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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 01

Gooooooooood morning, everyone! Apologies for the delay; I wanted to get started with IV and also I spent a decent amount of time fixing up images for these. ... I'm still not done with that, but. I'm also doing a few format changes to match how I'm doing IV! Probably going to go back through suikoI and get those to match, too, since not changing anything major.

This is the opening movie! Please watch it. Apparently they got the Warsaw Philharmonic to do the music? I really like Higashino Miki's compositions but I'm kind of ambivalent on this one, haha.

Drama CD cover of two guys, a girl, and a squirrel leaning on each other.
Riou is the one who looks like Tir, Jowy is the blond, Nanami is the girl, Mukumuku is the flying squirrel.
Riou with tonfa, Nanami with tri-nunchaku, Jowy with a staff.  They all look ready to beat the crap out of someone.
Riou is a silent protagonist, more or less, though he does have quite a lot of lines. Most of them have to do with not being able to believe that his boyfriend might have made bad decisions. (The rest are him hoping his sister will stop being herself.)

Jowy, pronounced Joey but spelled with a w anyway, is Riou's best friend. His extremely clingy best friend who makes very bad decisions. But don't worry, no matter how many times Jowy tries to kill people, he will always be Riou's best friend.

Sadly, he has no pet rat.

Nanami is Riou's older sister! They know she's older even though they were orphaned at a young age and adopted by some old man named Genkaku because when they argue over who's the older sibling, Nanami is louder. That means she won, you see. (The nunchuck to the head also means she won. She's a very straightforward person, is Nanami.) Nanami is at least as annoying as Gremio and also similarly endearing. Don't let her cook, though. She thinks sea-salt ice cream is a good idea.

Nanami is making a stew that involves tentacles.  Jowy and Pilika are concerned.  Riou just looks intrigued.
Nash eating Nanami's stew and then passing out, gj. (Images both from Suikogaiden I.)

NAME ENTRY But first, what do we name the protag? It'll be commented on at least once if Tir and Riou have the same name, so that's a thought.

I got a bunch of suggestions in-thread, and they weren't bad, but I was talking to Espeon and he suggested Odessa and I am giggling forever. It is beautiful.


Protag spinning. He stops spinning and poses with his tonfa once his name's input.
Now loading...  Riou runs across the screen! Wouldn't be a loading screen without sprites of someone running.

[ No music; crickets. ]
Three years later, in the Kingdom of Highland ...
Panning over a camp of soldiers.
There's a blond guy with a blue shirt and white pants who's out of uniform for some reason.  He's probably not important.
A lot of these people are sharpening weapons or talking to each other.
It stops as Blondie goes into a particular tent.

