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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 03

Okay, I think 48 will be the final update count.

LAST TIME: Being Fliktor's prisoner kind of sucks but not really.

Odessa and Jowy are in Fliktor's office with two mercenaries behind them to make sure they don't break for it again. Fliktor are on the other side of the desk. No music; just the crackling of the fire.
VIKTOR: "Okay, we'll start with your name."
VIKTOR: "Jowy. Okay. Since you came to rescue Odessa, can I assume you're also a Highlander?"
A really shitty edit of Jowy as some character from The Highlander.
JOWY: [ pause. ] "That's right." Note that only nobles in the Suikoden world have last names, so...
FLIK: [ glances at Viktor, then back to us ] "I see... you're the other one... the one we lost in the river."
VIKTOR: "Now that you mention it, I never did hear how you managed to wind up in that mess."
JOWY: "Well that's...."
VIKTOR: [ steps closer to Flik, and also directly in Jowy's line of sight ] "Odessa said something about a 'surprise attack by the State', but the State Army hasn't moved since the peace treaty was signed. So what the hell happened?"
'The truth is....' 'I can't say.' They've been helpful, and more importantly they're Fliktor.
RIOU: "I can't say." I want to be a bit more thorough this time around :B Reloading for the better option.
VIKTOR: "So that's how it is, huh? Well, you two can get reacquainted tonight. You'll both be staying in the same prison cell."

RIOU: "The truth is...."
Jowy looks at me, and fade out.
VIKTOR: "Uh oh. This doesn't sound good. Luca Blight.... I've heard of him but... Anyway, what were you planning to do after you rescued Odessa?"
JOWY: "After I rescued Odessa, I was planning to go back to Kyaro Town with him."
FLIK: "So are you still planning on trying to escape?"
JOWY: "Yes." Honesty is the best policy, I guess.
VIKTOR: [ paces. ] "Hmph. Well you can just stay put in the cell for a while. We'll give you food and a place to sleep."

Fade out.

Odessa and Jowy are in the cell. Jowy keeps looking around unhappily. No music; just crickets.
JOWY: "Sorry... I couldn't rescue you after all... After that, I woke up in a village named Toto." I wonder if anyone's named Kansas in there.
JOWY: "I'd been found by a little girl who brought me back to her home where they mended my wounds. I heard a rumor that a young man was being held prisoner here and so I came to save you... sorry." Hey, you're here now and we're alone and I have rope and an oily rag.

Fade out to Pohl having brought them food. [BGM: Are You Gonna Eat That Carrot? ]
Odessa keeps looking at Jowy in between bites of bread (he no longer has three loaves and a cup of something). Jowy's not eating. He's just holding a loaf in one hand and sitting there. Oh, while Odessa sits cross-legged, Jowy kneels so he's sitting on one foot and the other knee's up in front of him. Pohl doesn't close the door while he's in there.
POHL: "Sorry. I know this food isn't too good, but try to eat it all. Odessa, I don't blame you for trying to escape, but please don't do it again. The boss will let you out of here soon enough."
JOWY: [looks over at Pohl] "Excuse me? Could I please have a spoon." I find the placement of his punctuation interesting!
POHL: "A spoon? For your soup? Aren't we the fine nobleman. Wait a minute. I'll get you one."
Pohl closes the door on his way out.
Fade out.

[BGM: Are You Gonna Eat That Carrot?]
Odessa's eating and looking at Jowy periodically; Jowy's still not eating. Then Jowy looks at Odessa and Odessa stops eating.
JOWY: "Odessa..... Do you.... want my carrots?" IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE.
Fade out.

[BGM: Escape]
It's dark.
Jowy looks out the door.
JOWY: "It's just about time. Odessa, let me see what you're holding."
'Are you going to try to escape?' or 'Why?' Gee, I dunno.
RIOU: "Are you going to try to escape?"
JOWY: "Of course."
RIOU: "Why?"
JOWY: "We're gonna bust out of here."
JOWY: "They won't expect us to make a run for it so soon. Hmmm let's see.... Flint, oily rag, rope.... Excellent. This will do just fine. But first we have to get out of here." I like my plan more.
JOWY: [walks over to lock] "Just bend this spoon like this...." You can't.

