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Chocolate Box 2017 Letter

I'm [ profile] surskitty, and thank you for writing for me! This letter's for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm, a multifandom ship stuff exchange, in the event you're finding this from my journal.

My tastes run towards the black comedy and gallows humor side of things, plus psychological horror, gore, and cannibalism, but I do like fluff and smut, too! Obviously many of these aren't on the darker side of the spectrum, and I promise you that every pairing I requested, I would be delighted to receive.

Please do not write me any noncon or rape fantasy, and I also have no interest in AUs other than canon divergence. If it's not in the same world, please don't bother. As far as kinks in smut go, I don't like scat or watersports, but other than that, I'm very hard to squick. If you've got something truly filthy you've been wanting an excuse to write, go for it.

Final Fantasy VII

I'm only fannish about the original game, though I don't mind picking and choosing details from the rest of the series, and on my recent replay, I found myself way more fascinated by the Shinra side of things than I used to be, oops. Particularly a certain morally-questionable weird cat man. I love the whole cast, though, and I promise you I'm interested in every single one of the relationships I requested.
  • Aerith Gainsborough & Reeve Tuesti -- Their relationship is so weird to me, because you find out Reeve'd kidnapped Marlene (and presumably also Elmyra) right before the Temple of the Ancients, and then during the Temple he's thrilled to be helpful to her, and Cait Sith has his ridiculous dramatic death scene and then Aerith's gone. That's it. She's murdered. And then it apparently takes him quite a while to tell her mother what happened (he doesn't mention it until you return to the Temple of the Ancients, which has to be at least two weeks later and probably more than that) and ... I dunno. It's weird. I don't know where you'd want to go with this, but I'm interested.
  • Aerith Gainsborough & Sephiroth -- Sad children in labs, both broken by Shinra and Hojo. Except Aerith got out and Sephiroth didn't. I don't ship them, but I do think it's interesting that the timeline works for Sephiroth to have met her and Ifalna in the labs.
  • Cid Highwind & Reeve Tuesti -- Pre-game Shinra interactions? Mid-game technicians being techniciany? I'm also going to point out that Reeve's the one who stole the Highwind away from Shinra in disc two (along with its crew).
  • Elmyra Gainsborough/Barret Wallace or Elmyra & Barret -- Elmyra never shows up again in the Compilation afaik, which is kind of weird, because we know for sure Reeve evacuated her to Kalm along with Marlene so there's no way she died from Meteor. I really want to see Elmyra integrating into the AVALANCHE crew post-game as someone who mourns Aerith and bonding with the other single parent who's lost a spouse to Shinra. Ehehehe.
  • Lucrecia Crescent/Cloud's Mother -- Yes. Absolutely.
  • Reeve Tuesti & Barret Wallace -- The enduring rivalry, and then Compilation Reeve appears to be well on his way to conquering the world. Because that's not awkward. I want Barret to get to deck him >:)
  • Reeve Tuesti & Vincent Valentine -- You can't convince me they didn't chat during the game. You just can't. Anything about them would be fun, either midgame or post-game with minimal familiarity with Dirge of Cerberus.

Kingdom Hearts

I have played the entire series, so do not worry about spoilers et cetera! I like fluff for these pairings to all have a bit of an edge there; these are all kind of mind-games-y and I'm really fond of fridge horror for them.
  • Namine & Riku Replica -- Two kids used to traumatise the other through no fault of their own *_* Either one's complicated feelings on the other are A++, or incorporate the manga and skip Riku killing the Replica for disastrous interactions either while Sora's asleep or after KHII, with Kairi wanting them both to heal rather than bury it.
  • Namine/Sora or Namine & Sora -- What a fucking mess. Some amount of dubcon is expected and encouraged for this ship, though Sora's enthusiastic; I'm especially interested in AUs where Naminé doesn't put Sora to sleep to fix his memories, and so we're just ... left with an incredibly codependent mind-wiped Sora. And any of the consequences of that. Alternatively, anything involving Sora finding out exactly why he's supposed to thank Naminé would be grand.
  • Riku Replica/Sora -- The Riku Replica's thing for Sora seems to be massive, but it entirely originates from mind control; Sora cares a lot about the Replica, but it's entirely because he thinks the Replica is Riku. What a mess. Either canon-compliant or canon-divergent for the Replica to not die so you can have fucked up back-on-Destiny-Islands messes are completely encouraged 8D
  • Axel & Riku Replica -- Axel found a broken clone and used him to assassinate the last guy in his way. Axel's a bag of dicks, and that's just how I like him. What the hell would've happened if the real Riku didn't clean up after him? Does Lea ever make Riku's life a bit more difficult post-KHII and bring up their dirty laundry?
  • Axel/Sora -- CoM-era or KHII-era are both grand, but I'm not huge on Sora/Lea. I especially like when Axel's hung up on his friendship with Roxas and that's coloring all of his interactions with Sora, hehe.

Subarashiki Kono Sekai / The World Ends With You

HELLO I AM HERE FOR DEAD PEOPLE. I like the whole cast, but I'm a complete sucker for anything taking place either during the Game or in a Game-adjacent context. o7 I like stuff to keep having supernatural elements, haha.
  • Beat/Kariya -- Someone mentioned this and I can't get it out of my head. Beat's whole arc with Uzuki and Kariya is fascinating, from first asking them how to become a reaper to making sure Neku doesn't erase them in week 3, and I'd really like to see something about them either during canon or post-canon.
  • Beat/Neku -- My interests are more mid-game or a canon divergent AU than post-game fluff, ehehe. Their whole thing in weeks 2 and 3 is so much fun to me. Let them be happy :|b
  • Hanekoma/Minamimoto -- I enjoy the whole gamut here, from scary edgemasters with Taboo Noise to them both being hipster weirdos who're a lot less damaging than they could be. Do they still know each other post-game? Does Minamimoto still keep trying for Joshua's head, or is he content for now? I personally prefer for more of a tryhard Banksy type focus on Minamimoto than on the math jokes and number puns, but both are good.
  • Josh/Neku -- I never get bored of this ship, and this is the one time I'm interested in actual AUs, so long as Joshua's still dead and Neku's still a mostly-normal teenager. Ghost story stuff, especially. For them, I like stuff a bit bittersweet, haha.

Suikoden IV

Suikoden IV would be my favorite Suikoden if it'd been released as a finished game, but even what we got has a lot of potential. The kind of Lazlo I'm fond of is a bit cheerfully depressed, well aware he's going to die and making the best of it, and when he doesn't end up dying, well, he's happy to go live on a deserted island indefinitely. Maybe he'll finally even get his beach house.
  • Agnes/Elenor -- Mmmmm Silverbergs. Grumpy depressed alcoholic Silverbergs and their protégées. I'm here for anything with them ♥
  • Kika/Lino -- Aaaaah ♥ I like what we see of them and that they've both been deeply hurt by the Rune of Punishment, and I'd be thrilled by any kind of missing scenes stuff for them. Pre-game, mid-game, post-game; it's all good.
  • Lazlo/Snowe -- Oh, Snowe. I love Snowe. I love how he wants attention until he actually has attention and then he's immediately passing the attention off to Lazlo whether he wants it or not. I love his ridiculous attempts at piracy. I love his dog collar. I love fishing up his outfits. Make Snowe happy or make him a buttmonkey; either way, Snowe is wonderful.
  • Lazlo/Ted -- Canon-compliant or Ted and Lazlo meet again post-game, either's great. As is Lazlo meeting Tir with past Lazlo/Ted! I'm not picky.