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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 12

LAST TIME: Hi, Anabelle! Anabelle's secretary has decided we need to spy on Highland. It's hardly as though we've ever had problems with being thought of as Jowston spies or anything. And it's not like the Youth Brigade is pretty much entirely dead. And it's certainly not as though we just got arrested for being terrible actors. Holy shit, Jess, this is the worst idea.

Hi, Tuta! His name really should be Touta...
TUTA: "Hey, it's Odessa, isn't it? It's been a long time. Are you okay? I heard that the fort burned down...."

RIOU: "I'm fine."
TUTA: "Thank goodness. It looks like Captain Gengen was okay too."

RIOU: "It was horrible."
TUTA: "Are you hurt anywhere? I can ask Dr. Huan, and he'll fix it for you right away."

Fade out.

HUAN: "Odessa. I heard all about it. It must have been terrible."
HUAN: "Tuta, listen to me. There's going to be another big war. I'm sorry to get you involved, but we'll need a doctor." Are you honestly telling your 11-year-old apprentice to go join the army?
TUTA: "Yes, Dr. Huan." That's a thing that's happening.
HUAN: "Tuta, go to Viktor's place and help out." What the fuck.
TUTA: [nervous] "Huh, but I'm not yet......." 'properly in puberty.'
HUAN: "It's all right. You just need a little more experience. Good luck." You are the worst parental figure. I don't even think Layton is this bad. You are the absolute worst.
TUTA: "Yes. Dr. Huan."
HUAN: "Odessa. Please take care of Tuta." I like how you're having an irresponsible teenager take care of your apprentice. Alternatively, you're having Viktor take care of him, which really is even less responsible. The hell is wrong with you?
[ Tuta joined the group! ]
TUTA: "Okay, I'll be in Leona's place."
Fade out.

HUAN: "Please take good care of Tuta."
[ You got Recipe #3 ]

I walk into the inn!
LEONA: "Oh good, you're back. But if you're looking for Viktor or Flik, they're out rounding up soldiers."
JOWY: [steps up] "Well actually......."
Fade out.
LEONA: "Hmmm. That doesn't sound like a very good idea, does it?" I do love that everyone excepting Jess and Jowy thinks this is a fucking terrible idea. It is indeed a terrible idea.
JOWY: "Even if it's just a little, I'd still like to do my part to help out...."
LEONA: ".................. Well, go try your best. But remember, there is such a thing as trying too hard. I want you to take some friends with you to the Highland camp." That'd definitely make this less stupid. 8|
JOWY: "Thanks a lot."
I put Hanna, Zamza, and Humphrey in my party. I'm going to level up Hanna and Zamza to $lots first.
LEONA: "Okay, good luck and come back safe. I'll tell Viktor and Flik when I see them."
We (excepting Pilika) walk out.

Well, you're new! Hi, Anita!
ANITA: "What do you want? You interested in me or something?"
[ ... tries again ]
ANITA: "I could work for the Toran government too. But that woman........"
[ ... again. ]
ANITA: "Hey you. If you've got some antitoxin, can you give me one?"

RIOU: "Okay."
ANITA: "I was bitten by a spider. I'd be okay if I could get to an item store, but I feel so hot. At times like this, you realize how hard it is to travel all by yourself."
[ ... again. ]
ANITA: "Something's about to explode. If I stick around here, I bet I'll have a chance to use my sword after all."
[ ... again. I sort of wish I had the patience to grab her in Banner with Valeria, but I don't. ]
ANITA: "I'm supposed to be on a journey of training, but I can't find anyone to face me. At this rate, I'll never beat her out."
[ ... again. ]
She repeats herself a bunch of times. I shrug, step out of Muse, back in, and try more.
ANITA: "Huh? My glass is empty. I'm sorry, but could you pour one glass for me?"
[ talks to Leona ]
LEONA: "Wine? Sure, but Odessa, you're not going to drink, are you?"
[ You had wine poured in your glass ]
ANITA: "Thanks. It's important for a man to be nice. Heehee."
[ tries more, sighs, steps out and back in ]
ANITA: "What is it? A female swordsman isn't so rare, is it?"
Haha, flirting.
RIOU: "That's true."
ANITA: "War is coming. Everyone who wants peace has fled, everyone who wants to make a name for themselves has gathered. That's the way it is."

