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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 08

LAST TIME: Viktor mistreats his flamethrowers. Viktor, I thought you liked fire!

PILIKA: "Oh you came back! Yeah! Uncle Jowy, Uncle Odessa!"
JOWY: "Pilika..."
PILIKA: [boing boing] "A man who looks like a bear was worried about you. But Pilika knew you would come back. Hurry, let's go..., okay."
[ Pilika joins convoy ]

[ No music in Fliktor's room. ]
VIKTOR: "So you made it back okay Odessa, Jowy."
FLIK: "I heard that Ryube Village was attacked and I was worried."
VIKTOR: "So is that the man called Tsai?"
TSAI: [steps up] "I am Tsai. Good to meet you. There is very little time. I will begin working on the 'Fire Spears'."
VIKTOR: "Thank you. Let's hope it works. Odessa, Jowy, good work. You two have done enough... Get ready to escape to Muse City. This battle has nothing to do with you. Thanks again for getting Tsai." Awww, are you trying to protect us? How sweet.
RIOU: 'I understand.' or 'I want to fight by your side.'
RIOU: "I understand."
VIKTOR: "It's not safe around here. Be careful. You really helped us out."
And kicked out of the room. [ goes back in ]
FLIK: "Be careful. Just cause you're kids doesn't mean the Highland army will let you go."
VIKTOR: "What? Do you want something?"
RIOU: [ "I want to fight by your side." | "Oh, I just forgot something." ] "Oh, I just forgot something."
VIKTOR: "Don't take too much time. I don't think we have much left."

RIOU: "I want to fight by your side."
VIKTOR: "You're what? I appreciate the thought, but..."
FLIK: "I don't want anyone slowing us down, so I'll give you a test. Odessa, if you can even just wound me, I'll count you as a warrior. Okay?"

RIOU: "It's a deal."
FLIK: "Okay. Have at you."

[BGM: The Time for Confrontation ] This bgm is pretty cool :B

FLIK: "Okay, let's see what you've got." That turned out to be him attacking me. I attacked back and did 90 damage to his 0.
The end!
FLIK: "Hmm. Pretty good. Hey Viktor! He can fight alright. I'll vouch for him."
VIKTOR: "Maybe you've lost your touch, Flik."
FLIK: [pissed, runs over to Viktor] "What did you say?!"
VIKTOR: "Ha ha ha! Okay Odessa, Jowy, I'll let you two lead a company. Think of the company's name."

FLIK: "Stay near me when the fighting starts. The enemy isn't going to hold back like I did."
VIKTOR: "Flik, you held back didn't you? Oh well, a promise is a promise. Good luck."
APPLE: "I'm going to let you command a company too. Please... be careful."

I step out.
JOWY: "Odessa... let's do a good job."
Fade out. They're in their room with Pilika.
[BGM: Heart Softening Music 1]
JOWY: "Odessa, what about the company's name? ... Dragon Company, Orange Company, Scarlet Company, Odessa and Jowy Company, What should we do? Odessa, what name do you like?" In Japanese, he suggests ドラゴン隊, オレンジ隊, スカーレティシア隊, and $リオウ・アンド・ジョウイ隊, so pretty much exactly the same (complete with random English for 'and') except Scarleticia rather than Scarlet. Jowy, don't name my army after Milich's castle; what is wrong with you?

Whatever it ends up being, he'll go "Ummmm, $army Company?.... Okay, let's do it! I liked Orange Company, but... let's go with yours." or "Yeah, you're right. Orange Company is good."

Penis pretty much has outlasted its funny value. Flik suggested I go with something pig related, so I bounced puns off him and Clover until I found something I liked. I will proactively assume from your collective groans that I am your new hero.

JOWY: "Ummmm, Sowston Company?.... Okay, let's do it! I liked Orange Company, but... let's go with yours." It even works with Viktor's bear motif.
JOWY: "...........................................Odessa" I suspect you probably think I'm exaggerating his dots. I usually don't write anywhere near enough.
JOWY: [ walks over to the bed ] "... That was okay, right Odessa?" ... Wait. What?
Pause, then fade out.

POHL: "The Highland Army is coming!!!!! Everyone gather in the square!!!!"

[BGM: Tension]
Odessa is sleeping, then pinged as Jowy slowly walks into the room. Pilika is not in the bed she was in earlier.
JOWY: "Did you hear? They've finally arrived."
Odessa slowly steps out of bed.

Ah, Pilika is in my convoy.
[ checks on people ]
LEONA: "Listen, if things get dangerous, just run away. That's the smart, adult thing to do." I don't think responsible adults exist in this game.

