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Geez, I really don't post often, huh? [ profile] ursulav's on a book tour, and I went and saw her yesterday! She talked about fairy tales, and got the kids to help work out a retelling of the princess and the frog. It ended up being the Malaria Researcher and the Mosquito. I ... I would not like to be the prince who swatted a fairy and ended up cursed into a mosquito. It's definitely an evocative image, though. I've been replaying Pikmin 2 the past few days, plus I just got Pikmin 3, and damn does Pikmin 3 have an incredible aesthetic. The control scheme in 3's a bit of a downgrade, but it's a beautiful game and the gameplay mechanics are neat. Just way off in a different direction than where 2 went, but that's okay: I got Pikmin 2 to be Pikmin 2.
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