RIOU: "But I've never seen one so beautiful."
ANITA: "Ha ha, you're a strange boy. But thanks. I'm happy."

RIOU: "............................."
ANITA: "Huh? You're so nervous you can't talk? Ha ha, you're kinda cute."

You have to hit on her to progress.
ANITA: "You're busy, aren't you? What is it? You want something?"
... Fuck it.
RIOU: "I.... I... how about a date?"
ANITA: "!!!......................... Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! You're a funny kid. Okay, we'll go on a date. So when we go out on our date, are you going to do something nice for me?"
[ Anita joined the group! ]
ANITA: "Hee hee... wanna go on a date? Huh, cutie?....."

RIOU: "C'mon, join our group."
ANITA: "I guess you're right. I'm not gonna improve my swordsmanship sitting around in a tavern. I wouldn't do it for anyone but you, but okay.... I'll join."
[ Anita joined the group! ]
ANITA: "If you need me, call me anytime. Until then, I'll be enjoying myself here."

Fade out.

Kicking Zamza out of my party in favour of Anita >D
LEONA: "Do you want to change members?"

RIOU: "No, I just wanted to say hi."
LEONA: "Don't be such a brat." Whaaat? I'm being friendly!

SAD PILIKA: "............................."
JOWY: "Pilika, Odessa and I are going to go out for a little while. Don't cry, we'll be back soon."
SAD PILIKA: "............................."
JOWY: "Be a good girl and don't worry, okay. Leona, thanks for watching her for me."
LEONA: "I'm not very good with kids, but I'll do my best."

Bought a Fury Rune and gave it to Hanna!

And off I go ... to Matilda. What? I gotta level up Anita and Hanna!
... Huh, I bought some equipment to put on Anita and Hanna and I am now broke. Hopefully I'll have enough for another fury crystal by the time I'm heading back towards Muse.
... huh, I can't get into Mt Rakutei without Futch in my party. I might also need Humphrey there; I forget.
By the way, Anita has a Falcon Rune. Like Valeria! It's pretty awesome. ... Huh, Anita still doesn't have a left hand slot. [ looks up when she gets it ] Level 50?! So much for that. And Hanna never gets a left-hand slot. Damn. Well, they're levels 32 and 34, which is good enough, I suppose.

There! Got another fury rune.
The game is convinced my playtime is now 04:38:35, which probably gives you an idea of how much time I spend idling or wandering around. As such, dropping it down to 0!
And buying another fury rune, of course.

Hi, border! I replaced Humphrey with Futch for $reasons.
GUARD: "Beyond here is the neutral zone with Highland. No one can enter without permission."
JOWY: "We're here by orders of Chamberlain Jess. You should have received word of us."
GUARD: "Just a moment.... please."
He walks over and opens the gate with a clicky noise and the sound of gears.
NANAMI: "I'm starting to get pretty excited, Odessa, Jowy. I feel like a spy or something romantic like that." Wow, really? I never would've guessed.
JOWY: [sweatdrop] "......................" Yyyyeah I'm with Stupid over here.
The guard walks back.
GUARD: "You're cleared. If you take a shortcut through the woods, you should be able to approach the Highland camp without being seen. Follow me, I'll show you the way."
He walks off.
Dude up top says "Beyond here is Highland territory. You're not allowed to pass."
Dude by the woods: "If you go through these woods, you'll find the Highland camp."
He walks back to the gate.
JOWY: "Well I guess we should split up here...."
NANAMI: "Don't worry. We'll go along with you until we get to the enemy camp. C'mon, let's go! Let's go!"

There are wild armadillos in the forest. Also black rabbits with axes.
Futch just crit for 700. This is kind of ridiculous.
Wtf, not everyone ohkos everything. Sigh, evidence that weapon levels really matter.

JOWY: "From here on, Odessa and I will go alone. The rest of you wait here for us. Okay, we have to change into our uniforms now, so...."

