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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 07

Apologies for delay 8D

LAST TIME: Pigs fall, Pilika's family dies; Apple wanders in to introduce the iStrategist.

I step into the mercenary fortress and Apple leads us to the door and says...
APPLE: "This is Viktor's fortress. Let's hurry." Really? Viktor lives here? I hadn't noticed.
Inside we go!
[No music.]
Hello, Fliktor's room.
VIKTOR: "Hey, it's Apple, isn't it? It's been a long time."
APPLE: "How dare you?! You're here like the godfather of all mercenaries and you don't even let us know? We were worried!!" HE ONLY FAKED HIS DEATH A LITTLE
Flik is pissed at Viktor; Viktor backs up nervously.
FLIK: "You've got some nerve, Viktor! I can't believe it! Didn't you say you'd keep in contact?!!"
VIKTOR: "Huh? No I... aha aha ahem. Anyway, Apple, what are you doing here? Doing a little sightseeing?" If the sight is Luca burninating the countryside, sure.
APPLE: "Unfortunately not. Luca Blight attacked Toto Village. I came to relay word of that." I think our heroes would've told them. Gods, Apple, you're so useless before you get out of puberty. Grow up faster.
[BGM: Sedition, sans opening]
FLIK: "Luca... the royal prince?" He's the prince formerly known as Luca.
APPLE: "Yes, it was horrible. He looted what he could and then burned everything to the ground. This child is the only survivor."
VIKTOR: "Damn! What is he up to..." As a guess? Killing people.
APPLE: "Luca Blight has his eyes set on an invasion of the City-State. This was just a warm up. This fort is in his way. If he leaves it, he'd be opening himself to an attack from behind when he invades Muse."
VIKTOR: "You're joking. What about the peace treaty?" But the filthy Jowston pigs broke the treaty and slaughtered the Unicorn Brigade 8)
APPLE: "Luca set things up so it looked like the state broke the peace treaty with a surprise attack. Now he's screaming for all citizens of Highland to take revenge for the lives of the young men slain in the attack."
JOWY: "So that's how it is...." Jowy, shouldn't you have figured this shit out already? I am pretty sure this has been explained to you. I am pretty sure we've explained this to Fliktor, even.
FLIK: "Gimme a break. He can't fool anyone with that dog and pony show." Ah, but if he doesn't, he has a carrot and a stick right at hand. 8)
VIKTOR: "Odessa, Jowy, good work. We have some important strategy to discuss, but you must be tired. Why don't you go to your quarters and get some rest." Do we still have to sleep in the basement?

[BGM: Heart Softening Music 3]
I like how there are two beds for four of us unless someone goes to the cells or to the room with the crates.
JOWY: "Odessa? She finally cried herself to sleep........ Poor girl........"
Long pause.
JOWY: "Odessa.... I just don't know who to feel loyal to... I thought I was a Highlander and then they hunted us down. But I always thought someday we could go back to Highland. The Unicorn Brigade massacre, Captain Rowd's betrayal, Toto Village burning down... I just don't know who to trust anymore." As a guess, I'd say the people not trying to kill you. That's probably the correct answer.

RIOU: "You can trust me."
JOWY: "I know. I know I can... Thanks, Odessa."

RIOU: "I don't know either."
JOWY: "I'm sorry, Odessa. We're in the same boat, I guess. .... I'm sorry."

Leona walks in.
LEONA: "There you are. Viktor is calling for you. What's wrong? You both look so glum."
JOWY: "Let's go, Odessa."

... saying hi to sleeping Pilika.
PILIKA: "Oooooh.... zzzzzz...."
JOWY: "..................... She's sleeping well............... She looks so happy..........."

