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Let's Play Suikoden;!; GS2 PART 14

I didn't forget about this; I just was burnt out on Suikoden for-fucking-ever and neither wanted to do alt text nor continue my replay to fix the music cues. As is probably not a surprise to anyone who knows me, the tipping point for me to re-put together this update was realising that I could get this to be less of a kludgy mass of stuff postable on dreamwidth and stuff for replacement via python script, and have it be actually readable in text form as Markdown. This means it'd take longer to fix up each update than it did already, but it'll be less despair-inducing.

If you'd like a zip of the whole LP shebang as a script reference or something, drop a comment; I'm still not likely to have an actual update schedule. It's fairly legible; it's just really not ideal.

Also, for once, this update actually has alt text everywhere it should. ... I think. I might have missed something. But still.

LAST TIME: Jowy's return! Politicking! Highland's invading! Further politicking!

[BGM: none; birds chirping]
We are IN THE INN as it's morning.
Nanami: "Hey! Hey! Wake up Odessa and Jowy!! Everyone's meeting outside."
We both get out of bed at the same time! Weird.
Jowy: "I'm already awake, Nanami. Actually, I couldn't sleep......"

Fliktor, Apple, and Team Kyaro meeting downstairs in the inn.  Pilika's with the innkeeper. Pretty small everyone. Also, note where Pilika is.
Apple: "The Highland Army advance forces are close. If we can beat them, we'll have done our job."
Viktor: "Our job isn't to defeat the entire Highland Army. If we can slow them down, it'll be enough. But remember, if we don't protect Muse and it falls to Highland, it's all over. So give it all you've got!"
Flik: "Everyone, gird yourselves for battle. We'll go when preparations are complete." Haha, he said gird.

Flik: "Hey, don't be so nervous."
Apple: "Be careful, Odessa."
Viktor: "Hey, are you all ready?"
Dialogue option: "Yes" or "Not yet."
Protag: "Not yet."
Viktor: "Okay, but don't forget anything. You've got to eat, too."
Just because, I make sure I get another Fury Rune. Also just nixed six and a half hours of game time, at least three of which were idling.

Viktor: "Hey, are you all ready?"
Protag: "Yes."
Viktor: "Good, we're just about ready."

[BGM: War]
Blah, blah, war battle.
Apple: "I can see the Highland Army's advance troops."
Solon Jhee: "It's that guy, Viktor, again!!! This time I'll kick his ass!" ... Kay.
Viktor: "Don't worry. All we've got to do is slow them down."
Apple: "If we can defeat Solon Jhee's unit or buy enough time, they should retreat."
[ Start Battle ]
Flik and Viktor move on their own. Viktor's our standard bearer.
Apple: "Odessa, are you used to command yet? We've given you two State reinforcement units to command. Good luck."
Viktor's unit (Viktor, Apple, Tuta) has 9 ATT 9 DEF; Flik's (+ Hanna and Tsai) is 10 ATT 7 DEF; mine is 6 ATT 8 DEF; and the state troops are 5 ATT 4 DEF. And Apple keeps yelling at me. Asshole.
The green unit in the middle is Gilbert.
... Huh, Jowy's Black Sword isn't usable in war battles. Just his Critical skill.
Viktor: "Hey, Flik, See someone you recognize?"
Flik: "Gilbert is it?..... I can't believe he's working for Highland." ... Does Zexen get along with Highland?
Apple: "Do you.... know him? If only you could get him to switch sides..." THIS IS THE ONLY TIME IN THE GAME YOU CAN RECRUIT GILBERT. If you fuck this up, you are fucked. You have to damage him, and then keep him from dying, which is a total pain in the ass and frequently takes multiple attempts.
... Now that I've said that, I hurt Gilbert instantly.
Viktor: "You've lost your touch!"
Gilbert: "Why you worthless..... Grrr.........."
Flik: "How about it, Gilbert? Why don't you join our side? A proud warrior like you shouldn't take money from a scum like Luca Blight!!!"
Gilbert: "I guess this.... is fate..."
Gilbert: "Okay, I'll do it."
Gilbert turns around 8D
HIGHLAND ARMY: "Lord Jhee!!! The mercenaries!!!"
Solon Jhee: "Gilbert!!! You dare betray us!!!!"
Gilbert: "Sorry. I'll send you a refund."

