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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 05

I've actually had this one post-worthy for a bit, but I was fiddling with part division.

LAST TIME: Thanks a lot, Rowd; we definitely needed angry mobs after us. That is totally what we needed. You are not an asshole at all. More importantly, NANAMI GET

HAHAHA you can go back into Kyaro again.
ITEM STORE: "Odessa, Jowy! You're okay? That's good... Finish your shopping and get away from here!"

EEEEEE while walking back towards the mercenary fort, I found a second double-beat rune. Yessssss.
... whoaaaaa found a third one. I wonder if I'll find a fourth if I wander around for another two minutes?
Answer turned out to be no, but hey. That was still ... really something.

VIKTOR: [to the guards Rina dealt with] "Good work, men."
STATE SOLDIER who Rina had an adult conversation with: [ ! ] "Oh! Viktor! Are you okay? Don't be so crazy." Because telling him that works.
VIKTOR: "Ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry about that."
STATE SOLDIER: "Well it's okay cause everyone's fine, but if Muse found out that soldiers were going in and out of Highland, you'd be in trouble. Let's make it our little secret."
FLIK: [steps forward] "Or maybe you think it's okay that you let these guys get past your post?"
FLIK: "It's okay. Don't worry about it. Like I said, everyone's safe...."
STATE SOLDIER: [sweatdrop] "Whew......"

other STATE SOLDIER: "The Captain's to blame too..."

[BGM: Those Who Don't Work, Don't Eat]
We slowly walk over to the front door and a bunch of mercenaries move out of our way.
VIKTOR: "Hey, we're back. It's nice to be back home."
FLIK: "What? This junky fort?" What, you don't like it?
VIKTOR: "Watch your mouth. I like this place. It's got a certain charm. Right, Odessa, Jowy?"
NANAMI: [looks around, then backs up, sweatdropping] "This place?... Hmmm... I wonder..."
VIKTOR: [nervous] "Ha ha ha ha ha! A kid can't appreciate its greatness. Well, I'm gonna go relax for a while. You must be tired too, so take a nice rest. If you have questions, ask Leona. She's the woman who runs the bar."
JOWY: "So we're prisoners, I guess....." ... Jowy, why do you keep bringing this up?
VIKTOR: "Huh? Well, that's true, but..... as long as you don't make trouble, you're free to do what you want. Why don't you go find recruits? We always need more of them." Viktor, why are you telling some kids you've captured to go collect stars of destiny? Do you not understand what a prisoner is?
FLIK: "Take it easy here until things cool down. Meanwhile I'll think of a good way to get back to Highland."
Fliktor walk inside.

Exploring the fort again!
I hereby dub this cat Teo.
GENGEN: [ next to the well ] "What? Gengen like water. Work hard, water taste good."

MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Gimme food!! Gimme food!!"
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "I want some food. Food, food, food!!!"
LEONA: "Be quiet or I'll give you something to eat all right!!"
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "....... foooooood........."

MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Odessa, You should thank Pohl. He begged the boss to save you."
POHL: "Hey, Odessa. What is it? Already done for the day?" Hi, Mr. Save Point!

[ Pohl's diary ] POHL: "Hey, Odessa!!! Don't look at that!"

MERCENARY SOLDIER near kid: "You came back, Odessa. C'mon don't be so sad. The Jowston State is a good place to live, too."
kid: "You shouldn't just go off on your own, Odessa. I have to watch out for you."

FLIK: "Hey, Odessa. How's it going? Are you getting used to living here?" He's in his room.
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Viktor and Flik were once both famous warriors. They used to call Flik, 'Blue Lightning Flik'...."
VIKTOR: "Aaaah....... nice weather." He's where Flik usually stands in their office.

MERCENARY SOLDIER: "I'm glad that we got money from Muse, but if it means war..."
VIKTOR: "I'm just happy to be getting 3 squares a day." Rather than three rhombuses. That was awkward.
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "....................."

In Ryube, there is a man in blue passed out near the entrance.
RIKIMARU: "Ooooo..... oooo......"

RIOU: "Are you okay?" or "What's wrong, you bum?" (He just dots if you leave him.)
RIKIMARU: "My... my stomach......"

RIOU: "Does it hurt?" doesn't matter
His stomach growls.
RIKIMARU: "Stomach.... so hungry... can't move.... Pl...please.... give me.... food..."