[BGM: Tactics]
VIKTOR: "Everyone listen up!!!!! According to the sentries, the Highland Army is headed this way. Get ready for a fierce battle."
APPLE: [steps forward] "We set a few traps on the way. That'll hurt them a little." [ steps back ]
TSAI: "The Fire Spears are ready. Thanks to everyone who worked through the night to fix them."
FLIK: [ steps up ] "If this fort falls, this whole area will be Highland territory. You all know what happened to Toto and Ryube village. This battle must not be lost!!!"
mercenaries: [ jump in unison ] "Hey!!!"
VIKTOR: [ walks closer to Flik ] "Okay Apple, explain our battle plan."
Fliktor step back and Apple steps up.
APPLE: "According to Flik, the support from Muse will arrive in about 10 days. If we can hold out until then, we've got a chance of winning. Our main strategy is defense, but first we'll attack from here. This will frustrate them and weaken their offense. After that we just have to defend our fort and wait for help. That's all." I sure am glad I have you on our side!
VIKTOR: "Everyone understand? Good!! In the name of the great lion on our flag, let's save our fort!!!"
Pan up to ...
Pan up to the badly drawn bear flag!
And down to confused mercenaries.
APPLE: "That thing is a lion?" I love you.
FLIK: ".................."
Fade out.

VIKTOR: "Are you two ready?"

RIOU: "We're ready anytime."
VIKTOR: "Good. I've got high hopes for you." You should; I'm like level 40.
mercenary: [ runs in, freaking out ] "I see them! The Highland Army!!!" I feel it! I feel the cosmos! Luca Blight came raging back! So fiery!
VIKTOR: "Alright. Let's go!"
Fade out.

[BGM: War]

SOLON JHEE: "Soon we'll be able to see their fort. I bet they're in there shivering like little mice. Okay, let's finish this before Lord Luca comes!!!"
CULGAN: "Don't be reckless. You might lose your head." Hi, Culgan! :D Also that is not remotely foreshadowing 8)
SEED: "I agree we should finish them before Luca comes. Otherwise we might not get a chance. Right, Culgan!?" Now curious as to if Seed went Luca-sama here.
CULGAN: "It's unwise to take foolish risks. Better conserve your strength until it's needed." It's unwise to take foolish risks? Really? Wow!
SEED: "How boring!!! An opportunity missed is an opportunity wasted!" I think I see why you wear red and Culgan wears blue.
[ TELEPORTY NOISE also teleporty animation as four green (our side) units show up. Two with swords, one on a horse and with a bow (that's Flik's), and one with a green banner (I'm pretty sure that's us). ]
APPLE: "The enemy has underestimated us. Let's attack quickly!"
[ Start Battle ]
FLIK: "Hurry!!! Strike while the iron is hot!!!" This is his standard war quote. Also he just used a fire spear and damaged a unit.
VIKTOR: "Flik must have been hungry for a good fight!" Ah, no, he and Apple are carrying the standard. And he too uses a fire spear!
TSAI: "Here we go!" Regular attack! No damage dealt.
APPLE: "Odessa, let me explain how to command. First, select the unit you want to move."
My only unit is 'Sowston' which is Odessa, Nanami, and Jowy.
APPLE: [because I was idling] "What is it? Put the 'white cursor' on a unit and 'select' it." SHUT UP
APPLE: "Next, choose your destination. You can only move into the areas that change color." So I have three squares I could move into. I move next to the one Flik hit.
APPLE: "Next, choose your action. 'Attack' to attack your foe, 'Wait' to just do nothing, and 'Rune' to do a special ability."
Oh, wait! I too have fire spears! I undo to be back where I was and try fire spearing the three units in a row. I damaged all of them!
CULGAN: "I should have been more careful......" And wiped out Culgan's archer unit.
Turn over!
SOLON JHEE: "A surprise attack, huh. Let's rout these mercenary scum!!"
One fails to attack me, one considers attacking Flik, and...
SEED: "What are those weapons they've got?! Don't get too close!!" Apparently our army has 30 fire spears total. Things you learn from the novels!
Seed tries to attack Tsai and fails. Turn over!
FLIK: "These Fire Spears are powerful weapons all right!" But you already knew that.
VIKTOR: "See? You should thank me for saving them."
FLIK: "Nobody's listening." I love you.
Oh, huh, Viktor got lucky and offed Solon (standard-bearer for Highland)!
SOLON JHEE: "No!!! It must not be!!!"

SOLON JHEE: "Fools!! We've got to retreat and reposition our troops!!!"
They flee!
[ Victory! ]
[BGM: Victory ~ Staff Roll]
VIKTOR: "Hurray!! We did it!!! Thanks to those Fire Spears!"
JOWY: "Good job, Odessa!"
Fade out!

