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Let's Play Gensou Suikoden!; GS2 PART 11

I'm getting awfully close to the point where I need to actually be concerned with playtime, so the last thing I did was reset playtime back to 00:00:00. The cheat code for that is:
8006AA52 0000
8006AA54 0000
8006AA56 0000

and that works perfectly fine in pcsxr. \o\


[BGM: none; crickets.]

STATE SOLDIER: "You guys are a big pain in the neck... Cool off here for the night!!!!" And he walks off and pulls the door closed.
NANAMI: ? "That's weird, huh. I thought we were perfect."
JOWY: "Perfectly horrible, maybe." That's cold.
NANAMI: [shoves him back, pissed] "What?! Maybe we could have fooled them if you had tried a little harder."
JOWY: [sweatdrop] "..................... You're the one who overacted."
NANAMI: [boingboing] "What do you mean 'overacted'? I acted like a 28 year old woman." Trivia: Hilda is 33.
JOWY: [sweatdrop] "Which part was a 28 year old woman?"
NANAMI: [boingboing] "All of it!"
JOWY: "Okay, let's ask Odessa. Who was more realistic, me or Nanami?" Why am I the one ...
NANAMI: "Fine. So who was better?"

RIOU: "Jowy was better."
NANAMI: [bouncing] "Huh??? Come on!"
JOWY: "You see. I knew Odessa would know.

RIOU: "Nanami was better."
NANAMI: "You see, you see. I knew it.
JOWY: "Odessa, really? You don't mean it...."

RIOU: "You both stunk."
NANAMI: [boing boing] "Huh!!!!! That's a lie!"
JOWY: "Odessa!!!!!!!!! Don't put my acting in the same class as Nanami's."

STATE SOLDIER: [opens door and startles everyone] "Shut up in there!!!! You guys!!! Go to sleep!!!!"
Fade out.

Riou and Jowy get the bed, huh.
;) It appears to not alter the conversation.
RIOU: "What is it?" On a whim I looked up what Tir and Odessa say in their conversation. Odessa goes 'Can't you sleep?'; Tir goes 'What is it?'
JOWY: "Take a look, Odessa. You can see the moon through that window... It's a full moon." Why's the moon always full if someone's remarking on it?
Fade out.
[BGM: Theme of a Moonlit Night] ROMANTIC SUBPLOT BGM \o/
It sure is.
JOWY: "A lot has happened since we left Highland, huh?"
JOWY: ".... That vision.... the one we saw in the cave in Toto Village..... Back then I was.... I was jealous of you...... In my house, we had everything.... Everything we ever wanted, we got. But............ Odessa, you and Nanami and Grandpa Genkaku may not have been related by blood.... but even so.... you had a real connection. That was the one thing.... the one thing I wanted, but never got...." RICH KID ANGST
JOWY: "Odessa..... Do you remember the day you and I met? I didn't know what I should say to you, so I just watched you and Nanami. You talked to me first...." That's because I wasn't a silent protagonist back then, Jowy.
JOWY: "So, Odessa...... Do you think we'll ever go back to Kyaro?" I don't know about you, but I noticed there was this angry mob....

RIOU: "Don't worry, we'll go back....."
JOWY: "You're right."

RIOU: "......................"
JOWY: "It'll be okay... I'm sure we will."

JOWY: "When this stupid war ends and things get quiet again, let's go back there. The three of us... me, you and Nanami. We could fix up Grandpa Genkaku's dojo and make a living teaching his way of fighting. But the important thing is that we could live and go on. As long as I don't ever have to join the army again." Haha, you're going to fuck that one up good.
Long pause.
JOWY: "Odessa............ I....................." ... think I just used all the dot supply for three tiny villages ....
JOWY: "During the long days I spent with Pilika, Marx and Joanna after I was saved near Toto Village... That's when I first realized... realized what was important to me. You see, even though Pilika called me 'Uncle Jowy'......" We can adopt!
RIOU: [ dots ] or 'It'll be okay...'
RIOU: "It'll be okay............" If you dot, he skips the first bit of the next line.
JOWY: "Thanks..... Odessa Thank you......... Odessa.... I have a dream to make this land safe again. So that children like Pilika can grow up surrounded by the warmth of people that love them... I want to go back to a time like that. For that, I'd fight with every last bit of strength in my body." ... Jowy. Jowy no. Whatever you are planning is not going to work. It is not going to work to the tune of many many dead bodies. Jowy no.
Fade out.
[BGM: none; crickets]