RIOU: "Okay.... sure...." Odessa is a kind and loving soul. Or possibly just a sap.
RIKIMARU: "Thanks..... I.... I owe you....."
Fade out to them in the inn with Rikimaru eating obscene amounts of food. Like six bowls of stuff.
RIKIMARU: "Thanks.... thank you very much. My name's Rikimaru. I'm what you call a traveller. It's sad, but I lost my money along the way. Really.... I won't forget this."
woman working at inn: "Umm errr.... the bill's on you? The total is 3,000 potch, but...."

RIOU: "Okay.... I'll pay." Sigh.
woman: "Okay, I got my money."
RIKIMARU: "Whew.... thanks a lot."
Fade out to them outside.
RIKIMARU: "Oh, is that right? So Master Odessa is staying at the mercenary's fort.... Okay. I'll help out too or my name isn't Rikimaru!!!"
[ Rikimaru joined the group! ] Odessa has a little I JUST RECRUITED SOMEONE! dance. It's cute!
RIKIMARU: "Those mercenaries... they get fed well, don't they?"

Near the top of Ryube is a girl pacing!
MILLIE: "Oh no. What should I do?... Huh? Do you want something?"

RIOU: "What's wrong."
MILLIE: "My pet Bonaparte is lost. He ran into the forest, probably up into the mountain.... Will you help me find him?"

RIOU: "Sure I will."
MILLIE: [ jumps ] "Really!!! Thanks!!!! Okay let's go! Let's go! Wait Bonaparte!!!"

Cut to the forest. No music; just birds.
MILLIE: "Bonaparte? Where are you???"

MILLIE: [ jumps ] "Aaaah!!!"
A weird orange thing is startled and runs.
MILLIE: "Hey!! Bonaparte!! Wait!!!! Hurry, after him!!"

MILLIE: "You can't run anymore. Now I've got you!"
She walks up to it and it reveals that it can grow and has many teeth.
MILLIE: "Aaah!! What are you doing?!!"

Riou and Nanami's unite, Family Attack, normally does 2x damage and unbalances Nanami and consists of them teaming up to beat things up, but can instead be Riou working hard while Nanami cheers.
MILLIE: "What is it? Are you scared? You shouldn't run away, boy?"
MILLIE: "It's okay. Good boy. Don't be scared."
It walks over to Millie.
MILLIE: "See? Bonaparte's back. Isn't he cute?"

RIOU: "I guess so...."
MILLIE: "Isn't he? Isn't he? Good boy, Bonaparte...." [ bounces a bit ] "Thanks for helping me find Bonaparte. In return, I'll go with you."
[ Millie joined the group! ]

You can get Kinnison and Shiro around now, too, actually, but I didn't originally.

I head back to the North Sparrow Pass, just because.
STATE SOLDIER: "What... you again? No one is allowed past here."
NANAMI: [sidles up.] "Ummm... excuse me, Mr. Captain... Can I have a ... word with you?"
NANAMI: "This way... in private..."
She leads the captain off.
Fade out. Sound of tri-nunchaku and swords.
The State Soldier is dragging back a nervous Nanami.
STATE SOLDIER: "What do you think you're doing? Coming at us like that!!!"
NANAMI: "Grrr. I thought it might work."

I try again.
STATE SOLDIER: "Straighten out or I'll throw the bunch of you in jail!"

[BGM: Children Playing in the Fields]
I'm in Toto!
In the inn, there is a grumpy man.
ZAMZA: "What do you want? You have some business with me?"
NANAMI: "If we don't have business, that means that we can't talk?"
ZAMZA: "You've got a smart mouth, little girl. But I don't like people wasting my precious time."
NANAMI: [pissed] "Wasting? Are you saying talking to us is a waste of time?"
ZAMZA: "It may not be a complete waste, but it's not exactly useful either."
NANAMI: [jumps, really pissed] "What?!! How dare you!! Let's go, Odessa! We wouldn't want someone like this anyway."
ZAMZA: [pinged] "What?.... What do you mean?"
NANAMI: [jumps] "I mean we don't need you, understand?"
ZAMZA: "What are you talking about? Are you saying I'm not valuable?"
NANAMI: [pissed] "Listen. Weren't you the one who didn't want to be talked to?"
ZAMZA: "I'm strong, I've got good moves, I look good. I'm perfect in every way. How could you say you don't need me." [sidles up]
NANAMI: "What? You wanna fight?"
ZAMZA: "I'll show you exactly how valuable a man I can be."
[ Zamza joins party ]
ZAMZA: "I don't care who it is. Shall I prove to you that nobody can stand against my strength and my magic?"
NANAMI: "What is it with this guy?"
ZAMZA: "Okay, here I go little girl. You'll all appreciate me. You'll all say you're happy to have me as an ally."
NANAMI: "I... I'm sorry."
[ Zamza joined the group! ]
... I'd've commented but it stands by itself well enough.

