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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 13

Whoa, it has been ages since I fiddled with this. ... Whoa, I'm actually like two or three updates ahead of this on my save file. Huh.

LAST TIME: SPYING: it's not a good idea. Particularly if your cover story is shitty as hell.

[BGM: none, birds chirping]
Nanami gets pinged as I run onscreen.
NANAMI: "Oh, you're back! You're back! Over here. Are you okay? I heard a lot of yelling, so I thought they'd captured you."
Odessa walks the rest of the way over to the group.
NANAMI: "Huh? Where's Jowy? He didn't..........."
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: [walks down and jumps] "There they are! Over here! Hurry!!!"
NANAMI: "Huh? What? What?"
Odessa backs up slightly as a bunch of soldiers run over and FAITO. Jowy is no longer in my party for obvious reasons.
NANAMI: "Whew.... But, what happened??? Hey, hey, hey, Odessa? Where's Jowy? What happened to him?"
RIOU: 'First we have to get out of here...' or dots.
RIOU: [ dots ]
NANAMI: "Huh? Huh? What happened? Did something happen to him? Odessa??"
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "There they are!!!"
NANAMI: "Whew.... But, what happened??? Hey, hey, hey, Odessa? Where's Jowy? What happened to him?"
And then it loops with that until you pick ...< /blockquote>
RIOU: "First we have to get out of here..."
NANAMI: "Huh? Wait a minute....."
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: [walks in] "Here, here. They're still here!!!"
NANAMI: [bounce] "Uh oh!"
Fade out as we hightail it.

Walking back to the border~
NANAMI: "................. Oh no........ Jowy is................."
NANAMI: "He'll be okay...... yeah, he'll be fine. Jowy always keeps his promises. We'll wait in Muse for him to come back. He may even catch up to us before then.... Right, Odessa?"

[BGM: Let's Climb This Hill]
Back at the entrance to Muse ...
NANAMI: "So............. Jowy didn't catch up with us.... What should we do? Should we go see Jess?"

I try walking over to the rune shop to buy more fury runes, but Nanami stops me in front of the inn.
NANAMI: "Wait a minute, Odessa. I can understand you wanting to rest, but I think we should report to Jess first."
So I walk around and get to the rune shop that way :')
Wow, four water runes and a fury rune.

Jess is not in his room! I try to go over to Anabelle's room instead and an official stops me.
OFFICIAL: "There's an important meeting today. You can't go in."

As I try leaving the building, Nanami stops me.
NANAMI: "We can't see Jess or Anabelle. What are we going to do? Are Viktor and the others here??"
And now I can leave.

To the inn!
Fliktor are getting drunk, or at least more drunk. I suspect they're not very familiar with sobriety.
FLIK: "Odessa. You okay? Leona told us what was going on. We've been very worried."
NANAMI: [steps closer] "Y.. yeah, I'm okay. But Jowy....."
VIKTOR: ? "Yeah, he's not here. What happened to Jowy?"
NANAMI: "Well you see....."
Fade out.
VIKTOR: [storms out of his seat; this makes Nanami nervous] "What!!! So they've captured Jowy?"
NANAMI: "Huh? Well..... I... I don't know...... Jowy said...... he said he'd follow after us..."
FLIK: "What's scaring him going to do? Hey, let's go see Jess and find out exactly what's going on." That should probably be 'scaring them', Flik.
NANAMI: [nervous] "But Jess wasn't there and we weren't allowed in to see Anabelle...."
VIKTOR: "Don't worry. I'll show you a good trick." VIKTOR.
Flik gets out of his seat, though he is much more refined about it than Viktor. Details! Eee.
[ Viktor joins convoy ] [ Flik joins convoy ]

NANAMI: "Pilika.... Wait a minute...."
SAD PILIKA: "................"

[BGM: Quiet Room. That's the city hall bgm in general.]
OFFICIAL: "What's your business here? Lady Anabelle is preparing for a meeting.........."
OFFICIAL: [bolts into room] "Unfff....... uuuuuhhhh.........."
FLIK: [sweatdrop] "Good trick, huh............"
VIKTOR: "It's the best way to deal with government workers. Let's go in."

