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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 02


OPENING CUTSCENE (watch it; it's pretty) It's the opening sequence in colour, or should be; Espeon got the link for me. BGM is Reminiscence. Here's my save state right before it; it's for a european rom and psxfin.

A MYSTERIOUS PERSON with a portrait that happens to look almost exactly like Viktor says: 'This punk is a waste of time... I wonder where he came from.' I WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE.
VIKTOR: "Hey you! Wake up already! I'll throw ya in the river again!" That's not very nice, Mr Scary Bear.
Viktor and two mercs standing next to a river.  Our hero's on the ground in front of them, half-drowned. Fade in to the sound of running water. Odessa lies there for a few seconds, then pulls himself up, shakes his head a bunch, stands up, and panics upon seeing one of the mercenaries.
VIKTOR: "So you're finally awake? Hey, can you say your name?"
'...............' / 'I'm Odessa.' That's a lot of dots.
RIOU: [ dots ]
VIKTOR: "Not answering questions, huh! Well, anyway, what the hell were you doing in the river? Did you slip?"

RIOU: "I'm Odessa."
VIKTOR: "So you can talk, huh. What the hell were you doing in the river? Did you slip?" 'My best friend told me 432 times to jump off a cliff and then I did.'

'We were ambushed by the State Army...' / 'We were attacked by the State Army, but...' Interesting that he blames Jowston rather than Luca.
RIOU: "We were ambushed by the State Army..." It doesn't matter.
VIKTOR: [looks over the river, then back] "State Army? What are you talking about? We just signed a peace agreement. I can't believe it... huh? Are you a Highlander?"
A very bad image edit of The Highlander with our hero's face pasted on.
'Highland Royal Army.  Unicorn Brigade.' / 'No, I'm not.' [ LIES. ]
RIOU: "Highland Royal Army. Unicorn Brigade."
RIOU: "No, I'm not."
VIKTOR: "Hmmmmmm.... So where are you from then? If you lie, I'll cut out your tongue." .... That's friendly of you, Viktor. Threaten to cut out the tongues of scared kids.
A metric fuckton of dots (that's a real number now) or '...... I'm a Highlander.'
RIOU: "...... I'm a Highlander."
VIKTOR: "The silent treatment, huh? That's not a cute quality in kids." ... don't pick on our silent protag
VIKTOR: "Anyway, I'm Viktor, mercenary leader of the Allied Cities of Jowston." That's the only combo of options that skips the next line.

VIKTOR: "I see. So you and I are enemies. I'm Viktor, leader of the Mercenary Army and friend of the City-State of Jowston."
Odessa is scared and backs away! (Same little animation over his head that I label 'freaked out'.)
FLIK: [walks in] "Viktor. Are you having fun picking on that poor kid?"
VIKTOR: [backs away and jumps a little] "What are you talking about, Flik? I wouldn't do that... I'm a nice guy. But anyway, what happened to the other one?"
Odessa jerks and goes !
FLIK: "It's no good. We lost sight of him. I hope he made it..."
VIKTOR: [ walks closer to Flik and looks at me ] "Too bad... Okay, listen up. Whoever you are, you're gonna be my personal guest for a while. You may not find the accomodations too comfortable, though. Don't look so worried. We're not going to eat you or anything. Okay, let's go back to the fort."
They head off to the left, and fade out.

[BGM: Those Who Don't Work, Don't Eat]
Fliktor are walking up a path, with our hero being escorted by two mercenaries.
Fliktor taking Odessa to a cell.  Don't lock him in the basement :(
Viktor leads Odessa into the cell.
VIKTOR: "This'll be your room for awhile. It's small and not too comfortable but you'll have to live with it since you're a prisoner."
And then he walks off and closes the door and walks offscreen with Flik.
VIKTOR: "It gets pretty cold at night, so try to bundle up."
Fade out.

