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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS1 PART 19

:3 Started Rhapsodia yesterday/today for this giant lp thing.

LAST TIME: Rocks fall, Teo dies.

[BGM: Island Fortress]
Well, that's a lot of people!
VIKTOR: "We've been on a winning streak lately. We'll win the next battle too. Let's do it!"
FLIK: "Beyond the Fortress of Lorimar lies the Warriors' Village, where I was born." Interestingly, Flik is not a required party member this arc.
SANCHEZ: "We have information that 4000 soldiers remain at the Fortress of Lorimar." I'm sure.
HUMPHREY: "........." Eloquent.
MATHIU: "Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, Lepant would like a word with you." Don't care!
KASUMI: "Oh... Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆..." Something on my face? If you think I'm handsome, I'd have to agree.

[BGM: Theme of the Advancing Army]
LEPANT: "Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, our forces have already liberated the domains of Kwanda Rosman in the south and Milich Oppenheimer in the west. The Liberation army continues to increase in force daily. Meanwhile, insurgencies are breaking out all over the land, and the Imperial Army has its hands full." Wow, we did? I never noticed. I thought Kwanda and Milich just joined for the lulz.
MATHIU: "This is probably because the news of the defeat of Teo McDohl's army is spreading." Nothing like patricide to improve morale. ... Wait, what?
LEPANT: "To quell the rebellion, the Empire is gathering together all of its rural forces. As a result, several regions are poorly protected. Our best plan would be to catch the Imperial Army off guard and unite the various rebel factions throughout the country." I always did want to go to the sticks.
MATHIU: "I agree with Lepant's suggestion." If I get eaten by zombies, I'm blaming you.
KASUMI: "According to my sources, Imperial troops were seen pulling out of the Lorimar region." And did anyone say why?
SANCHEZ: "The Fortress of Lorimar, gateway to the region, is poorly protected." It's a trap.
HUMPHREY: "... I agree."
VIKTOR: [steps forward] "How about it, ☆☆☆☆☆☆?"

TIR: "Let's wait a little longer."
MATHIU: "As you wish, Commander. Please let us know when you have made a decision. But I will go ahead and make preparations." But I don't want to go to Lorimar. You're such an asshole, Mathiu.

MATHIU: "March to Lorimar?'
TIR: "Let's attack the Fortress of Lorimar!"

[BGM: Gate]
It's like it's a trap or something.
CLEO: "Could it be a trap?" I love you, Cleo.
MATHIU: "I don't know. Kasumi, will you scout the place?"
KASUMI: "Yes sir. Immediately." 'As soon as I stop watching ☆☆☆☆☆☆'s butt.'
Kasumi walks over, scales the wall ninja-fast, then opens the gate.
KASUMI: "Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, the fortress is empty. The Imperial troops are nowhere to be seen."
VIKTOR: "What is the meaning of this? Let's go check it out."
VIKTOR: [walks over] "What's going on?"
Mathiu and Cleo walk over from different directions.
MATHIU: "Something's very wrong here. Before we advance any farther, we should scout the place." Oh, joy.
CLEO: "Take me with you, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆. The deaths of Gremio, Master Teo... So much has happened. I'd like to be in battle so I can try to forget. Besides, I can't let Pahn upstage me." I love Cleo ♥ I wonder how that line goes if Pahn kicked it.
MATHIU: "Well, then, Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, please choose the rest of the scouting party."
Sticking in my three blacksmiths!
MATHIU: "Are you satisfied with this lineup?" No, but.
VIKTOR: "This is quite a mystery. What fun."
MATHIU: "At this time I shall return to Penis Castle. Please be very careful." Don't let the random encounters bite!