NANAMI: ? ".....................??"
JOWY: [nervous] "Umm.... could you look the other way?" No.
Nanami goes ?; the rest of the part goes !.
Fade out; when we fade back in, everyone is facing the other way and we are now in uniform. See, I TOLD you the not being in uniform at the beginning thing wasn't because they didn't want to make sprites for it! And you didn't believe me, did you. Jerks.
JOWY: "Huh? It's kinda big. But it's okay. Let's go, Odessa." All members of my Legions of Terror will have professionally tailored uniforms. If the hero knocks a soldier unconscious and steals the uniform, the poor fit will give him away.
They turn around.
NANAMI: "It's true. You two just don't look right in those uniforms."
JOWY: "Really?"
NANAMI: "Odessa, Jowy, be careful. If you're in danger, just run away, okay?" We're level 40, Nanami.
Fade out as we walk up.

[BGM: Reconnaissance Mission, which is a remix of The King's March. Not at all ominous.]
JOWY: "We should go look in the tent with the provisions first. It's probably that big tent over there..."
Pan over to the big tent.
Gee, I sure don't think this fancy tent will be plot-relevant or anything.
I try to walk into the fancy tent and Jowy stops me.
JOWY: "Odessa, no! You want us to get caught?" I'm sure you can do a perfectly fine job of that by yourself.
Hi, chest!
JOWY: "It looks like that's where they're storing the provisions. But those guards........" It's like they're not idiots or something. Also, I like how we're not wearing anything over our heads even though 1. the Highland Youth Brigade uniform includes a helmet, 2. our hero's tiara he got from Genkaku is pretty identifiable, 3. we're wanted criminals, and 4. we're cleverly spying on them.
A highlander walks up and is startled! We are also startled!
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "What the!!! Who are you!!!!"
JOWY: "Uh oh......" If anything happens, it's your fault for insisting on it.
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: [walks up] "Those are Youth Brigade uniforms... What are you doing here?" Uhhhh.
JOWY: [nervous] "Well you see...... that is.... We.... we were in the Unicorn Brigade." IT'S NOT AS THOUGH THE ONLY SURVIVORS ARE NOW WANTED CRIMINALS OR ANYTHING JOWY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING
JOWY: "The State soldiers ambushed us and everyone...... We managed to survive, but the rest of the troop...."
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "Is that right...... You kids are very brave. Those State bastards!!!! They're pure evil!!!"
RIOU: 'You're right, they are.' or 'Hmmm, I wonder....'
RIOU: "You're right, they are." [ capable of acting way out of paper bag ]
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "You're damn right they are!! Don't worry though! We'll take revenge on them for what they did to you boys!!!" How sweet. But should you be swearing in front of kids?
JOWY: "Thank you. Umm... our captain told us to come here and get some butter..." BUT WHAT ABOUT NORWAY. ... I suppose that dates when I first did this update, wow.

RIOU: "Hmmm, I wonder...." For completion's sake.
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "???????????????"
JOWY: "Err..... yeah, that's it. Our captain told us to come here and get some butter..." Jowy: sometimes capable of acting his way out of a paper bag, I guess.

HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "Huh? Really? Okay, follow me."
The Highland soldier escorts us over to the guard.
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "Hey, let these guys in. They came to get some butter."
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "Well hurry up then. My shift's almost over."
JOWY: "Yes, sir."
We start walking in, but ...
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "Hey....... you guys!!!" Not at all foreboding.

RIOU: "Yes?"
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "..... I guess it's my imagination. You couldn't be spies with faces like that. Hey you guys, keep your spirits up, okay." Aww :3

RIOU: "What do you want!?"
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "What's the name of your captain?" Uh oh~

RIOU: "........................."
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "What's wrong? You don't know your captain's name?"
RIOU: "........................."
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "That's weird....... What's wrong, you forgot?"
RIOU: "........................."
JOWY: "Umm, it's ah....... Captain Rowd."
HIGHLAND SOLDIER: "Okay, understood. Hey you guys, keep your spirits up."

JOWY: "Y... yeah, thanks a lot." And then we walk in.

