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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 06

LAST TIME: Moving back in with Fliktor, and buying Pilika some junk~

PART 06 OF 49 OR SO :D
This is where I was actually trying to get, the Muse and Matilda border. It's locked, as you can see.
GUARD: "The Knightdom of Matilda is just ahead, but you can't pass now."
GUARD: "Sorry. There's been a lot of suspicious talk lately. I can't let you pass."
When they said 'you can't pass' I guess they meant 'you can only pass if you shove the door out of the way.' ... Uh. What the hell?
Uh, I think when Viktor said you can go explore, he didn't mean 'go to Matilda'.
Look, Highway Village is not where we're supposed to be. It's not anywhere close to where we're supposed to be. It's on the other side of the country. Go take the map from Nanami and give it to someone who can read it, like ... like Mukumuku.
little kid: "I heard that guy Futch staying in the inn is a Dragon Knight. Is that a Knight that rides on a dragon? Can that be real?"
woman: "Lately, there haven't been many traders coming through to Muse. I don't know what's going on..." You're from at least ten updates in the future, that's why. (Turns out what she's saying becomes relevant in what was update 36 of original posting, which looks to be ... update 28? Probably?)
old woman: "My my, who are you fellows? You're so young, but you seem so troubled. I can read it in your faces."
man near a bunch of canisters of milk: "If you don't transport it quickly, milk becomes cheese all by itself..."
man: "The Knights are cowards! Why won't they rescue Muse? I heard a rumor that the Kingdom is even rounding up the refugees!" I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, RANDOM MAN.
TRADER: "Hey there. Where are you from, Sir? Grassland? No...? Highland! Don't hear that often!"
woman: "There seems to be a mayonnaise shortage to the north. If you get some, you can sell it easily." I'll keep in mind to ask my tenkai senpai to inform Gremio. Once I, you know, have a tenkai senpai.
woman: "Sir Miklotov passed through here earlier, and ever since my son won't stop talking about joining the Knights..."
kid: "Captain Miklotov told me! He said to come be a Knight when I'm big! And I totally will!" Try hard, kid.
old woman: "Ocassionally the Knights recruit from even us plains folk." Yeah, she spelled occasionally like that.
kid: "Where are you going? The Muse Checkpoint? Oh, hey, I've been there. With my dad! Umm... It's southeast of here." Did you push the gate out of the way, too? I'm not sure it's supposed to do that. We should probably tell Lady Anabelle.
little girl: "It looks like Kent made a new friend... A Dragon Knight, he said. Is that a Matilda Knight?"

I step into the inn, and --
FUTCH: "Sorry, I'm in a hurry!"
And he walks out. I walk up, and the screen pans over to a woman walking down the stairs talking to a man who's staring in the corner angstily.
LUCY: "There you are, Sir Humphrey! Say, would you like to go outside where it's warmer?"
HUMPHREY: "No. . . . . This is fine. Sorry I've stayed here so long."
LUCY: "No, don't worry about it! You've promptly paid for your lodgings, and I know the war's a problem for all travellers. It's Harmonia you're heading for, Sir Humphrey? I guess the roads are closed because of the war..." ... What war?
HUMPHREY: "Yes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
She walks away and back to her spot running the inn.
man: "There's a library In Harmonia's Crystal Valley called the 'Great Shrine' Lots of people searching for knowledge head there."
man: "I had planned to go to Muse and start a new trade mission... But I don't dare go to Muse now..." Why not?
woman: "Sir Humphrey sure is quiet. But not in a cold sort of way... He's just shy. Probably." I like your confidence.

