We got a long road to go

Sep. 21st, 2017 11:42 pm
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Oops I was about to sleep then I remembered that I had to put something up here real quick, but it's gotta be REAL real quick cause uh, I forgot my flight is departing at six am tomorrow morning and it's almost midnight now so I've not a lot of sleep in store for me tonight. This is the first time I've ever just taken like a brief weekend trip, and it's caused a lot of weird feelings in me. In some ways, I'm more relaxed about it, I'm not kicking myself for not having shaved my face or anything because I know I can just do it at my bud's house and it won't be a big deal. But today I did feel a lot of what I would describe as a sort of guilt, exacerbated by how little time this week I've spent working at my job. It really would have been preferable to snag a shift today, but on the other hand I may have just ended up feeling this sad and tired at work. But on the third hand, it's been like 85-90 degrees all fuckin day and I wouldn't be stuck in this awful hotbox house the entire time, so maybe I'd be a lot better on the strength of that alone. Unfortunately, taking a weekend trip down to Atlanta doesn't do much to beat the heat. I can't tell if my weird mental state is because I'm about to take a personal trip, or if this is just a very well-timed trip that will happen to combat what would end up being an extended state of melancholy. I guess the only way to find out is to head down there and see how I feel then, huh?

Pearly Whites!

Sep. 21st, 2017 02:04 am
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I freakin flew to the dentist's today, it should be an easy drive but every time I leave like a good 5-10 minutes too late and end up having to do some seriously risky maneuvers at unsafe speeds in order to get there on time. So far I haven't been late though!

I started playing Yooka-Laylee today, and boy has it been nice to feel that sort of validation for the hunch I'd had when the game got such a bad rep from folks. For all the whining and hand-wringing about how oh, we don't really want another game like Banjo-Kazooie, we were just silly kids who didn't know any better back then, Y-L has thusfar been an absolute joy to play. The platforming is satisfying without asking too much of me, the characters are all goofy and colorful, constantly cracking wise about their own presence in a video game. And the various fights, puzzles, and sort of encounters I've had so far have been challenging but not frustrating, although the icy race aginast that cloud was pushing the envelope a bit, a game like this is supposed to make you grip the controller a little tighter at times, I feel. Perhaps I'm just in the small sect of folks who did truly enjoy this kind of game, but so far it really is hitting all the right notes for me. I do find it kind of interesting how often I see little 'cracks' in level geometry that reveal the endless void underneath, but I find these more of a curiosity than a flaw of the game - Since the dialogue so often references the fact that it's a video game there's no need to worry about this breaking immersion.

Practice Practice Practice

Sep. 20th, 2017 12:48 am
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I've had pizza three days in a row now, so that's where my life is right about now if you're wondering.

A friend of mine is doing some halloween collaborative writing thing where we're all going to write something halloween-related and I guess he's gonna put em all together into a collection and see what happens, and I volunteered myself both to be supportive of his endeavors and also because I'd like to take a meatier swing at writing something, but I'm already awash with the possibilities. My off the cuff idea is more grounded in reality and life experience, but I'm not sure if that will end up resulting in something actually... interesting. I'm also expected to have an idea of how long my thing will pan out being, which I really can't imagine because I've never had a length in mind when I write. In school, I just sought to write the bare minimum that was asked of me if it was a topic I didn't care for, and if it was a topic I did care for, I never concerned myself with the length constraints because I didn't have to worry about falling short and would rarely be too punished for going over. Thinking about it now, I probably made some of those assignments harder to grade by turning in something like three times the length of anyone else, but I figure that's balanced out by how many assignments I just never turned in because I'd rather be playing video games. Plus, I never had to worry about someone taking the time to actually peer review my work. Anyways, if I want to develop a side hustle I'll need to practice anyways, yeah?

credit freezes

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:47 pm
xoxomarina: Princess Ai ({ manga } » smile)
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Anyone who thinks they were affected by the Equifax security breach (or even if you weren't), feel free to check out the post I created with tons of resources for pulling and freezing your credit: https://xoxomarina.dreamwidth.org/239500.html

A Digital Valhalla

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:57 pm
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After going over the numbers a bit I'm not too worked up about trying to swipe some extra shifts on Wednesday or Thursday, it'd obviously be preferable to get that money in the bank, but since I've gotten a bit better at spending less I'm actually floating comfortably on top of my various monthly bills.