We walk in! Fliktor are leading the way. In Anabelle's room are Fitcher, Jess, and Hauser. Hauser is pretty much the only black guy in the game.
JESS: ! "What is this!"
[BGM: Sedition, without the opening]
ANABELLE: [walks out from behind her desk and over to Fliktor] "Viktor and Flik. What happened? Why do you look so angry?"
VIKTOR: [RUNS OVER TO BE WAY IN JESS'S SPACE 8(] "Hey! You! Is it true that you sent Odessa and Jowy to sneak into the Highland camp!?"
FITCHER: [nervous] "Hold on a minute, don't get so mad......."
JESS: "Yes, I asked them to do it. Now get your hands off me."
Viktor backs up slightly; Flik steps forward.
FLIK: "Anabelle, I don't know you that well, but is the State really in such bad shape that they have to use kids like this as spies?" Ouch.
ANABELLE: [turns] "Jess.........................."
JESS: "I asked them because in order to defeat the Highland Army, we need to know how much provisions they have. Odessa, how much provisions did they have anyway?" You're such a fuckhead.
Odessa would prioritise on the stratergery; Riou would care more about Jowy. :|a
RIOU: "About two weeks worth......."
VIKTOR: [turns to Odessa] "You!! Is that all you........"

RIOU: "............................."
NANAMI: "So you said... about 2 weeks. Right, Odessa?"

NANAMI: "But the important thing is Jowy... What about Jowy..."
NANAMI: "Jowy's been captured by Highland. Well, I don't know if he was captured, but he didn't come back. So please, please save Jowy......"
Long pause as Anabelle walks over to the kids.
ANABELLE: "Odessa, Nanami, I thank you for getting vital information for us. Furthermore, I apologize for putting you in such danger. But I'm afraid we can't save Jowy. We've got our hands full just protecting the city. Forgive me."
NANAMI: [nervous] "But, but, but........"
FLIK: "Odessa.......... Nanami............ Standing around and talking isn't going to bring Jowy back safe."
JESS: [steps up] "2 weeks means they're planning a swift assault. Now we can plan our strategy at the Hilltop conference. Thank you, Odessa."
Viktor rams into him; Fitcher jumps.
VIKTOR: "Why you!!!!!"
FITCHER: [nervous] "Please, no violence!! No violence!!!"
Viktor looks at Fitcher and steps back.
JESS: "How dare you, mercenary. We needed information to save Muse! Besides, it's your fault that Lady Anabelle is suffering." What? No, seriously, what? What planet are you ON, Jess?
ANABELLE: "Stop it, Jess!"
FLIK: "Enough, Viktor. I guess mercs like us don't have anything to say about what goes on here. Let's go back."
[BGM: none]
VIKTOR: [slowly moves away from Jess.] "Damn!!!"
Fade out.

[BGM: Let's Climb This Hill]
Back in the inn...
VIKTOR: "I'm sorry...... Odessa. If we had been there....."
NANAMI: "I wonder if Jowy's...... okay.... I'm sure he's fine. He'll come back." It's not as though Rowd's tried to kill him before or anything.

RIOU: "It's Jowy. He'll be fine."
NANAMI: "You're right. Well, I'm going to wait for Jowy out by the gate."
Nanami walks off.
FLIK: ".........................."
Fade out.

LEONA: "Odessa........... Should you be here? .......... Go and stay with her."