[BGM: Gathering of Warriors]
'My tiny little mind can't figure out how to live without you helping me breathe!'
TENGAAR: "Let me go, Hix. I've already made up my mind." Tengaar, you're as good at magic as Luc. Kill the little bastard.
HIX: "No. You'll get eaten. That's what everyone says." OM NOM NOM.
TENGAAR: "Can you protect me, then? Can you? Why, your sword isn't even named yet." Also all of his stats are boring. Apparently they'll all a bit above average, but boring.
HIX: "I-I... b-but the others can, I'm sure." ... Good job, Hix.
TENGAAR: "You're always like that. Besides, all that talk of bloodsucking might just be rumors." ... Oh gods I just interpreted that entirely the wrong way gross gross trying to wipe that mental image out of my mind oh gods. NECLORD DOES NOT GO THERE
TENGAAR: "I might even be comfortable at the castle. Better then staying in this backwater village." So backwater their speech mixes up 'than' and 'then.
HIX: "What are you saying?" Your town sucks, dude.
Scroll up to some dude who walks down to join Hix and Tengaar.
ZORAK: "Tengaar! I told you to stay in the house! You're a bad girl. What if Neclord shows up!" Then he'll be less irritating than you? I hate this town.
VIKTOR: "What! Did you say Neclord?!"
Viktor runs up to join them!
VIKTOR: "Hey, old man! Did you say Neclord?!"
ZORAK: "Who are you people?" We're the Liberation army and we're here to ask Tengaar to save us all.
VIKTOR: "I'm asking the questions around here! Answer me!" Don't scare the patronising fuckhead. ... Wait. Actually, do.
CLEO: "What's the matter with you, Viktor? Calm down." ... Cleo you don't really want to do that.
HIX: "Are you... the Liberation Army?" How could you tell?
HIX: "That's right. I've seen you attack Milich's castle. I've seen this bear-like man too."
HIX: [backs up] "I-I mean... don't get angry."
ZORAK: "I see. The Liberation Army. Then you must be Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆. I've heard about you. Will you come to my house? I'll tell you about Neclord. Please come this way."
And then he walks over to Tengaar.
TENGAAR: "Ouch! That hurts! Don't pull my arm! You'll pull it out of its socket!"
ZORAK: "Just come." I hate you so much.
Zorak leads Hix and Tengaar into his house.

Warriors' Village item shop sells lightning crystals and red flower seeds! Yay!
There is a creepy mime in the item shop.
WINDOW: "My name's Window. I'm not a warrior yet. Actually, I don't even want to be a warrior. I want to build stained glass window." But only one window.

Random dude: "This is the Warrior's Village, and it's famous for the Village Chief's lengthy speeches." ... Congrats.
Different dude: "That Flik. It's been five years since he took off on his coming-of-agre journey. Must be some kind of record." You seem to think he wants to come back.
Old dude: "'Even in the forest, not just at night, during your work, praise the King.' Those were the last words of the only villager who ever attacked Neclord's castle and made it back here. Must be some kind of code."

In a house is an orange blacksmith!
MOOSE: "Howdy. Got some work?"
MOOSE: "Maas, Moose, Mose, you've all joined the Liberation Army." ... But this guy's named Moose. Don't call Meese Moose, Moose.
MOOSE: "Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆, if they believe in you, so can I. If you'll let me join..."
I forget what he says if they're not with you. Something like 'I heard Mose joined up.'

Random dude: "The sword is the warrior's most prized possession. In this village we have a tradition of engraving the name of our most beloved on the sword." ... ... ... so, bets on if Viktor has tried to get Flik to tattoo Odessa on his ... sword?

There's a shell game person!
MARCO: "So we meet again. How about another game? If you win more than 5000 bits from me, I'll join you."
It's no longer predictable.
MARCO: "You're good, young man. You win. Well done. I'll keep my promise and join you."

Changing party to Tir / Flik / Viktor / Cleo / Kai / Meg for now~ o/~
Also, since I can now sharpen to 15 (!!!), doing that! Unfortunately I accidentally spent more money than I thought I would so it's taking me three minutes rather than two to get to cap again, :'( :'( :'( Haha I was even accurate with that estimate. Looks like it took me around 850k potch to get six characters from level 12 to level 15. Sob. Then most of what I had left went into upgrading equipment. I also picked up my flower seeds.