So thinking about video games while I play them as I do, I think the real appeal of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, what makes it greater than the sum of its parts, is the social aspect of the game. I don't mean the community itself, which seems to have as many loudmouthed bigots as any other game that allows people access to voicechat behind an alias, but rather the time spent playing with your friends is rewarding in a way usually reserved for people trying to justify their monthly MMO subscription fees. What tuned me into this fact was watching a popular streamer, Shroud, and the way he played the game. Even as a highly-skilled player with darn good friends, I'd say at most like a third of his playtime is spent in the high-stakes running and gunning that make the sizzle reel for the game. The other two thirds are spent shooting the breeze with his squademate(s), talking about aspects of the game or just as often discussing movies, or sharing life stories. I realized that this experience was more than worth the price of admission, and so far it absolutely has been - While I've only duo'd with two separate people, it's been very fun to just kind of explore the world with them, dropping into somewhere relatively quiet and gearing up in tandem, sharing resources and making arbitrary decisions over which direction to head in between chatting and just joking around. I was, in every important aspect, getting the same experience I'd seen on stream. A calm adventure with my pal, punctuated by swift moments of adrenaline where our conversation gave way to terse calls of positions and frantic gunfire. To be clear, we've yet to experience any measure of success, because none of us are quite as skilled as a CS player with a decade of shootmans experience under his belt. But, perhaps most impressively, the journey really does feel more rewarding than the destination in PUBG. While it can certainly feel somewhat anti-climactic to have your loot n' shoot spree come to an inglorious end in the middle of a wide-open field being peppered from either one really good guy or several pretty good guys, you're only two clicks away from being in another plane with your friends, ready to parachute once more into the fray and test your mettle. It's certainly a janky game, although I admit most folks seem to be having a much worse time of it than my own, which has been fairly bug-free, but at the very least, I finally understand what makes this game so compelling - And I recommend others give it a try for themselves!

Meme: 10 favorite characters

Sep. 19th, 2017 03:00 am
branchandroot: oak against sky (Default)
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Okay, this one sounds fun. Favorite characters in 10 different fandoms.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist. Roy. I mean, Ed is huge fun to write, and so is Al when he gets his snark on, but Roy is my most reliable fic-fodder character, plotting creature that he is.

2. Prince of Tennis. Probably Yukimura, with Rikkai as a whole coming close second. They’re just so much fun to write about as a team; tasty dynamics everywhere, especially with the angst-lever to crack it all open.

3. Bleach. Hm. This one is actually a little difficult. I mean, in absolute terms, Rukia, but, again, mostly Rukia in relation to Ichigo and Orihime and Renji. Close second place is split by Byakyua and Hirako Shinji, despite the second’s late appearance.

4. Kuroko no Basuke. Kuroko, hands down, often in relation to Kagami, but also in relation to the other Miracle-idiots. No one can lay the straight-faced smackdown like Kuroko.

5. Angel Sanctuary. Mad Hatter, with Kira following close behind. I have a soft spot for complex motivation, in case that wasn’t obvious.

6. Naruto. Kakashi, closely followed by Sakura, albeit usually in the key of “omfg, move over and let me drive” given that canon gives them both a pretty raw deal, character-development-wise.

7. 07-Ghost. Frau. I also have a /huge/ soft spot for Teito and Ouka, and everything they might make of their world, but Frau is the most fun to play with.

8. Katekyou Hitman Reborn. Gokudera is entertainingly highstrung, but the more I dug into it, the more Squalo showed up with a bagful of plot and emotional porn. 

9. GetBackers. Kazuki, especially in relation to Saizou, Toshiki, Sakura, and Juubei. Also with the emotional porn and fix-it urges.

10. Nirvana in Fire. Lin Shu/Mei Changsu, yes, all the way. A type, I can haz it, and it’s called Magnificent Bastards.

In conclusion, I clearly like the ones who smile politely all the while they’re getting a nice, iron grip on everything around them. Though also the ones whose central motivation is devotion. 

Consider yourself tagged, if you’d like!