Birds chirping!
A unique sprite mercenary opens the door and walks in.
POHL: "Good morning! So you're the one they brought in last night? Huh? You're just a kid... I'm Pohl. I'm going to watch out for you. After breakfast, you're going to do some work for us. After all, no work no eat."
Fade out.
[BGM: Those Who Don't Work, Don't Eat]
Me and Pohl in a room filled with disorderly crates. "Okay, um what was your name?"
POHL: "Oh yeah, Odessa. Anyway look at this place. People around here are so lazy. The boss is no exception either. Anyway, I want you to push all the boxes up against the far wall. Like this...." I snicker every time I see 'Odessa', but I keep typing 'Riou'. I find-replace these so I can keep track of actual Odessa mentions.
And he shoves a box into the wall.
POHL: "Whew....... C'mon! Push all of them right up against the wall."
And he walks mostly out of the room.
POHL: "Now clean up the rope that's laying here. I'll be outside. Call me when you're done."
Odessa looks like he's trying so hard when he pushes the boxes. It's cute.
Odessa kneeling to pick up some rope.  'You got Rope' He has a ton of animations. :3
I step outside, and... Pohl goes back in with Odessa.
POHL: [ looks around ] "Whoa. You did a nice job. I appreciate it."
'Of course!' / 'I'm pretty tired.' ENTHUSIASM! I do like that the various silent protagonists have distinct personalities.
RIOU: "Of course!"
POHL: "Ha ha. Well said! Anyway, it's time for supper."
RIOU: "I'm pretty tired."
POHL: "I'm not surprised, you did it all yourself. After supper, get right to sleep."
Fade out to...
[BGM: none; crickets]
Pohl standing in the cell as Odessa eats dinner.  It's two pieces of bread and some creamy soup with carrots or something in it. The cell. Odessa now rates a blue blanket. Odessa eating bread. I timed this wrong -- the animation's a bit slow -- but you get the picture.
POHL: "I'm sorry. This is all we've got. Rations have been tight lately."
Fade out.

[BGM: The First Job]
Odessa is next to Pohl and outside of his room! Pohl's name should really be Paul, but. It's Suikoden II. What can you do.
POHL: "Good morning, Odessa. You look well. Okay, I've got an important errand for you today."
We look over to the left.
POHL: "Listen up and remember. Umm.... go to the stockroom and get 2 pairs of 'boots'. Then get 3 flints at the blacksmith.... and 2 bags of flour at the item store." [ bounce ] "I'll be waiting here. Thanks." You're a lazy bum and I hate you.

I still have the rope that I picked up earlier in my inventory.
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "The war's over, you would think we wouldn't need weapons.... The look on Viktor's face has really got me worried."

BLACKSMITH: "What? You want some flints? How many you need?"
'Umm....  1 please.' / 'Umm....  2 please.' / '3 please.'
RIOU: "3 please."
BLACKSMITH: "You're carrying too much. You can hold any more." Nice grammars.

BARBARA: "Yeah whaddya want? I've never seen you round here. Oh a prisoner, huh?.... So what is it? Oh that's right, boots... How many do ya need?"
'1 pair.... I guess.' '2 pairs.' 'Um... 3 pairs.' I was hoping you'd store my shit, Barbara.
RIOU: "Um... 3 pairs."
BARBARA: "You're holding too much stuff. Throw away what you don't need." But you store shit, Barbara! Asshole!

To the ground floor! Odessa's room is in the basement.
LEONA: "You want something from me, kid? Ho ho... Come back in a few years and I'll be happy to teach you some things." ... Did you just. ... ... ... LEONA.
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "You guys? You're the kids Viktor picked up?" I think I'm only one kid, dude.
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "I think Pohl has your supper ready. It looks like you've been helping out a lot lately." It's not like I have anything better to do.
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Ugh, beans again.... I can't stand it...." Neither can my nose.

MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Yeah! Yeah! Supper! Supper!"
MERCENARY SOLDIER who hates beans: "This is all I've got to look forward to!!!"
LEONA: "Can't you guys just shut up and eat?!" I like Leona even if she should really not offer to sleep with our hero.