Cut to the inside of the tent, where someone in red is fiddling with his clothes.  The astute viewer would recognise him as the person we just named.  Or possibly one paying minimal attention.
... our hero's best friend wants to watch him get changed. The cynical observer would assume Odessa having gotten out of his uniform by the time the game starts is to skip making sprites of him wearing the uniform. The cynical observer would be wrong.
Our hero fiddling with clothes. Have an animation!
: "Odessa, you changed already? You're sure in a hurry."
They both walk over to in front of Odessa's bed. Jowy tugs at his belt.
: "Me too. I thought about going back to Kyaro and I couldn't wait to get out of that uniform."
Jowy turns to the snoring guy.
: "Hey Odessa.... Nanami is probably waiting for you to come back, huh? You're her only family since Master Genkaku died... If not for this war..." ... But Highland and Jowston aren't at war at the moment, Jowy. Pay attention.
He shakes his head and turns back to Odessa.
: "So anyway... should we go to sleep soon? Or do you want to get some fresh air? Looks like a nice night." It could be nicer. [ eyebrow wiggle ]
Dialogue option: "Let's go outside...." or "I'm going to go to sleep."
: "Let's go outside...."
: "Okay. I'll go with you."
Jowy joins party! Notice his magic stat. Well, so far it's not really that interesting, but it will be. He's level 2; give him a break.
Odessa has higher luck but lower magic. Also, in this game, you can run by holding cancel! Eee!
Talking to the kid who isn't sleeping.... Oh, this game actually labels npcs. I'm going to try to keep track of all soliders.
YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "I don't believe in the peace agreement with the City-State and I'm ready to defend the kingdom with my very life." ... 'kay.
The sleeping kid woke up!
YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "I'm happy there's a peace treaty. War is a terrible thing... I just want to go home."
And back to sleep he goes.
Walking around camp!
uniformed YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "Odessa, you changed already? If the Captain finds out, he'll be mad. But I understand."
Heading into a different tent.
black-haired YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "We can finally go home. We never went to the front line and I'm glad." Well, it's the Mickey Mouse Club. Uh. I mean. The Unicorn Brigade. Unicorns everywhere. Thousands of them.
blond YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "What did you say?! Those aren't the proud words of a Highland Soldier from the Unicorn Brigade!! Are you feeling all gushy too, Odessa? Already feel like you're back in Mommy's arms?" ... MY PARENTS ARE DEAD
The black haired kid and the blond kid are now fighting. The brunet sleeping kid wakes up:
brunet YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "... Those two are always arguing. But I understand both of them."
And then the brunet walks around them, breaks up their fight, and goes back to sleep.
Back outside!
uniformed YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER cleaning his sword: "Odessa, Jowy, listen to this. It was my turn on watch tonight, but the Captain said forget it. It's the peace agreement, I guess." ... Something like that.
A man with a unique sprite in this tent is surprised.
Odessa and Jowy both go ! and then freak out.
: "You two!!! Where are your uniforms?!"
Jowy looks between Odessa and Rowd, freaking out.
: "S... sorry."
: [walks over to Jowy] "Well, I'll forget it this time. Go back to your tent and get to sleep."
: "Yes. Yes, sir."
... [talks to him]. Odessa jumps.
: "I told you to go to sleep. Now get out of here!" Captain Rowd is harshing my buzz, dude.
Back outside...
uniformed YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "I'm so excited. It's been over a week since I've been back. I can't wait to see my mom."
uniformed YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "I'm almost done with sentry duty. Who needs a sentry this deep in the mountains anyway?"
uniformed YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "Hey, Odessa! When we get back to Kyaro, me and your sister are going to..." [panics] "um, ah, forget about it." NO DATES WITH MY SISTER 8|
That sure isn't suspicious! (Hi, random Highland soldier not from the Unicorn Brigade!)
I try to follow, but...
: "Odessa, don't go too far or Captain Rowd will get mad again. Anyway don't worry. We're going back to Kyaro Town tomorrow."
And now to bed.

: "Okay, let's go to sleep."
Dialogue option: "Let's go outside...." or "I'm going to go to sleep."
: "I'm going to sleep."
: "You're right. I want to go back to Kyaro at first light anyway. Goodnight, Odessa."
They each go into their respective beds.

Fade out, sound of people fighting.
YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "Surprise attack!!!"
[ BGM: Enemy Attack ]
Odessa goes ? as he wakes up; Jowy goes !. The two other soldiers are already in uniform and leaving.
: "Surprise attack???? But what about the peace treaty with the City-State.... Did you hear, Odessa? We'd better check it out."
And outside we go!
Everything is on fire! The fire effects in this game are waaaaaaay better than the ones in suikoI.
: "Odessa! Jowy!"
He runs in from the right!
: "Captain Rowd, what is it?"
: "It's a surprise attack by the City-State!! They've broken the peace agreement, those scum!!! It looks like we're surrounded. Take the mountain path to the east and save yourselves!!! Hurry!!!"
He runs off in that direction.
: "Let's run, Odessa. We can't die here. Nanami will be all alone...."
Hmmm, do we go in the direction with the suspicious Highland soldiers?

The camp's on fire; there's a wounded soldier and a soldier trying to do the pushy bit of cpr on another one.

YOUTH BRIGADE SOLDIER: "Hey! Open your eyes! Don't die on me!"

