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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 04


[BGM: Homesickness]
I'm going to wander around and talk to everyone first because this is a hometown in a Suikoden game: this place is going down.

Much like with Gregminster in I, the item shop here sells Winged Boots, except this time around they're in rare finds. You might have to reset a bit, but it's nice if you can get some. If not, you can get some toe shoes as soon as you have access to Muse (and, more importantly, Greenhill), and that'll account for your ridiculously early decent equipment.

woman in inn: "I'm sorry... Everyone's just so mad... !! You... you're Odessa, aren't you? What are you doing? Hurry up and run away!!!" You make it sound like there might be an angry mob after me or something!
man in inn with passing resemblance to Gremio: "The peace agreement was a trap!!! The State is a bunch of creeps! All of them!!!"
INN: "What can I ...? Odessa! ..... What are you doing here? You should take Nanami and run far, far away...." Look, it's not like I killed anyone. ... Unless you count those 108 * 4 Highland soldiers Rowd attacked me with. In which case yeah I kinda did.
man in room in inn: "If you don't hurry, this place will be in trouble too. You should run away. There's nothing here for you anymore."
kobold upstairs: "I travel around and collect old stories from people I meet. I heard that a hero once lived in this town, but nobody will tell me any more than that." Yeah, for some reason Kyaro doesn't like talking about Jowston war heroes...
man outside: "What a terrible thing... The Unicorn Brigade was the heart and soul of this town."
boy near gate: "Hey Odessa!!! You're a traitor like your dad!! That's what my dad said!!! You shouldn't hang around here."
man: "Wow! Captain Rowd is amazing! I heard that he was so brave during that State attack." I'm sure.
old woman in a house: "Yeah? What can I do for you? Huh? You're Genkaku's boy..." She has a 'Foreign language book' in her bookshelf.
woman in same house: "Hello there. Huh? You're Odessa. You made it back safe."
man in same house: "What do you... Hey! It's Odessa!!! Traitorous villain!!! My son is dead because of you!!! I'll see you hanged for this!!!" Odessa panics and runs like hell out of the house.
woman in same house: "Eeeeeek!!! What are you doing here?!!!!" and the man goes: "You... you're Odessa!!! Stop!!!" And he runs out again.
little girl outside: "Do you know? My big brother hasn't come back yet... I asked my mom, but she doesn't know when he'll be back."

woman outside: "Did you hear? The Atreides boy... He was in the army, but now they say he was an enemy spy... I wonder why... That boy had everything money could buy." woman next to her: [pinged] "Looks like he was tempted into it by the boy from the dojo." Then they are both pinged and go "Aaah! Help! Help!"

woman in a house on the east end of town, next to the Unicorn Brigade's thing: "Big brother... is that you? Huh... It's not??? Oh... it you, Odessa. Odessa, listen to this... About my eyes... When my big brother gets rich, he said he'll take me to a famous doctor in the Toran Republic and have my eyes fixed. Oboy! I can't wait. I want to see what you look like, Odessa, I bet you look cool." Yeah, she really does go 'it you'. Also :( Rowd's sister

I can't head over to the thingy on the east end of town because Highland soldiers scare me off. :(

If I walk back over, the HIGHLAND SOLDIER on the right says: "I know how you feel, but you're not allowed here. Now go away."

boy near Jowy's house: "You!!! You're Odessa!!! How dare you show your face here!! You won't get away with this!!!"

Upon leaving the town at all:
[BGM: A Prayer to My Mother]
Jowy in front of his house.  Uh oh.
JOWY: "Well then.... Well then, I guess you don't believe me......"
MARCEL: "That's right. Once you were my unworthy son, but no longer. From this day on, you are no longer an Atreides." ... Does he still get the pet landworm to ride on, though?
Jowy steps forward, but two of the soldiers bolt between Jowy and Marcel. 8(
JOWY: "Why... why won't you believe what I say..... I... I'm your son, aren't I?... Or is the blood in my veins...."
MARCEL: "It hurts to look at you, Jowy I can't recognize someone who has commited treason as a member of the Atreides Clan." Totally should've been 'House Atreides'. I'd've giggled. ... But that would defeat the point of super sad music.
JOWY: [backs away slowly] "..............."
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: [they both move to the side of Jowy] "Hey! Come!"
They grab him and Jowy looks between them a little and keeps struggling.
MARCO: "Goodbye, big brother. You're not my big brother anymore Goodbye Jowy."
JOWY: "Please!!! Mother..... Let me see her!!! Let me talk to Mother!!!" I have the sads.
MARCEL: "Rosa said she doesn't want to see you....."
JOWY: "You lie..." [ STRUGGLES HARDER ] "You lie!! Stop! Let me go!!! I want to see my mother...."
Jowy straining to get past them! D:
And the soldiers walk off, dragging Jowy.

