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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS1 PART 5

It's kind of funny how disappointed I am whenever I don't update on a given day.

THE STORY SO FAR: Sorry about nearly getting arrested, dad, it was for a good cause :'(

We are the fuck out of Gregminster, and shall remain there for ... quite a while. Probably third to last suikoI update.
Hello, six mosquitos!  Long time no see!
This? This is not a good party formation. Thank you, Viktor (S-range, currently with a Lv 3 Taia Sword), for joining in the back. I'd move him, but it's like five more seconds to Lenankamp.

[BGM: Rock Rockland]
VIKTOR: "Here we are in Lenankamp, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. Not much of a place, but they do make fine tea here. ha ha ha ha ha!" Tea?
VIKTOR: "Well then, it's about time I got to work. Let me go make some arrangements. I may be late, so take a look around."
Viktor walks off.
GREMIO: "Who is this fellow that Viktor wants us to meet? You know, I can't quite trust that man." Oh, don't worry, Gremio, he'll be more trustworthy in a minute.
CLEO: "I have no idea. So, what shall we do now? I'd love to take a shower..." Do they have showers in this setting? It seems a bit ... low-tech.

There's nothing to do here, so to the inn I go!

There's a soldier right in front of the inn. "They say some traitors are on the run. It's not you guys, is it?" Uh. Definitely not. Yeah. That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.
I can walk past him, though.
Innkeeper goes, 'Welcome to the Keyaki Inn.  A bed is 70 bits per person.  I'll throw in breakfast.' How generous.
INNKEEP: "SO you are a friend of Viktor's. Well then, I will prepare the best rooms we have."

[BGM: Main Theme Arrangement: Ensemble Version]
In a room!  There are four beds and a suspiciously ugly thing that might be a clock and might be a radiator and might be a grill.  Gremio says, 'I guess what's-his-name, Viktor... never returned.'
CLEO: "But we didn't make any other plans. Let's wait a bit longer, and if he still doesn't show up, we'll head north. Perhaps Master Teo can help us." I think he might be a bit pissed, actually.
GREMIO: "............. ... Cleo. Why... did Pahn..." ... add so much punctuation to my dialogue?
CLEO: [looks away] "Don't... Gremio..."

GREMIO: "What's going on? At such a late hour."
Pan to front of inn!
[BGM: Theme of Tension]
SOLDIERS: "We've heard that some fugitives are staying here. We'll look around."
INNKEEP: "But sir, our guests are sleeping."
SOLDIER: [hops >E] "Shut up! Do you plan to harbor Rebels?" Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Fuck yes.
GREMIO: "Young Master, they're coming for us! Viktor! He must have ratted on us!" Don't blame the awesome guy, Gremio.
GREMIO: "I knew we shouldn't have trusted him!" Shut up.
CLEO: "This doesn't look good. They'll find us for sure." Well, maybe you shouldn't have gone to the town right next to Gregminster...
GREMIO: [runs back and forth] "Wh-what should we do, Young Master?"
DIALOGUE CHOICE: 'Let's fight.' or 'I'm scared.  Let's run.'
TIR: "Let's fight." ... like MEN. And LADIES. And LADIES WHO DRESS LIKE MEN.
GREMIO: "Y-yes, Young Master. I, Gremio, will protect you with my life..." Excuse me, who's the one with the magic shiny that eats people at my command?
CLEO: "Oh, stop it, Gremio. He was kidding. There's too many of them. Calm down." No, I think I can totally wipe them out if I kill three of my friends first ... ... ... FUCK. DAMN YOU, PAHN.
GREMIO: "We're in big trouble now." Well, if I had a third friend I could sacrifice, I could fix that. Except then there wouldn't be a 'we'.
CLEO: "Gremio, maybe we can get Young Master out before..." ... Well, that WOULD get me the damage-all-enemies spell....
A redhead behind the clock thing goes, 'This way!  Hurry!' \o/ THIRD FRIEND.
What's she hiding behind, anyway?
GREMIO: [looks around] "Who was that?"