Oh, right! Heading back up to Lorimar gate. There is a dude with a yellow cape next to the graves. Hi, Kirke.
KIRKE: "My job is cutting off the heads of criminals. But as you can see, business has been slow lately." [recruit] "All I can do is cut off heads. That's all I know. Are you sure?"
[still recruit]
KIRKE: "You're a strange guy. All right, then. I'll come along. I'll enjoy the sunlight for a change."

Oh, Soul Eater's level 3 spell -- Hell -- is an instant kill against all enemies. It always hits. It's the same spell Ted cast against the Queen Ant in the beginning of the game, actually. I don't tend to use it often, but hey. You can sequence break at this point to go into Neclord's castle and gain a few levels. Four (easy without instant kills, even, though that's only because I didn't find any unicorns: throw Finger of Death at unicorns.) battles got me from 35 to 43, which is good enough for...

EIKEI: "Are you strong? Whoa, you are indeed. I can lend you my strength. I was waiting for someone like you. Let me join the Liberation Army." [recruit] "Thanks"
Eikei comes with the only double-beat rune in the game! Double-Beat makes the character attack twice in one round with no drawbacks whatsoever. Intriguingly, his double-beat rune is removable....

For some godforsaken reason, this was the product of two hours. TWO HOURS. IT'S A COMMON DROP and yet it refused to pop up.
JABBA: "My name's Jabba. I'm an expert appraiser. If you can find something I can't appraise, I'll do anything you ask."
[Ask for appraisal.]
JABBA: "Hmmm, let's see... Ummm, ge..... I... I give up. This is most certainly a precious item. I can't believe there exists an urn that I'm unable to appraise. A promise is a promise. I'll do anything you ask."
'Ask for money' gets rid of the urn :'( [recruit]
JABBA: "Is that all? No problem. I'm no fighter, but my eyes will be useful."

And now, for plot!
Saying hi to the random dude who mentions Flik now that Flik's in my party.
DUDE: "Flik! It's been a long time. 5 years!"

HIX: "Y-you p-people. The L-Liberation Army... c-can defeat him, right?"
TENGAAR: "Hix is so unreliable. Say, will you protect me instead?" :D!

[BGM: This is Just a Rumour]
ZORAK: "It was about three months ago. A man named Neclord came here as general of the local Imperial troops. With frightening magical powers, he turned his men into zombies and skeletons." Sounds great for morale, that.
CLEO: "So that's why there were so many graves at the Fortress of Lorimar."
ZORAK: "He then began threatening the local villages with his zombies. What he demanded was..."
HIX: "Send Tengaar to the castle? No way."
VIKTOR: "That's just like him."
ZORAK: "The other villages gave in to his demands and delivered women, but not us. This is the Warriors' Village. Once we were..." Oh, great, so you're slightly less scum than the rest of your region. Congrats, I guess. -____- Fuck this aaaaarc.
HIX: "Oh my god! Oh my god!"
TENGAAR: "Uh oh. Here it begins."
ZORAK: "This village was founded by Clift the Crusader following the Final Battle, and we are his descendants. This village has traditionally been defended by the Village Chiefs. But peace was not always guaranteed. There were a number of times when the village was endangered, and several Chiefs went to war with their clans. Five chiefs, in particular, became renowned. They were..." I'm surprised Viktor hasn't tried burning the place down yet.
Fade out.
[BGM: Gathering of Warriors]
ZORAK: "... and that is how I came to be Village Chief after my predecessor Karak."
VIKTOR: "I had a hell of a time."
CLEO: "The sun has set. He sure likes to talk."
VIKTOR: "Have you finished your story, old man?"
ZORAK: "Do you want to hear more? I have another good story."
VIKTOR: "No, no! That's quite enough, thanks. I'm going to get some rest."
ZORAK: "I have a room all prepared. Get plenty of rest. Perhaps I can continue the story tomorrow."
Fade out.