Nanami's standing outside the gate! It's sunset. Walking over to join Nanami at the gate....
No music.
NANAMI: "Hey, Odessa. Jowy's not.... Jowy's not back yet. I'm going to wait a little longer for him. Odessa, why don't you go back to Leona's and rest. If he comes back, I'll tell you."
RIOU: 'I'll wait with you.' or 'Okay, see you later.' If at any point you say you go back to Leona's, you ... go back to Leona's and skip the rest of this scene.
RIOU: "I'll wait with you."
[BGM: Reminiscence ~ Strings Version] Bawww.
NANAMI: "That would be nice. It'll seem faster that way.... no, I guess not..."
Nanami sits down.
After a while, Nanami looks up at Odessa.
NANAMI: "It's late..... Odessa, you should go wait at Leona's."
RIOU: 'I'm staying with you.' or 'Okay.  See you later.'
RIOU: "I'm staying with you."
Nanami looks back down. They wait for a while until Pilika runs over. Nanami stands up.
NANAMI: "Pilika?"
SAD PILIKA: "Huff... huff... huff... huff..."
They walk over to Pilika!
NANAMI: "Are you okay, Pilika?"
SAD PILIKA: "Waaaahhhh......"
NANAMI: "It'll be okay, honey. Jowy will come back."
SAD PILIKA: "............................"
RIOU: '..... Would you wait in my place?' or 'He'll come back.  He promised...' Far away, remember~ far away, you and me~ the innocence, we were so free~ memories in sepia~ far away, so pure~ there is always a place in my heart~
RIOU: "He'll come back. He promised..."
SAD PILIKA: "....................."
Nanami and Pilika sit down.
Waiting for a while.
NANAMI: "Hey, hey. Do you remember the time you got lost in Lude Woods." ... He got lost in Lewd Woods. Really? Really?
NANAMI: "While Grandpa Genkaku was out looking for you, Jowy and I waited just like this. You came back and I know Jowy is going to too."
Long pause.
NANAMI: [looks up] "I think you should wait at Leona's after all. You'll catch cold."
RIOU: 'I'm waiting with you.' or 'Okay.  See you later.'
RIOU: "I'm waiting with you."
NANAMI: "Why won't you ever listen to what your big sister tells you? .................. We'll wait a little longer."
Long pause.
NANAMI: "Well, to finish the story.... While we were waiting for Odessa just like this, do you know what Jowy did... ha ha. He cried the whole time." Jowy cried the whole time Riou was lost in Lewd Woods. I don't. I don't ... need to make comments here, do I...
NANAMI: "Can you believe it? Our Jowy crying just like a little baby... Hey, this conversation is our little secret, okay? I promised Jowy I would never tell a soul."
Long pause.
... during which, Pilika falls asleep.
NANAMI: [looks over at Pilika and blinks twice] "Looks like Pilika was pretty tired. It's late, Jowy." I'm not Jowy.
More waiting.
NANAMI: "Hey.... Odessa. You know what I think?.... When Jowy comes back, let's go far away from here....." Oh, Nanami.
Nanami stands up and is super pinged! Pilika has sleep bubbles and her eyes are still half-lidded.
NANAMI: "!!!!!!!!"
[BGM: Heart-Softening Music 1]
Jowy spots us and runs over!
We run too!
Nanami hugs him.
So does Pilika.
JOWY: "Odessa......... Nanami.......... You waited for me........"
NANAMI: "You came back! You really came back!!!"
JOWY: "Odessa..... Nanami........ I kept my promise......."
RIOU: 'Welcome home.' or 'I'm tired from waiting.' I'll be nice because it keeps Jowy from apologising.
RIOU: "Welcome home."
JOWY: "Thanks.... Odessa.... It's nice....... Having people to wait for you...."
SAD PILIKA: "....................."
JOWY: "Pilika waited too..... Thanks......."
Fade out.

[BGM: Beautiful Morning]
Oh, huh, I got the boys' and girls' rooms mixed up earlier. I sort of wonder if I fixed that.
NANAMI: [walks in] "Hey! How long are you two gonna sleep?"
JOWY: [rolls over.] "Uh....... Nanami......... a little longer...... You know...... I...... hate...... mornings....." Jowy/punctuation otp.
NANAMI: "C'mon.... I know it was rough, but it's already been a week. Snap out of it!"
Odessa gets out of bed, and after a moment, so does Jowy.
NANAMI: "C'mon. C'mon. Let's go."
JOWY: "Let's go?..... where?"
NANAMI: "Something's about to start at Jowston Hill. People have come here from all over the place. Is it a festival? Maybe something like that. C'mon. Let's go see." It certainly can't be politicking.
JOWY: "Oh well...... Shall we go, Odessa?"
Nanami and Jowy join the party! Wow Jowy has nice stat growth.

LEONA: [nervous] "Don't worry..... I'll take care of this girl, so go and have fun. You can get to Jowston Hill from the northwest part of town."
If you haven't yet, it'd be a good idea to remove everything from Jowy......

The Jowy palette-swap now says, "Hey! Hey! It'll be okay, right? I ate all my carrots so the Highland Army wouldn't come."