[BGM: Tactics; it's a slow remix of Theme of the Advancing Army :3]
Everyone's standing around the table. Apple's on the left.
VIKTOR: "Odessa, Jowy, I have a favor to ask. I don't know how long this fort is gonna last against Luca Blight, but we've decided to fight."
FLIK: "I'm going to Muse to request reinforcements."
APPLE: "I'm going to look for a good place to lay some traps." We've only got a ton of forest around us. What could we possibly do with that?
VIKTOR: "I'll gather soldiers and weapons. We'll use whatever we can find. Take a look at this, Odessa, Jowy." [moves to the right, next to the spears] "These are called Fire Spears. They're weapons forged years ago by the Dwarves. They shoot fire from their tips. We've got several of these 'Fire Spears' in the fort's storeroom. They could be very useful, but they're all rusted over." ... Why didn't you take care of them ...?
FLIK: "I told you to take care of your toys." Flik, they're your last things from Odessa. Why didn't YOU obsessively clean them?
VIKTOR: [angry poof] "Quiet. Anyway, I need them fixed, but only one man can do it. A man who lives near here named Tsai of the Divine Spear. Odessa, Jowy, I want you to find Tsai. Will you do it?" But the man in Ryube says he moved away.
RIOU: 'Of course.' or 'We can't do it.'
RIOU: "We can't do it."
VIKTOR: "Well, I know you two aren't part of my army and that you're originally Highlanders... But, I'm just asking you to find Tsai. Please." Oh, good, you vaguely realise I'm not one of your recruits.
RIOU: "We can't do it."
APPLE: "Thanks. I don't have many people left to ask." ... Asshole.
RIOU: "We can't do it."
JOWY: [hop] "Odessa....... It's the least you can do considering...." No, no, the least we can do is refrain from assassinating people.
RIOU: "Of course." Or my name's not Odessa.
VIKTOR: "Really? Thanks. I'm counting on you."
FLIK: "I got some money together for you to give to Tsai. Don't spend it along the way." But I wanna!
Flik and Apple walk over to Odessa. [ You got 2,000 potch ]
APPLE: "Tsai lives near Ryube Village. He moved into the mountains cause he likes privacy... Anyway go find Tsai. We're counting on you."
JOWY: "Let's go, Odessa." I couldn't have figured that out without you.

FLIK: "Don't forget about the man named Tsai. You have to give him this."
APPLE: "Please, Odessa. We need as much help as we can get."
VIKTOR: "Ryube Village is northeast of here. Don't worry, you can't miss it."

:< Bird fell

[ Put baby bird back in nest ]
The nest and bird are now in the tree again.
Hello, Tsai's house!

I go look inside and ...
JOWY: [ looks around ] "Nobody's here...... What should we do? Wait for a while?"
Jowy walks around to look at all the stuff.

JOWY: "Guess he's not coming back."
Tsai walks in!
TSAI: "Huh? I don't appreciate people in my house when I'm not around." Don't worry: we're rpg heroes. We only steal valuables.
JOWY: "Are you Tsai of the Divine Spear?"
TSAI: "Divine Spear? No just plain Tsai. But anyway, what's your business?" Stealing your shit, duh.
RIOU: 'We came because we need you.' or 'Nothing in particular.' 'I was wondering ... are you 'of the Divine Spear' because you're good with your ... spear? [eyebrow wiggle]'
RIOU: "Nothing in particular."
TSAI: "Really. In that case, please leave me alone." [ WALKS OVER TO THE CORNER. ]
I go harass him.
TSAI: "You haven't forgotten your mission, have you?" Did you forget who you are?
RIOU: [ "Viktor asked us to....." | "I'm sorry." ] "I'm sorry." goes back to "Nothing in particular."

RIOU: "We came because we need you." or "Viktor asked us to....."
TSAI: "The 'Fire Spears', right? I heard that Luca Blight attacked Toto Village. So... it's war again, is it... Well I've already got my things packed so I'd be ready whenever the time came. Let's go." Does your daughter know you're running off with strange men?
Jowy walks over to him.
JOWY: "I brought this along. It's your payment for your work." But Flik gave that to Odessa.
TSAI: "I don't ask for prepayment on my work so you can hold on to that. When the job is done... and if we beat the Highland Army, I'll accept payment then." So if we lose we get to keep our twenty bucks? Awesome.
[ Tsai joined the group! ]
[ Tsai convoy joins party ]
Have I explained convoy joining? If someone convoy joins, then you can put them either in your convoy or your active party. You can have up to six in your party and two in your convoy. You can't easily move people from party to convoy or the other way around, and if someone needs to be in your party for a recruit to work, the convoy won't suffice.

I like my current party, so to the convoy he goes!

Hi there.
I walk over and the dog howls.
SHIRO: "Whoooooooooo!!!"
KINNISON: ? [walks over] "You? Was it you who put the baby bird back?"
If you say no, Kinnison and Shiro are lost forever.
RIOU: "That's right."
KINNISON: "Really? So Shiro was right."
SHIRO: [howls again] "Woooof"
KINNISON: "I'm Kinnison. This is Shiro. We're hunters who live in this forest. But recently the Highland Army has been scaring off all the game. What are you doing here?"
Once again, if you pick the wrong option, they're gone forever.
RIOU: "We're looking for companions to join us."
KINNISON: "Really? Looking for companions? If things keep up, the Highland Army will ruin this forest. What should we do, Shiro?"
SHIRO: [howls] "Woooooo Wooooooooo"
KINNISON: "Yeah, I guess you're right. If we can be of help...... You... I'm sorry, what was your name...."
KINNISON: "Oh yeah, Odessa. We'll be your companions if you'll have us. Shiro too."
SHIRO: [howls] "Awwwwhoooooooo"
[ Kinnison joined the group! ] [ Shiro joined the group! ]
Kinnison is fucking useless; Shiro is fucking amazing.
KINNISON: "Okay. Should we go with you?"
I'll raise Shiro up later.
RIOU: "No, go to where the others are..."
KINNISON: "Okay. I'll be waiting there. Let's go, Shiro."
SHIRO: [howls] "Woof woooof"