[BGM: Theme of a Moonlit Night]

ZORAK: "Viktor and Cleo have already retired. I'll show you to your room, Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆. Or would you prefer to talk through the night?" Uhhhhh I think I left my Rune on bye!

TENGAAR: "That person talking to Hix right now -- that's Cleo, right? N-no, I'm not interested or anything. Just passing by, that's all." And then she bolts out the door! Got a crush, eh, Tengaar~?
☆☆☆☆☆☆ walks slightly towards Cleo and Hix and stops to eavesdrop. Or possibly not to interrupt. Either way.
CLEO: "What is it? My ears are pretty beat right now."
HIX: "I'm sorry, Cleo. .......... Cleo?"
CLEO: "Yes?"
HIX: "Why do you fight when you're a woman?" As opposed to when she's a walrus.
HIX: "Women don't fight in the Warriors' Village." Well, see, Hix, the thing is is that the Warriors' Village sucks ass.
CLEO: "Why do I ... fight? There's no reason why women shouldn't." Particularly if they're like Cleo and light things on fire with their brains. 8)
CLEO: "Just like men, women have things they want to protect. Don't you have something you want to protect?" I'm pretty sure Hix defaults to the damsel in distress.
HIX: "I-I... sure, but, I'm weak." Good that you noticed.
CLEO: "You're right. If you're weak, there's no sense in fighting. No point in getting killed."
HIX: "but..."
CLEO: "Hix. You'll never be strong as long as you consider yourself weak."
HIX: "I guess you're right. Thank you, Cleo."
CLEO: "That's all right. Goodnight, Hix."
Cleo walks into the bedroom; Hix walks into ☆☆☆☆☆☆.
HIX: "Whoa!.........! Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆! G-good night!"
Aaaaand he bolts.

Hee. I tried walking to the door, and Zorak walked over.
ZORAK: "Commander ☆☆☆☆☆☆, if you are unable to sleep, I have a story..."
And he drags ☆☆☆☆☆☆ back into his room.

Viktor is staring out the bedroom window.
VIKTOR: "☆☆☆☆☆☆? I can't seem to sleep. I've finally found Neclord. Neclord isn't human. He misused a rune and became a vampire. He destroyed the village where I was born. When I returned to my village, I saw members of my own family, who were turned into zombies by him, eating each other. That's where my journey began. And perhaps it will end here. I must destroy him With my own hands. Go to sleep, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. I'm going to stay up a while and look at the moon."
☆☆☆☆☆☆ walks to bed, fade out, birds chirping, yada yada.
CLEO: "Good morning, Master ☆☆☆☆☆☆. Did you have a good rest?"
Step outside and...
[BGM: Theme of Tension ~ Impact Version]

NECLORD: "Good morning, everybody."
ZORAK: "Neclord! What do you want?!"
NECLORD: "I came to get your daughter, of course. It should be obvious. After all, she's your daughter." Neclord irritates me on so many levels. Can't wait for Tinto arc.
ZORAK: "I won't let you have Tengaar!"
HIX: "Th-that's right! Besides, why are you here in broad daylight when you are a vampire? Have you no shame?!" ... Hix's one good line.
NECLORD: "Shame? What are you talking about? I became a vampire by using a rune, so I happen to be a well-bred vampire." ... what?
NECLORD: "Besides, this sunlight is no big deal. It does make me a bit sleepy, though."
ZORAK: "Leave us now! Or I'll show you the power of the Warriors' Village!"
Random people from the Warriors' Village try to hit Neclord.
ZORAK: "Uhhhhnnnnn... uuhhhhnnnn..."
NECLORD: "So I have seen. I suppose that is about the best that humans can do."
Viktor walks up.
VIKTOR: "Damn you, Neclord! I've got you now! Prepare to die!" [moves closer]
CLEO: "Viktor!"
Boss fight!
It's scripted; nothing I try to do will work.
NECLORD: "Goodness, how famous I've become. It's a tough life. Well, are you satisfied now? Please give me your daughter. She will have the honor of becoming my 70th bride." Fuck this aaaaarc.