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2x9d6DM

Back On the Air

Sep. 17th, 2017 11:02 pm
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So yesterday Dreamwidth just was serving up 504s to me all night so I never had any opportunity to like, type out a post or anything. I was briefly considering doing some kind of double-post today to catch me back up but now it's midnight and I gotta work at 7:30 so I mean, stuff happens. Had to slam out some games of Dota with my buddy and eventually pull out one final win after so many trials and tribulations. I have been thinking a little more about like what sort of purpose this blog still serves, how much I still really need it for what it was originally for. I've had it for over a year at this point, it's seen me go from lamenting my job, lack of car, and general living condition, to mostly just avoiding talking about the last one while sometimes still whining about the first one. At the very least, my car's doing fine! Part of it comes form that as I live life a little more I find myself not wanting to write quite so much about it... And I know it's easy to read into that and assume that I'm just having a 24/7 sex murder party, but even writing about my lovely day at the zoo on Wednesday felt a little... I don't know, forced? I mean, it's nice to broadcast that I had a good time but let's say I'd gone into a full-on description of like, what we did that day, the sights we saw and the paths we took through the zoo, would that have been... worth writing about? I mean, it probably would have been nice to flex the writing muscle but I feel like it's just a nice little memory for me and my pal, I don't need to put it to paper so I can come back here years from now and read all about it... Or maybe I should be thinking about that, but honestly I've only ever gone back in this blog to check like, milestones. I've never come back to read anything I've written on here. Weird.

Paradise Lost

Sep. 16th, 2017 12:47 am
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So, it's late and I need to be asleep already, and I'm gonna write about my sleep a bit, but this isn't just me rehashing the usual "woe is me my sleep habits are bad" stuff. I want to talk about some -really- good sleep I had recently, and how much I miss it. Sunday night and Monday night this happened, where I slept yet kind of... stayed conscious, in a weird way. I want to say that I was "lucid" but not in the sense of lucid dreaming, more of just that I was aware I was sleeping. I think it began when my neighbors loudly left their house and entered their vehicle sometime in the middle of the night, not quite rousing me from my slumber - I was acutely aware that these things were happening, but I didn't really open my eyes or move my body at all. I even found amusement in the loud little boy getting shushed by someone else and him angrily responding that had hadn't woken up nobody. I guess he wasn't wrong, really. Later that night, I'd realized that I'd rolled onto my side, which I rarely do, and it was causing my left shoulder significant discomfort. I slowly, sluggishly, and again without opening my eyes rolled onto my back, and just kind of kept sleeping without really losing control of my body. While resting, I started to move my left arm to work out the soreness in my shoulder, which sometimes was a rather sharp pain. By all conventional wisdom I was awake, I had to be because my mind was consciously controlling my body, but it didn't really feel that way. And when it came time to wake up, I recall thinking that such a time was coming soon, and that I'd need to be getting out of bed soon. And here's the real kicker - I felt great waking up those two mornings. How often can someone our age say that they got great sleep? Usually we're just excited we managed to get our eyes closed for long enough to make the headaches go away. The peculiar bit, was although my mind felt alert and refreshed, my back hurt like a motherfer for the rest of those two days. I was stretching and twisting as mush as I could to try and work out the kinks, but there were a lot of them. Come Tuesday night however, things went back to normal... My back didn't hurt when I woke up, but I'd experienced no strange bouts of sleep awareness, and I'd gone back to waking up almost as groggy as I felt when I went to bed. I desperately tried to keep the conditions that lead to those wonderful nights intact, even postponing spinning my mattress to alleviate the back pain, but no such luck. I'm not sure if sleep that good can be consciously summoned forth, but I honestly kind of preferred it to the usual fare.

Trick or Treat 2017

Sep. 15th, 2017 08:36 pm
slippy: (hanna] Lee you are a toooooool)
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Let's get spooky. Or fluffy! Or both at once, that works too.

I hope some of the prompts here are inspiring. Take what works and discard what doesn't, and create what you're inspired to create. And for reference, on AO3 I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] Etnoe.

If something isn't specified as a trick or a treat, feel free to interpret either way. And feel free to get creepy/gross/gory in tricks, at that, as long as my DNWs are avoided.