HANNA: "This village has lots of kids.... I can think of worse things....."
A shrine next to Pilika's house! The boy says "Um you're not allowed to touch those doors. But you're allowed to touch them on big holidays. I hope a big holiday comes soon."

I try to go into Pilika's house:
JOWY: "Huh, that's strange. Nobody home?"
Oh, hey, I can head to Muse!
Near Muse is the White Deer Inn.
HILDA: "Hello. Welcome to the White Deer Inn."

[BGM: Let's Climb That Hill]
Muse is big. Really big. Like, way bigger than Gregminster or Antei and those are pretty big.
old man: "Hi there. You're not from here, are you? This is Muse City. It's the biggest city in the State, it is."
woman: "Hey there, kid. Huh? Are you from this country? You have a strange accent."
man: "I'm glad that Lady Anabelle signed a peace treaty, but can we really trust those Highlanders?" No. Not really.
little girl: "Everyday the armorer bangs away -- clank-a-clank-a-clan -- Me... I really love this sound."
The armorer has 'circuret's. Also a 'Dying plant / Needs more water'. And the old woman and old man upstairs comment about their daughters doing a good job running the store and their son being a 'lazybones'.
woman: "Jess, the chamberlain, is very clever and a good man too. I wonder if he'll marry me one day." I doubt it.
little boy (a tiny-Jowy paletteswap, to be precise): "Hey, hey, hey. Is it really true that the Highland Army is coming? My mommy said they'll come if I don't eat my carrots. Is it true? Is it true?"
little boy: "General Hauser is the strongest general in the State. I want to join the army and fight alongside him someday."
man in inn: "Lady Anabelle is the daughter of the former mayor, Darell. Darell was a great mayor too." The hells gave you that impression?
man at same table: "I suppose Jess will be mayor after Lady Anabelle quits. But I can't imagine her quitting anytime soon."
woman at same table: "The peace treaty was a diplomatic coup. Lady Anabelle is great."
little girl: "Hi there. When I get bigger, I'm going to be a doctor. Really!"

... what the hell? The Muse-Greenhill border is currently open. ... Okay then.

[BGM: Imprisoned Town]
This is Greenhill! It's a college town.
random man: "The real mayor of Greenhill is Alec, you know. But he's sick, so his daughter Teresa's taken over duties as acting mayor."
Huh, it appears to not be the future in Greenhill. I really hadn't known you could go over here this early.
MAIRIE: "That darn Pico, what's he up to...? 'You're the only one for me... the only girl to have captured my heart.' Whatever!"
It's interesting that Greenhill appears to not be in the future, given that the item store sells Toe Shoes which are much better than anything else you can get around now except Winged Boots, and those're Kyaro rare finds. I guess they don't expect you to try to visit.
woman: "When I was coming back here from Two River a little while ago, all by myself, a flying squirrel in a Blue cape joined me! Really!" Mekumeku, I believe.
kid: "Afternoon, mister! What's that thing on your forehead, mister? Huh? Huh?" ... Good question.
woman: "Hey, boy, are you a student at the Academy? Do you know a girl named Nina? She left her stuff in my shop again... Sigh..."
kid: "A few weeks ago, this super-fast guy with long ears, a big nose and blue hair came by here! He was a lot of fun."
woman: "Are you going to the Academy? Be sure to say 'Hello' to the receptionist, Emilia... Sigh... She's not only beautiful, she's got quite a head on her shoulders... I'm smitten." Your crush makes me happy.
kid: "Where do you come from? Kyaro? Never heard of it. Me? I'm from Rockland."
appraisal instructor: "Ho ho ho ho, I've gathered information as far afield as Harmonia, across the great ocean!" ... Harmonia's just to the north of you on the same continent. gb2 geography
JUDE: "Huh? What's up? Can I help you, lad? Eh? What am I doing? I'm a sculptor, you know, but I just can't come up with any good ideas. Hmmm..."
JEANE: "Tee-hee... Good afternoon..."
kid: "How old do you think Miss Jeane is? I wanted to ask her, but I was kinda scared to..."