Three knight units on teleport in!
Miklotov: "I am Miklotov, Captain of the Blue Knights of Matilda. I'm here to assist Sir Viktor of Muse."
Aaaand I use my single Bright Shield casting to heal Gilbert, which is slightly wasteful but last time I played he died four battles in a row, so.
Miklotov is beating the shit out of Highland. Gilbert is getting the shit beaten out of him by Culgan. Oh, huh, the knight units aren't all the same colour: there's Miklotov's blue knight unit and two white knight units.
Flik just got the crap beaten out of him by Seed.
Flik: "I wasn't supposed to die here!!!" Contrary to what it sounds like, that's his 'safe retreat' message. He can't die afaik, but if he could, he'd go "Urgh... Odessa, I'm coming..." Does that make you sad? It sure makes me sad.

Camus teleports in! Camus's knight unit is red, fittingly.
Camus: "Miklotov, Commander Gorudo orders us to withdraw our forces immediately." What the fuck?
Miklotov: "What are you saying, Camus!! Our knights should turn our backs on the enemy and run?!!!"
Camus: "It's a knight's duty to follow the orders of his liege lord. Have you forgotten your oath?" His orders are stupid. Therefore Miklotov never actually heard them.
Miklotov: "Damn.............."
The Matilda Knights leave! Fucking Matilda.
Flik: "What's the matter with them!! They're not going to defend Muse!!!!" Of course not. That would make sense.
Viktor: "It looks like someone is up to some nasty tricks here. If Muse falls, next it'll be your necks on the line...."
Jowy: ". . . . . . . . . . . ." Jowy thinks this is really stupid and he is right.

Solon Jhee: "Ha. Today was just a greeting. Tomorrow, your head will be decorating the walls of this city!" Pleasant.
Flik: "Well try it, if you've got the guts."

[BGM: Victory ~ Staff Roll, I think]
Apple: "Somehow..... we managed to slow them down."
... and. it froze. Trying again!

Apple: "Lord Odessa, if your unit is damaged, move it back to the village. Units on top of towns or castles have their damage repaired."
Gilbert: "That's it. Fall back." ... well, at least this time he didn't die.
I like that Seed and Culgan actively avoid engaging Odessa's unit. Our stats are shitty and usually they go for the weaker units, but we're kids so.
THERE, didn't freeze this time.

We are now back in the inn.
Viktor: "You all fought well. Now everyone get some rest."
Fade out.

Nanami's in my room
And Jowy's in Nanami's, lurking in the corner.
Jowy: "......................"

[ BGM: none ]
Nanami: "Hey, Odessa.... Can I tell you something?
Dialogue option: "Sure." or "I'm kind of tired."
Protag: "Sure."
Nanami: "Thanks...."
Nanami: "Well...... Odessa....... About this battle, do you...."
Nanami: "No.... forget about it. There's no choice, I guess... We have to protect ourselves.... Goodnight, Odessa."
Jowy talking to a ninja in Nanami's room. Pan over to Jowy talking to a very familiar looking ninja!
Jowy: "...... tell them just like that."
KAGE: "I understand. It will be just as you order."
And Kage fades out.
Sad Pilika: [walks in] "...............?"
Jowy: "Pilika............ Don't worry...... .... it's just the wind." Oh you're not being suspicious at ALL.
Sad Pilika: ".................."
Jowy: "Pilika, hurry and get to sleep." You're in her room, dumbass.
Pilika walks over to the bed on the left.
Jowy: "I............ I hope I'm taking the right path." If you have to ask, the answer is no.