... Now on the world map!
So I head back into Kyaro. [BGM: Homesickness, as usual]
Odessa's house is in the middle of nowhere, even for Kyaro. This is the tree and cliff behind his house.

I examine the tree, and Odessa looks around. I examine it again, and he looks around a bit more.
I examine it a third time and he walks around it...
HI SQUIRREL RANGER RED Oh, hello, Mukumuku! Mukumuku goes like o/ and joins my party.
This is Nanami's house. If I examine one of the vases, it brings up [ Large vase / Put inside as punishment ]. What the FUCK, Genkaku, you are a TERRIBLE PARENT. There's also a [ Dog bowl from long ago ] and a [ Bottle filled with sake ]. How long has the sake been there?
[ Grandpa's bed / Not slept in recently ] No shit Genkaku's bed hasn't been slept in recently. He's DEAD. There is a [ Flowerpot filled with violets ] in his room.
Old book get!
There is a table with [ Nanami's sweet and sour pork / Smells good ]. I think Odessa's nose is broken. (Actually, I checked the Japanese and it's more that it smells nostalgic.) Nanami's bed has a vase of amaryllis next to it.
[ Your bed / Nice familiar smell ] Smells like ... victory. Victory and teenage boy. Which is better than victory and sewer, which is probably what Odessa's actual bed smells like.
In the main dojo area is a [ Blue Dragon sword ] (wait, did Genkaku keep the sword from his duel ...) and [ Nanami's favorite 3 vases ] and a [ Half-filled bottle of wine ]. In the kitchen, there is a [ Hidden stash of snacks ] and a [ Broom / For sweeping up the area ], in case we forgot what brooms are for. Maybe he's worried we'll think they're for flying on.

[BGM: Beautiful Morning] And remix with better sound quality. I have Beautiful Morning as my alarm and as my ringtone for people I like to talk to :B
I actually have a link to this sequence animated, though the link often doesn't work and I don't think it has sound: here we go.
Odessa steps outside and Nanami looks up from where she was praying at Genkaku's grave, looks back, realises Odessa is there, and tries to get up to go hug him! But she trips.
NANAMI: "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Odessa!!!!!!!!!" Holy exclamation points, Nanami!
'I'm back.' or 'Here I am.'
RIOU: "I'm back."
He starts walking towards Nanami, then braces himself once he realises --
Nanami tackles him! Oooph. Hi, Nanami.
NANAMI: "Are you okay? Are you okay? You're not hurt? Where have you been? Was everyone really killed? Huh? Huh? Huh?" MAYBE I'D ANSWER IF I COULD BREATHE
And suddenly she lets go and his head hits the ground with a thump. Odessa just lays there with his eyes closed. Oxygen! It's a wonderful thing, being able to breathe.
NANAMI: "Thank god. I was so, so, so worried." I bet that's why Jowy went home alone. The traitor.
Odessa sits up, as does Nanami. She leans forward. He looks a bit ... confused.
NANAMI: "Are you really okay? Did you eat anything funny?" You mean funnier than your cooking? That's a feat.
She leans forward and puts her arms on his chest to shake him back and forth. His eyes keep going up and down.
NANAMI: "Was there really a State spy? I heard there was a surprise attack."
She leans back and shakes her finger knowingly.
NANAMI: "They say these spies always work as a pair. Lots of soldiers are hunting for them, so they should catch them soon."
She leans forward on his knees and keeps bobbing up and down; he leans back and just kind of stares blankly.
NANAMI: "Oh! That's right, how's Jowy? Is Jowy okay? Huh? Huh? Is he okay?"
They lean in closer and close their eyes.
NANAMI: "Really? Thank God. So you came back together."
She leans back and narrows her eyes.
NANAMI: "Together?..........."
She pushes him to the ground again with a thump and shakes him a bit, then lets him sit back up. He's sitting cross-legged; she's sitting in seiza and leaning in at him again, though she's not on him anymore.
NANAMI: "Whaaaat!!! That's ridiculous! Odessa and Jowy spies?!! That's silly.... right?"
She sits up to shake her finger at him again.
NANAMI: "But... Captain Rowd came here and said you should report to him when you came back....."
She stands up in one-fourth position...
NANAMI: "Let's run away, Odessa!"
... and helps him up.
NANAMI: "Don't worry. Whatever you did, Odessa, I'll always be here for you!" [turns to Odessa] "Now let's go!!"
She drags him off. He is unamused.
THEN SHE REALISES ... pushing him into the wall. There is now a Odessa-shaped dent. He slides down onto his knees.
NANAMI: "Ah!!! Wait a minute!"
He shakes his head and stands up. The music stops. She drags him over to the grave marker.
NANAMI: "I forgot something. Over here! Odessa! Hey, hey. We've got to say goodbye to Grandpa Genkaku."
[BGM: Reminiscence ~ Strings Version]
Odessa kneels down.
NANAMI: "Good. Okay, me too." [kneels] "Grandpa Genkaku, We may never come back here, but please always protect Odessa and me. Please."
Pause, and she stands up.
NANAMI: "Good. Now we're ready. Okay, let's go!!!"
She looks at him, he stands up, and -- [ Nanami joins party ]

