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Goooooood morning, everyone! A while ago, I was super bored and considering replaying Suikoden I and II, right, so I decided to do a Let's Play! And so I did. Well, as of right now I'm about an eighth of the way through Suikoden II, but I've finished the lp of SuikoI. Said original thread is here but here I am, reposting a slightly cleaned up version. I'm trying to slowly repost everything from there over here, but it's a bit tricky since this is tedious and I need to add alt text and now also reupload everything since Imageshack is apparently an even stupider butt than I thought.

A STARTING POINT: HERE is a place you can download the first game's soundtrack. That site also has a few Suikoden soundtracks that I didn't know existed the day before I started this LP, because GenSui is a fandom where you can find ALL SORTS OF OBSCURE THINGS as long as you're not looking for, idk, a game in the main universe that came out more recently than 2006??? Tierkreis does not count; sorry, Tierkreis fans, I have been enjoying my adventures with Tierkreis whenever I don't get distracted with things like replaying Suikoden I for the tenth time or by trying to get to Viki's sequence in Suikogaiden 2, what is UP with that. But really. Tierkreis! It doesn't count. Neither does 紡がれし百年の時, which wasn't even announced when I first started this lp. I still am half-expecting it to not exist, and it's come out in Japan by the time I'm editing this. (Actually I've heard it feels like a Suikoden game but they left out a lot of the things I really like about this series.)

Every once in a while, I do link to youtube for bgm, but mostly I just say what plays and expect you to figure it out. And if you don't care, well, no skin off my back. 8D But it's worth noting that I can't actually play music while working on this lp, so while I'm right like 95% of the time for SuikoI and at least 50% of the time for SuikoII (this isn't because I don't know the SuikoII soundtrack; this is because there are a billion and a half remixes of the same tune and while I understand why they did that, it is hell for recognising things by ear), every once in a while I might be wrong. But I'm pretty awesome about it, no lies.


Intentionally poorly-drawn artwork of various major characters looking constipated BOX ART this is actually ripped from the game; it's in the ram while looking at old books.

Watercolour rendition of the same major characters, except now they look sort of cool and not at all as though they need more fiber in their diet And this is what the Japanese box art looks like; it's what you get if you give Ivanov all of the paint cans, which I don't think I actually ended up doing in this file. If you're wondering, this is the English art. I would try to describe it for those of you using screenreaders, but to be quite honest, I have no idea what the fuck is going on there. Who are these people!? WHAT IS GOING ON?! If you figure it out, please tell me.

And here is a video of the opening for the Sega Saturn remake. Said remake is Japan-only, and has many pointless changes (some of which I quite like the idea of), but I love the modified opening. It fits in with Suikoden II's opening much better than the PSX SuikoI opening does. You can look that one up if you want; the music's the same but the visual's less interesting. Similar! But all sprites instead of art.



... ... ... Oh, hey, I paid attention to the opening this time and I'd gotten it right from memory despite seeing it in English like twice in the past year. Sob.



- People with faces met: ☆☆☆☆☆☆, Teo McDohl, Barbarosa, Windy, Kasim Hazil, Kraze, Gremio, Ted, Cleo, Pahn, Sonya Shulen, Milich Oppenheimer, Marie = 13, 13 total
- Notable expeditions that have nothing to do with plot: 1, 1 total
- Typos I spotted: 2, 2 total
- Game Overs: 1, 1 total
- BOCCHAAA~~~N: Gremio: 4, Pahn: 2, Cleo: 2, total: 8
- Bathrooms: 0, but I think someone might be breaking Windy around here.

OKAY! QUICK NOTE: there are things I can examine all over the place. I got most of the ones I remember as being interesting, but if you see some junk I'm leaving alone and you want to know what the hell it is, go ahead and say so! Mind you, I don't, idk, screencap the entire map, so there's probably not that much to comment on, but you never know.

NEXT TIME: Ted tries to come out of the closet! Punks! Elephant dragons! More punks! Infinite staircases! Mysterious old women who teleport into people's rooms in the middle of the night while they're sleeping! Punks!
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