HUMPHREY: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
Fade out.
Kid -- Kent -- going over to talk to Futch behind the barrels of hay and the milk.
FUTCH: "You're late. Where have you been?"
KENT: "Sorry, sorry. My mom caught me and made me help with the chores."
FUTCH: "Chores. . . . . ?"
KENT: "Hey Futch! You were a Dragon Knight, right?"
FUTCH: "Huh? Uh, yeah... Ninth Rank, though, Just a Dragon Knight Apprentice."
KENT: "So, so... You've flown? Flown in the skies? On a dragon!?" As opposed to flying in the seas.
FUTCH: "Of course! I was born in a Dragon Cave! I've spent more time in the skies than on the ground!" Even with being stuck on land for three years? ... I probably shouldn't make snide comments about how HIS DRAGON IS DEAAAAAAAAD. That would be Wrong.
KENT: "Wow, really? Really!? That's awesome!!!"
FUTCH: "It's true. Here's the proof."
KENT: "Is this... a Dragon scale? Whoah... That's cool! Hey, can I see that? I want to show it to my mom!"
FUTCH: "Yeah, sure. But it means a lot to me, so don't lose it." Black ; ;
KENT: "I'll be super careful! Wow, it must feel great to fly... That's so cool, Futch..."
FUTCH: "But... But... My dragon... Black was his name... He died... He died protecting me... A Dragon Knight without a dragon is nothing. I can't go back to the Dragon Cave, I can't fly..." Humphrey'll take care of you :(
KENT: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . But... But... Aren't you and Humphrey on a quest to find a new dragon?"
FUTCH: "Y... Yeah..."
KENT: "So some day, some day soon, you'll get another dragon, and you'll be a Dragon Knight again! Futch, when that day comes, when you're a Dragon Knight again, will you let me fly with you?"
FUTCH: "To fly again... Yeah. . . . . If... If I get a new Dragon, Kent, you'll be the first person I give a ride to. We'll come flying over the mountains and land right in front of your house!"
KENT: "Really!? Do you promise? Do you promise me, Futch?"
FUTCH: "Yeah. . . . . It's a promise. . . . ."
Fade out.
HUMPHREY: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
RIOU: 'So, uh... Where are you from?' or 'Weather sure is nice today, huh?' or dots.
RIOU: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
HUMPHREY: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ." He goes 'Uh huh' and then dots if you talk about the weather.
RIOU: 'Where are you going?' or 'My, what a big sword!' or dots.
RIOU: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
HUMPHREY: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ." He answers 'Harmonia' and dots if you ask where he's going.
RIOU: 'Why Harmonia?' or 'Think it'll be nice tomorrow?' or dots. ... How do you know he's going to Harmonia? Fluency in dots seems to be a requirement for a lot of these losers.
RIOU: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
HUMPHREY: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ." He says he's going to look for dragons if you ask why Harmonia.
LUCY: [walks in] "Well, it looks like you two were having quite a talk." That sure was a conversation they just had.
LUCY: "So, would you like to stay here tonight?"
Humphrey walks past her.
LUCY: "Mr. Humphrey said talking to you was 'nice. . . . .' To express his gratitude, he paid for your lodgings tonight."
Fade out.

Birds are chirping in the morning!
kobold guest: "While I travel, I like to visit the Kobold Towns in each land. There's one south of the State, and there's even one in Toran."

Talking to Humphrey...

RIOU: "Thank you for last night."
HUMPHREY: "Never mind. . . . . . . . . . ."
He goes back to staring at the wall.

I step outside and the screen pans to Kent and a farmer.
KENT: "Really? Are you sure?"
farmer: "Of course I'm sure! There's no way I could be wrong! Rakutei Mountain is a long ways north of here, but my friend went there and said he heard a dragon! And my wife's brother said he saw a dragon's shadow in the clouds!"
KENT: [bouncing] Really? REALLY!?! Awesome! I have to go see for myself!!!"
And off he goes.
farmer: "What!? You can't go there!! That mountain is full of monsters! Geez, he's already ran off..."

I go talk to Humphrey.
HUMPHREY: "Did he go somewhere...?"

RIOU: "Yeah... Let's go."
HUMPHREY: "Okay. . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
Futch walks in.
FUTCH: "Where did that Kent kid go? He isn't at home... Geez, I guess we'll have to wait 'til tomorrow."
Futch heads upstairs.

I go try to talk to Futch! He is in bed.
FUTCH: "I'm tired, so let's do it later." ;) But Jowy's in my party. He might get jealous. It'll have to be a threesome. (Meanwhile: Nanami locked outside the room, very confused.)