We are now inside the tent!
JOWY: "So this is where they're keeping their provisions. Let's take a look around."
We walk around the tent counter-clockwise.
JOWY: "It's about two weeks worth. I guess the Highland Army is planning to end things fast....... Let's go before we're caught."
Fade out as we walk out.

[BGM: Suspicion]
We step outside (and speed up once we're out of the tent) and who wanders over but ...
Rowd goes ? when he first sees us, then is pinged! He comes to walk over to us and we freak out :')
ROWD: "Hey, you guys are Odessa and Jowy!!! What are you doing here.....?" Uhhhhhh. (JOWY, WHY DID WE NOT WEAR HELMETS.)
JOWY: "Captain Rowd......."
ROWD: "Hah, now you really have become State spies!!!" [ starts running off ] "Intruders!!!!!!"
JOWY: "Let's run!"
And so we do, but I walk back to go empty that treasure chest. In it is a Fire Sealing rune. It's not usually very useful, but it is absolutely amazing while fighting Luca Blight. (It grants immunity to fire at the expense of a water weakness. It's nice combined with the Fire Lizard rune, which increases damage at the expense of recoil.)

I try going into a tent, but Jowy goes, "Odessa, if we don't hurry away from here, the soldiers will get us."

Haha, our escape route is blocked :')
JOWY: "Odessa, stop! We can't go that way while soldiers are around!"
Into the fancy tent we go.
Fancy tent filled with things!  There's a woman in a red dress just offscreen. We look around a bit. This tent sure is fancy!
[BGM: none.]
????: "Who are you two men?"
We panic! It's what we're good at.
JILLIA WALKS DOWN. Jillia, what the fuck are you doing here?
JILLIA: "This tent is for the Royal Family."
JOWY: [ steps up ] "I guess we've got no choice...."
Fade out.
Jillia is facing the beds. We're nowhere to be seen.
ROWD: [ runs in ] "Princess Jillia, my name is Rowd. I've been assigned to security here. Two State spies have infiltrated the camp. Forgive me, but I'd like you to allow me to search this tent...."
JILLIA: [ glances at him, then turns around slowly ] "That's not necessary. Please leave."
ROWD: [ steps closer ] "I assure you it won't take a moment...." ... :|
JILLIA: [ paces. ] "Thank you anyway, soldier. I wish to be alone."
ROWD: [ moves closer quickly! ] "B... but if by some chance...."
JILLIA: "I am asking you to leave. Or do you wish to disturb a lady's private sleep chambers?" Rowd, she's got a temper and a shoddy moral compass. You might want to leave her alone.
ROWD: [ backs away slowly ] "Ah... n, no, my Lady..... It's not that at all..... Plea... please forgive me for disturbing your rest, princess." [walks out.]
Pan up.
JILLIA: "Was that good enough, Mr. Spy?" I love you. SUPAI-SAN no seriously
Jowy and Odessa slowly walk into view.
JOWY: "We surprised you.... forgive us."
JILLIA: "No....." You're not going to forgive him?
Jillia backs up, then walks over to the tea set to the right.
JOWY: "What do you......."
JILLIA: [ picks up tea set ] "Please, don't be so frightened. I thought I'd serve some tea since you can't leave for awhile. It's Highland style." Not if it's bitter.
She walks over towards the table, but then stops and turns to Jowy.
JILLIA: "Also, would you please put away that knife in your hand? Or perhaps that's acceptable behavior in the City-State?" Ouch.
JOWY: "................................"
Fade out as Jillia keeps walking to the table.

[BGM: Bygone Days. It's a remix of Reminiscence.]
We're all sitting at the table like civilised people.
JILLIA: "We met once in Kyaro City, did we not?" Kyaro's a town, Jillia. It's not very big.
JILLIA: "I remember you said something like 'This country has betrayed us. I won't forgive them....' So? How is it now? You still haven't forgiven us?"
JOWY: "Well........."

RIOU: "I will.... someday I know I will." You just keep telling yourself that.
JILLIA: "Good....."

RIOU: "......................"
JILLIA: "Say, what happened to that lively spirit you had back then?"