Heading upstairs... I'll provide screencaps in a bit; enough plot things happen around the fort you'll see all of it even if I don't show it off immediately.
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Oh? A new face. How is it? Do you like this place? Flik's a little scary but he's pretty nice. And Viktor.... Well, what you see is what you get."
Odessa's in Flik's bed. [eyebrow wiggle]
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Hey, recruit... I mean 'prisoner', Take care of that kid, too. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!"
little kid: "You're a new recruit, huh? Here, I've got seniority!"

VIKTOR: "Huh? You're helping out? Thanks. Work hard, okay."

Fliktor's room!
FLIK: "Odessa.... wasn't it? Sorry we couldn't save your friend." Did you just possibly forget Odessa's name.

MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Grrrr.... I just can't make ends meet. Peace just doesn't pay."
FLIK: "Hey! It doesn't have to."
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Well I guess so...." You'll have to get actual jobs. Maybe Flik can monetise everyone wanting in his pants. Or him out of his pants. Either way.

The outside of the fort! The flag was made by Viktor. It ... it probably shows, huh.

Back downstairs!
ITEM STORE: "What? 'Flour'? Sorry..... we're out of 'flour' now. You'll have to go to Ryube Village."

I check the front door. [ 「The door is locked」 ]

Heading down to the basement to get other stuff since apparently I can't sell...
Actually, while working on fixing this up to repost, I'm doing another playthrough because I fucked up a lot of the music cues. My inventory this time around isn't full, so.
RIOU: "Umm.... 2 please."
[ You got 2 flint stones ]
BLACKSMITH: "Okay. Here you go. Don't drop them along the way."

BLACKSMITH: "Huh? It wasn't enough? How many more do you need?"
RIOU: "3 please." Which brings me to five, instead of the three Pohl asked me to get.
[ You got 3 flint stones ]
BLACKSMITH: "Okay. Here you go. Don't drop them along the way."

RIOU: "1 pair.... I guess." Which I equip.
BARBARA: "Yeah, what's wrong? Not enough? How many pairs you need now?"
RIOU: "1 pair.... I guess."
BARBARA: "You couldn't have been so dumb as to throw them out, right.
And then I ask for three, bringing me to a total of four boots in my main inventory.
[ You got 3 pairs of boots ]
BARBARA: "Yeah. I gave 'em to you."
And that means I have a pair to wear \o/ He's now wearing two pairs of boots.

POHL: "Okay hand it over. 2 pairs of boots, 2 flints and.... Huh? What about the flour?" Notice: he wanted 2 flints, but told me to get 3. 8)
POHL: "I see. We're out of flour, huh... Listen, will you go to Ryube Village for me? Don't worry, it's not far. But you can't go by yourself. Someone will have to take you. Go and talk to Leona. I'll go and unlock the door." I don't think Fliktor would mind if I went by myself 8)
He walks off.

LEONA: "Hey kid, what do you want? Someone to go with you? On an errand to Ryube, huh? Oh... okay.... Gengen!"
A kobold's attention is grabbed from his spot by the fireplace!
GENGEN: "What Leona want? You want Gengen? Or is food ready?"
LEONA: "Gengen, sorry to ask to you baby-sit, but could you take this kid to Ryube with you?"
GENGEN: [ starts to walk away ] "Gengen soldier. Gengen not baby-sitter."
LEONA: "Don't be like that. A fine Kobold warrior like you should honor a lady's request."
GENGEN: [ sweatdrop ] "Aaah.... you are right, my lady. Let's go, boy!! Follow Gengen."
Pan down to a little kid in yellow and red walking downstairs, who's then pinged.
TUTA: "Ah, Gengen! Where are you going?" I'm still amazed by Tuta growing up to have great fashion sense.
He runs over!
GENGEN: "Gengen take this boy to Ryube."
TUTA: [ bounce ] "Oboy! Really? Take me with you too."
LEONA: "Tuta, are you finished doing Dr. Huan's chores?" Huan is actually a doctor. He is not a talented military surgeon. Well, he sort of is, but only because he's a surgeon who joined the military.
TUTA: "Yeah, I delivered the medicine. I've never been to Ryube and Dr. Huan won't mind if I'm a little bit late."
GENGEN: [ steps away from Leona ] "Grrrrrrr..... Gengen must baby-sit 2 children?"
LEONA: "Please.... kind Kobold warrior."
GENGEN: [ bounce ] "...... Okay! Just leave it to Gengen!!!"
TUTA: [ hops a bunch ] "Yeah!!!!!!"
[ Gengen joins party ] Short-ranged really shitty kobold.
[ Tuta joins party ] Long-ranged really shitty kid with a rock and a permanently attached Medicine Rune. Medicine rune means that if someone in your party's critically injured, the character with ❈ Medicine will lose its turn in favour of using a Medicine on them. Basically, if Tuta wasn't already absolutely terrible, his rune would ensure it.