The soldier with a crush on Nanami has been shot and lost his helmet (he has black hair, apparently) and a friend is trying to hold him up. "Ah! It hurts!.... Mommy.........." "Don't worry... I'll save you... we're pals, right?"
Why the hell am I talking to everyone THIS GAME MAKES ME SAD AND WE'RE FIVE MINUTES IN
I keep heading that direction, and there are soldiers running ahead of me! I think they're Unicorn Brigade, but I didn't get a good look.
: "Wait a minute, Odessa...."
Dialogue option: "What is it, Jowy?" or "Let's run away."
: "What is it, Jowy?"
: He looks east, then turns back. "Don't you think it's strange, Odessa? The only way out is through these woods. The enemy must know that too.... The enemy might be waiting in the woods to ambush us. Let's go back, Odessa. Let's tell this to Captain Rowd." I do like that Jowy is waaaaaaay better at stratergery than Riou.

surskitty is the word stratergery or strategery
surskitty (strategy implies competence)
Clover stratergy
surskitty stratorgy is how I read that
Clover ...
surskitty silverbergs do it with everyone
surskitty silverbergs tell everyone how to do it, more like
surskitty LESSON ONE proper use of lubricant ...
surskitty and the rear? our friend caesar will handle that.
Clover ...
Clover (does that make hugo's mom a silverberg)
surskitty some people DO seem to think leon is hugo's dad ...
surskitty ...
surskitty and if that was the case, hugo would be caesar's uncle
surskitty ...
surskitty no wonder caesar seems to think hugo's attractive

The various injured Unicorn Brigade soldiers are all now on the ground with arrows sticking out and with their swords on the ground near them. They're not dead yet, buuuuuuut...

Back in camp.  Camp is still on fire.  Jowy's just noticed something. We run back and Odessa's pinged, Jowy goes ? and then !, and pan down to...

[ BGM: Suspicion ]
A large guy in white armor is looking away from everything.  Rowd and some soldiers are walking up to him. That friendly looking guy from the opening is talking to Rowd and a bunch of adult Highland soldiers!
: "It's just as we planned, Prince Luca. Everyone fled east through the woods. The ambush worked perfectly."
: "Ha ha ha!!! All poor victims of the State's 'betrayal', eh? I wish I had joined the ambush. All I've had to fight lately is that old man. I'm getting rusty." ... Wait, who is he fighting? Sort of hoping Han.
: "Y...yes.. I mean no, no. Prince Luca's swordsmanship is truly unmatched. My men would look like fools." Very dedicated to kissing ass, is Rowd.
: paces. "Yes, well, the young men served their country well enough. Now we don't need a peace treaty with those State weaklings..... I'll prove that they're no match for the power of Highland!!!!" Wow you're an asshole.
: "I agree, sir. With Prince Luca in command, Highland can finally earn the glory it deserves!!!" Your nose isn't entirely brown yet. Try harder.

Jowy backs away from the tent he's hiding behind.
: "Wha... what the hell......"
Dialogue option: "Let's get out of here, Jowy." or "Let's talk to the Captain, Jowy." HM, TALK TO THE CAPTAIN OR RUN AWAY. WHICH ONE OF THESE IS SMART.
: "Let's talk to the Captain, Jowy."
Jowy steps up.
: "You're right, Odessa" ... No.
They walk over to where Rowd is. Rowd is surprised!
: "What! Why didn't you punks run east through the woods like I told you!!"
Jowy steps forward.
: "Captain, what the hell? Tell us what's going on. Why did you tell us to... And who is that man?"
Luca takes a step closer, too.
: "What? You don't recognise the face of your country's royal prince?" Look, it's not like Highland has television. ... Though the Island Nations 153 years earlier had video.
Jowy goes !
: "Hurry! Grab them!!!"

Fight versus Highland soldiers!
Odessa and Jowy have Buddy Attack, which does 1x damage to all enemies. It is awesome.
Rowd freaks out after they beat up the Highland soldiers.
: "Let's run Odessa. But if we go east, we'll be killed. Maybe if we go north up the cliff, we'll be able to escape."

And up we go!

Up on a cliff near a waterfall.
: "...huff... huff... Are you okay Odessa? You're not hurt? But why would the Captain..."

They jump, startled, as ...
: "You'll never learn the answer to that. You'll die here, victims of the State's 'surprise attack'. Your future ends here."
Rowd walks in with a group of Highland soldiers.
: "Cap... Captain."
: "It's too bad. You two were promising soldiers. Now get them!"


Jowy trying to climb the cliff by the waterfall. Jowy tries to climb, but then panics when he can't manage it, turns to me, and blinks three times before letting go.
: "It's no good, Odessa. It looks like we can't climb this cliff. We have to go east like Captain Rowd said...."
: "Odessa....... Jowy...... Why didn't you run away east like I told you?" he says, before walking in.
: "Captain Rowd!! You're safe. And who are those Royal Soldiers behind you? Are they..... reinforcements?"