Hi, Viktor!
VIKTOR: "Oh, are you here for the view too?"
JOWY: "Viktor, what is this?"
VIKTOR: "Eh? It's a meeting of the leaders of the City-State of Jowston. This is Jowston Hill, so they call this the Hilltop Conference. Leaders of the 5 State cities, Muse, South Window, Greenhill, the Matilda Knights and.... oh I forget. Anyway, it should be interesting." ... Viktor, the [i]six[/i] Jowston city-states are Muse, Southwind, Greenhill, Matilda, Two River, and Tinto. I can forgive you forgetting about Tinto because they're stupid and Two River because they're like the Great Forest region in Toran except worse, but you should at least remember how many they are.
NANAMI: "Interesting?"
VIKTOR: "It's okay, don't worry. You can get in if you stick with me. You should see it, it'll be something to tell your grandkids, I'm sure." Assuming she has a chance to have any.
[ Viktor joins convoy ]

GUARD: "Only concerned parties are allowed past this point." Viktor's concerned, and he's in my party ...
VIKTOR: "I'm Viktor, mercenary leader under contract by Muse City. The others are with me. Let us in."
GUARD: "Wait a minute. Show me some proof of identity."
VIKTOR: "Hey, you don't recognize my face? My face is my proof of identity."
GUARD: "Sorry, but I can't let you in."
VIKTOR: "What....?!"
FLIK: [walks over] "Hope you're not planning on using your 'good trick' again."
VIKTOR: "Who's this?..."
GUARD: [ping!] "Oh! Y... you're.... Are you really Sir Flik?" HAHAHA it's because he's hot isn't it
FLIK: "Eh? Yes, but....."
GUARD: [nervous] "You're the mercenary soldier.... the one... the one they call.... 'Flik of the Blue Lightning'..."
FLIK: "....................."
GUARD: "Please, please go in."
VIKTOR: "How come they don't know my face, but they know your face?"
FLIK: [sweatdrop] "How should I know?" Oh, Flik, someday you will notice that there are people other than Viktor and Odessa who want you out of your pants.
[ Flik joins convoy ]
Fade out.

[BGM: The Confederation Forever] I keep wanting to replace this mentally with the Mickey Mouse Club Theme.
And now you know what the inside of the building looks like.
Pan over the room...
man in blue: "... Mayor of Muse City, Lady Anabelle......"
Anabelle and Jess walk in.
VIKTOR: "We're going to do our sightseeing over there."
We start heading down to the tables, but some jerk runs into Nanami!
GORUDO: "Out of the way, girl!" Fuck off!
Nanami steps out of the way and bounces as Gorudo walks off! The knight in red (Camus) stops next to her; the knight in blue (Miklotov) follows Gorudo until he notices either that Nanami's pissed or Camus isn't following.
NANAMI: "You creep. What are you doing?"
CAMUS: "Pardon us, my lady. I believe he was but overeager. May we have your forgiveness?" ... Camus ...
NANAMI: "No... I mean, yes....."
MIKLOTOV: "What are you doing, Camus?"
CAMUS: "Just doing my job as a knight. Got a problem?"
NANAMI: "Ah, ah.. it's... it's... it's okay."
CAMUS: "That is good. Well, please excuse me."
MIKLOTOV: "Let's hurry, Camus. It's also a knight's job to be on time." Oh, Miklotov.
Camus and Miklotov walk off.
NANAMI: "Hey! Hey! Odessa, Jowy, did you here? He called me 'lady'!!" This makes more sense in Japanese; she's impressed by him calling her ojousama.
JOWY: "....................."
blue guy: "Leader of the Matilda Knights and the White Knights, Lord Gorudo!!!"
FLIK: "Hey, here we go."
They go sit in the chairs on the bottom. Our party's on the left table; Viktor and Flik are sitting next to a blonde woman on the right table. Notice the giant army of clones.
blue guy: "Representative General of Two River City, Lord Makai!!!"
blue guy: "Acting Mayor of Greenhill City, Lady Teresa!!!!" HAHA TERESA RATES MORE BANGS.
blue guy: "Mayor of Tinto City, Lord Gustav!!!"
blue guy: "Mayor of South Window City, Lord Granmeyer!!!"
blue guy: "Commander of the Muse City Forces, Lord Hauser!!!" Does Hauser, like, get lines ever.