JOWY: "All right! It's open. They won't catch us this time."

MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Whew..... I'm all tired out from that... Aaaaahhh...."
They walk closer to the stairs.
JOWY: "The door is locked... Give me that rag and that flint. I'll just light this....."
He has to strike it three times before it lights.
And over by the item shop it goes. There is now the sound of things on fire.
MERCENARY SOLDIER: "Huh?..... what's that smell?.... Aaah!!!!" 'Viktor left the lube next to the fire spears again!'
They bolt over to the fire.
JOWY: "Okay! Let's go, Odessa!" Jowy, your problem-solving is kind of hot. IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE no actually in only one way because good boyfriends don't light Fliktor's house on fire, Jowy

I go by the door.
JOWY: "Just like I thought, it's locked. There must be a way out.... Let's go upstairs before we're spotted." Because fires totally happen all the time by themselves.
And then I try the staircase near the mercenaries!
JOWY: "What are you doing!!! Let's go upstairs before they find us!"

JOWY: "Must be... a way out..."
I try to go into Flik's room!
JOWY: "Odessa! They'll catch us!!! Let's escape to the veranda." LET'S ESCAPE TO THE VERANDA

JOWY: "Odessa, give me that rope of yours." Kinky. I approve.
JOWY: "Okay... good. I'll go first."
He ties the rope around the ledge, drops it down, and climbs down.
I'm just posting this one for Jowy's pixellated ass. His legs are way skinnier than everyone else's. Does he eat?
JOWY: "Odessa............ On the night of the attack...." It was Sanchez's fault.
JOWY: "When I think about Captain Rowd and that man he was talking to.... it might be dangerous in Kyaro." NO, SHIT. DID YOU THINK FLIKTOR WERE HOLDING US PRISONER FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES? (Well, Viktor.)
JOWY: "But I still want to go back. Your sister Nanami is waiting for you there too. She's.... probably worried about you." She's Nanami, Jowy.
'Let's go back to Kyaro Town.' or 'It's too dangerous to go back.'
RIOU: "Let's go back to Kyaro Town."
JOWY: "Yeah. That's where we grew up. We can't forget it so easily."
And we run!

Does Jowy even have a plan for how we're getting back to Kyaro? We're on the wrong side of a mountain range.

Because I enjoy being relevant, I try to head to Radat.
There are a bunch of men blocking the road.
man: "Yo, we're fixin' the sluice gate, so ya can't cross this bridge into Radat right now."
little boy: "C'mon, where are ya from? From the mercenary fort east of here?"
little girl: "They're adjusting the sluice gate, so they won't let me pass. They say it's too dangerous. Now I can't get home."

... Since I still enjoy being relevant, I drop by Toto.
[BGM: Children are Playing in the Fields]
kid: "You're a bad guy! Shoot!! Shoot!!"
little kid: "I came to see Pilika, but she's not here."

I try to go to Pilika's house, and ...
JOWY: "Huh, that's strange. Nobody home?"

STATE SOLDIER blocking the way to Muse: "Hey, are you going to Muse? The State Army is on alert. The war may be over, but you should still be careful."

So much for irrelevance.

