rune user with a two-handed sword. It wouldn't be at all odd if Richard was intended to have Falcon and Belcoot have Swallow.
TIR: "Stop it, Valeria."
VALERIA: "Come now, ☆☆☆☆☆☆, you mustn't lose sight of your bigger goals." What, like having a woman who can do 44k damage in one blow in my party? That's a big goal.
Valeria leaves party! And walks over to the group in front of Kuromimi.
DUDE: "That's a good girl. Behave yourself. Men, kill the elf, kobold and the rest of the traitors." WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING
VALERIA: [bounces] "What? You just swore to god."
DUDE: "God? There is no god in these modern times." Original line is more like 'we don't keep agreements with traitors'. Which, you know, is a fair point. Goddammit, Valeria.
Someone walks off leading Valeria.
Whoaaaa, dude, that's like. That's like not fair at all, dude. I wonder if Gremio's special stew would've been a bit more special than usual right then.
KUROMIMI: "Kuromimi fight. No can die now."
Kuromimi joins party! ... In the back row! While being a swordsdog! HOW HELPFUL, KUROMIMI.

Kai and ☆☆☆☆☆☆ destroy their opponents with Master-Pupil Attack, as one does.
GREMIO: "We're losing..." Yeah, I, like, got hit once.
KIRKIS: "Is this it?" Tiny amounts of damage: we have taken it.
KUROMIMI: "You all weak. Kuromimi no give up." You didn't actually do anything, woof.
DUDE: "Big talk, eh? Get them, men!" I haven't fed my rune in a while ...
MATHIU: "Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, I'll help you." BUT MY RUNE IS HUNGRY.
Random soldier runs in!
DUDE: "W-what's going on?"
DUDE: "Sir, some fellows calling themselves the Liberation Army arrived."
DUDE: [bounces] "What? Retreat! Get out of here!"
And the soldiers all bolt, and Mathiu walks in with Humphrey and a bunch of random Liberation Army dudes!

[BGM: Main Theme Arrange ~ Ensemble Version]
GREMIO: "Master Mathiu, how did you get here? Not through the forest?"
MATHIU: "Somebody warned me about the Burning Mirror."
Sylvina bursts in!
Sylvina lets go, possibly because trying to replenish the elf population in public is a bit awkward.
KIRKIS: "Sylvina... how? Why?"
STALLION: [runs in] "Ha ha ha. Credit that to me."
SYLVINA: "It was incredible. There was a flash, and Stallion charged forward at an unbelievable speed."
STALLION: "I wish you could have seen how fast I can run."
STALLION: "Hey, don't you want to hear about my speed?"

Gremio walks into Kirkis.
GREMIO: "Yes, the ring. Now I understand that hope should never be abandoned." Wait, what?
KIRKIS: "Gremio..."
SYLVINA: "What is it? A ring? What is it, Kirkis?"
KIRKIS: "This? I, when everything is over..." '... I want to put it on my cock.'
MATHIU: "After Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆ left the castle, Humphrey and Sanchez arrived with survivors of the old Liberation Army." So, what, they're now two people in a sewer instead of five?
MATHIU: "We now have the manpower to fight Kwanda Rosman's army." If you say so.
MATHIU: "Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, please give us the signal to move forward."

TIR: "It's not the time yet."
MATHIU: "Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, war is timing. And now is the time." I DON'T WANNA.

Cut to war battle! Fuck you, Mathiu.
[BGM: Collision]

HOW THIS WORKS: It's like rock/paper/scissors. Charge beats Bow beats Magic beats Charge. If you pick rock to their paper, one of your stars of destiny will usually die. (In my experience, it's Luc. It's always Luc. Luc apparently has time for neither ladders nor making sure he doesn't die in battle.) Anyone who has plot lines after the battle is immortal, though. So offhand Tir, Pahn, Gremio, Lepant, Tai Ho, Yam Koo, Humphrey, Viktor, Valeria, Cleo, Camille, Kirkis, and Kuromimi can't die.
There's also a bunch of things you can do before attacking, like using Merchants (usually useless) or Thieves (sometimes reveal opponent's move) or Ninjas (always reveal opponent's move) or Strategists (charge attack power up).
Every unit has a little quip. Viki's is 'Oh! Oh! Magic? Use magic? Me?'
After you're thoroughly winning, the bgm changes to Victory March. :3

I forgot to write down whatever they say before the battle.
MATHIU: "Congratulations! We won!"
KWANDA: "Damn you. It's time for the Burning Mirror."