HIX: [runs in front of Tengaar] "J-just you w-wait. We won't let you t-take T-Tengaar."
NECLORD: "Please get out of the way. Or would you like to die?"
HIX: "N-no."
NECLORD: "Then you leave me no choice."
TENGAAR: "Wait! Please step aside, Hix." And if this was a different game (hell, even any other game in this series), she'd have a plan involving lighting him on fire or something. But this is SuikoI's Neclord arc.
HIX: "W-what are you doing? I-I'll protect..."
TENGAAR: "Thank you, Hix. But I can't let you die. Get out of my way, Hix!" [she shoves him out of the way]
NECLORD: "I like your style, young lady."
TENGAAR: "If I go with you, do you promise not to harm the villagers?" ... tengaar ... [facepalm]
NECLORD: "Of course. You have my word."
HIX: "Tengaar! I swear, I swear, I swear I'll come and rescue you!" Hix, you're a sidekick at best get used to it.
TENGAAR: "I'll be waiting for you, Hix."
NECLORD: "Shall we be on our way, my pretty bride?" Ugh ugh ugh ugh.

[BGM: Gathering of Warriors]
Cut to ☆☆☆☆☆☆ in the middle bed in Zorak's house with Cleo and Viktor next to him.
VIKTOR: "Have you come to your senses, ☆☆☆☆☆☆? He was right in front of us, and we were powerless. We need a special weapon to beat him. Most ordinary weapons are useless against vampires, especially runic vampires." Weapons seem to work fine against Sierra.... Mind you, Sierra doesn't eat people. She only chews a little.
Talking to Zorak!
ZORAK: "A special weapon against vampires? I don't know. Wait. Perhaps that place..."
VIKTOR: "What do you have in mind?!" Viktor does not have time for verbal ladders!
ZARAK [sic]: "Yes. West of this village is the Temple of Qlon. This particular temple was founded many years ago by a certain priest, named Qlon." As opposed to the kid named Qlon. Speaking of which, I forgot to go recruit him! Doing that in a moment.
VIKTOR: "Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhh! I'll pull your tongue out! Just tell us what we need to know!"
ZORAK: "Oh yes, of course. This Qlon Temple is supposed to hide a secret."
VIKTOR: "Boy, that really tells us a lot." I love Viktor.
CLEO: "But we have no other leads. Let's visit this place."

[teleports to Antei.]
QLON: "Welcome. This is the township of Antei. Say, you must be the leader of the Liberation Army. Thanks to you, I can now call this town by its original name. Now it's my turn to help you. [recruit] Leave it to me. My specialty is saying the town's name. I'll just go ahead and... I'll be at Penis Castle."
Gatekeeper get!

To Garan briefly!
QUINCY: "I'm Quincy. Right now I'm just a hunter, but someday I'll make a name for myself."
QUINCY: "All right, I'm in. And betting on the Liberation Army. Glad to be of service."

What Qlon says in the castle: "This is Penis Castle. I feel so good."


- STARS RECRUITED: 74.5 + Kirke + Moose + Eikei + Marco + Jabba + Qlon + Quincy = 81.5 / 108
- Game Overs: 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 75.5, Pahn: 8, Cleo: 14, other: 4, total: 101.5
- TALENTED MILITARY SURGEON: Mathiu: 2, everyone else: 2, 4 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: QLON. NO, THE OTHER ONE. ... NO, NOT THE MONK, THE TEMPLE. SHEESH. WILL THE REAL QLON PLEASE STAND UP? Also, snarky talking swords, time travel, arson, and random backstory.