Damn, nothing really I can do there.
So I headed back to Muse and reset until I got a fury rune for Odessa (!!!) and fire and earth runes for Jowy. Ideally I'd've also gotten him a water rune, but it took too many resets for the one fury rune, so ... That one fury rune increases damage output by a lot, which will hopefully be great for a certain sequence-breaking boss fight.

My sequence breaking adventures were actually around here, but I'm putting them in the next update for balance and readability's sakes. So I guess I detail my adventures in visiting the future in the future?

I head back to the Mercenary Fort since I can't think of anything better to do.
LEONA: "Yeah, what do you want? Hee hee hee.........."

... I can't find what to do, seriously.
little girl: "My mother said: 'You'll be a good wife when you grow up'. But I want to travel around the world when I grow up." Don't listen to your mother.
man: "Ha. The fortune-teller said it wouldn't work out, but I proposed anyway. Oh well!"
little boy: "Oh.... I hope they come back... I thought next time I could be a target for that knife-thrower." ... kay.
man: "I heard a bad rumor in Toto Village. People have been claiming to have seen Highland soldiers up in the mountains."

OKAY. This time, when I stepped into Toto, the screen pans up to a surprised little girl in a pink dress.
PILIKA: "Oh! Uncle! Uncle Jowy!!" I don't think he's your uncle, kid.
Pilika walks down to say hi to the group.
PILIKA: "Uncle! Uncle! You came back!!"
JOWY: [steps up] "Pilika! You doing okay?"
PILIKA: [boing boing boing] "Yeah. Pilika's good. Pilika went to Muse with Mommy and Daddy. We had to get a 'sacrifice' for daddy's shrine. It was really far, but Pilika walked all by herself. Isn't Pilika good?" What DOES one sacrifice to true runes? I mean, it's easy with Soul Eater -- just kill a family member or five -- but Beginning seems a bit trickier.
JOWY: "Yes, Pilika, you're very good."
Gonna be nice.
RIOU: "A friend of Jowy's?"
JOWY: "Oh that's right. You didn't hear this part. After the river took me downstream, I wound up stranded on a rock and this girl found me. Then her family nursed me back to health." You're lucky no one's taught her STRANGER DANGER.
PILIKA: [walks over to Odessa] "Hey, are you a friend of Uncle Jowy?"
Am I friends with Jowy? CLOVER SAYS...
RIOU: "No way."
JOWY: [bounces, very nervous] "That's not true. You shouldn't tell a lie. Pilika, this is my best friend." You are so one to talk about honesty in relationships, Jowy. TO THE COUCH WITH YOU
PILIKA: "I knew it. What's your name?"
RIOU: "Ummm......"
PILIKA: "Okay. Uncle Odessa, okay? My name is Pilika. Nice to meet you. Uncle Jowy, uncle Odessa, come to Pilika's house, okay?"
Pilika walks over to her house! And then bounces.
PILIKA: "C'mon hurry, hurry."