Before heading out the front door, I stop at the vases.

NANAMI: [pinged] "Oh, that's right! Let's take one of these vases! I think it's worth some money! Running-away money!"

I went with the small one! It was made by Nanami. :B They're all unique; the big one's a Large Vase that sells for 2500, the medium one's a Famous Vase that sells for 3000 and iirc was Genkaku's (I picked that one the playthrough I'm doing as I revise this), and the small one's Nanami's Vase that sells for 50. Nanami's vase is lopsided and looks like the one in the top left corner (spoilers for my endgame party).
NANAMI: "This one? Okay! We can't take the others, so let's leave them."
It's now 'Nanami's remaining 2 favorite vases'.

[BGM: Suspicion]
I step outside and Nanami looks around, confused, then spots something!
NANAMI: "Huh! What! No! No! No!"
the HIGHLAND SOLDIER in the middle: [steps forward] "You're Odessa, aren't you. We're arresting you as a spy for the City-State of Jowston. Come along quietly." BUT ALL I DID IN JOWSTON WAS MOP UP LUBE
NANAMI: [ hops ] "No! I won't let you take him!" [ PULLS OUT HER TRI-NUNCHAKU ] "Odessa, get ready. If we do it just like grandpa taught us, we can't lose."
He pulls out his tonfa.
Odessa puts away his tonfa. Nanami looks exhausted; she's leaning forward and breathing heavily and has her hands by her knees.
NANAMI: "Huff huff huff.... Odessa!!... You're breathing fast? You've been ignoring your training." Vase to kettle, Nanami.
Rowd walks up! Odessa goes !, the soldiers move to the sides, and Nanami is like ? while looking at me, then is started as she turns.
ROWD: "It's been a long time, Odessa. Come along quietly. Do it as a favor for your old captain."
'Captain.... why.....' or 'No!!!!!'
RIOU: "No!!!!!"
ROWD: "We've got no choice. We'll have to get rough now!!"
Fight against Rowd!
Nanami and Mukumuku died pretty much immediately, buuuuuuut ...
< Clover> viki: NO!!!!!!!
< Flik> I vote for NO!!! also
< Flik> Odessa would never surrender
<@Viki> this is true
<@Viki> oh, apparently Riou is beefy enough what with two pairs of winged boots that Rowd does 2 damage per round
<@Viki> lemme just check to see how much hp rowd has ...
<@Viki> ...
<@Viki> 3k hp
<@Viki> riou does two damage a round
<@Viki> what have you done
< Clover> ... both riou and rowd do two damage a round?
<@Viki> yes
<@Viki> what have you DONE
<@Viki> I'm
<@Viki> I'm going to intentionally lose this
<@Viki> eventually
<@Viki> I am at 61/125 hp
<@Viki> oh huh Riou just inflicted Knockdown on Rowd
<@Viki> and again!
<@Viki> I could win this
<@Viki> if
<@Viki> I had the patience
<@Viki> I can't even defend repeatedly because Rowd does no damage then
<@Viki> oh huh rowd crit
<@Viki> I like that Riou is faster at level 12 than Rowd at level 25
<@Viki> Rowd's skill is better though
<@Viki> down to 7 hp!
<@Viki> 6!
<@Viki> ... still 6!
<@Viki> four!
<@Viki> two!
<@Viki> and rowd dodged + countered
<@Viki> that was ten minutes wasted
<@Viki> thank you
ROWD: "I told you to come quietly. Now, take them!!!"
We're surrounded! And looking around a lot.