I go talk to the innkeeper.
LUCY: "You're staying another night? My, it looks like you've taken to our little town! Rest well!"
Fade out. FREE NIGHT \o/

[BGM: Sedition]
OUR HERO is walking down.
FUTCH: "Oh no!!! Kent... Kent... Kent didn't come home last night!"
LUCY: "It's not like him to run away..."
farmer: ! "!!!" [backs up]

RIOU: "Um... That kid..."
The farmer is startled and nervous. Cut to Futch, Odessa, Humphrey, the farmer, and Lucy near the tables.
farmer: "It's just a rumor but..."
HUMPHREY: "A rumor?"
famer: "Kent just couldn't stop talking about dragons, and someone said they saw one at Mt. Rakutei..."
LUCY: [jumps] "Mt. Rakutei... But that area is crawling with powerful monsters! Why would he..."
FUTCH: "This is my fault... Because I told him about Black... Because I promised him a ride... Now Kent's in trouble..."
HUMPHREY: "Let's go. . . . . . . . . . . ."
FUTCH: "Huh?"
HUMPHREY: "Don't you want to go save him?"
FUTCH: "Of... Of course!!!"

RIOU: "To return the favor, I'll come." How mercenary of you.
FUTCH: "Huh? Who are you?"
LUCY: "It's Mr. Odessa, Sir Humphrey's new friend!" I think Odessa's been his friend for a long, long time.
FUTCH: "Humphrey has friends...?" COLD.
HUMPHREY: "Thanks for your help, Lord Odessa." ODESSA-DONO \o/ Or possibly Odessa-sama. Probably -dono.
FUTCH: "We'd better hurry."
LUCY: "Rakutei Mountain is north of this town. Don't get lost."
[ Humphrey joins party ] [ Futch joins party ] I kicked out Zamza and Millie.

Fighting a few random encounters with Futch and Humphrey doing everything since they're level 34 to my level ... 8 ... Also saving up to buy some upgraded equipment in Rockaxe!

HUMPHREY: "Lord Odessa, please be careful... Monsters are lurking everywhere."
FUTCH: "Hold on, Kent! We're coming to save you."
White out.
HUMPHREY: "This mist..."
FUTCH: "What's going on? We'll never make it now! If we don't hurry, Kent..."
HUMPHREY: [steps down] "What is this? A magic barrier?"
FUTCH: "What should we do..."
FUTCH: "Black... Please help me, Black..."
There is a glowing in the shape of the true rune that Odessa does not actually have yet, and the mist vanishes.
FUTCH: "The mist! The mist is receding! Did you do that, Sir Odessa?"
HUMPHREY: "The Rune's power... Let's go..." I drew it on with magic marker.

FUTCH: "Kent! That's Kent over there!" [starts to run over]
Screh! goes the harpy.
[BGM: Requiem of Grief]
He slowly pulls himself up and looks up at the sky.
Try two! ... Was also a failure. So I headed out to go to Highway Village and pick up some junk -- Fire Emblems, mostly -- and then remembered Greenhill might have a smith. And regardless Muse sells magic runes to make Jowy less useless. As it is, only Humphrey and Mukumuku are valuable party members. That's all stuff I did last update, though, so. ... Oh, while Greenhill currently has no smith, Coronet does; you can sharpen up to 5 there. Did I talk about what's in Coronet? ... Ah, well, if I didn't, it wasn't interesting at the moment.

That was ... really close. Humphrey gained five levels from it, though!

Kent pulls himself up a little. "You came to save me, Futch?"
FUTCH: "There's no dragons here... That rumour was total bull. You should know better, Kent."
KENT: "But what if there was...? And if I had a friend who was a Dragon Knight, I could be proud."
FUTCH: "That's why..."
KENT: "And I heard it! The dragon cry everyone else talked about! It's real! And it's just above here. That's why I ran up here! Then I fell and twisted my leg..." [stands up] "It's okay now. There, ya see?"