Fade out.
[BGM: none; birds chirping]
Odessa and Jowy are in their beds. Nanami walks in.
Nanami: "Okay, it's morning. Everyone's waiting downstairs."
We get out of bed!
Jowy: "Good morning, Odessa."

We walk downstairs and pan over to Viktor and Flik drinking! As they do. Leona is behind the bar; Pilika is where she usually is between the bar and the stairs.
Viktor: "Oh, Odessa and Jowy, you're both awake."
Nanami: [bounce] "I'm here too."
Viktor: "Oh? Sorry, sorry. You're going to see Anabelle today, aren't you? Tell her what a great job I did, okay."
Nanami: "Who did a great job???"
Flik: "Ha ha ha ha ha. That's right. Anyway, don't go outside of the city. The Highland Army is all around."
Jowy: "Okay, let's go, Odessa. Don't you want to hear about Master Genkaku?"
Fade out.

Leona: "Listen. Don't become the type of adult who drinks all night and sleeps all morning, okay." Yeah, because the sort that drinks all night and drinks all morning -- FLIKTOR -- is much better.
I'm pretty sure this is the last chance for fury runes so I'm getting one more. Clear out Jowy's inventory if you haven't yet.

Man that took AGES, wtf.

Okay! TO PLOT!

Once in the town hall...
Nanami: "Lady Anabelle....... I wonder what she knows about Grandpa Genkaku?"

A WOMAN IN JESS'S OFFICE: "All I do is file forms, take out forms and re-file forms all day long. What a job."
RANDOM MAN IN A DIFFERENT ROOM: "If you're here for a marriage certificate, I can help you. And you are....?"

The mayor's office. Gustav, Granmeyer, Anabelle, and Jess are in her office.
Granmeyer: "Lord Gustav, are you saying that Tinto City will not cooperate?" ... It's Tinto.
Gustav: "That's not what I'm saying. But as long as we don't know the Highland Army's intentions, I'm not going to commit my troops." They have surrounded Muse. I don't think Luca's bringing flowers! ... And having said that, my mind went immediately to this fanart. I'm keeping the link for posterity, even though as of this editing it's been deleted. It was Team Highland all dressed as Puella Magi Madoka Magica characters. iirc Luca Blight was Madoka with a nailbat. It was really beautiful and it's a loss to us all that it's gone now. Don't repost fanart without permission, kids.
Granmeyer: "I think their intentions are clear. Perhaps you're just frightened?"
Gustav: "How dare you! It was the South Window Army who retreated at the first sight of blood during the Scarlet Moon Empire war!" Everybody hates Scarlet Moon. Even Scarlet Moon hated Scarlet Moon.
Granmeyer: "You're a fool.... War isn't a gambling game......." I beg to differ.
Anabelle: "Stop it, the both of you. It's no use arguing."
Gustav: "In any case, we're not ready to commit troops. That's my decision."
Gustav leaves.
Anabelle: "Whew..........."
Anabelle gets up and walks over to the party.
Anabelle: "Forgive me, Odessa, Nanami. As you can see, we're in the middle of negotiations. Could you come back this evening?"
Nanami: "Yes, of course. Let's go, Odessa, Jowy."
Odessa and Nanami walk out. Jowy starts to follow, but turns back after a step.
Jowy: "Lady Anabelle...... Umm... may I ask you something?"
Anabelle: "What is it?"
Jowy: "Why are you fighting, Lady? What do you hope to get from this war?" As a guess? Not dying. Not dying is good.
Anabelle: "I'll get nothing from it. I fight so we won't lose. I was born in Muse, raised in Muse. It's natural that I want to protect her." Also, Luca exists. Luca exists and really hates Muse.
Jowy: "....................." I think his patriotism is a little broken.
Jowy walks out.
Nanami: "I was still debating...... Well, she's busy, so let's go."