Pilika's waking up.
Jowy goes over to her.
SAD PILIKA: "..........................."
JOWY: "I'm sorry, Pilika. I woke you, didn't I?....."
SAD PILIKA: "..........................."
JOWY: "It's late.... I'm going to sleep, Odessa." Goddammit, Pilika.
Jowy kneels down and pushes Pilika back next to Nanami.
Fade out.

[BGM: none; birds chirping]
Sup, Fliktor.
VIKTOR: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Don't be so gloomy, Odessa, Jowy."
NANAMI: "Hey! Old man! Get us out of here!!! Hurry! Hurry!!"
FLIK: "You know who they are. Let them out."
STATE SOLDIER: "Yes, sir. Just a minute...."
The soldier walks off.
VIKTOR: "Ha ha ha ha, So you guys are okay. I was getting worried."
JOWY: "We took a little detour, but we're fine."
FLIK: "Hmmmm... Somehow you all look a little older, tougher." I'm pretty sure we were level forty last time you saw us, so I'm not sure what you mean if it isn't our bad case of Plot.
VIKTOR: "Well, why don't you go to Leona's new tavern? Everyone's there. It's right near the... oh well, just walk around, you'll find it. Oh, Odessa and Jowy, meet me in the city hall later. There's somebody I want to introduce you to."
JOWY: "Me and Odessa?"
NANAMI: [BOING BOING] "What? I'm going to! It's not fair if just Odessa and Jowy get to go!!!!" Yes, she says 'going to'.
VIKTOR: "Okay you little brat, okay. You can come too. Well I'll be waiting in city hall. Odessa, Jowy, and the tomboy can come. City hall is at the dead-end north of here."
They walk off.

Buying another Fury Rune (which I gave to Humphrey)~

JOWY: "Odessa, wait. Let's leave Pilika with Leona before we meet Viktor. She looks tired."

The bar! This is where I last saved, of course.
woman in blue: "So the Highland Army is up to some tricks on the border, eh. I hope everything is okay."
old woman: "So it's true that Toto and Ryube were destroyed. I didn't think the Highlanders could be so evil." ... I'm going to guess you're not very familiar with Highland and Jowston's rivalry, then.
old man: "Luca Blight, prince of Highland... he's not human. He's a devil disguised in a suit of flesh." That's kind of an awesome line.

[ talks to Leona. Jowy and Pilika step out. ]
LEONA: "Viktor told me what happened. I'm glad you're all okay. I was worried."
JOWY: "Well, please take care of Pilika."
LEONA: "Leave it to me. But you'd better hurry. You don't want to keep that guy waiting." Somehow I suspect she said 人 rather than anything implying gender, because it doesn't really make sense otherwise. SuikoI's fondness for 'fellow' was awkward, but works better in a lot of cases.

Fade to black; we're now outside the inn. I step back inside for the hell of it.
In the room the boys will use, there's some bacon and eggs on the table; in the room the girls will use, there's some steak.

I walk down a completely unmarked alleyway -- IF YOU ARE PLAYING, DO MAKE SURE YOU TRIGGER THIS EVENT OTHERWISE YOU ARE WAY FUCKED -- annnnd
Hi, Elza! "Psst. Hey. Can I ask you a favor?"
Odessa looks around and backs up.
I kind of love Elza's outfit.
RIOU: "Yeah, sure."
ELZA: "Thanks. A bad man is chasing me. Would you hold on to these for me? I'll come get them later, okay." I'm sure whatever you want me to carry is completely legal.
She walks over to me and [ You got Two packages ] and then she walks off.

I walk up a bit aaaand --
CLIVE: "Where are they? Storm senses them...... Moon and Star are somewhere nearby......" I'm not sure why they decided they needed to translate German into English here; the Howling Voice Guild all names their weapons in German (I'm still way fond of Cathari's Rotkäppchen → Aschenputtel → Schneewittchen). Also, hi Clive!
Odessa steps to the side, and is accosted by a blond man with a grey cape!
CLIVE: "You, did you see a tall woman with blonde hair around here?"
Should I lie blatantly to the only star of destiny with a rifle and a short temper?
RIOU: "Nope. Never saw her." SURE, WHY NOT.
CLIVE: "Really? Where could she be?"