Read more... )

A Sensitive Subject

Sep. 14th, 2017 11:08 pm
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So I started playing PLAYER UNKNOWN'S BATTLE GROUNDS which is an absolutely awful name for a video game, but the game itself is oddly more compelling than it sounds like it should be on paper. As far as FPSes go, it's a little outside of my comfort zone in that it's closer to the simulation side than most shooters, although a far cry from the games that actually bill themselves as military simulators. Generally I have a preference to the more fast-paced kind of shooter, either in the oldschool sense like Doom, or a more modern game like TF2, or... the other TF2, the one with robots. Big ones. Anyways, in basically all the FPSes I've played, I've been one to play with a pretty high sensitivity. In my mind, a higher sensitivity means less movement of my hand, means I can react faster to a given situation, means I can win more. And so many games I play really reward/require being able to snap around in a second's notice, like TeamF2 with snapping about to catch spies, Doom with only horizontal aiming but often having threats coming from every angle around you, TitanF2 with threats just coming in from behind, above, and sometimes even below. Now, the general consensus these days is that a lower sensitivity is preferable because it promotes smooth movements and allows for more accurate adjustments to zoomed-in weapon aiming. When I played Sniper in TeamF2, I just kinda relied on my youth and gamesense to be able to take on other snipers, because if it came down to an actual test of speed and accuracy, I'd often come up short. But when you've played as much of the game as I have, you get a feel for where the other guy is going to poke his head out even before he does it, which can let you punch above your weight class in most pubs. I just kind of eschewed the common practice because I assumed it was just wrong, or somehow didn't apply to me.

When Overwatch came out, I found myself taking a more nuanced approach, as the game more easily supports having separate settings for different classes without whipping up an autoconfig. I was always too lazy for those. With many heroes, I kept my usual higher-than-average sensitivity, but with a few of the more accuracy-driven ones, I started notching it downward, and frankly... I didn't like it. I still railed against the trend, needing to use my entire arm to aim feels unnatural to me. But the last time I visited Seattle, I got to view, in person, something that challenged my viewpoint more thoroughly than any other evidence had - My buddy, who was at least decently stoned at the time, just kind of randomly joined one of those customer servers where everyone is the sniper, and he was dominating with his goofy low-sensitivity shenanigans. With huge swings of the mouse across his pad he'd glide the crosshair over his target's head instead of just always trying to snap to it and hoping for the best like I'd do. I was awestruck by the consistency and sheer ease that he did it with, and while he claimed to be a little surprised himself, I could tell that this level of performance was not -that- out of the ordinary. I figured if he could do this, then someone who had sunk as much time as I had into these games could surely find a way to adapt and make that power mine.

But it's been such a slow-arduous process and I'm really not sure how much I'm improving. PUBG is already an unfamiliar and unforgiving game to me, and the additional stress of playing with a lowered sensitivity that requires me to actually lift my mouse up in order to do a complete spin is just.. Well it's nightmarish, honestly. My two primary motivators is that I do sort of want to be better at clicking on guys in videogames, even if my mainstay of Dota is only tangentially related to that skill, but the other one is that, in theory, this low sensitivty style of play should actually be easier on my body, because it employs much more of the entire arm rather than making the wrist do all the work. I also realized today though that I might be undermining all my attempts to re-structure my muscle memory by playing PUBG because I am also simultaneously playing Doom, and I cannot fathom turning down my sensitivity there!

A Solid Day

Sep. 14th, 2017 08:11 am
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I had a wonderful little day today! I went to the zoo, had a great time seeing all those cool animals with a friend who hadn't been before, and then I had a lovely meal with a couple friends to top it all off! That's how days off should be, doing stuff with pals and living life to the fullest. It was nice to have actual conversations, getting to both listen to someone else and also talk about my own stuff, and it was just satisfying to spend a day doing things on my time, rather than anyone else's. If I had to guess, that's probably what causes my lowkey stress when dad is home, his presence kind of warps my schedule because he constantly wants to go out to eat and he never makes any effort to work around my schedule, even when his own is totally warped due to a high workload. He was also weirdly condescending about me having gone to the zoo yesterday, but sometimes he really is just messing around and doesn't really mean much when he's like that. But even so, it kind of bothered me since just the day before I'd gone out of my way to buy some fresh groceries for us to have a tasty meal that he said he wanted to cook, and then those have gone untouched for two days now. But again, I just gotta stop this stuff from being my problem, even while I'm still here.

~Did you have breakfast today?

Sep. 13th, 2017 03:32 pm
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Ultramega Ok! recordings! 8-18...

ゆうゆ - Yume Nikki - white pool
Just Coffee - Undertale - Sunny Day Drive
Rozovian - Secret of Mana - Frozen Rose
WillRock - Super Mario Bros 3 - Raccoon Rhapsody
LongBoxofChocolate - Undertale - Nanny Goatmom's Purple Puzzle Basement

And 8-25...