[BGM: Heart Softening Music 2]
MARX: "Jowy, welcome back."
JOANNA: [walks up slowly] "You look terrific. You left before your wounds were healed and we were so worried."
JOWY: "I'm happy to see you again. I just don't know how to thank you enough for what you did for me..." Fanservice?
MARX: "You don't have to thank us. We just did what anyone else here would have done. Right dear?" I like the specifying of 'here'. No one knows what FILTHY HIGHLAND DEVILS would do.
JOANNA: "Of course, Jowy. And this is..."
JOWY: [looks at Odessa, then back] "Oh, this is my boyhood friend, Odessa. Odessa and me... we can't get back to Highland..." Your boyhood friend, huh? Not to be confused with your boyfriend.
MARX: [walks closer] "I see... well... think of this as your own home. You're welcome here anytime." That's already points up on his own home!
JOANNA: [walks up too] "That's right, you're welcome anytime. I'll make you all a terrific feast." TO SERVE MAN
JOWY: "Thanks.... thank you.... thank you very much. I'm... so... happy." Uhhhhhhh.
JOANNA: "Pilika is happy too."
PILIKA: [bounces] "Umm.... uncle Jowy, uncle Odessa, come over here." 'Uncle Jowy, I wanted to know ... how are babies made?'
She walks into her room.
MARX: "Pilika, Jowy and Odessa must be very tired. Leave them be for a while."
PILIKA: "Oooookaaaay."
Jowy and Odessa walk into Pilika's room.
JOWY: "What is it, Pilika?"
PILIKA: "over here. Over here. Put your ear closer." 'BOOBIES!' No, this is Pilika, not Cecile.
Jowy leans over.
PILIKA: "Ummm... errr.... Pilika has a favor to ask... Will you listen, please?"
JOWY: "What is it, Pilika?"
PILIKA: [bounces] "Umm... When Pilika went to Muse with Mommy and Daddy, Pilika saw something really great."
JOWY: "Something great?"
PILIKA: [hop!] "Yes yes. Soon it will be Daddy's birthday and Pilika want to give him present. When Pilika went to store in Muse, Pilika saw pretty wooden amulet with stars and fish on it. Do you think Daddy would like it?" I'm not sure why some people think it's totally Lazlo's wooden amulet. It'd mean the amulet's over 150 years old....
JOWY: [ nods. ] "I'm sure he would."
PILIKA: "So...."
Pilika walks over to her teddy bear and looks around to make sure no one's looking.
PILIKA: "D'ya know? When Pilika does chores for daddy, Pilika gets 2 potch. Now Pilika has this much, so Pilika can buy amulet. But Pilika can't leave village alone. So could uncle Jowy and uncle Odessa go buy amulet for Pilika? Please?"
JOWY: "Of course. Right, Odessa?"
So either Riou is sarcastic or a jerk.
RIOU: "It's kinda far." Asswipe.
JOWY: "C'mon don't say that."

PILIKA: [ boing boing ] "It's a wooden amulet. It's at the big item store. Don't forget."
[ You got precious 70 potch ]
JOWY: "Let's get that birthday present. Muse is west of Toto Village. It's the capital city of the State, so it'll be lively."
PILIKA: [ boing boing ] "Thanks. Don't lose the money, okay?" ;~;
JOWY: "Leave it to us."

PILIKA: "It's at the biggest item store in Muse. Don't tell Mommy and Daddy and don't forget the 'amulet'."
JOWY: "Don't worry. Leave it to us."

I drop by the Mercenary Fortress to ditch some stuff first.
PILIKA: "Don't forget about that thing."
JOWY: "Don't worry. We won't forget."
MARX: "Pilika, what is it?"
PILIKA: [ bounces ] "Oh, umm nothing. Nothing at all."
PILIKA: "Dont' forget!" Misplaced apostrophe original.
JOWY: "Yeah. Don't worry!"


I now have more fury runes than double beat ones.

shopkeep: "Huh? A wooden amulet? Oh yeah... this here. It's not for sale. A customer with an overdue bill left it a few months ago. But, I guess if you really want it I'll sell it to you... So how about 500 potch?"
JOWY: "500 potch!" That's like one super potion set of mega medicine!
shopkeep: "Well if ya don't want it, fine."
JOWY: "500 potch?... What should we do, Odessa?"
I'm going to reload and not be an asshole in a moment, but first:
RIOU: "No way."
JOWY: "I see..... Can you wait a minute, Odessa?"
JOWY: "This signet ring... how much will you give me for it?"
shopkeep: "Let me see that... Hey! This is pretty valuable! I'll buy it for 2,000 potch."
JOWY: "Give us the wooden amulet and we'll call it even."
shopkeep: "Really? Hey thanks a lot. Well here's the amulet and here's your 1,500 potch change. Say, do you know someone from Highland? This seal is Highland style. It might have belonged to some nobleman."
JOWY: "No............... Let's go, Odessa. Pilika is waiting for us."
[ You got Wooden Amulet ] ... and also the potch. Reloading to not make Jowy sell what few belongings he has!

RIOU: "We'll pay it of course."
JOWY: "Thanks a lot. I'll pay you back sometime." How about you not flip black for me and we call it even?
shopkeep: "Okay. But I don't know why anyone would want this again."
[ You got Wooden Amulet ] And I'm down some potch.


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Hanna, Rikimaru, Zamza, ... Pilika? Has Pilika been counted before?
- Jowy Points: 5 + 3 (good with kids) - 2 (BLAH BLAH LYING IS BAD) = 6
- Game Overs: 2 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: ~*~*~ Time travel ~*~*~ Well, one of my handles is Viki....

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