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Rare Pair Fest 2017

Hello! I'm [ profile] surskitty, and thank you for writing or drawing for me! In the event you found this from my journal, this letter is for [community profile] rarepairfest.

I'm only interested in canonverse or canon-divergent AUs, and I also have no interest in established-relationship fluff. Pre-relationship fluff, yes, but not established relationship fluff that's not smutty. Smut is great and do not worry about my squicks! I prefer dubcon to noncon; when I'm into a fucked up ship, I prefer when they know it's a bad idea and do it anyway and get in over their heads, as opposed to clearly being victimised.

DNWs: Setting change AUs, established relationship g-rated fluff, scat, watersports

Final Fantasy VII

I haven't played most of the Compilation, so please keep an OG focus. I don't mind extended canon details, but I'm also not invested in any of them.

  • Cid Highwind/Reeve Tuesti -- Cid is a former Shinra pilot, yes? And Reeve as Cait Sith both steals and flies the Highwind in disc two, not to mention suborns the crew. Did they know each other pre-game? Cid got his life's work wrecked multiple times by departmental politics; does Reeve have any sympathy, and does it matter while everybody's pissed at Cait for being a spy? Do they have any professional respect for each other as being engineers not all that well suited to Shinra politics? I'm interested in anywhere you go with them, though I ask that you have Cait not be self-aware to any meaningful extent. I much prefer Reeve the nerd with weird hobbies.
  • Elmyra Gainsborough/Barret Wallace -- A widow and a widower who both raised someone else's child for a last request. Even before you take into account that Elmyra was looking after Marlene up until Reeve took Marlene hostage, I think they've got a lot of potential, especially postgame. (This assumes Reeve evacuated her to Kalm with Marlene, but I think that's a safe assumption.) I'd really like for the AVALANCHE crew to make an effort to keep Elmyra from getting isolated now that her daughter is dead and they all miss her, and Barret needs something more constructive to do with his life now that he's not a terrorist and also the world nearly ended. Maybe they can bond and find something together.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

  • Akira/Flynn -- I completely adore Infernal Tokyo for kink purposes and Infernal Akira's questionable competence and would always be thrilled to read more, but! I also like Blasted Tokyo Akira! And Aquila! And Akira's tendency to focus on the future while Flynn is focused on the here and now! FTR, if you haven't played Apocalypse, the only major thing you're missing that's fun to note here is Flynn's previous incarnation kind of sort of committed seppuku to summon Masakado, oops. (This is shown within the first ten minutes; it's not a spoiler.) If you have played Apocalypse, feel completely free to go with Nanashi/Flynn as well; I just really enjoy Akira.

Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse

  • Abe/Hallelujah -- Wow this ship seems incongruous here. Well! Talk about a total mess of a mentorship gone wrong. Do you think Hallelujah eats people? Because I would be absolutely for it if he eats people. Abe and his sex demons showing Hallelujah the ropes as Hallelujah wants aniki to notice him and WHOOPS big bro was daddy all along, fucking awkward. PWPs are good and so would be Abe making sure Hallelujah isn't totally disregarding his demonic nature. A growing boy needs magnetite. Abe helpfully keeping other people away as Hallelujah eats corpses. Abe and the succubi helping him with demon puberty. Terrible.
  • Dagda/Danu/Nanashi/Nozomi -- Tone shift go! Nozomi's mentor role to the party is really fun and I enjoy how she clearly thinks Nanashi and Asahi are good kids, and I would absolutely read Nozomi showing Nanashi the ropes, as it were. Meanwhile Dagda is furious and Danu thinks this is hilarious and the demon incest makes this 100% funnier to Nozomi; this is perfect. She was just gonna show Nanashi some of the joys of life but pissing off Dagda makes this worth it and Danu thinks Nanashi's a good kid, too. Anything is good, but this is a delightful combo for sex comedy or PWP.
  • Gaston/Jonathan -- Was it just me who found the Gaston + Merkabah sequence really intriguing? No? Well. I'm completely fine with it being one-sided Gaston -> Jonathan, given how the timeline works, but also horrendously fucked up Gaston/Merkabah taking advantage of Gaston's herocrush on Jonathan would be awesome.
  • Hallelujah/Nanashi -- Young half-demon and possessed corpseboy 8D They're cute and I would adore anything where they're happy. I would also adore anything where Anarchy Route Nanashi keeps a half-demon pet. Go as fucked up as you please, and note that I have particular fondnesses for vore, cannibalism, necrophilia, and vivisections. Just. You know, if you felt like it. Fluffy smut is fine too, though.
  • Isabeau/Nozomi -- The two responsible adults of the party! I'm sure they probably bonded a lot over being comparably not a total mess, plus they already knew each other. Adding in Danu is completely fine, if you so desire, and I love Napaea.

The World Ends With You

  • Bito "Beat" Daisukenojo/Kariya Koki -- Talk about a fraught duo. Beat asked him and Uzuki about becoming a reaper, and later was way more concerned with their wellbeing than Neku, no matter that they killed his sister, but Beat spent a week as a reaper, yeah? What happened? What about after the Game? How does Kariya feel about the rookie who got a normal life, or Beat about the reapers? There's a lot of places you could go with them.
  • Bito "Beat" Daisukenojou/Sakuraba Neku -- Week three is a pile of heartbreak and sweethearts and I want them to be happy. Or terrified of how they're about to die. Either way, I love it. I'm also fond of how Beat's the more empathetic of the two, as well as the one who's merciful towards brainwashed Uzuki and Kariya; I would absolutely read things set in week two dealing with Beat's need to repress absolutely everything with him dead, his sister double dead, his sister's murderers as coworkers, his life conditional on trying to kill that asshole who ticked him off last week, and said asshole trying hard to be a better person right when Beat's least able to deal with it. I just love these two so much.
  • Hanekoma Sanae/Kiryu "Joshua" Yoshiya -- Mentor/student where the student ends up in charge of the mentor ♥ I like them fraught and with betrayal and Hanekoma well aware Joshua's been in a bad place mentally and them both very much not human.
  • Kiryu "Joshua" Yoshiya/Kitaniji Megumi -- Joshua's been lonely for a long time and Megumi clearly thinks the world of him. Give me all the power imbalance and harassment in the workplace where the boss in question is to some extent a 15yo boy. Terrible. Terrible.
  • Kitaniji Megumi/Minamimoto Sho -- THEIR LINES TOGETHER ARE SO WEIRD. Kitaniji clearly doesn't care if Minamimoto skives off meetings or calls him Megumi-cha~n or spends most of a week fucking around making Taboo Noise; he intervenes on w2d7, but not until then. What's up with them? Are they friends? Frenemies? I want to know!!