RIOU: "I... errr....."
CLIVE: "No, I guess not....... But she's not going to get away from me this time!!!"

And he walks off. I wonder what that was about!

RANDOM MAN NEAR APPRAISER: "I had that '? vase' appraised and it turned out to be a 'flawed vase'. I lost gold on the deal." I like the implication that no one in this game except an appraiser is smart enough to guess that vases with holes in aren't worth anything.

La di da, reloading until the rune shop has fury runes ...
Holy shit, that is way more water orbs than I thought they could carry.
And I, like an idiot, accidentally quicksaved with water orbs for sale. Dammit.
RANDOM DUDE: "Hee hee. I'm so happy. I found a 'Prosperity Crystal'. I'll clean up with this....." There is all of one way to get prosperity crystals in this game, unfortunately, and it really sucks.
LITTLE GIRL: "This is the home of Dr. Huan. I'm going to be Dr. Huan's wife." That's really creepy.
Huh, Huan's not home.
A MAN NEAR JOWSTON HILL: "Oh, war again, eh sonny? You young folk can't remember, but once... there was a great hero who lived here in Muse."
WOMAN: "The City-State of Jowston was born on Jowston Hill just beyond here. That's where it got it's name." Wrong its, dude!

Elza walks from her hiding place near the jail over to me when I approach the entrance.
ELZA: "Thanks, kid. Here, take this."
[ You got Sound Set #1 ]
[BGM: Suspicion ]
CLIVE: "I found you...... Elza."
Clive walks down!
ELZA: "Clive........."
CLIVE: "Finally... I've finally caught up with you. As an officer of the Howling Voice Guild, I'll see that you pay for your crimes."
ELZA: "Can you shoot, gunner!"
CLIVE: "Out of the way, boy!!!" This progresses without pressing anything.
ELZA: "Don't move, kid." This too.
And Clive's just crouched sort of like 'wtf' and Elza runs away.
CLIVE: [stands up] "You won't get away this time!!!!" And he runs after her.


Up I go to the city hall!
[BGM: Quiet Room]
VIKTOR: "Oh, you came. Over here. Good, you're all here. You're a little late, but I guess it's okay. She's a very busy lady."
JOWY: "Who are we going to meet?"
VIKTOR: "Well, you'll find out soon enough. C'mon. Let's go."