[BGM: Tactics]
We're back where we were before, in the fort.
VIKTOR: "It looks like your first battle was a victory. We've earned ourselves a short rest."
APPLE: "The Highland Army is tired from a long campaign. They'll probably attack again tomorrow or later, after they rest their troops."
SUDDENLY A SCARED MERCENARY RUNS UP. "The Highland Army!! The Highland soldiers are attacking again!!!" Great predicting there, Apps.
Everyone jumps.
APPLE: ! "What!!! That's insane! Forcing his exhausted troops to attack again." Well. Luca.
VIKTOR: ".. That Luca is full of surprises. This... this could be bad..."
FLIK: "Well, all we can do is fight. We can't let them win."
VIKTOR: [ bounce ] "Okay. Is everyone ready?"

RIOU: "Ready."
VIKTOR: "Don't forget, the other side is tired too!"

[BGM: War]

KIBA: "I'm General Kiba, commander of the 3rd Royal Highland Company. I fight for the honor of Agares Blight, King of Highland." Hi!
SOLON JHEE: "I'm General Solon Jhee of the 2nd Royal Highland!! You shamed me in the last battle, but it won't happen again!!" Rrrright.
VIKTOR: "Nobody leave the fort! We've got to defend this place at all cost!"
FLIK: "Here they come!"
[ Start Battle ]
APPLE: "Odessa, do you remember the controls? Select the unit you want to move." See, my shiny Apple, this is why everyone hates you. It's not because your prediction sucks and your strategies amount to 'don't die'. It's because you're a very dedicated tutorial who assumes I need more tutorialing if I leave the controls alone for ten seconds.
APPLE: "Next select your destination. You got it, right?" Yeah. Yeah I got it.
APPLE: "Next choose your action. I think it would be best to 'Wait' right now." SHUT UP
Turn over. Then they come closer and turn over.
APPLE: "Odessa, are you used to command yet? Now I'll explain the special menu. First, press 'Confirm' on an empty hex." THEY AREN'T HEXES THEY'RE SQUARES WHY ARE YOU STUPID
APPLE: "I'll explain each command. 'End Turn' completes your turn and begins the enemy's turn. If you want to leave the decisions to me, select 'Leave it to Apple'."
Turn over, turn over.
VIKTOR: "The Fire Spears! Damn! They're not working anymore!!!"
Turn over, and four Highland soldiers teleport in around the other side.
VIKTOR: "Wh... what?"
APPLE: "I can't believe it!... How could such a big army pass through the forest....."
LUCA: "Idiots!! Follow me! Let's crush them!!!"
Haha wow Odessa just decimated some attacking Highlanders. And then got hurt by different attacking Highlanders.
Luca's units are the White Wolf Army.
FLIK: [upon getting hit second time] "I wasn't supposed to die here!!!" Wait. What. There was no followup report so we're probably fine, particularly since there's no way he's killable, but that still worries me. [ checks war unit faq (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS also hella depressing) to make sure that's his wounded quote ]
TSAI: [ Fire Spears Luca, does damage ] "Looks like we overused them. The Spears aren't working anymore."
Highland unit (one of Luca's) steps into the fort!
VIKTOR: "Crap!!!! This can't......"
APPLE: "It... it's... It's all my fault....." THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE YOU, APPLE. IT'S NOT BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT THE BEST AT YOUR JOB (I'm pretty sure every other strategist would've gone 'you're fucked', so her strategy of 'don't die' is probably the best anyone'd do); IT'S BECAUSE YOU GO ON ABOUT HOW BAD YOU ARE. GET SOME SELF-ESTEEM, PLEASE ;_; YOU'RE PERFECTLY BADASS WHEN YOU'RE THIRTY, SO YOU MANAGE EVENTUALLY BUT MANAGE SOONER, PLEASE. And stay out of shitty relationships; they're not going to help.
LUCA: "Hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha!!!!!! Fools!!!! Destroy them all!!!!!"
[ Defeat ]

[BGM: Tension]
There are dead or at least unconscious mercenaries all over the place. Also a few Highland soldiers, though not as many as mercenaries.
VIKTOR: "Harumph. It looks like we never had a chance."
FLIK: "The fort is lost. Everybody! Split up and run away!"
Fliktor run off.
JOWY: "Are you hurt, Odessa? It looks like you're okay. Good..... Oh no! Pilika. We've got to save Pilika!! Come with me, Odessa?"
RIOU: 'I'll go with you.' or 'I'm getting out of here.' WOW YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE SOMETIMES
RIOU: "I'll go with you." Because ... not an asshole ....
I step inside, get attacked by a group of three Highlands and a Commander, introduce them to my friendship.
Oh, huh! The Highland soldiers I've killed stay on the map.
Some Highland and mercenary corpses by the entrance. This game is so morbid sometimes.

FLIK: "Odessa, it's dangerous to be here. Hurry and get away."
VIKTOR: "You run ahead. Us? Don't worry. We've got a few good ideas." Suuuure ya do.

Huh, there are a bunch of corpses -- both Highland and mercenary -- in Flik's room, but none in Viktor's.

