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Fandom Growth Exchange

Hello! I’m surskitty (DW / personal Tumblr / AO3) and I love both fic and art.

My interests in Pokémon fic and fic in other fandoms are very different, so I’m splitting my letter.

I like my Pokémon stuff to be in a world that’s mostly kind and with the pokémon creepy as fuck but still, at the end of the day, friends! They eat each other and they might eat you, but they love making friends with humans and they are delighted to be battling each other and obviously it’s perfectly normal to go on strolls with the god of the sea as you feed it macarons and give it scritches.

Tonal dissonance delights me. Angst and purely dark fic does not, here, and I have no interest in smut for this fandom.

Pokemon Conquest

For this fandom, I’m mostly interested in how the major figures in the Sengoku relate to their pokémon and how having pokémon changes the dynamics between them! If you’re familiar with other fictional renditions of the Sengoku Jidai, or are huge on history research, please feel free to incorporate as much as you please, so long as the focus remains on the relationships between pokémon and humans. No angsty Hanbei with tuberculosis, but Hanbei’s pikachu feeding him berries and making sure he checks in with a chansey regularly as he strategises would be fine. Kanbei’s lampent casually eating his life force between friends is also completely okay.

As specifically art prompts, I would love it if you gave any of the major warlords without legendary links a legendary.

Pokemon TCG for GB

How does the worldbuilding work? What do these people do with their lives besides playing cards? What would they do if there were suddenly real pokémon in their world, or if cards could summon monsters?

Please feel free to take any influences from Yugioh or other ‘card games are serious business’ series you desire; just note that I have no canon familiarity with any of them.

My favorite characters are the grandmasters and the club masters, and I have played a bit of TCG2 but I don’t remember more than the lava and the blimps. Also, Courtney is smoking hot.

Pocket Monsters PiPiPi Adventures | Magical Pokemon Journey

This manga is adorable and so is the entire cast ♥ I'm particularly fond of Jigglypuff and of the ninja kids, but they're all wonderful and I'd love to see anything about them, especially if it's a story involving more recent pokémon.


DNWs: Unrequested pairings; mundane AUs. That’s it; that’s the DNW list. Go forth and prosper.

Likes: Comedy, horror, hurt/comfort, dark comedy, missing scenes, canon compliance or canon divergence, smut, mind control, vivisections, cannibalism, snuff, necrophilia, dubcon, horrible people having a great time, good people having a horrible time, corruption/loss of innocence, the spark of light in a dark place, mistakes and the making up for thereof

Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne


Hellooooooo there. I prefer Lucifer to either be in his demon form or old man form, or Louisa Ferre; Louis Cypher is fine too. I love … everything … whether it’s True Demon Ending smut, or Neutral Ending where the Demifiend is attempting a normal life with some amount of success, and especially when they’ve gone through this all multiple times. Smut is great; not smut is also great, because time is on Lucifer’s side here. This is a good fandom and this is a good pairing.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

Louisa Ferre/Jimenez; Louisa Ferre/Mastema; Louisa Ferre/Zelenin

I LIKE LOUISA CAN YOU TELL. Please go anywherrrrrre with any of these; it is all good. Seriously. It is all good. Either the corruption route or the Law vs Chaos stuff, I am here for it.


Hahahahaha fuck you, Mastema, you’re terrible. [ might be a bit biased from having played IV before SJ. ] Get wrecked. Zelenin, I know you’re in a rough spot, but don’t take his – okay. You’re taking his advice. You’re taking his help, too. Goddammit. ZELENIN NO

Shin Megami Tensei IV

Mastema & Tayama (SMTIV)

One out of one angels support brain-eating! I am seriously wondering what’s happened between them, ‘cause it’s long and established, whatever it is, and their twisted order in Tokyo is definitely something. Especially with Mastema kind of sort of sealing away the archangels. Tell me!!

Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse

Dagda & Nanashi; Dagda/Nanashi

A god and his godslayer, or a corpse and his reanimator. I’m up for anything with these two, but especially stuff involving a more neutral Nanashi. This is one of those times where [ points up at Likes list ] you can include all sorts of nonsense with it still being mostly consensual! Or not, as you please.


Ahhhhh I love them. I love how they’ve outlived most of their friends and I love their attempts to establish some form of order, and they’re a great candidate for “we’re not dead” celebrations.