[BGM: The Great Street Performers]
We're now in Ryube! The music is louder the closer you get to the performers.
SUP, CIRCUS TROUPE! Bolgan keeps breathing fire, and the one man appears to have asked out that one girl.
EILIE: "Okay.... now for our next performance.... Let's see.... okay, you over there! Yes, you!"
Odessa jumps and the crowd moves out of the way so she can walk over and stare at him. He goes ?, and then freaks out when he realises she's trying to check his butt.
EILIE: "Okay. You're the right height, and you've got a cute face too. Come here. Hurry, hurry!"
She grabs him and starts dragging him over to the tree.
JOWY: "Hey... hey... Odessa...."
Jowy follows to the front of the crowd. So concerned~~
BOLGAN: [jumps a bit, excited] "Everybody!!!!! Our main event!!! Ummm... Here she is! Our knife-throwing... expert!!" I like the significant pause.
EILIE: [pissed, runs over to Bolgan] "Hey! That's not how I told you to say it!"
BOLGAN: "Umm. Here she is!! The beautiful and famous knife-thrower Eilie!!! Feast your eyes on her magnificent face and form!"
RINA: [stands up from her table and walks over to whisper to Odessa:] "Please don't move. She hasn't been doing too well lately... But don't worry too much, I've got some good medicine." ... Reassuring.
Rina walks back over to the table and Bolgan puts a watermelon on Odessa's head.
EILIE: "Here we go!"

RIOU: [ Don't move. ]

Bolgan puts a squash on his head.
RIOU: [ Don't move. ]
Eilie shoots it! Bolgan puts some bananas on his head. A little old lady is concerned.

RIOU: [ Don't move. ]
The crowd is concerned by Bolgan putting a peach on Odessa's head! Jowy in particular. Jowy has Opinions on people other than him putting holes in Odessa.
RIOU: [ Don't move. ]
Everyone not Jowy is really excited.
BOLGAN: [ jumping a lot ] "Yeah!!! Great job! Everyone! Big applause!!! Hey, you help out too!"
Bolgan walks over to Jowy. Jowy is concerned.
JOWY: "Huh? Me?"
Fade out.

[BGM: A Peaceful Mountain Village]
RINA: "Thanks for helping us out. We're travelling performers. I'm Rina....."
EILIE: "I'm Eilie. We're sisters and this is our big brother."
BOLGAN: [ jumps ] "Bolgan!!!"
JOWY: "I'm Jowy. This is my friend, Odessa. We're on our way to Kyaro Town in Highland..."
RINA: "Hey, so are we. We've been to all the villages around here. It's time for somewhere new. The only problem is...."
EILIE: [ annoyed ] "I told you it would be okay. Don't worry about the Mist Monster. After all, I'm here."
JOWY: "The Mist Monster?"
RINA: "To enter Highland, you have to take North Swallow Pass. But we've heard rumors that a horrible Mist Monster lives up there. If you guys are going to Highland too, maybe we go together?"
JOWY: "Yeah. It's okay with me. How about you, Odessa?"
'Of course.' or 'It's my pleasure to travel with such a beautiful lady.' or 'No way!'
RIOU: "It's my pleasure to travel with such a beautiful lady."
RINA: "You're a smooth-talker."
JOWY: [upset] "...................." JEALOUS, AREN'T YOU. I bet he's upset that he didn't get called beautiful.
EILIE: "Great. Thanks a lot Odessa and Jowy."
BOLGAN: [bounces] "Bolgan happy."
[ Eilie joins party ] [ Rina joins party ] [ Bolgan joins party ]

[BGM: none; birds chirping]

STATE SOLDIER: "Up ahead is the Highland border. There's also a rumor that a Mist Monster lives in there. No one is permitted to enter by order of Mayor Anabelle of Muse. Please go back the way you came."
JOWY: [walks over to lower soldier] "We have to get back... I mean we have to go to Highland."
STATE SOLDIER: [walks in front of Jowy] "Sorry, we've got our orders."
EILIE: [walks over to the lower soldier] "C'mon can't you just bend the rules this once?"
STATE SOLDIER: [freaks out] "Sorry. I can't do that..."
BOLGAN: [walks up behind Jowy and bounces] "Pleeeeaaase."
STATE SOLDIER: "..................."
[BGM: Theme of Temptation ~ Asian Dub Mix]
RINA: [sidles up to the higher soldier] "Umm.... Mr. Captain.... Could we have a little talk..."
RINA: "Come over here with me..."
She leads a soldier offscreen.
Fade out.
She walks in, the soldier following her at a decent distance!
STATE SOLDIER: "Errr.... um... Go. But you have to promise to keep your mouths shut."
JOWY: [turns around a bunch] "?" It's called 'sex', Jowy. If you and your tenkai had it more often, maybe you'd be less prone to stupid.
RINA: "But of course."
EILIE: [walks slowly over to Rina and Jowy] ".... Rina.... you didn't...."
RINA: "If this nice captain says we can go, then we should take him up on his kind offer."
Bolgan jumps a bunch!
JOWY: "???"
Rina leads the party past the soldiers.
JOWY: "Rina, what did you do to him?"
RINA: "Nothing. We just had an adult conversation, that's all. Come on, let's go."