POHL: [ at the door. ] "So you're going with Gengen and Tuta? If Gengen is with you, you'll be fine. Okay, Odessa, Ryube is northeast of here. You'll find it if you follow the road. Get some 'flour' at the item store there. You won't need to pay for it. Well good luck and don't get lost."
GENGEN: "Leave it to me!"

Odessa has time for ladders.

There's a dude with a dog.
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Ha ha! Isn't he cute? I've picked him up cause he looked kinda hungry."
dog: "ruf!ruf!ruf!ruf!ruf!ruf!ruf!ruf!"
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Hey you! Take a look over there!" [slow pan towards the flag] "What do you think? It's a bear flag that Viktor sewed himself." I can tell.

"Hey Odessa, Tuta, listen. It's a big world with lots of monsters out there. Be careful."
TUTA: "Gengen, it's not a forest or a mountain road. There won't be that many monsters. Right, Odessa?"
GENGEN: [jumps, pissed] "Soldier must not be overconfident. Gengen is leader of this group. So now you call me 'Captain Gengen'." You're obnoxious as fuck, Gengen.
TUTA: [bounces] "Okay, Captain Gengen."

RIOU: "...................."
GENGEN: "Odessa, what's wrong? Speak up! Be strong! Let's go!!!"

[BGM: Adventurous Journey]
[BGM: A Peaceful Mountain Village]

dude: "You musn't go to the North Sparrow Pass. A horrible Mist Monster lives there. Really. I was so scared I had to change my pants afterwards."

GENGEN: "Okay, we're here. Odessa, Tuta."
TUTA: "When we're done getting flour at the item store, let's have some fun."

[ scares off pigeons. ]
random man: "What? Do I know you? Maybe you're looking for Tsai? Tsai moved out a while ago, but people keep coming by looking for him."
Millie is looking for someone named Bonaparte. IDEK.
random man: "What are you outsiders doing in our town, acting like you know everything." ...?

woman in a house: "Where did you come from?" Hell if I know.

man in same house: "That's right. I just grabbed my spear and made a scary face. Those Highland soldiers were so scared, they ran off!"
kid: "Wow! Yeah!!! Daddy is the strongest!!!"
man: "Ho ho ho....." Pssh, if he tried that with me or Jowy or Nanami he'd be pulling splinters out of his nose for weeks.

man: "Welcome to Ryube Village. We're near Muse City, and our air and water are delicious."

It's the circus troupe! The big guy keeps jumping up and down.
RINA: "Don't worry, handsome. We'll be done setting up soon."
EILIE: "What do you want? Could you please wait until we're done setting up?"
BOLGAN: "Me Bolgan."

When I step into the item store, Gengen walks up to the counter.
ITEM STORE: "Welcome! Hey... I know you."
GENGEN: [ jump ] "Right. Me Kobold warrior, Gengen! Now Captain Gengen!!"
ITEM STORE: "What can I do for you today?"
Odessa walks up.
ITEM STORE: "Huh? What? Oh, flour as usual. Just a minute."
She walks to the cabinet.
ITEM STORE: "Here. I'll put it on your bill as always."
[ You got flour ]
GENGEN: "Okay. We go back now, Odessa, Tuta."
TUTA: "I want to look around some more. Okay, Odessa, Captain Gengen?"

kid: "I want to see the show too...."
ITEM STORE: "No! Watching that kind of thing makes you stupid, you know!!"
Their chopsticks are a different colour than the Muse soldier's.