Blake Inc. - Final Fantasy IX - Our Darkest Dreams
コルソン - Undertale - TRUE HERO ~Memory of Justice~
Paul Hadame - Donkey Kong Country - Aqua Wave
Detective Tuesday, DrumUltimA - Undertale - That's Not Funny
NoTuX - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Plastic Smile

I forgot how weird Plastic Smile was. 9-1-17...

Ben Wallace - Undertale - [REDACTED]
Careless Juja - Assassin's Creed - This Joke's On You
dabedaab - Mario Paint - Pickin' Colors
String Player Gamer - Undertale - Alphys

I actually lost the first few minutes of this one, which is kind of annoying. Pickin Colors is great though. 9-8...

hapi⇒ - Undertale - Like The Trombone
prophetik - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Animal Counterpoint
harjawaldar - Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - Un Lamento nella Notte
League of Legends - Worlds Collide (feat. Nicki Taylor)
amane - Yoshi's Story - A glass of port

I actually messed up and mixed up Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story, oops. Like the Trombone is so goofy, haha.

I really should be posting these more often aaaa. I just keep forgetting or it just falls to the wayside.

It's been hard to find the motivation to work on things, or when I actually DO finish things, it doesn't feel like they actually got done, if that makes sense? There's always this incomplete feeling. But I haven't been getting much sleep lately, which might be part of it.

Lately been thinking about Ghosts again, I can never really predict it. I went and asked on the SSP forums about a word wrap a while ago since I was at my wit's end, and I got a response saying they were actually working on it! Which is the ideal scenario, since Alex told me that it'd be essentially impossible to do client-side, which was discouraging. Supposedly it'll roll out with the next SSP update, whenever that is, but still! It does mean I can set that challenge aside as something I don't really have to wrestle with anymore.

Radic and Farns are still in-progress, I was doing their menus mostly but again it can be so tedious to do. I'm still not sure what to do with Farns's menu! Radic has a fairly extensive menu where he'll talk about his Pokemon or you can ask him questions about himself, but I'm not really sure what to do with Farns's... I was thinking maybe he'd help you with type match-ups or something, but that might be kind of pointless. Dang, I never posted some caps of them, did I? I should do that, haha.

Some new things I'm playing with )

So anyway my mind kept wandering to OTHER Ghosts I could make, like I need more unfinished time-intensive projects no one cares about to get lost in. Mostly I was thinking about a Gaster ghost, and setting up sort of a "trust" system with him, where depending on how you treat him, conversations with him and other things would change. If you kept punching him repeatedly for example, it'd move you into a "cruel" type setting, where menu options would change, he'd stop talking to you, you'd pick him up differently, things like that. Or if you kept petting him or trying to be nice to him, he'd eventually warm up to you and talk more and you'd pick him up more gently. I'd like there to be some way you could call the brothers up as well, though man the work that'd involve, yeesh. It's a lot more fun to speculate about Ghosts than to actually sit down and do the work, though that's really the case with pretty much any creative project, haha.

I should probably post recent Handplates pages but I feel like I'm really going to tl;dr about recent ones and I don't have the energy right now, haha. Maybe later.

On the Homestead

Sep. 13th, 2017 12:06 am
[personal profile] geight
Man I tell ya, I'm honestly a little worried about my dad's ability to like, do basic adult stuff on his own anymore. I don't want to get it too twisted here - I'm not saying that he's like a manchild, but it seems borderline unhealthy how willing he is to just dump his time into work, to the point where he'll just skip meals until his body compels him to eat something, and then it's really rubbish like half a bag of chips as a dinner. To be clear, we're -past- the point of "eating out all the time whether it's restaurant or fast food" and now at the point of "how many different snacks that you ordered off of Amazon do you need to eat in one sitting to feel full?" It's not a great look. Realistically, I know I shouldn't worry - He's an adult, and has been taking care of himself for longer than I've been alive, and then he took care of me for a majority of my life. Even now, when I'm doing the actual grocery shopping and cleaning, I'm still getting free board from him so I'm reliant on this dude that I'm hemming and hawing about. Mind you, this isn't me trying to build a case to not leave. I was gone for a couple years and he managed to not starve himself, but I know for sure that he wasn't making much in the way of home cooked meals while I was in the next town over...

