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Chocolate Box exchange letter

Hi, I'm [ profile] surskitty, and thank you for writing or drawing for me! This letter's for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm, a multifandom ship stuff exchange.

I'm a sucker for black comedy and gallows humor, plus psychological horror and a lot of things that're definitely on the fucked up side of things, but anything edging towards noncon is a definite Do Not Want. Go as fucked up as you want, but all parties ought to be into it, capisce?

On the other side of things, I do like fluff and I love comedy, but I prefer when there's a tinge of darkness to it. Doesn't need to be much!

As far as art goes, I'm happy with either moments inspired by whatever or just, like, cuddlepiles or something. Stuff that's sexually charged is more to my interests than them actually banging.


I am way more familiar with the novels than the anime, ftr, and if you're offering Huey or Elmer, well ... I kind of hope you are too! It's not a big deal if you aren't and you plan on writing Czes, though, but I'd be happy to send download links your way if you're curious. 2001 Children of Bottle's the only Czes-heavy novel, anyway.

Okay, first off, I am a total fucking sucker for anything to do with the Mask Maker trio. Like, if you have any desire to write/draw the Mask Makers doing literally anything, go for it. If you really want something fucked up, Huey/Elmer dissection kink go. Victor’s terrible hatecrush on Huey is also wonderful.

OTHER than that, I’m only interested in Maiza/Czes if it stays PG because, yeah. Maiza has bought the kid gelato before; I don’t think he’s gonna go there. But they did spend 30 years on a road trip together and I would love anything to do with that. (They were looking for immortals and picked up Sylvie and Nile along the way, but the important thing is 'road trip'.)

Dangan Ronpa

Asahina/Fukawa, Asahina/Syo – Asahina and Fukawa really seem to bring out the worst in each other! I’d much prefer seeing stuff to do with that than anything involving them being happy and fluffy.

Kingdom Hearts
  • Namine/Riku Replica, Namine & Riku Replica
  • Namine/Sora, Namine & Sora – I AM A SUCKER FOR FRIDGE HORROR.
  • Riku Replica/Sora – The Chain of Memories manga didn’t have the replica die. Please have anything involving the replica crashing back into everyone’s lives on Destiny Island. :)

Shin Megami Tensei IV
I AM A SUCKER FOR INFERNAL TOKYO. Akira/Protag is a thing that needs to exist in this world. It already kind of exists, but the world could use more of it. Go as fucked up as you want, too, so long as Flynn's into it if anything actually happens outside of Akira's head.

Steven Universe

  • Pearl/Rose – Ideally involving the massive power differential and Rose unable to tell if Pearl is capable of consenting. Alternatively, public use kink set around the war with Pearl being mega into degration with all these alien forms of gross biology and Rose supervising (and also probably participating, too). If you go that route, I’d rather gems by default not having any genitalia: it’s all shapeshifted, and feel free to get creative about it. Or, you know, Rose sitting on Pearl’s face. That would work too.
  • Amethyst/Peridot

Suikoden series

  • Jillia & Lucia – They probably met during SuikoII! I don’t care where you go with this; just go somewhere.

The World Ends With You

OKAY IF YOU PRODUCE ANYTHING BEAT/NEKU, I LOVE YOU. Shiki/Uzuki hatecrush or something else would be awesome, too. Tin Pin universe? Tin Pin universe.

I extremely firmly see Joshua as mentally and emotionally 15 in a lot of ways, even if he’s in truth significantly older than that and has way more knowledge (even if not that much experience), so keep that in mind if you’re writing him. He’d still be very firmly the one in charge if he’s banging Kitaniji or Hanekoma! He’s just … yeah.

For Joshua/Minamimoto, I exclusively want Another Day, sorry! I personally headcanon Pink as a reaper, Ken Doi as composer, and Minamimoto as a brat who sees dead people (with Mr Doi and Minamimoto having a more functional Hanekoma & Joshua sort of thing going on), but I’m good with them being entirely mundane, too. I just think the Tin Pin bullshit’s improved by dead people bullshit.

I don’t know what the fuck is up with Sho being allowed to call Megumi “Megumi-cha~n” and Megumi telling Konishi off for complaining about it. There's a story there, I know it.

Ehehe! I'm excited \o/

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