<@Viki> ...
<@Viki> I may or may not have accidentally loaded from quicksave before that battle
<@Viki> I am not picking NO!!!! again
RIOU: "Captain.... why....."
ROWD: "The real world is complex. It's not black and white anymore. Enough talk. Take them!!"
NANAMI: "Noooo!!! Help! Help! Let me gooooo!!!! Get your filthy hands off me!"

Fade out.

[BGM: crickets.]
Jowy is in a cell. Two soldiers walk up leading Odessa and Nanami. Nanami keeps stopping and getting kicked.
NANAMI: [pissed] "Eooooowwwwch!!!!"
He shoves her more, and she's pissed. Then she notices Jowy! Jowy keeps stepping up as he hears us come by.
JOWY: "Odessa! Nanami! They caught you too?"
Odessa and Nanami get shoved into the cell. ... As does Mukumuku. Nanami gives Jowy a hug; he sweatdrops.
NANAMI: "They caught Jowy too, huh. But why do they think we're all spies?"
ROWD: "I'll tell you."
[BGM: Sedition]
Rowd walks over to the cell door. Like hell is he opening it, though.
JOWY: "Captain....."
ROWD: "Impressive.... surviving that jump into the river."
JOWY: [walks closer] "Why did you?... What was that State attack?... Who was that man?!" Straight to the point, eh?
ROWD: "I'm sorry, Odessa, Jowy. That man, Prince Luca Blight of Highland, has great ambitions. And I have ambitions as well." Gotta get rich to get Liukan to fix his sister's vision.
NANAMI: "Prince???"
JOWY: "Why would one of the royalty...." ... Oh, Jowy. Maybe someone will tell you about Kalekka. (Gee, Jowston sure has a tendency to get fucked over by false-flag operations.)
ROWD: "Luca Blight needed a sacrifice to achieve his ambitions. The Royal Highland Youth Brigade was massacred by the State. This will be enough to whip the people up into a frenzy! So what do you think little girl? Aren't those City-State monsters just horrible?"
NANAMI: "Th, that's....... If I thought that Odessa and Jowy had been kiiled by the State... I could never have forgived them, but.... I didn't know..." Kiiled and forgived are original.
ROWD: "Exactly. But if it's not found out, a lie becomes the truth. Prince Luca needs to stir up the people to achieve his plans. And I have big plans too. I don't want to be captain of a bunch of kids. I want a job where I can make some real money. To do that, I need you two to die as a pair of treacherous spies. The truth of what really happened will die with you." Oh, Rowd 8(
NANAMI: "That's... that's... You can't do that!"
They are all next to the door now >E
JOWY: "For that.... for that you killed all my friends.... stole their lives...." [ backs up slowly ]
ROWD: "Forgive me...... That's all I can say.... Well, it's just about time."
A Highland soldier walks in. "Captain Rowd. The preparations are complete."
ROWD: "Well, you two.... It's going to be a painful death. For the little lady, too. Oh well, you can't fight destiny." Destiny? This is SUIKODEN.
JOWY: "......... Damn...... ...he won't get away with this..."
Fade out.

[BGM: The King's March]
Odessa and Jowy are being paraded through the streets in chains.
Coincidentally, a woman in a green carriage pulled by two white horses is going the opposite way down the road.
JILLIA: [ leans out ] "What's all this shouting? Over here."
dude driving carriage: "They caught some State spies. They're taking them to the scaffold."
JILLIA: "I see."
The Highland soldiers and Odessa and Jowy walk past. They stop upon reaching Jillia, and the people holding Odessa and Jowy's chains salute. Odessa and Jowy turn to look at her.
JILLIA: "They're just.... children.... How can they be spies.........."
RIOU: 'I'm innocent!' or dots.
RIOU: "I'm innocent!"
dude driving carriage: [ leans forward ] "How dare you!! How many lives were snuffed out because of your treachery...." LOOK, I ONLY KILLED THOSE 108 * 4 SOLDIERS BECAUSE THEY WERE TRYING TO KILL ME. I'M VERY SORRY ABOUT IT.
JILLIA: [ turns to dude driving carriage ] "Silence!"
dude driving carriage: "Princess....."