Nanami: "It looks like now is a bad time, let's come back this evening."

Protag walking into the inn.  In the corner between the bar and the stairs stand Leona, Pilika, and Flik.
Flik: "That was fast. Didn't you get to see Anabelle?"
Nanami: "We saw her, but she told us to come back at night. She was really busy. It looked like she was arguing about something."
Flik: "Yeah, well... that figures. She hasn't really seen with her own eyes how scary Blight is."
Sad Pilika: [pushes past Flik and walks over to Jowy] ? "...............????"
Jowy: [turns away] "I'm sorry.......... Pilika. Nanami, could you play with Pilika for a little while?"
Nanami: "Huh? What? ..... sure I can.... but what's up?"
Jowy: "......................" Eloquent.
Nanami: "Over here, Pilika. Come play with me."
Pilika walks over to Jowy and bounces.
Jowy: "I'm sorry.... Pilika."
Jowy leaves. Fade out.

Upstairs, Pilika and Nanami are in Odessa's room.
Nanami: "Odessa....... There's still time before evening. Why don't you get some rest?"
Dialogue option: "I'm kind of... worried about Jowy." or "Yeah.... I know....." I mean, he keeps saying 'dot dot dot' to everything, and wandering off, and being very suspicious.
Protag: "I'm kind of.... worried about Jowy."
Nanami: "I know..... Jowy....... What's bothering him....."
Sad Pilika: ".................."
Nanami: "It's okay, Pilika. Uncle Jowy isn't... Uncle Jowy isn't mad at you, honey.... It's okay.... it'll be okay."
Sad Pilika: ".................."

Up in the corner near the town hall. Jowy and the ninja, again.
[BGM: none]
KAGE: ".......... Well, see you later."
And he fades out.
Jowy: "....................."
Odessa walks up.
Jowy: "Odessa............"
Dialogue option: "What are you doing?" or "Who was that person?"
Protag: "What are you doing?"
Jowy: "Yeah......" Wat.
Protag: "Who was that person?"
Jowy: "....... I'm sorry..... Odessa......... I can't say right now....."
Jowy: "Odessa............ This war isn't going to end for a long time. You and Nanami should run far away....."
Dialogue option: "What are you going to do?" or "Yeah......"
Protag: "What are you going to do?"

Jowy: ".................." UNSUSPICIOUS.
Jowy walks towards the stairs, not looking at Odessa.
Jowy: "If............ If I was ever killed.... I want you to take care of Pilika..........." ... Jowy, what are you doing.

Protag: "Yeah......"

Jowy: "Another thing..... I don't want..... either of you.... to feel sad.........."

And then he walks away. Fade out.

[BGM: none; crickets]
Anabelle alone in a room.  She's walking over to a small table with two chairs and a lamp on it. Anabelle is in her room.
[ Knock knock knock. ]
Anabelle: "Who is that? Who's rude enough to come knocking this time of night?"
The door opens and Viktor comes in and waves.
Viktor: "Hey, were you awake?"
Anabelle: "I don't have time to sleep."
Viktor reaches somewhere and takes out a green bottle.
Viktor: "In that case, how about we have a little drink?"
Anabelle: "Ho ho. Sounds nice."
Fade out.