Oh huh I can move around.
GREMIO: "Wh-what should we do?"
CLEO: "That voice... from that clock, I think." Fugly-ass clock.
The redhead is a woman named Odessa.  'What are you waiting for?  Hurry!  Do you want to get caught?' Yep!
GREMIO: "Wh-who are you?" My human sacrifice, duh.
CLEO: "Whoever it is, thank god!" Cleo is good at getting the point.

[BGM: none; sewer noises]
We are in a sewer.  Odessa says, 'So you're the 'new friends' that Viktor told me about.'
ODESSA: "Everyone's waiting. Follow me."
Odessa and four dudes standing around a table!  Viktor goes, 'Sorry ☆☆☆☆☆☆, you must have had a tough time.  But it was exciting, wasn't it?' It's nice to know you care.
GREMIO: "What's going on here?" Treason, duh.
VIKTOR: "I didn't think I'd give myself away so soon." ... as a bride. For Bluto over there.
VIKTOR: "Oh well, now that you've met Odessa..."
CLEO: "Odessa? The name rings a bell..."
GREMIO: "You don't mean... the Rebel Army..." Dude, it's five guys in a sewer. An army that is not.
ODESSA: "Rebel Army? We prefer to call ourselves the Liberation Army. But who cares about names." At least two of the eight people in this sewer?
ODESSA: "Let me introduce myself. I'm Odessa Silverberg, leader of the Liberation Army. How do you do?"
FLIK: "Viktor. Are these the people you wanted us to meet?" Hi, Flik!
VIKTOR: "That's right. Prepare yourselves for a surprise. This here is the son of General Teo McDohl. And a fugitive to boot. Don't you think he'll be a great asset to the Liberation Army?" I kind of wonder what's going through Viktor's head. I mean, he's introducing the son of a ~Great General~ to probably the most wanted person in the country. And expecting nothing bad to happen. I sort of wonder if he makes a habit of introducing every random guy he meets to every other random guy he meets. ... He's right, though: now they're eight losers in a sewer instead of five losers in a sewer.
GREMIO: "You've got to be kidding! Why should Young Master join the Rebels?" Why else? Shits and giggles.
GREMIO: "Right, Young Master?"
'Who says I'll join?' or 'Maybe I should join the Liberation Army.'
TIR: "Maybe I should join the Liberation Army." TREASON: it's fun.
VIKTOR: "So he says. He's interested."
FLIK: "No way. Recently many of our hideouts have been discovered. There must be a spy among us. With all the problems we already have, we can't afford to recruit complete strangers." ... you have FIVE PEOPLE and one of them's a spy? You already have nothing to lose.
ODESSA: "I guess you've all been fooled by Viktor as well. Whenever he takes a liking to someone, he just drags them in. But they do appear to be hunted by the Imperials, and the town's still full of soldiers... You may stay until things blow over. Whatever decision you make afterwards is up to yourselves." I always did want to live in a sewer.
GREMIO: "Y-you've got to be kidding, Young Master." The Nile's not just a river in Egypt, Gremio.
GREMIO: "Join the Rebels? No way."
CLEO: "Rebels... Liberation Army... well why not? Maybe we should become true Rebels. On the other hand, what will Master Teo think?" 'I left them alone for TWO DAYS and they became fugitives. WHERE DID I GO WRONG.' Alternatively, 'WTF? DIE.'

Talking to people~
FLIK: "If Odessa greets you as a guest, so will I. My name is Flik. Lightning Flik of the Liberation Army. You've never heard of me? Well then, remember the name." Sure, Bluto.
FLIK: "The quiet one there's Humphrey the Swordsman. And that's Sanchez. We three are pretty famous in the Liberation Army, you know." Sanchez doesn't get a nickname because he's an asshole.
SANCHEZ: "My name is Sanchez. How do you do?"
VIKTOR: "You don't really think the Empire will take you back, do you? They'll kill you for sure."
HUMPHREY: "........." Humphrey doesn't talk much.
ODESSA: "I'm so sorry. You must have had a fright. Viktor's got bad habits. I guess we're enemies. Too bad." Dude, I know which boring sewer you're staying in.

