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surskitty ([personal profile] surskitty) wrote2015-10-30 04:50 pm

Antidepressants are an incredible thing.

Over the past year -- pretty much exactly a year, in fact -- I've apparently written 262k words of fic, at least 230k of which are solid, postable bits of TWEWY fic. Before that, I'd never written more than 1k continuous words of anything. I'm ... impressed isn't strong enough, but I don't know what is.

It's not even like the antidepressants really make me less depressed, but I'm capable of having an attention span? I can't express how valuable that is. I'm just.


262k!! And a 150k fanfic that's got like half a chapter left before it's done, though I'm currently 3k into something I'd like to get done for Halloween. Ehehehe. Still, that'll probably be done within the next week or two, even considering that I need to do another pass of edits before posting. (Nothing too major, I don't think, but I need more foreshadowing in at least one scene.)