The Gameplan

Sep. 11th, 2017 10:04 pm
[personal profile] geight
So, since I seem to be mostly back on my feet I'll just close that concern so I can move on to my usual, ever-present concerns. So far I'm glad that everyone I know has weathered the storms down south without any particular trouble, although I can't imagine it was a particularly pleasant experience for some. Selfishly, I only concerned myself with whether it would interfere with my plans to travel down to Atlanta at month's end, but based on the word from the field, things aren't great but aren't particularly nasty down there. So many of my coworkers are obsessed with finding a new job or moving on, it reminds me that I need to be making a more concerted effort to move on myself. Loosely, I believe the plan needs to be to pare down my material belongings until I can have enough to fit in my car, or if necessary/possible, a small trailer attached to my car. Once that's accomplished, I'd have to undertake a live-action reenactment of the Oregon trail, only more to the north and with marginally less dysentery. Upon arrival, I'd probably have to lean on a friend for a place to shack up, but only for as long as it took me to find an apartment. I think what would make that sort of tricky is arranging my transfer during that time, because obviously I would like to have an apartment in the same area as whatever store I'd end up working at, assuming it was somewhere I could afford. Failing that, I could just stand to have an actual commute, whether by car, bike, or public transit. Need to compare the location of stores with what rents are being posted in those areas, and figure out how feasible it is to have an apartment close to work. Obviously, so much of this could be made easier by having a roommate, but honestly, I think the time for that may have passed. I've wasted so much time and emotion waiting and hoping that someone would stick their neck out for me, that I need to grow up and realize that nobody else is in a position where they could - or should, even - take a risk that I'm not a layabout. And if I'm being honest, I'm not the most perfect roommate you could ask for. But I've never had a problem paying my rent on time, so that's more than most folks I know can say. Anyways, that's the rough plan for now - My current directive needs to be a paring down of belongings and doing research into where I'll be living and working, figuring out if I can get a convenient overlap.

You Rested and Regained HP!

Sep. 10th, 2017 09:46 pm
[personal profile] geight
I mean, I guess that worked well enough? After last night's post I went to bed until it was time to get up for work, and when I finally woke up I did feel pretty dry but overall I was better. I got through today without much issue, I felt a little odd after having some coffee that I probably didn't really need, so I might be trying to scale that stuff back a bit... I was definitely going a bit too hard on the caffeine awhile back, which combined with the lack of sleep means maybe I just need to try and cool it on that. Although admittedly, I got a latte after my shift and that didn't really make me feel bad at all, so who knows. It's funny how the concentration of caffeine in volume can impact how it feels to ingest. The "point" of espresso was that you could enjoy a cup of coffee with just a couple sips and be on your merry way, but even if the actual amount of caffeine between the two is supposed to be comparable, somehow the big ol' cup o' bean juice seems to wreak more havoc on me than a latte or even just a straight-up shot. I've actually made note of this before, on two different years I've made it a point to spend the month of January getting a free coffee in my holiday tumbler every day of the month, sometimes more than once a day, and one time I even took selfies every time I got a cup! Anyways, those months were always interesting because it felt so odd to switch from hearty, sugary lattes to just... coffee. Mind you, often with cream and sometimes even with some syrup in it, but still, just coffee. Maybe another good night's sleep (although just a normal amount of time, no more sleepathons please) will help me get back on track, and maybe tomorrow I'll try either sticking just to lattes or sticking just to coffee.

Something's wrong, something's amiss

Sep. 10th, 2017 03:14 am
[personal profile] geight
Woke up today just feeling more tired than I did when I went to bed, struggled through one of the busiest days we've had in recent memory, never really felt like I was fully awake. Not just feeling fatigued, but also like I could never get enough water in me, and my limbs just felt... heavy. After having dinner tonight I got home and just crawled into bed and I've been there for hours and hours. That was around like eight or so, it's three now and I've crawled out just because somehow I felt hot and dehydrated even though it's too cold outside to have any windows open. I'm really hoping I just have some kind of lowkey sickness like an early cold or flu, because this is honestly starting to get a little too much... Once I'm done writing this I'm going to finish my liter of water and get back in bed, but will I just keep not getting any actual rest? What's gone wrong that's making my sleep just no longer feel effective at all? The bottom of my feet keep feeling weird too... I'm kinda nervous.
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