Luca and Pohl in front of Pilika! Luca keeps moving forward as Pohl inches back, and then he draws his sword and Pohl turns his body to the side a bit, trembling and clearly wanting to take Pilika and run like hell.
LUCA: "Spineless worms. He was worried about taking on these guys?"
POHL: "Eeeyaaah!! He... help...."
LUCA: "I'm so sick of hearing that! State pigs....." BUU!
Luca raises his sword, and --
WHAM.  Pohl goes flying. Aaaaand Pohl's presumably dead.
UPSET PILIKA: [ falls to her knees and freaks out ] "Waaa, Waaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Waaaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!!"
LUCA: [ looks out of the corner of his eye then turns to her ] "Shut up, brat!!! You're spoiling my fun!!!"
This is the first of a few time-sensitive dialogue options! Though in this case you've got a fairly long delay. [ Save her ] obviously.
UPSET PILIKA: [backs up] "Waaaah!! Don't... don't......."
LUCA: "Brat!! I'll shut your mouth for good!!"
Luca slowly walks up, raises his sword.
WE BOLT TO BLOCK CLANG! If you didn't pick the first option (or didn't pick anything), only Jowy blocks his strike.
LUCA: "What? You're here to save this kid?"
Luca finishes his swing and sends them both flying a bit. They all try pulling themselves to their feet (including Pilika).
LUCA: "Ha! Brave words indeed! Let me tell you something. There are weak men and strong men in this world. The strong men take everything and the weak men die. That's how the world was designed. Now I will show you how it works, weaklings!!!"
JOWY: "Stop!!!"
LUCA: "......................"
JOWY: [ raises his arm out ] "S... stop!!!!!"
LUCA: [ laughs twice ] "Sit quietly and watch worms!!! So what if you save this girl? Better that you think of your last words, because you're next!!"
LUCA: "Hey, brat! What is it? Can't talk?! Hoo hoo ha ha ha!!!! Relax! I've chopped hundreds, thousands of necks. I can do it with my eyes closed." You're so pleasant, Luca.
Luca laughs a bit.
JOWY: "S... stop... STOP!!!!!"
LUCA: [ laughinggggg ] "Hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha!!!! I love those eyes!! So weak, so filled with fear!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! God, I love this!!!" Oh, Luca.
Jowy lowers his arm; Luca raises his sword, still laughing; Pilika is surprised.
UPSET PILIKA: "eek............."

[BGM: Rescue]
VIKTOR: "Over here!!! Hurry and come!!!"
Odessa goes to Viktor fastest; Jowy and Pilika are in front of Flik by a bit but not much.
VIKTOR: "I threw all of the Fire Spears into the boiler in the basement. They'll blow any minute." I love you.
FLIK: "See. Next time protect 'em better."
VIKTOR: "Hurry. Run!!! If you make it, go to Muse. We can relax there. Hurry! Don't die now!" I'd've been moving if you weren't talking to me.
The kids leave.
LUCA: "Why you annoying little..."
VIKTOR: "You won't get your dirty hands on my fort. Next time I won't lose either!"
They run for it!
THE SCREEN IS NOW SHAKING A LOT and also Luca fell again
LUCA: "You!!!.... I'll make you regret the fact that you survived this day!!!" Ah, but that will be another day 8)
Fade out.

STILL ON FIRE also part of it falls off as you watch

[BGM: Reminiscence ~ Ensemble Version, I think]
Your party is random out of your recruits. If you're not doing the Matilda trick, reset until Shiro and/or Mukumuku is there. I got Shiro, who's the most important one! And Futch and Humphrey!
JOWY: "Are you okay, Pilika?"
SAD PILIKA: "..................................................."
JOWY: "What is it, Pilika? ... Hey....... Pilika?"
JOWY: "Pilika? Pilika? She... she can't talk...."
SAD PILIKA: "aaa.......... ooo........."
Jowy bounces!
SAD PILIKA: "eee..............."
JOWY: [moves closer] "Answer me, Pillika...... Please.... Pillika...... Call me 'uncle' again...." This would be sadder if he remembered how to spell Pilika.
RIOU: 'Don't worry.  She's just in shock.' or 'Luca couldn't have........'
RIOU: "Don't worry. She's just in shock."
JOWY: "... You're right... I'll bet you're right.... She'll be okay... I'm sure of it."
SAD PILIKA: "................."
JOWY: "Pilika............................. Odessa........ This place isn't safe. Let's hurry ahead. Viktor said we could relax in Muse City. It looks like we have to go there."

Fade out.


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Solon Jhee, Seed, Culgan
- Jowy Points: 7 + 1 (wanting to name the army after us) - 1 (sulking because it's not Orange) + 2 (taking care of Pilika) = 9
- Game Overs: 2 total
- Bathrooms: 0


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