RIOU: "How did you get here?"
KENT: "Look, it's Black's scale, the charm Futch gave to me! When I prayed to it, the mist lifted! So there must be a dragon here!"
FUTCH: "Black's scale... So that's what... But what's important is that you're safe. Let's go home."
KENT: [jumps] "No, Futch!!! I said I heard the dragon's cry! Last night, there was a tremendous beating of wings, and a cry that could split stone! It was just ahead! There might be a dragon right there! Let's see!"
FUTCH: "There's no way there'd be a dragon around here!!! And even if there was..."
KENT: "But, what if there is?"
FUTCH: "Even if there was. . . . ."
HUMPHREY: "Let's go see. . . . . Lord Odessa, will you stay with us a bit longer?"
FUTCH: "There's no dragon here..."
KENT: "Come on, hurry up Futch!"
Up they go!
Your POKéMON had an EGG. We don't know how it got there but do you want it?
FUTCH: "That... That's..."
[BGM: Sedition, sans opening]
KENT: "I was right! It's an egg! A dragon's egg! It has to be!!!"
FUTCH: "Dragons only lay their eggs in Dragon Caves."
KENT: [walks up to it] "Then what's that? There's no other egg that looks like that! With this, you can be a real Dragon Knight again!!!"
FUTCH: [slowly walks up to it] "A dragon's egg..."
HUMPHREY: [walks up too] "Captain Joshua of the Dragon Knights told me once... Even though dragons only lay eggs in Dragon Caves, once in a while a 'wild dragon' appears... If we could find out why, we could probably breed new types of dragons. I was headed to the 'Great Shrine' in Crystal Valley to try to find out more about that, but.... But I never expected that in a place like this...."
KENT: [ walks over to the egg and bounces ] "Quickly, come over here Futch."
FUTCH: "But. . . . . . . . . . . . ."
KENT: "Look at it, Futch! It's a new dragon!" [bounces]
FUTCH: "No!!!" [looks to the side, closes his eyes, and lowers his head] "I... I... I don't need a dragon! Lord ☆☆☆☆☆☆, Kent..... They were all so nice to me. Everyone was all concerned about me and hoping they could help me find another dragon... That's why I couldn't tell them the truth... I don't want to ride on any dragon besides Black!!! He was the only one for me....." FUTCH ;_______; Also this is a European rom; if it was American, it'd be Lord McDohl because stars are lowercase :|b
Humphrey walks over to the egg and draws his sword.

HUMPHREY: "So I guess you don't need this egg or the beast asleep inside. I'll use my sword to destroy it."
Kent jumps; Futch turns.
RIOU: "What!? WHY?"
KENT: [bounce] "What's going on? Why would you do that?"
HUMPHREY: [turns, brow furrowed] "Dragon Pups are weak creatures. With no mother or Knight to care for it, it will weaken and die. And if it did live, but without a master, it would be no more than a monster that terrorizes humans."
KENT: [ runs to Futch ] "That's why you need to care for it! Come on Futch! Stop him!!!"
FUTCH: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
KENT: "Stop him Futch!!!"
Futch ignores him.
KENT: "Then you stop it, Mister! It's a Dragon's Egg... After all we've gone through..."
FUTCH: "Wait, Sir Humphrey!!!"
Futch runs over and looks at Humphrey!
It looks around.
It squeaks adorably!
Trying to walk to Futch ... It tries to walk over to Futch, but trips. And then it squeaks again.
[BGM: Heart-Softening Music 1]
KENT: "It's... It's a dragon... It's so small... Futch?"
FUTCH: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
HUMPHREY: "I've never seen such a small dragon. And I've never even heard of a white dragon..."
KENT: "But it's still a dragon, right? Yeah, it has to be! Don't you think so, Futch?"
FUTCH: "But... I don't need..."
HUMPHREY: "Then why stop me, Futch?" Because you were going to kill it senselessly?
FUTCH: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
HUMPHREY: "It wouldn't be a betrayal to have a new dragon. My memories of Black's death are precious, but I won't have to forget that. And it's no reason to close the door to the future." Wrong pronouns there, Humphrey.
FUTCH: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
KENT: "Futch. . . . . . . . . . . . ."
FUTCH: [walks over and kneels down to it] "... There's nothing to be afraid of... Come here..."
FUTCH: "I christen you 'Bright'."
Fade out.

They're at the bottom of the mountain.
HUMPHREY: "Thank you, Lord Odessa. I would like to repay your favor. If we can ever be of assistance to you, please ask."

RIOU: "Will you fight with us?" ... As mercenaries, presumably. What with me barely being a tenkai so far.
HUMPHREY: "Of course. For you, I will wield this sword again."
FUTCH: "I, Futch, Former 9th Rank Dragon Knight, will fight by your side."
Fade out.