[BGM: Theme of a Moonlit Night]
Viktor and Anabelle sitting at the table.  Viktor's pouring something from a green bottle into Anabelle's cup. Viktor pours some into Anabelle's glass.
Viktor: "I think you'll like this. It's from Kanakan to the south. I saved this one just to drink with you. When my fort burned down, this one bottle was all I could carry."
Anabelle: [ looks down, closing her eyes ] "Mmmm, nice bouquet."
She sips some, leaning back. Viktor leans forward; he is INTENT!
Viktor: "So how is it?"
Anabelle: [ glare ] "Don't stare at me like that. I feel like you're looking right into my heart."
Viktor: [ leans back, hand out helplessly ] "Sorry. Just a bad habit of mine."
Anabelle: [ blinks and looks at him, eyes half-lidded ] "That's right."
Viktor: [ scratches head ] ".... You're a tough one."
Anabelle closes her eyes and leans back. Viktor takes a sip and pulls his glass closer to him.
Anabelle: "Whew............. The people of this city are sleeping peacefully now. But the flames of war are coming here soon." [ leans forward and opens her eyes ] "Even if we gather all the State troops, I wonder what chance we'll have when we come face to face with Luca Blight's unit......"
Viktor: "Well, about fifty-fifty I guess."
Anabelle: [ lowers her head, eyes closed ] "I can't... I mean 'We can't' lose. If we lose, we lose everything. All of those lives......."
Anabelle: [ looks up, pained ] "When I think about it, sometimes I get so sad I even think that maybe we should just surrender quietly......."
Viktor: "A leader can't think that way. Everyone's fighting as hard as they can. They all have something they want to defend. You do too. Even if it's to save your life, there are some things you just don't do. At least that's the way I see it."
Viktor takes a drink and stands up, leaning on the table.
Viktor: "I need all of my strength tomorrow. After this drink, I'm gonna get to bed. Lack of sleep makes ya weak."
Anabelle: [ leans forward, eyes closed ] "Say, if I was born in a different time, a different place, and if I was a little shorter, I might have been a good girlfriend for you, huh." ... Shorter?
Viktor: [ stands up and laughs ] "Ha ha ha. Well, you're just fine the way you are if you ask me. Maybe I'm not though."
Viktor starts to walk out, but stops at the door, eyes closed.
Viktor: "You're a fine, well-bred lady. Me? You couldn't be seen with me. Anyway, see ya tomorrow."
He waves and walks out. She looks down.
Fade out.

[BGM: none; crickets]
Odessa walks into the inn!
Nanami: "Welcome back, Odessa. We were waiting for you. Let's go see Anabelle soon, okay."
Sad Pilika: [ runs over ] ".................."
Nanami: "What is it, Pilika? Huh? What? Oh? Jowy? It's strange, I haven't seen him."
Nanami: "There's nothing to worry about. He came home before like he promised. Besides, Odessa and I will be back soon, so be a good girl, okay?"
Pilika walks upstairs. Nanami walks over to me.
Nanami: "....... Let's go, Odessa."

leona: "You're going to see Anabelle, right? I'll light a candle. Hurry back, okay. Hurry back."

It's the middle of the night, so everything's closed.
There's a guard in the town hall.
Nanami: "Umm... we came to see Anabelle."
GUARD: "Yes.... I heard. Anabelle is in her private room down the hall. Your friend is already back there." ???
Nanami: "Our friend???" ?
Fade out.

Anabelle's still in that room.  She's looking down at her drink, eyes closed. Anabelle in her room.
TAP TAP TAP on the door.
She turns to face the entrance, arm on the back of the chair.
Anabelle: "Is that you, Odessa? Come in."
Jowy walks in! As soon as he steps in the door, he looks to the sides shiftily. Oh, Jowy, you so paranoid.
Jowy: "Excuse me, Anabelle. May I come in?"
Anabelle: [ blink. ] "Please.... But Jowy, what do you want at this hour?"
Jowy moves closer, and --