Pan over to the mayors! Clockwise, they're Anabelle (with Jess), Gorudo (with Miklotov and Camus), Makai (either Ridley and Susu are busy or Jowston has some major anti-nonhuman issues they need to get over), Gustav, Hauser, Teresa Wisemail (with Shin), and Granmeyer. I like the flags, though Southwind's looks like a target marker which is a little too apt for my tastes.
[BGM: none]
ANABELLE: "In accordance with the Jowston State Agreement, I hereby begin the Hilltop Conference."
JESS: "The Highland Army is massed at our border. They have only 2 weeks provisions with them. We believe they'll attack soon." Well, one week, now, if Nanami's mention is right.
MAKAI: "Wait a moment. Aren't they still in compliance with the peace agreement?" Ugh Makai.
JESS: "The Highland Army has already invaded the eastern part of Muse and burned several villages to the ground along the way." Thank you, Jess.
GORUDO: "As for that, didn't Highland reply that that was a 'trick by mountain bandits'?" Oh Gorudo.
GRANMEYER: "Do you really believe that Viktor's mercenary army could be crushed by a group of mountain bandits?" Dude, you're trying logic against the Jowston mayors.
HAUSER: "You can't deny that the Highland Army is massed at the border. It is a fact, and this represents a threat to the City-State." Wow, you have a line. ... Are his eyes just entirely white. What the fuck.
GUSTAV: "The Highland Army has approached the border before and they've never truly attacked. Why should this be any different?" Meanwhile, Gustav has no eyes. Reminds me of Mathiu a little. ... Though as mayor of Tinto, Gustav is contractually obligated to hate Scarlet Moon's -- well, the Toran Republic's now, but still -- guts.
TERESA: "The commander of the Highland Army has changed from Agares Blight to his son, Prince Luca Blight. That's why things are different." Oh, Teresa. You and your logic.
GORUDO: "Oh? So you can't pay your annual rice offering for 3 years, but your mouth still works fine I see." ... What the fuck?
TERESA: "How dare you...."
GORUDO: "It is just as Lord Gustav said, they'll run at the first sign of battle. I'm certainly not going to expend my knights for this." I'm not sure Camus and Miklotov would agree.
MAKAI: "The people of Two River are also tired from many battles...." Well, maybe Two River should stop being at war with Two River; have you considered that?
Long pause.
ANABELLE: "Luca Blight is more demon than man. If he breaks through Muse's defenses, the State will be in shambles. In the name of our mutual oath, I order you to provide troops to protect Muse City, capital city of the City-State Jowston." ... Congrats Anabelle.
GUSTAV: "I'm not afraid of your threats. What good is it if I protect Muse and my people, the people of Tinto, starve?" ... your economy is entirely mining. If there's no Muse, who do you plan on trading with. (Grassland, probably.)
GRANMEYER: "That's an order in the name of the State. You should watch how you speak, Lord Gustav."
Muse soldier: "Excuse me." [walks in and over to Jess, then leaves]
[BGM: Sedition]
JESS: "I have news to report. The Highland Army has slaughtered our border guards and they're reportedly headed for Muse." Nice timing, there.
GRANMEYER: "What!!!"
GORUDO: "It appears they were serious."
ANABELLE: "You all heard. I'm ordering all of you to gather your armies."
GORUDO: "Hmmm........"
Fade out.

[BGM: The Confederation Forever]
VIKTOR: "Okay, let's go back."

When I step out of the building ...
VIKTOR: "So that was pretty interesting, huh?"
NANAMI: "You think so?????? Looked like just a bunch of old men talking to me." TERESA AND ANABELLE ARE NOT OLD MEN
VIKTOR: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I guess you're right. Man, I'm tired out from just sitting in there. Let's head to Leona's place."
JOWY: "............................."

I try stepping out of the city, but Viktor stops me.
VIKTOR: "Let's head over to Leona's and have a drink first, eh." I don't think Leona'll share.
FLIK: "As usual, that's all you ever think about."
VIKTOR: "How can you say that?"

I step into the inn and Leona's talking to the innkeeper behind the bar and two maids in the kitchen are with Pilika and Anabelle and Apple are next to the stairs.
VIKTOR: "Hey, what a surprise. I was watching the meeting too. It was rough, but you did well."
ANABELLE: "Well, just part of my job. Nobody's giving full cooperation, but nobody wants anyone destroyed by Highland either."
VIKTOR: "So what is it? You didn't come here to make small talk."
ANABELLE: "Viktor, I need you to somehow slow down the Highland Army. It will take 7 days to gather all of the State forces. But the Highland Army will arrive here in 5 days. 2 days would be enough. Please just buy us 2 days."
APPLE: "2 days.... We battle outside Muse, and maybe bloody their noses a little. Yeah, I think I can buy you 2 days."
VIKTOR: "You'll never change. You ask for crazy things like they're nothing. The idea of us alone trying to stop that Luca Blight...."
ANABELLE: "I'm counting on you, Viktor. Also, we'll be expecting reinforcements from the Matilda Knights to arrive early." Haha yeah right.
FLIK: "Well if it's just slowing them down, I think I can handle it."
ANABELLE: "Thanks, handsome."
VIKTOR: "Well err... hey, that's my job.... Plus if it's a request from a fine lady like you, I could never refuse."
FLIK: "............................."
JOWY: [steps up to Anabelle] "Ummm......... Please let us fight with you."
ANABELLE: [moves closer to the group] "Jowy, Odessa.... It was wrong of me to get you guys involved in this whole mess. Forgive me. But you don't need to do any more than you already have. This is a problem for us adults." blah blah blah
JOWY: "No... we want to fight. We'll help you slow down the Highland Army.... Odessa, you'll fight too, won't you?"