JOWY: "Jillia....... No.... Princess. What are you doing in this place?"
JILLIA: "My brother....... Luca Blight, do you know him?" No, he's only burned down three places in front of my party's eyes. Wait, didn't he light the Highland camp on fire back in the Tenzan Pass? Okay, four places.

RIOU: "..... He's a fiendish monster."
JOWY: "Odessa!"
JILLIA: "No....... He may be exactly right.... I'm his little sister and sometimes even I don't understand him." I find it worrying you ever understand him.
Regardless of what you say, she continues with:
JILLIA: "My brother is trying to expand this war. Even though most of the people of Highland are tired of it.... Also.... my brother is considering something truly evil.... Up until now, I've always thought somehow I could stop him, but.... It looks impossible now.... He would never listen to me.... To my brother, I'm just like an 'enemy'...."
JILLIA: "It looks like I don't have the power to stop my brother. I've begun to realize that... As a princess and a woman, I'm limited in what I can do...." I am sure Anabelle and Teresa and Lucia are very impressed with your deduction. Speaking of which, I want Lucia/Jillia to be a thing that exists in the world.
Long pause.
JILLIA: "I'm sorry to have spoken so long. The tea has gotten cold.... Things have quieted down outside. Perhaps you'd like to leave now?"
Being polite.
RIOU: "The tea was delicious."
JILLIA: "Farewell. I do not think we will meet again......." And she is very nearly right. (Ending spoilers.) Also, I just noticed the octopus in the picnic basket there. Goddammit, Nanami.
JOWY: "........... Thank you."
Fade out.

[BGM: Reconnaissance Mission]
I'm outside the tent again, and I start heading out of the camp. Well, okay, first I try to go in a different tent:
JOWY: "Odessa, if we don't hurry away from here, the soldiers will get us."

As soon as I'm near the edge of the screen --
ROWD: "I thought so." Awwww shit. The music stops, and --
[BGM: Suspicion]
ROWD: [walks over] "I could tell the Princess was opposed to Lord Luca. So I kept on the lookout, and who pops up but you guys. Get ready, State spies!"
Six Highland soldiers pop up from behind!
JOWY: "We're in trouble." REALLY? I thought being surrounded meant it was PARTY TIME.
ROWD: "You won't get away this time. Kill them!!"
Weird: there were six soldiers but this fight is only against four. Buddy Attack for the fucking obvious OHKO.
Rowd jumps a bit and steps back. I think he's calling for more troops.
JOWY: "Uh oh.... Odessa, I'll figure out a way to stop them. I want you to run. If they get both of us here, Nanami, who's waiting for us, might be in trouble too."
Tempted to be an asshole.
RIOU: "I can't do that."
JOWY: "We don't have time to argue! Hurry!!!" NO WE ARE GOING TOGETHER

RIOU: "Okay. See ya." This one makes me feel bad.
JOWY: "Then hurry and run. You don't have to wait for me!"
ROWD: [turns around] "What are you doing!! Go!!!" AND FOUR MORE SOLDIERS
JOWY: "We're out of time, Odessa! Go!!!"
Jowy shoves me down and runs over to Rowd.
JOWY: "I promise I'll catch up to you!! They're not going to get me!! Hurry up and run!!!!!"
And I make like a tree and leaf.
ROWD: "Oh, trying to buy some time so your friends can get away? That's very sweet, but it's meaningless."
Pan up.
JOWY: "Shut your mouth!!! Saving my two friends has plenty of meaning for me!!"
ROWD: "Empty talk! We'll capture you and your little friend Odessa too." I now wish I named Riou 'Toto'.
JOWY: "Oh, Black Sword Rune. If you really are one of the 'true runes'...... Then grant me the power that I need......"
Bit surprised he doesn't raise his right hand for it this time.
I guess maybe it's because he hasn't realised that the proper way to go about glowing is by waving your hand around.
Fade to black.


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Huan, Anita, and now we've properly met Jillia.
- Jowy Points: 0 - 1 (this plan remains stupid) + 2 (though sacrificing yourself is very sweet) - 1 (but we're level 40 and you're one of the best mages in the game; I'm pretty sure that's not necessary) = 0
- Game Overs: 2 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: We're fucked, aren't we.

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