Nothing to do...

[BGM: Children Playing in the Fields]
I head north to Toto just because and in one of the houses:
PILIKA: "Hey did you hear? Big brother is missing.... I wonder if he's okay. Pilika worried."
There is a little boy that says "I.... I like to play house..."

[BGM: The First Job]
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Done with your chores? Pohl is waiting for you at Leona's."

POHL: "Good, good. Okay that's all of it."
GENGEN: "See you, Odessa!!" And he walks off, wagging his tail.
TUTA: "I have to go soon too. Goodbye, Odessa! It was fun!!" And he walks off.
POHL: "Okay, I'm gonna eat now."
Cut to Odessa in the cell with Pohl. He now has three loaves of bread, not two, and a mug of something. Something different is in the bowl or plate or whatever that is, too. No music; sound of crickets.
POHL: "How do you like your food today? I told the cook to give you extra. You've been working really hard."
Fade out!

[BGM: The Next Job]
POHL: "Here's today's chore. You see that oil spilled all over the floor? Wipe it with the rag like this..."
It makes squeaky noises as he mops it up.
POHL: "Can you wipe it up like this, Odessa? I'll come take a look later. I want it sparkling clean."
[ You got Rag ]
One near the steps ...
MERCENARY SOLDIER by the blacksmith: "The war's over, you would think we wouldn't need weapon.... The look on Viktor's face has really got me worried." I do like that Viktor doesn't believe Odessa's cover story.

MERCENARY SOLDIER in Leona's bar: "I'm glad the war's over, but this food is just terrible."
By a different staircase...
Near the balcony next to Flik's room...
Next to Fliktor's desk .... Gods, guys, get a room. Well, you have a room. Get a BED. MAKE THE POOR SOD WHO DOES LAUNDRY HAVE TO CLEAN UP YOUR LUBE.
<Viki> I hadn't realised
<Viki> when Riou's mopping up lube
<Viki> the rag is on all of his sprites
<Viki> he doesn't put it away
<Espeon> That is... very detailed.
<Espeon> I am amazed. :s
<Viki> it goes swish a lot as he runs
<Espeon> Haha
<Espeon> do you think he's running past going
<Espeon> "*towelwhip*"
<Viki> "(I'm not putting this in my pocket.)"
<Espeon> That, too.
<Viki> "(I'm glad I'm wearing gloves, but when am I going to get to clean them?)"
<Espeon> "(If I just hold on to a square inch I don't use for cleaning...)"

POHL: "Wow, the floor looks great. You've got talent." Pohl likes to see Riou on his knees. ... Somewhere, Jowy is sneezing and doesn't know why.
'Of course!' 'It's my talent...' ... ... ... what the FUCK Riou I LOVE YOU
RIOU: "Of course!"
POHL: "Ha! I like you. You have spirit."
RIOU: "It's my talent..."
POHL: "Ha ha ha. That was a good one. You're a funny kid. I like you."
POHL: "Okay, today's chores are done. About that oily rag... well, just toss it out somewhere. C'mon, let's have supper." ... ... ... But it's got Fliktor's lube on it. That's kinda gross. I hope it's just lube.
Cut to Odessa eating. He has the same amount of food as last time. No music; crickets.
POHL: "Great job, you must be pretty tired. Ha ha, you're an interesting kid."
Fade out.

MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Hey it looks like somebody snuck in here!!" Pohl jumps up from his spot outside Odessa's cell, and Odessa wakes up and walks over to the door.
JOWY: "Odessa! If you're here, answer me! Odessa!!!" MY HERO ♥ AND JUST WHEN I HAVE ROPE AND OIL, TOO ♥
'I'm here Jowy!!!' or passive-aggressive dots™
RIOU: "I'm here Jowy!!!" SO EXCITED!!!
RIOU: [ dots ] Oh gods I'm a terrible person sometimes.
There's the sound of Jowy hitting someone.
JOWY: "Are you here, Odessa? If you can't call out, make some noise.
RIOU: [ DOTS MORE I feel bad now ]
JOWY: [ ANOTHER THUNK] "He... he couldn't be... No! It can't be! Odessa!! Where are you?!"
And then he hits someone else and runs in.