RIOU: "Well I....."
JOWY: "Odessa, please."
I like that the options changed.
RIOU: "Well I....."
JOWY: "Fight...... with me........ Odessa......... That Luca Blight.........."

RIOU: "Well I....."
JOWY: "Please..... Odessa...... I want to make sure......" Repeat to infinity.
RIOU: ".......... okay."
ANABELLE: "Odessa, Jowy, Nanami. .... Don't get yourself killed. When the battle is over, come back and visit me. I'll tell you all about Master Genkaku." Oh foreshadowing.
NANAMI: "Okay.... Yes, yes!"
ANABELLE: "Well, I've got to get back. Viktor, do a good job for us. I know you will."
VIKTOR: "Yeah, well you're right."
Fade out.

RANDOM AS HELL DETOUR. I did this before heading back to Muse to wait for Jowy, but you can do this pretty much any time after first going to Muse after the fort's burned down. Yes, even near the end of the game.
[BGM: The King's March]
At the Mercenary Fortress, Templeton is pissed. SuikoII insists on calling him Templton, but unlike with Touta and Joey, the non-stupid spelling actually gets used in-series, so I'm going to call him Templeton anyway.
TEMPLETON: "What's wrong? I just want to take a little look inside!!"
HIGHLANDERS: "What are you talking about!? Buzz off before you get hurt!!!"
TEMPLETON: [walks up to them] "I told you. I'm just trying to fix my map!"
HIGHLANDERS: [pissed] "Get the hell out of here!!!"
TEMPLETON: [kicks one; there is an appropriate sound effect and the kicked soldier goes !] "Harumph!..."
SOLDIER: "!!!!!!!" [bounces as Templeton bolts] "Hey you!! Leave me alone!!!"

Templeton stops next to where Odessa is hiding in the shade.
TEMPLETON: "I swear, people around here have really got an attitude. Hey! Who are you guys?"
Fade out. We're now in the entrance to the Mercenary Fort area, far away from the soldiers.
TEMPLETON: "You guys got kicked out of here? Jeez what a pain.... So much stuff going on... I gotta keep changing my map." I still like his introduction in I: "My god, this is terrible! I wish they wouldn't do such things! Now I'll have to change the maps."

RIOU: "Map?" Can you make me one to find my ass?
TEMPLETON: "Oh. I'm Templton, a cartographer. I'm correcting my map of this area, but I'm really having a hard time. Sorry, but I'm sort of in a rush. Maybe I'll see you again."

[BGM: Requiem of Grief]
In what used to be Toto...
TEMPLETON: "This... this.... this is horrible........ I thought I'd seen everything, but this....." ... is nothing next to them burning down the elf village, asshole.
TEMPLETON: [pinged, turns to party] "So... so the Highland Army did this?"

RIOU: "Yeah........"
TEMPLETON: "You said before that you were thrown out of that fort. Are you fighting the Highland Army?" Dude, you're 14. Why is this the second army you're joining?

RIOU: "That's right."
TEMPLETON: "Really?.... In that case, I'll fight with you. I can't let them ruin everything I've gone to the trouble of mapping." Something is wrong in your head, kid.
Templeton joined the group!
TEMPLETON: "Here, I've got something for you. With this, you won't get lost no matter where you go. Okay, I'm going to look around some. I'll meet you later. Bye."
[ You got Suiko Map ]
Fade out.


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Templ(e)ton, Gorudo, Makai, Camus, Miklotov, Teresa, Shin (well, he didn't say anything), Hauser (first line!), Gustav, Granmeyer
- Jowy Points: 0 + 2 (hello again!) + 1 (yeah sure let's help Anabelle I guess) = 3
- Game Overs: 2 total
- Bathrooms: 0


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