RIOU: [ dots ]
JOWY: "................... Who are you to question me?"
dude driving carriage: "I am Princess Jillia of the Blight Royal Family...." ... No, you're a dude with a moustache.
JILLIA: [ turns to dude driving carriage ] "Silence!" HAHAHAHA bet she's saying that because her driver is incompetent

Jillia turns back.
JOWY: "Princess? Well, then remember this... Odessa and I haven't betrayed this country. This country has betrayed us. I won't forgive this. I cannot....."
dude driving carriage: "What did you say!! Who do you think you're speaking to..."
JILLIA: [ turns to dude ] "It's all right. Let him speak. After all, he hasn't long to live...." She's so blasé about everything; it's great.
The dude looks at her, then has the horses keep moving.
Fade out.

Odessa and Jowy are being caned repeatedly while they have a rope around their necks and their hands are bound. Fucking Highland. The soldiers caning them stop once Rowd starts to speak.
ROWD: "Here's your punishment for betraying your mother country, Highland, and for besmirching the honor of the Unicorn Brigade. Do you have any last words?"
Odessa looks up, then closes his eyes.
RIOU: 'No, I don't.' or 'You're a jerk.'
RIOU: "You're a jerk."
JOWY: [looks up briefly, thinking, then closes his eyes] "......................."
ROWD: "Good. You've resigned yourself to death."
The soldiers go back to hitting them repeatedly.
ROWD: "Ah, look at that sunset. It's the last sunset you'll ever see."
Pan up to the sky. There's actually a black border at the top; I guess they fucked up how big the screen is.
ROWD: "Well, for me it's just another sunset." sob Rowd
The sound of people caning our heroes stops and is replaced with the sound of people getting the shit beaten out of them.
ROWD: "Although I suppose my whole life will change after this sunset as well. Up until now I've been forced to baby-sit this bunch of kids. But my bad luck has come to an end. With this on my record, my future is assured. Soon I'll be captain of a real company in this area.... Huh?"
[BGM: Rescue] t(-_-t)

Rowd looks around, confused.
FLIK: "Too bad, but it looks like your path to success just took a detour."
Flik slashes twice, once to cut the ropes around their necks and once to free their hands. Flik so badass.
ROWD: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
VIKTOR: [strolls in] "Ha. We finally caught you. Hope we didn't interrupt anything too important. You shouldn't have run off like you did. I was so surprised." VIKTOR ♥
JOWY: "Why......"
VIKTOR: "Huh? You still don't get it? You two were my prisoners. I can't just give you up so easily."
FLIK: "This guy is real nosy."
Rowd backs away from Flik, conveniently getting closer to Viktor. Smart move, dude.
VIKTOR: "Maybe so. Pohl came begging me to pull your chestnuts out of the fire." That sounds kinda dirty.
Rowd bolts!
VIKTOR: [following] "Hey! Wait!" [... comes back] "Damn, he ran away! I could have caught him a few years ago." But now you are old and decrepit at the ripe old age of 32. You are so old. Old like ... old people. Who are old.
JOWY: "Wait, wait a minute. Nanami, my friend, is being held in the cell. We can't leave her behind."
RIOU: 'Let's go save Nanami.' or 'Let's hurry out of here.' You actually can leave Nanami behind here. She rejoins you around Muse if that's the case.
RIOU: "Let's go save Nanami."
JOWY: "Of course, Odessa."
VIKTOR: "I get it. It looks like fun. Lately my body has been like lead." Soon you'll be drooling and need Flik to chew your food for you.
FLIK: "What are we going to do with you? You've got a habit of sticking your nose in bad places." You'll have to get him a leash. Label it 'Property of Flik / If Found, Please Inform Lady Anabelle of Muse'.
[ Jowy joins party ] [ Viktor joins party ] [ Flik joins party ]
My party is so manly. Bleh.
Fade out.

VIKTOR: "Okay. Flik, Jowy, Odessa, let's go!!!"
FLIK: [sweatdrop] "Don't charge ahead."
Fade out.