[BGM: Sedition]
-- draws a knife?!
Sighing Jowy: "Your life..... I came to take it." Jowy what. Jowy no. Jowy what are you doing. (Note the new portrait sprite! It is the 'Jowy knows he is making a bad decision' portrait.)
Anabelle: [ turns back to her cup and closes her eyes ] "You're not joking, are you?"
Sighing Jowy: "Please. Don't scream." ... slow clap for Jowy.
Anabelle: [ looks at him side-eyed, not moving her head ] "I don't want to believe it, but....."
Jowy lowers the knife a little and looks down, then back at her. He's still holding it and being threatening; he's just ... not at all enthusiastic about it. Pretty much the opposite, really.
Sighing Jowy: "Forgive me."
Anabelle takes a long slow drink from her cup. Jowy just stands there.
Anabelle: "To protect Muse and the State... and to allow the people here to live full, rich lives..... that is what I must do..."
Anabelle: [ turns to Jowy] "Do you have something like that? Something you'll do at all cost?"
Sighing Jowy: [ lowers his head and the knife ] "Yes.... I also have something I must do." [ raises both to the not actively BRANDISHING it, but still ... knife. ]
Anabelle: "Can you bear the burden, Jowy? Do you really have the resolve?" In a word: no. Not really.
Sighing Jowy: [ nods ] "Yes, I've got a reason to bear that burden... and I will."
Anabelle: ".................." [ turns back to her glass ] "Even if I call for help, I suppose I can't stop that knife..."
Anabelle: [ looks at him side-eyed again ] "Would you at least let me finish this glass?" [ closes eyes ] "It's from a close friend.... It would be sad to waste it."
Jowy looking away from Anabelle, knife lowered Jowy turns, and then lowers his knife further than he is in this cap.
Sighing Jowy: "............... I'm sorry."
Anabelle throws her glass and lunges! And she hits him with her glass.
Anabelle: "You dropped your guard, boy!!!!"
White out.

Back to our tenkai ... Walking over to Anabelle's room!
Anabelle's on the floor and Jowy is standing next to her, totally unsuspiciously.
Sighing Jowy: "Odessa......."
Nanami: [ping! then FREAK OUT as she runs over to Anabelle] "What? What? No! What happened!!!..... Anabelle is............"
Dialogue option: "Jowy!  What happened?!" or "Jowy.... you didn't......."
Protag: "Jowy! What happened!?"
Sighing Jowy: "Forgive me........... Odessa."
Jowy moves out of the way; Nanami is nervous; Jowy BOLTS OUT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN (there are stairs up that way).
Nanami: "W... Wait!.... Jowy!!..."
Anabelle shakes; Nanami goes !; we both kneel in front of her.
Dying Anabelle: "Uh.... uhhhhhh......."
Jess runs in!
Jess: "Lady Anabelle! The Highland Army has made a surprise night attack!!! Lady Anabelle!!!" [ SHOCK ] "What the........"
Jess: [ runs over ] "You!!! What have you done!! What the hell have you done!! Explain yourself!!!!" ... Jess. You're not seriously blaming the people freaking out over Anabelle's giant stab wound, are you.
STATE SOLDIER: [ walks in ] "Lord Jess, The Highland Army has entered the city!"
Jess: "What! How could that have happened so quickly!!"
STATE SOLDIER: "It was opened from the inside. Someone must be working with them!!!" ... Jowy, what are you doing.
Jess: "What!!! Okay, Odessa. Don't move! Hey! Call a doctor!!!"
Jess and the State Soldier leave.