Jowy walks over and stops in front of the cell door.
JOWY: "Odessa..... Th...thank God. I'm going to get you out of here."
He takes out his staff, strikes the lock, and opens the door. [BGM: Escape]
JOWY: "Are you okay? I'm so relieved. Let's get out of here before the soldiers come."
[ Jowy joins party. ]

We run upstairs, and --
Fliktor and a lot of mercenaries are there. Aw, shit.
FLIK: "Okay. That's far enough. Give yourselves up before you make us adults mad."
JOWY: "We... we're outnumbered."
'Let's bust through!' '.... I understand.'
<@Viki> Clover & Espeon: Does Flik beat the shit out of Riou?
< Espeon> YES
<%Clover> why would he!
<@Viki> Clover: riou and jowy are TRYING TO ESCAPE
< Espeon> Make him punch Odessa
< Espeon> "WHY DID YOU DIE?"
<%Clover> ... when you put it that way
< Espeon> "*PUNCH*"
<@Viki> ... I forgot for a second I named him Odessa
<@Viki> oh my god
<@Viki> FUCK YES
< Espeon> "...Flik you're not ol-"
< Espeon> "I AM OLD!! FUCK YOU"
<@Viki> oh gods can't breathe
< Espeon> ...Talk about kicking a dead horse.
< Espeon> :o
RIOU: "Let's bust through!" [ RUNS ]
And he gets sent flying far enough to be in front of Jowy. FLIK, WHY DID YOU SLASH ODESSA. OH MY GOD.
JOWY: "Are you okay!? Odessa!!"

RIOU: ".... I understand."
FLIK: "Now you can start by telling me who you are.

Fade out.


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Viktor, Flik, Pohl, Barbara, Leona, Tuta, Gengen, Millie, Rina, Eilie, Bolgan
- Jowy Points: -2 + 3 for coming to my rescue ♥ = 1
- Game Overs: 0 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: Failed escape attempt fallout, the circus, and blowjobs. I'm not even kidding.
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Ha ha, oh, I really laughed at that!
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You're welcome! I decided not to brave the server as sturdy as a front row Luc, so I'll be reading along as you edit your let's play and post it here.

Yeah, I agree. ...But the rope's still good. ...Probably. XD
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ahgdlkshga XD XD XD Genius!!!

I think I have an icon at lj that better illustrates the hilarity of this:
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I dunno, I think the squirrels might push it from "enjoyably kinky" territory to "I'm pretty sure that's illegal in at least five of the city-states" territory, though at least the squirrels you can have with you at that point are overage.
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Ohohoho. :D Are there any brief fade-to-blacks during that final sequence? Because I think I know what's going on in those, if so. If not, I will content myself with imagining that they lingered at the top of Tenzen Pass for a while. (Tir can totally babysit the squirrels, because Tir knows it would be rude to ask for a threesome while Riou and Jowy are getting their reunion on.) And what will Shu think when he runs across them in that state, I have to wonder? :3

...hopefully they throw on some clothes before they meet up with Nanami, but then again, it's Nanami, I don't think she'd be all that fazed.
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Seriously, Shu, the least you could do is let the kid spend some time with his maybe-still-boyfriend-it's-really-complicated-and-they-need-time-to-work-that-out-if-you-know-what-I-mean. They'll run out of Lubricating Oil eventually.

They'd probably be halfway out of Kyaro before she noticed, and even then she'd flip out because she'd worry about the two of them freezing to death without any clothes on, not because of the nudity itself.

Either that or Nanami just hauls him out of bed and shakes him and shouts HEY JOWY HEY JOWY in his ear until he's awake. And then she makes him change the sheets and air out the mattress, because it's his fault they're all wet. And if Jowy "..."'s at that, she says that she wouldn't have thrown the water if he'd woken up on time! NANAMI LOGIC. (I love her.)