They're all by the Highway Village inn.
KENT: "Fight hard, Futch!"
FUTCH: "Don't worry about me, Kent. Hey, the next time we meet, I'll be a Dragon Knight again."
KENT: "Really!? Don't forget your promise!!!"
FUTCH: "I won't!"
KENT: [ping] "Okay. . . . ."
KENT: "Ok, I almost forgot! Here, it's Black's scale. I'll give it back now."
FUTCH: [ steps up ] "You keep that, Kent. As proof of my promise."
KENT: "Really? Is it really okay? Wow! I... I'll treasure it! And I'll look forward to the day you come with your dragon!"
FUTCH: "You do that! I swear that I will return as a Dragon Knight."
HUMPHREY: "Let's go. . . . . . . . . . ."
FUTCH: "Yeah. Take it easy, Kent!"
KENT: "Bye, Futch!"
[ Humphrey joins party ] [ Futch joins party ] [ Humphrey joined the group! ] [ Futch joined the group! ]
Fade out.

And now back to relevance.

[BGM: Sedition] It often skips the opening, but this time around it didn't!
Well that's different, buu.
I step inside and it pans over the burnt out remains of Toto. Pilika is cowering and sobbing outside her house.
JOWY: "Wha... what the...."
SAD PILIKA: "Waaaaaaaaahhhh Wah, wah, wah, waaaaaahhh"

Jowy runs up to a crying Pilika!
JOWY: "What happened...."
UPSET PILIKA: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaa Waaaaaa Waaaaa Waaaaa Waaaaaaa Waaaaa" WE GET THE POINT BUU
JOWY: "What... what could have...."
UPSET PILIKA: [looks up a little, still covering face] "Waaaaaaaaaaa, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaa, da... da... da.... daddy said 'go hide!' So Pilika hide real good... so nobody find. But Pilika hear lot of noise. Very scary noise. Very, very, very scary noise. So... so... so Pilika... Pilika take a little peek." [ stops crying a little ]
JOWY: "..................."
UPSET PILIKA: "And then... and then... and then.. Pilika saw Mommy and Daddy... but they not moving.... covered with sticky, red stuff..." Somehow I think she'd know what blood is.
UPSET PILIKA: [ opens eyes ] "Pilika... sniff... Pilika... sniff.. Pilika know.... Mommy and Daddy are 'dead', right? Daddy told Pilika about it when Pilika's cat died. sniff... sniff... waaaa.... But... but... but it's okay. Daddy said that it not so bad to be dead. He say it just like going somewhere far, far away. Right, right? Pilika... Pilika be a good girl... waaaaaaahhhhh.... mommy.... daddy.... waaaa..." Give her a hug, Jowy.
She looks down and starts crying harder again.
JOWY: "..................."
Jowy gives her a hug. Good man.
APPLE: "Somebody? Is somebody there?" ... ONLY APPLE CAN SAVE US ALL
She walks in from the right. Everyone except Jowy and Pilika turns to watch her.
APPLE: "You? You don't look like Highland soldiers. Are you survivors?"

RIOU: "What happened here?"
APPLE: "It's the work of the prince, Luca Blight. He looted and burned this village just to keep his army entertained. And next he'll...."

RIOU: "Who are you?"
APPLE: "My name is Apple. I was collecting materials, but I came here when I heard about Luca Blight's rampage. After this village, Luca will...."

APPLE: "Do you know a man named Viktor? He's a mercenary from near here. I've got no time left, so if you know him, please take me to him." Why should I, buu?
Jowy lets go of Pilika and she starts crying again.
JOWY: "Wait! This girl... Pilika... she's still crying." And she will be for most of the game. Get used to it, Jowy.
APPLE: [ walks closer ] "There's no time. Drag her if you must, but we have to go." Cold like a Silverberg, App.
[ Apple joins convoy ]
[ Pilika joins convoy ]
The convoy is like your party only without them able to fight!

Stepping back into Toto ...
[BGM: Requiem of Grief]
Next to where the inn was is a woman.
HANNA: "Unh.... it's my fault.... My power wasn't enough.... I couldn't protect this village... So my journey was just a waste of time...."

RIOU: "Let's fight together."
HANNA: "Hmm. So there's still a chance for me to wield my sword? In that case, I'll join you."


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Apple, Hanna, Futch and Humphrey from the future
- Jowy Points: 6 + 1 (saving my ass) + 1 (being holy fuck handy against the harpy) + 2 (hugging the traumatised small child) = 10
- Game Overs: 2 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: INTRODUCING OUR NEW STRATEGIST ... Apple. There is no way this can go wrong. (Luca, I'd like to surrender, buu....)

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