They enter a room and are surprised:

NANAMI: "I'm warning you! Out of my way!! I've got to save Odessa and Jowy!!!"
And she and Mukumuku knock all of the soldiers in that line down in one quick move.
NANAMI: [angry poofs] "Ooo!! Now I'm really mad! In the name of Grandpa Genkaku, here's his secret Golden Bird Holy Flower Dragon Tooth Glory Punch!" I wish Nanami was my sister.
She pulls out her tri-nunchaku and Mukumuku poses like he's ready to kick ass, too.
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: [while running away] "What's that..... W...wait......... Yaaaaaah......"
Nanami and Mukumuku relax.
NANAMI: "Okay. Hold on Odessa, Jowy, I'm coming to save you!"
And they bolt! And Nanami accidentally runs past the group while chasing the soldiers. (Mukumuku spots them right away and joins the party.) Nanami walks back.
NANAMI: "Hold on a minute, Odessa and Jowy? What are you doing here?? They were going to execute you!"
JOWY: [sweatdrop] "We came to... save you...." Idiot, Nanami doesn't ever need saving.
NANAMI: "Huh? What? That's funny. I was coming to save you guys, too."
JOWY: "By the way, what was that move before?..." If you're going to insult her, you're totally dumped.
NANAMI: [nervous] "Huh??? Oh! Don't worry about it. Let's just get out of here."

I'm going to stop to talk to people first.
Starting with the fallen Highland soldiers. "You... you didn't... have to... hit... so hard..." "Aaaaaaaahhh....." "My... my nuts....." "Owwwwchhhh...." "Ughhhh....."

Rowd's sister: "Oh.... it's Odessa... and Jowy... My brother hasn't come back yet?"
man who chased me off earlier: "You're Odessa!!!!! I thought they caught you!!!"
woman upstairs: "Odessa. What happened? Huh? You're gonna run? You okay? But you'd better hurry before they seal the exits."
Rowd fanboy: "Captain Rowd did it again! He caught those cowardly spies! He's the pride of this town!!!"
woman: "Hey, did you hear? They caught that Atreides boy. I tell you his father gave him everything... But what can you do?... A spy.... Some people even say he's not a true Atreides..." woman she's talking to: "Eeeeek. Help! Help!..."
man: "I heard they caught some spies... I feel a little better now... Huh? You're the guys from before."
man in inn: "Hold on. You're pretty worked up. Oh? So you're going to run away? Yeah, I hate war too."
kobold: "Hey! You're the ones they took away before. How did you manage to escape?"
HIGHLAND SOLDIER near Jillia's vacation home: "That girl was really cute... Ooops. I got to be careful. I don't want her mad again."
other HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "Hey, settle down!!! We've got an important guest! Don't cause trouble!!"
Stopping by Genkaku's grave again. Why? Why not.

I try heading north:
NANAMI: "Wait!"
Three Highland soldiers run from where the barricade is and seal the northern exit!
NANAMI: "We can't go north.... Let's take the exit to the south while we can!!!"

I try heading north again :B
NANAMI: "Hey hey! Don't waste time!!"

Music stops when I'm nearly out of Kyaro.
NANAMI: "Hey, wait a second."
[BGM: Reminiscence ~ Strings Version]
NANAMI: [looks around, then back at Kyaro] "Odessa, Jowy..... I wonder if we'll..... ever come back here again..."
JOWY: "........................"
'We'll be back some day.' or 'I don't want to come back.' ... And here's one where my choice is based off naming him Odessa. Riou tends to be really fucking obsessive about Kyaro.
RIOU: "We'll be back some day."
NANAMI: "You think so? You're right. So it's just goodbye for a while."

RIOU: "I don't want to come back."
NANAMI: "Really? You're right. Wherever we go, I'm still Nanami, Odessa is still Odessa and Jowy is still Jowy." Deep.
NANAMI: "But... I'll still miss this place." What will you miss about it? Everyone hating you and Riou because you're Genkaku's kids? Everyone hating you and Riou because you're friends with Jowy and as far as they know he's a spoiled rich boy? Everyone hating you because Rowd is a buttface?

VIKTOR: "Hey! Let's just go and not look back!!!" You said it, Viktor.
Fade out.


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Mukumuku, Nanami, Jillia
- Jowy Points: ... I can't think of anything that really is point-worthy in this update, but given that Jowy badly needs a hug, let's count that as 5 points, bringing him to 5.
- Game Overs: 0 total
- Bathrooms: 0


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