Cut to Pannu Yakuta!
[BGM: Gate]
Kwanda shown going up a boring area ... and then he is
at the mirror!
KWANDA: "Ha ha! I'll burn you all with this!"
Cut to ☆☆☆☆☆☆, Viktor, Valeria, Mathiu, Gremio, Kirkis, Kuromimi, and mooks back where Kwanda was before the burning mirror.
VALERIA: "Dammit. Kwanda's planning to use the Burning Mirror." Really?
MATHIU: "What? All troops retreat! No, forget that. Disperse! Keep casualties to a minimum!" I like Mathiu.
Back to Kwanda!
KWANDA: "Ahh, spreading out to reduce casualties, eh? But it's too late now. Traitors to the Empire, this is the price you pay! Take that!"
Fade to white, sound of wind and breaking glass.

Back to ☆☆☆☆☆☆!
DWARFCHIEF: [walks in] "Ho ho ho! That's what you get for stealing! See the power of our Firewind Cannon!"
KIRKIS: "Chief of the Dwarves!"
DWARFCHIEF: "Looks like we got here in time, young elf."
VIKTOR: "All right, let's go into the castle and take Kwanda Rosman's head. Come on, ☆☆☆☆☆☆." Huh. Kinda interesting that Viktor wasn't a necessary party member until this part!
GREMIO: "I'm going too, Young Master." Wow, really?
VALERIA: "Please, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, take me too."
KIRKIS: "I'll go too."
VIKTOR: "All right. Who else is coming?"
KUROMIMI: [walks up] "Kuromimi go too. Save friends. Kuromimi go."
VIKTOR: "Let's go!"
Guys, it's my fucking army; can't I pick my own party? Dammit. Also, fuck, I forgot Viktor was necessary here. He's not up to date. In fact, he's currently nude.

MATHIU: "Kwanda Rosman is one of the Five Great Imperial Generals. He's powerful. Please watch yourself."
I ran off to Dwarfland to get Viktor some clothes and also sharpen Kuromimi's Sword into a Good Sword. I might not ever use him again, but hey. Can't hurt. It also means Kuromimi's only slightly worse than, say, Kirkis or Gremio, rather than completely useless.

That's sort of random.

And now we're all by where Kwanda's standing.
KWANDA: "Are you the leader of the Liberation Army? You look familiar. Teo's son. I'd heard rumors, but... Teo's boy a rebel leader, eh? Don't expect me to pull punches. They once called me Kwanda the Insurmountable, and I shall again become the wall that protects Emperor Barbarosa." That's a stupid name.
KWANDA: "So come, liberators. See my strength. See the power of the Black Rune that Lady Windy has given me!" Isn't she, like, evil?

[BGM: Tense March]
KWANDA: "For the Empire! And for His Majesty the Emperor! I won't let you proceed!"
These are also rock/paper/scissors! Attack beats Defend (though Defend does halve damage; this is very much relevant in the next duel, but not here), Defend beats Desperate Attack aka Special, Special beats Attack (but seriously, bad plan in the next duel). Your opponent quips to let you know what to pick.
'Victory is near! I strike with all my might!' That's subtle, Kwanda. I bet you're defending! And my defending against his special just wiped out half his HP.
'Carefully...' That was a defend. 'Damn! My turn!' Oh, whoops, he defended; I guessed he'd attack. Took about 20% damage.
'I'll show you how it's done.' Wasn't sure if that was attack or special (turned out to be special), so I specialed and finished him off but took 25% damage. It's okay, though.
KWANDA: "Well done! That you should destroy my defenses..."

[BGM: Gate]

Kuromimi walks over.
KUROMIMI: "You mess everyone up. You fix them."
Kwanda pulls himself up a little, though he's still collapsed.
KWANDA: "Kobold? Why are you still sane? The Black Rune... Ahhhh! My arm! Ahhhhhhhh!"
There's some sort of evil magic sound effect, then:

VIKTOR: "I'm not sure. Something to do with a Black Rune, I think he said." Clean out your ears.
KWANDA: "Aaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!" Yes, I counted.
Fade to white.