other STATE SOLDIER: "How come only the captain...." HAHAHAHA

[BGM: Labyrinth ~ Penpe 2]
The CutRabbits in this area sometimes drop Double Beat runes! It's pretty rare, but if you have the patience, run around looking for some. If you find some, then you have awesome equipment and are well on your way to the 2500 damage per physical attack shenanigans I ended up with; if you don't, you've levelled up enough to make the boss fight not too hard.
And this pond will fully heal you whenever.
... Some rabbits dropped Cream Stew (8 portions). That's kinda ...
[ You got Double Beat ] Yee :D Gonna look for a second one.
This is what a save point looks like.
Didn't manage to find a second one before I got bored.

... So I'm doing a second run through to fix the thrice-damned BGM lists, right. I just noticed that Riou failed to get infuriated at Jowy's death. Riou is a terrible boyfriend. Not as terrible a boyfriend as Jowy, but at least Jowy has the decency to berserk on Riou's death. (Previously I'd just thought Riou and Nanami wouldn't both berserk, but no, it kinda looks like Riou doesn't have goodwill for Jowy.)

EILIE: "I'm getting a bad feeling..."
JOWY: "Odessa........ Here it comes....."
[BGM: A Worthy Foe Appears]
CUTSCEEEEEEEENE A lot of people have trouble with their emulators crashing at this bit.

The bastard attacks three times per turn.
And ... turns into a woman?
EILIE: "That was scary. You were right, Rina. It's a good thing Odessa and his friend were with us." Haha, Jowy doesn't rate a name.
JOWY: "It sure was.... Odessa and I couldn't have handled it alone either." ... Yes we could.
BOLGAN: [jumps a lot] "I'm hungry." [more jumping]
RINA: "Ha ha. Let's get going. I think we're just about there."

When we're nearly out of the passage, the party slows down.
JOWY: "Just a little further north and we should see Kyaro Town. C'mon Odessa."
EILIE: [walks closer to Odessa] "So that's where we part company..."
Fade out to world map.

I try to head to Tenzan Pass!
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "Hey you! Nobody is allowed past this point!!!"

[BGM: Homesickness]

JOWY: "We finally made it back, Odessa."
EILIE: [walks closer to Odessa, then looks around] "Wow, so this is your town? It's really nice."
RINA: "This is where we say goodbye. It was fun travelling with you."
EILIE: "So where do you live? Maybe we could drop by next time we're in town." Subtle, Eilie.
JOWY: "Well my house is to the north where the road ends, and Odessa's house is off to the west. Just take a left at that path." Clean way to avoid having Jowy tell Odessa where he lives.
EILIE: "Okay, thanks. See you later."
BOLGAN: [steps closer] "Take care of yourselves."
And the travelling performers head south out of town! For some reason.
JOWY: "Odessa..... That leader of the mercenaries has got me worried. I'm going straight home. Nanami's probably waiting, so you should go home too. But be careful, okay. I'll see you later..."
Jowy walks off.


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: No one new today, I think!
- Jowy Points: 1 + 1 for innuendo - 1 for it not going anywhere, sad face + 3 for figuring out how to escape + 1 for being good with rope [nudge nudge] - 5 for trying to light Fliktor's house on fire = 0
- Game Overs: 0 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: Kyaro town! Gee, I sure hope Captain Rowd hasn't said anything about us while we were gone!