KO'ed dude on the stairs.  Gremio says, 'Ah-are you all right?' Dude fell down the stairs. Of course he's not all right.
BANDIT: "I-I must tell... Lady Odessa."
CLEO: "Let's take him inside."

[BGM: This is Just a Rumour]
BANDIT: "Where are we?"
ODESSA: "Don't worry. This is the Liberation Army hideout." Also a sewer.
ODESSA: "Have you a message for me?"
BANDIT: "You must be Odessa. Thank goodness. I'm one of the Mt. Seifu bandits. But we only attack those rotten Imperials." ... hey, uh, according to Suikoden wiki, you guys kidnapped Tir when he was like five or so. A good defence that is not.
BANDIT: "Anyway, the other day, the Imperial Guard came over and captured our bosses... Varkas and Sydonia."
Gremio muses, 'Varkas and Sydonia?  Could they be... Naaaah.
CLEO: "Shhh.... Be quiet."
BANDIT: "Lady Odessa, please. Help Varkas and Sydonia. That rotten Grady of Rockland has strung them up to starve to death."
CLEO: "Outrageous! Execution without trial! Even by Imperial Law, that's illegal." ♥ Cleo
ODESSA: "How awful..."
FLIK: "But Odessa... Imperial surveillance has been intense lately. We have to keep a low profile."
ODESSA: "I'm aware that we're understaffed." You're five people in a sewer, with one of them being a spy. 'Understaffed' is understatement.
ODESSA: "But the bandits have asked for our help. We can't let them down."
'It's our fault.' or 'This has nothing to do with us.' [whistles innocently]
TIR: "It's our fault."
ODESSA: "What do you mean, it's your fault?"
GREMIO: "We..."
VIKTOR: "I see. Well, even if you didn't know what you were doing, you still have to claim responsibility, right, ☆☆☆☆☆☆? You must rescue Varkas and Sydonia. I'll help you too."
CLEO: "I agree. I don't plan to betray the Empire, but Grady is unforgivable."
GREMIO: "You're right. Undoing Grady's wrongs would be good for the Empire... Besides, if Young Master gives the orders, I will follow." ... But whine about it, eh, Gremio?
BANDIT: "Thank you. Varkas and Sydonia are strung up at the home of Rockland's military commander. If you don't hurry, they'll dry up. Please help them."
ODESSA: "☆☆☆☆☆☆, I beg of you too. Viktor, you go too." He already said he would!
VIKTOR: "Leave it to Viktor. let's get going, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. Rockland, here we come!"
Viktor joins party!

[BGM: none; sewer]
ODESSA: "Please, ☆☆☆☆☆☆. Help them."
FLIK: "Don't for a moment think that I trust you. Viktor, that goes for you too." You're a jerk, Flik.
HUMPHREY: "........."
SANCHEZ: "Rockland is east of the capital. From Lenankamp it's northeast."

[BGM: Rock Rockland]
Talking to people in Lenankamp!
RANDOM GUY: "Is it true that General Teo went north? War is bad for business."
A woman in a house goes, 'We have a daughter named Meg.  If you ever run into her, please tell her to come home once in a while.'
And the man in that house says, "Darn that tomboy Meg. 'Adventure calls' indeed. Making her folks worry like this."
RANDOM GUY: "Occasionally you see a suspicious bunch of people go into the Keyaki Inn and never come out. When do you suppose they leave?"
Sharpening Viktor's Taia Sword to 5 makes it a Shiko Sword.
A suspicious dude named Krin is in someone's house.  'I've got something to tell you, hee hee.'
KRIN: "You know how monsters sometimes leave behind those urns? Well, sometimes you find valuable things in them, hee hee. If you take these things to an appraiser, hee hee..."

[BGM: Rock Rockland]
And now, back in Rockland!
Marco is still there with eir shell game. I made enough with it to bring me back above 100k; sharpening everyone to 5 and buying two sets of Wing Boots for Cleo (Wing Boots are nearly female-only; Stallion can equip them, too) at the Gregminster armoury dropped me down to 67k. While sharpening weapons makes a huge difference in damage output, it's often not a great idea to sharpen everyone. Particularly long-ranged characters like Cleo. Doesn't matter here, since I'm filthy rich and growing moreso through abuse of shell games, but still. MY MONIES ...