Let's go check on him! He pulls himself up a little, and
[BGM: Touching Theme]
KWANDA: "What... happened?"
KUROMIMI: "Prepare to die!"
KIRKIS: "Time for revenge!"
KWANDA: [collapses a bit] "Elf... kobold... I see. Do what you must. You have the right, I believe."
GREMIO: "Wait a minute, something's wrong." Really?
KWANDA: [looks up a little] "Are you Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆ of the Liberation Army? Please go ahead and take my head. I'll die like a soldier."
THIS IS ONE OF THOSE DIALOGUE CHOICES THAT REALLY MATTERS. If you say you'll kill him, you ... actually then kill him! And then you are sort of fucked. Don't do it.
TIR: "Something's wrong."
KWANDA: "What are you waiting for? Lop off his head. I'm impatient."
GREMIO: "Why did you suddenly..."
KUROMIMI: "That's right. You're not the same person you were a moment ago."
KWANDA: [leands down, then sits back up, holding his right arm] "It's this. The burnt rune."
VIKTOR: "Rune?" You're drunk, aren't you.
KWANDA: "This was the Black Rune. It was given to me by Lady Windy." REALLY? I'D NOT HEARD.
KWANDA: "It gave me power over monsters. But it also began to affect my willpower. Windy cannot be trusted. Does the Emperor know? But whatever I say now is irrelevant. After what I have done, my only remaining fate is to die like a soldier." [collapses again.]
I just picked the wrong option here to see if it's interesting (it isn't the previous time) and he goes, 'Thank you, Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆. Teo should be proud of his son.' :<
TIR: "I want you to join us."
KWANDA: "Me? Join you? Ha ha ha! Me join the Liberation Army? I served Emperor Barbarosa for 10 years, and you ask me to be a traitor?" Well ... yes. Yes, actually.
VIKTOR: "That's right. The Emperor is a different man from the one you know 7 years ago."
KWANDA: ".......... Perhaps the Emperor I knew and trusted disappeared years ago. Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, let me join your army. My loyalty for Emperor Barbarosa remains firm. But I cannot serve the present Emperor, whoever he may be."
Fade out, back to where everyone else is.
MATHIU: "Congratulations, Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆. Our first battle was a great success."
Some kobolds run up!
KOBOLD: "Kuromimi..."
KUROMIMI: "Oh, Mommy!"
KOBOLD: "Kuromimi..."
KUROMIMI: "Brother!"
GREMIO: "It looks like their spell is broken." And yet there are still random encounters of kobolds.
Sylvina walks up!
KIRKIS: "Thank you, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆."
GREMIO: "What will you do now?"
KIRKIS: "The village is gone. And perhaps my war is not over yet. At least not until your war is over, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆. Please let me join the Liberation Army."
SYLVINA: "Me too!"
STALLION: [bolts in] "And me as well."
KIRKIS: [bounces] "N-not Sylvina. It could be dangerous."
SYLVINA: "No. I'm staying with you forever, Kirkis."
STALLION: "I'll join too." No one cares.
GREMIO: "......................" That's a lot of dots.
KUROMIMI: "Kuromimi fight. Everybody fix, but country still sickness."
VALERIA: "I, too, have no place to return to. To prevent this tragedy from repeating itself, let me fight too."
MATHIU: "Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, this battle has made you a man." Previously he was a walrus.
MATHIU: "So many people are willing to join you.Now let's get back to Penis Castle."

TIR: "Wait. I have some unfinished business."
MATHIU: "I understand. We'll go on ahead."

To the kobold village!

FUSULU: "When I swing my axe the very earth shivers, and when I shout, Lake Toran turns upside down."
FUSULU: "The Liberation Army? Only if you agree to feed me."
INNKEEPER: "Are you going to pay me 10,000 bits for the food he's eaten?"
[Don't pay.]
FUSULU: "Ha ha! The Liberation Army's down in the dumps."
FUSULU: "Ha ha! You're a generous one. Don't worry. I'll work plenty for my meals."

KIRKIS: "You're Rubi."
RUBI: "Huh? Oh, it's Kirkis! What are you doing with humans?"
KIRKIS: "I'm in the Liberation Army now. But not to avenge myself for having my village taken away. There are many, both humans and elves, suffering because of the Imperial Army. I want to help them."
RUBI: "I couldn't care less. Be on your way. What do you know, anyway. You're just a little runt."
He won't join until Kirkis is level 50. He's level 29 right now.

GON: "Big Brother Kuromimi, how have you been?" I love his portrait.
KUROMIMI: "Well, if it isn't Gon! Kuromimi is fine. Working hard in the Liberation Army."
GON: "You're looking great, Big Brother! I want to be like you."
[don't recruit]
KUROMIMI: "Gon, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆ will never allow it. Stay here."
GON: "I understand, Brother Kuromimi."
KUROMIMI: "Gon, I have good news. Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆ says you're welcome to join the Liberation Army."
GON: "Hooray!"

That's it for now!


- STARS RECRUITED: 33 + Templeton, Kuromimi, Sylvina, Stallion, Humphrey, Kwanda, Fu Su Lu, Gon = 41 / 108
- Game Overs: 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 51.5 + 3 = 54.5, Pahn: 8, Cleo: 14, other: 4, total: 80.5
- TALENTED MILITARY SURGEON: Mathiu: 2, everyone else: 2, 4 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: Flik has a dead girlfriend, did you know? I didn't think so. Also, his girlfriend is dead. In case you were wondering. And -- she's dead, you know!

Flik has a dead girlfriend. Who would have thought.