Gaston & Merkabah

Gaston’s character arc is ♥ and I’m totally intrigued by his history with Jonathan and how that affects him with Merkabah. Especially knowing Navarre was one of Jonathan’s peers, and that’s … awkward …. Anything is good with these two; I like the Mikado squad and fucked up angels. I’m a Law player at heart ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Krishna is a hottie and here is a feisty dead kid. Have at! I am easy.


They’re adorable and I love both their rivalry and their eventual friendship ♥ Either midgame or post-Bonds ending would be fabulous, especially with awkward half-demon stuff. The most awkward.

The World Ends With You

Bito “Beat” Daisukenojou/Sakuraba Neku

I don’t know what these kids are doing on this side of the letter. They look lost. That’s okay, though; they are lost and they’re completely fucked, too. I would looooove anything with them bonding in adversity, or having complicated Feelings during week two, or even how Beat feels about being sidelined in week one as that total asshole over there manages to keep his partner alive while Beat is totally worthless.

What happens if Neku takes the shot at the end of the game? Terrible Composer Neku/Conductor Beat would be delightful.

Please keep Joshua as far out of this as possible. Mentions are okay but minimal Joshua. This is a Joshua-free zone.

Bito “Beat” Daisukenojo/Kariya Koki

Aaaaaaaah Beat. Beat’s arc is so good and I am forever in love with both his resolution to get help from Uzuki and Kariya and then later it being his idea to spare them in the third week. Beat is a good egg and meanwhile Kariya is a guy who’s made a career out of killing dead people. I’d completely adore anything during the second week or post-game ♥

Bito “Beat” Daisukenojo/Konishi Mitsuki

MAKE HIM CRY. If you want to write or draw tropy power-abuse noncon, here is your chance; if you don’t, I’m totally here for Beat’s solo shameboners. He needs an adult. … He needs a different adult.

Hanekoma Sanae/Minamimoto Sho

Teehee fallen angle. I love these two, and I have one exception to unrequested pairings: Hanekoma/Joshua, but obviously you don’t have to include that if you don’t want to. Still, though, Hanekoma’s history of being a terrible mentor for a wide range of people would be a delightful undercurrent; alternatively, Minamimoto has no idea of any of this and just likes a fellow shitty street artist. Especially one who appreciates his Vision. It’s all good.

I’m more here for them being at least somewhat on friendly terms than straight-up angry sex, though. They can fight like cats but I like it when they like each other.

Kiryu “Joshua” Yoshiya/Kitaniji Megumi

Is this sexual harassment in the workplace? I think this is sexual harassment in the workplace. Joshua, don’t do … anything you’re considering doing. … okay, nevermind, Megumi’s pretty okay with it. Hellooooo power imbalance. I am also super here for anything where Megumi just has not noticed his boss is kind of a dweeb, but Joshua can be a Srs Composer, too.

Kiryu “Joshua” Yoshiya/Minamimoto Sho

You know what are great AUs? AUs where Joshua is just another reaper and they’re shitty peers. Composer Joshua having fun keeping around some guy who keeps trying to kill him is A++ too, though,

Kitaniji Megumi/Minamimoto Sho

I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON BETWEEN THEM BUT IT’S NOT JUST ME, RIGHT. Sho’s disrespectful of Megumi in ways that imply familiarity, and then Megumi doesn’t seem to mind that Sho’s fucked off to who knows where while mysteriously there’s Taboo Noise all over the place, and then Megumi casually puts a hit out on Sho on day seven. What the fuck. There’s a history; I can feel it. Pre-game, week two, week three; it’s all good, though now my brain just landed on sordid week three tryst where they really should try to kill each other but they just don’t feel like it right now.

Konishi Mitsuki/Minamimoto Sho

Konishi, you sly fucker. She’s really grown on me and I love her willingness to backstab absolutely everyone, and I think that if Minamimoto had successfully killed Joshua, she’d proceed to run circles around him. She’s kind of delightful. Anything with these two’s awkward partnership in week three would be delightful, especially if Konishi’s been wanting to kill him for a very long time but he just finally became useful. Terrible.

There we go! There’s a letter! I hope this was helpful rather than intimidating, and honestly I’m just really excited to get anything in these fandoms \o\ /o/

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