[BGM: Requiem of Grief]
Dying Anabelle: "Odessa......."
Dialogue option: "Try not to talk." or "Lady Anabelle, how are you?" I like how he's not casting Great Blessing or better yet Battle Oath. The Bright Shield rune has HEALING SPELLS. That is what it does. That is basically the entire point. What's the point of having a healtastic true rune if you're not going to use it? Gotta say, one of the things I love about Suikoden V is that Frey? Frey is completely willing to use his Dawn Rune on dying friends. I mean, it doesn't always fix the reason they're dying, but it keeps them from dying long enough to work something out. It's like there's some acknowledgement of gameplay in the story in a video game or something.
Protag: "Lady Anabelle, how are you?" 'Oh, I'm fine; I just have this giant stab wound your best friend gave me before he went off to open the gates and let the Highland Army in. Just peachy, really.' It doesn't matter which you pick.
Dying Anabelle: "Tell Jess.... I don't need.... ....a doctor...." It's only a flesh wound! I've had worse!
Dying Anabelle: "Odessa.... Genkaku's son..... You.... I meant to..... apologize.... to you...... For what... the State... ....and I.... did... to... Genkaku....." I like how no one is actually saying what was done to him. It was pretty awful! ... But no one's actually, like, giving the kids context. I wonder if Jowy knows.
Nanami: "Anabelle.... don't talk...."
Dying Anabelle: "Odessa..... Nanami..... Did you..... were you... were you happy..... with your life with Genkaku?"
Dialogue option: "Yes.........." or "Why?  Why do you ask such a thing?"
Protag: "Yes.........."
Nanami: "Y.... yes...... Of course............."
Dying Anabelle: "...... Is that so........ Th.... then.... at least..... I can..... rest........ Hurry.... hurry and escape..... The Highland Army.... they... they'll come here first..... Hurry........" Yeah, and running away from your corpse while Jess is already intent on blaming us won't be suspicious at all.
Nanami: "But..... but........."
Dying Anabelle: "I..... I.... I have... ... a last.... request.... Don't.... die.... Odessa..... .... Nanami........ Live....... Now hurry..... Hurry and run!!!!!!" I think Odessa already died :')
Nanami stands up.
Nanami: "............... .... Let's go.... Odessa."
Odessa stands up, too, and they leave.
[BGM: none]
Dying Anabelle: "Odessa.... you..... I think.... it was..... fate.......... I think..... fate.... sent.... you.... here...."
Fade out.

[BGM: Suspicion]
Nanami: "Odessa!!!! Hurry and run!!!!!"
We move down the steps, and --
Nanami: "That's right!! Pilika!!!!! We have to save Pilika!!!!!"

Random encounters with Highland soldiers all the fuck over this town.
When I step into the inn, Pilika runs over from Leona to me.
Leona: "Viktor and Flik went to gather the army to try and buy a little time. They're going to all rendezvous in South Window. I'm getting ready to get out of here! You should escape too. A boat runs from Coronet, south of here, to South Window. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and run!!!!!!"
Nanami: "Y... Yes!!!"
[ Pilika joins convoy ]
When we get to the gate, Nanami stops us.
Nanami: "Huff huff... If we made it this far we should be fine. How many times have we run like this...."
Sad Pilika: ".................."
Pilika tries to run back into the city, but Odessa stops her.
Nanami: "Wait! Pilika!! We can't go back!!!"
Sad Pilika: "Waah...... waaahhh.........."
Nanami: "It's okay.... it's okay... Pilika honey......... Jowy will be fine....... We can't go back....."
Fade out.

[BGM: none; crickets]
It's night.  They're sitting under a tree on a hill.  Pilika is asleep, with her head in Nanami's lap. Odessa keeps rubbing his eyes.
Nanami: [looks up] "Pilika... she finally fell asleep. ....................."
He stops rubbing at his eyes.
Nanami: "Hey........... Odessa"
He turns to her.
Nanami: "Is it true?..... Did Jowy really.... do that to Anabelle.....?"
Nanami: "..................... .... No, he would never do such a thing."
Nanami: "So what are we going to do now? Do you know what I want? I want to go somewhere far away. Far away from all this war, somewhere in the mountains maybe. We could live a quiet life. We could farm a small field, just the 3 of us......"
Dialogue option: "That would be nice...." or "That will never happen now."
Protag: "That would be nice...."

Nanami: "Wouldn't it? Wouldn't it?"
Nanami: "Liar!........ I'm sorry......... you're right. That will never happen now. Forget about Jowy.........."

Protag: "That will never happen now."

Nanami: "You're right....... It's impossible.... isn't it. It'll never happen now.... Forget about Jowy..... Sorry.........."

Nanami: "I'm tired now............ I'm going to sleep. Goodnight, Odessa."
Fade out.


- Game Overs: 2 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: I'm on a boat.