When I'm nearly out, Odessa slows down, stops, is pinged.

[BGM: Tension]
Whoosh goes the fire!
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire, the ring of fire o/~
It cut briefly to a Highland flag, which I failed to cap, then more fire.
More fire!
And then a Highlander's sword!
Silhouettes of people running from Highland soldiers.
Highland soldier next to stuff burning.
With this sword in hand, I shall slay thee!
Burning down the tree that the performers were under...
Burn, town! Notice the dead dog. Or probably dead dog. As well as the dead guy in the inn.
someone: "Aaaaaargghh"
soldiers: "He went that way! Your orders are to allow nobody to leave the village!"
someone: "St...stop."
soldier: "You can't escape, fool!"
Hi, Luca!
LUCA: [shoulders shaking as he laughs] "Ha ha ha ha ha! Kill!! Burn!!!! Die you spineless worms!!!!!"
He walks closer to the main below him. The man is cringing a little and trembling.
man: "Please... please... spare... my... life..." And why would he do that?
LUCA: [raises sword above head] "Don't make me laugh! Your pitiful life isn't worth saving!!!"
man: [backs away] "So... cruel." I thought he was making friends.
Luca strikes him down. The man has a moment to panic before being hit and falling. Is that a pile of blood at his feet?
woman: [slowly walks over and kneels, holding her hands together] "P... please... stop..."
LUCA: "All you worms can do is plead! You really want to live so badly?"
woman: [nodding strongly, then leaning forward with her eyes closed] "Y... yes.... I... I'll do anything... Just... don't kill......"
LUCA: "Is that right...... In that case, act like a pig." Buu?
woman: "Huh?......."
LUCA: "I said act like a pig!!!!!"
woman: [nods a lot] "Yes! Yes!!!"
She crawls around for a bit as Luca watches.
woman: "Oink... oink... oink"
LUCA: [closes his eyes and starts laughing] "Hoo hoo. Ha ha ha ha ha! He he he ha ha ha!!!! Very good!!"
woman: [she stops and sits up a bit when she's right next to Luca's sword arm] "So that means....?"
LUCA: "Die pig!!!!"
He strikes her twice.
KIBA: [walks out from behind a building] "Are we finished yet Lord Luca? We've done enough, haven't we?" Kiba ... doesn't really approve of Luca. At all.
LUCA: [looks around slowly, then raises his left arm] "Finished? My sword still thirsts for blood!! You! Burn this place! Burn this whole place to the ground!!!"
And they walk off.
They use explosives or something?

Fade out.

[bgm: Sedition, without the opening]

TSAI: "So that's Luca Blight..... He's not human...."
JOWY: "I... I won't forget this!"
TSAI: "Wait a minute. Luca Blight possesses strength that is not of this world. You and I would not have a chance of standing against him in combat. But there will be another time." Uh, I'm pretty sure the Beast Rune is of the main Suikoden world. It's a true rune.

RIOU: "We can't just sit here and watch."
JOWY: "Let's go, Odessa! I won't let him make more victims like Pilika!!"
TSAI: "That's not going to happen."
JOWY: "This isn't the time for such talk."
Odessa and Jowy start heading down.
TSAI: "I guess we've got no choice."
Out comes his spear, aaaand WHACK WHACK.
They're now kneeling in front of him.
TSAI: "I'm sorry. But I can't let you two die here. The Highland Army has already gone."

Fade out.

[BGM: Requiem of Grief]
They're standing next to the burned down tree that the performers were next to.
JOWY: "................"
TSAI: "Let's hurry. Next they'll go after Viktor's fort. If it falls, this whole area will become Highland territory."
Jowy walks up to it.
JOWY: "Let's go..... We've got to.... fight..."


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Tsai, Kinnison, Shiro, Kiba Windamier
- Game Overs: 2 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: Defending the fort! Babby's first war battle!

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