[ BGM: Suspicion ]
????: "Oh, it looks like we've got a couple of rats with bad hearing. Don't you know east from north?"
: [ moves closer to us, startled, then turns downscreen ] "Prince Luca!!"
: "You...."
: "I thought I told you, Rowd. 'Leave no one alive'......."
: [ nervous! ] "Of course, Prince Luca."
Dialogue option: "What's going on here, Captain Rowd?" or "Who are you!!!"
: "What's going on here, Captain Rowd?"

: "Not that it's any of your business, but that's Luca Bright of Highland. That's right, your Prince. Don't worry, you both died fighting for the good of the Kingdom. Rest easy knowing you've helped my career enormously."

: "Who are you!!!"
: "I like your spirit, boy, but you know nothing. You country bumpkins don't even know the face of your Prince and liege lord."
: "Yes... It's best if we kill them now. Let me take care of it."

: "C.... Captain...."
: "That's enough talk. Now it's time for you to die. As 'victims' of the treacherous City-State that is.
Luca walks offscreen, and ...

FIGHT! Against three regular soldiers and a captain.
: [steps forward] "Damn you.... You persistent little punks.... Stay there!! I'll be right back!!!!!" And he bolts. Why would we stay here to let you bring more soldiers?
: "We can't keep this up forever... Odessa, there's no other way. We'll have to jump for it." If your best friend told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?
Dialogue option: "Look at that current!  We'll never make it!" or "I guess there's no other way."
: "Look at that current! We'll never make it!"
: "Odessa, we've got nowhere to run and the Captain can't leave us alive!"
Dialogue option: "Look at that current!  We'll never make it!" or "I guess there's no other way."
: "Look at that current! We'll never make it!"
: "C'mon. You're not the cowardly type." BUT NEITHER AM I THE JUMPING OFF CLIFFS TYPE, JOWY.
Dialogue option: "Look at that current!  We'll never make it!" or "I guess there's no other way."
: "Look at that current! We'll never make it!"
: "At this rate he'll get us for sure. Better make up your mind. Do you want to leave Nanami all alone in this world?"
Dialogue option: "I guess there's no other way." or "Look at that current!  We'll never make it!" YES, THEY FLIPPED IT.
: "Look at that current! We'll never make it!"
: [ comes back ] "Don't let them run away! Attack!!!"
: [ steps forward ] "Damn you.... You persistent little punks.... Stay there!! I'll be right back!!!!!" And he bolts.

By this point, you're probably wondering why I'm doing this.

There is a rumour that if you fight at least 108 groups of Highland soldiers -- so if you refuse to jump off the cliff 108 * 4 times -- the opening sequence will be in colour, not in sepia.

This rumour is entirely true. I tested it last playthrough. I am doing it again right now because I make bad decisions. It's not actually that bad; after the fifth or so fight, each one's won in one use of Buddy Attack.
: "I guess there's no other way."
: "Okay........"
Jowy slashing the rock. He slashes the rock.
: "If we make it...... but... somehow get separated.... Let's return to this spot. That way we'll be reunited. Promise me.... Odessa....."
Dialogue option: "I promise." or "Forget it... we'll make it together."
: "I promise." He slashes the rock.

: "Let's go, Odessa."

: "Forget it... we'll make it together."
: "Fine. Then this mark is my prayer that we make it together." He slashes it again since you won't!

They walk to the cliff and hold hands, look at each other, nod, and --
-- jump. The water splashes as they land.


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Odessa, Jowy Atreides (THE SPICE MUST FLOW), Rowd, Luca Blight
- Jowy Points: On one hand, he told Odessa to jump off a cliff 108 * 4 times and still didn't take no for an answer. On the other, at least they held hands while jumping off the cliff. So I guess he's at a -2 for now. (-4 for jumping off a cliff, -2 for railroading, +2 for trying to prevent their imminent Death By Luca, +2 for hand holding.)
- Game Overs: 0 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: Jumping off cliffs is a really bad idea, nerds. Don't do it.

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This is really entertaining! I look forward to following your 'Let's Play' as it continues. For now, I suppose I should backtrack and read the first Suikoden one. :D