SOLDIER IN FRONT OF GRADY'S HOUSE: "Who are you? You've no business here. Get out, or you'll be strung up like those bandits there. Ha ha ha ha!"
In Grady's yard, there are two very familiar bandits tied to poles.
Everyone goes over to right above the cemetary.
GREMIO: "Security's pretty tight. It'll be tough sneaking in."
VIKTOR: "Leave it to me. I'm used to things like this."
Viktor walks off, and suddenly there is the sound of things burning.
GUY: "Help! Help! The Grady mansion is on fire! Fire! Fire!"
SOLDIER: "What?!"
They run off, and Viktor strolls back to rejoin the group.
GREMIO: "Viktor! What have you done? You didn't...?"
VIKTOR: "Heh, heh. I didn't do anything. It must be the dry weather." ♥
GREMIO: "My goodness! Young Master, don't you dare take after someone like this!" ilu Gremio
The building's on fire. It's on fire!
Viktor says, 'Ouch!  Better watch those flames.' Fire is hot!
Beating the crap out of "Empire Soldier"s like a good citizen~ Stealing Grady's junk~ ... but not like that.
Hi, Varkas and Sydonia.
VARKAS: "Uhhh, what's going on?... I can't see... My god! It's you Imperials! Why are you here? Have you come to laugh at me?"
GREMIO: "Of course not. If we'd known what sort of fellow Grady was, we never would have helped him." Dude, the guy oozed scumbag. Your taste is bad. ... I love that he keeps saying 'fellow'.
CLEO: "A few things happened, and now we're wanted by the Imperials, just like you. We'll help you out."
Cleo lets him down.
VARKAS: "Thanks. Get my buddy too, will you?"
Sydonia lets himself down with ninja noises.
SYDONIA: "Ha. Not necessary."
VARKAS: "Sydonia! Why you... If you've got tricks like that, why didn't you escape sooner?"
SYDONIA: "Ha. Can't very well escape alone."
VARKAS: "Sydonia? You..." ... could have also let Varkas down and escaped over the fence in the middle of the night.
VIKTOR: "Hey, let's get out of here."

Grady says, 'You... you dare turn against the Emperor, free the bandits, and even... even set my house on fire!  You'll be sorry!' I can kill you with my brain.
VARKAS: [steps up] "So you want a fight? Don't think you're the only one with a grudge. Why I'll cut out your eyeballs..."
GRADY: [backs up] "What? Oh, well..."
SYDONIA: [steps up] "Ha. I'd rather tear him to pieces."
GRADY: [backs up mooooore] "Um, please... Well, you see... You'll regret this! I'll tell Master Kraze about this. You'll get yours!" [BOLTS. ... In the direct of the fire???]
GREMIO: "Cleo, do you think the Empire will take us back?" No.
CLEO: "I don't know."
GREMIO: "Y-young Master."
VIKTOR: "Ha ha ha! Don't worry. There's all kinds of ways to make a living."

Stepping outside takes me back to the entrance of Rockland automagically.
VARKAS: "I guess we owe the Liberation Army our lives. Tell Lady Odessa that if she ever needs help, Varkas and Sydonia will be there in a flash. Well, we're off! Perhaps we'll meet again."
Varkas and Sydonia walk off.
VIKTOR: "It sure is great to be done! Let's go back to Lenankamp. ☆☆☆☆☆☆, why don't you spend a bit more time with the Liberation Army? Come on!"
CLEO: "Young Master, when we return to Lenankamp, let's decide what to do. At this rate..." ... we'll be in charge.


- People with faces met: Flik, Humphrey, Odessa, Sanchez, Krin = 5 + 21 = 26 total
- Game Overs: 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 9 + 22 = 31, Pahn: 5, Cleo: 8 + 2 = 10, other: 4, total: 50
- Bathrooms: 0, though we have found sewers....

NEXT TIME: Fucking ninjas, dude. Ninjas. Also pigeons, and our hero quite possibly does the horizontal tango. ... Much to Gremio's dismay.