GUARD: "You're Viktor, right? Please go inside. The meeting room is in the front."
[ Viktor joins party. ]
Hi, Anabelle! And Jess, I guess.
ANABELLE: "Tell them to hurry and decide. Tinto people are always the same. As a messenger, we'll send..... Fitcher. He won't fail us." Fitcher is pretty useless, though ...
OFFICIAL: [nervous] "Y...yes. Immediately. As usual Lady Anabelle, your judgement is beyond reproach...."
ANABELLE: "I don't need your brown-nosing. Leave now. I've no time for people whose mouths are faster than their feet." ilu Anabelle.
OFFICIAL: [nervous boing] "Y, yes!"
And he bolts!
ANABELLE: "Whew. Oh? You came, Viktor."
She walks out from behind her desk and over to Viktor.
VIKTOR: "I've seen you at work a hundred times, but you still surprise me."
ANABELLE: "So is it true? I heard you lost your fort." Yeah, Viktor accidentally the firespears in the boiler.
VIKTOR: "Yeah. Lost a lot more too." Like that dude no one liked!
ANABELLE: "Well.... It didn't take them long to break the peace treaty..... This Luca Blight is a true beast." I bet you can't guess Highland's true rune.
ANABELLE: "I'm afraid this war won't end until either the State or the Highland Kingdom is in ruins." Well, yeah.
VIKTOR: "He's insane. He's a wolf raised on the smell of fire and the taste of blood. He can't be trusted."
ANABELLE: "So what brings you here? I see you've got three children along with you...."
VIKTOR: "Yeah...." [walks over in front of Odessa and turns as he says their names] "This one is Odessa, this is Jowy, and this little tomboy is...."
NANAMI: [boing boing boing] "Nanami!!!!!"
VIKTOR: [walks back over to Anabelle] "Yeah, yeah...... Nanami. It's these kids plus another little one named Pilika. Can you take four more? I'd keep them with me, but you never know when war will call....." It amuses me that Viktor had no qualms about Tir leading an army but he does about Riou-tachi doing anything, despite them being the same age. Well, not the same age NOW, but the same age at the start of their games.
ANABELLE: "Yeah, you can't take kids into battle with you............ but........." That's a lot of dots.
ANABELLE: [walks over to in front of Jowy; Viktor moves out of the way] "Jowy...... Jowy Atreides?"
JOWY: "How do you know my name?"
ANABELLE: "There's a country nobleman in Kyaro with a son by that name." [turns to dude in the back] "Isn't that right, Jess?"
JESS: [walks over] "The older of two sons. He's currently a fugitive from Highland charged with high treason." Thank you for showing off.
ANABELLE: [walks over to Odessa] "And you..... Odessa and Nanami..... Odessa...... was your adopted father named Genkaku?"
VIKTOR: "Huh!"
NANAMI: [turns] "What? How did you know??? How do you know about Grandpa Genkaku????"
ANABELLE: "I heard that Master Genkaku adopted two children..... I think their names were Odessa and Nanami......"
NANAMI: ? "'Master'... Genkaku???" 「ゲンカク・・・老師???」 Took me a bit to find the cap of whatever suffix Anabelle was using.
VIKTOR: "You don't mean... that....."
ANABELLE: "Viktor..... I'll tell them all about it. Until then.... Odessa, Nanami, is Master Genkaku in good health?" SAYING YOU'LL TELL THEM LATER ALWAYS MEANS YOU'LL DIE, ANABELLE. I LIKE YOU TOO MUCH FOR YOU TO MAKE THAT MISTAKE.
NANAMI: "Grandpa Genkaku.... died last year....."
ANABELLE: "I see........ So we weren't able to atone for our crimes against him...." That's not opaque and ominous at all.
RIOU: 'Atone for your crimes?' or a metric fuckton of dots.  This is, like, a Jowy amount of dots.
RIOU: "Atone for your crimes?"
ANABELLE: "Yes, well..... Let's talk about that when we have more time. Right now I've got to worry about the Highland Army. Jess, I'm leaving these 3 in your care." No way can that go wrong.
JESS: "Yes, My Lady. Understood."
VIKTOR: "See ya later. Maybe I'll drop in on you soon."
ANABELLE: "I'll be looking forward to it."
Anabelle walks back to her desk, and Jess, Odessa, Nanami, and Jowy walk out. Viktor walks out too after a moment.
VIKTOR: "Okay, I'll be in Leona's tavern. You guys look around for awhile and come back when you get tired. See ya."
Viktor walks off.
JESS: "Well then Odessa, Jowy, Nanami. Feel free to walk around City Hall and even speak with the guards. But do not disturb Lady Anabelle. If you need something, speak to me. Excuse me now, I've got work to finish."
Jess walks off. Nanami bounces a bit.
NANAMI: "Hey, why don't we explore a little?"
JOWY: [sweatdrop] "Explore... you're going to get us in trouble."
NANAMI: [whistles] "Don't worry. Don't worry. He said it's okay to walk around."

working dude: "I wonder where he went.... He was supposed to get permission from Lord Fitcher first...." ... Fitcher deserves honorifics?
random dude: "Oh, I'm not doing anything special. I just like it here cause there's lots of space."

I walk into Jess's office!
DUDE: "But this is the only size we've got......"
JESS: "What are you talking about? These are for Youth Brigade uniforms. What can we do with these...." ... Isn't the Youth Brigade, I don't know, dead? I feel like that was a plot point earlier or something.
Jess goes ! and turns to us.
NANAMI: "What is it?"
The dude turns to us, and Jess stares at a wall.
JESS: "..........................."
JESS: "Odessa, Jowy. I have a request. Will you listen?" Dude, it's not going to work.
JOWY: [steps up] "What is it...?"
JESS: [walks over] "Luca Blight's army is camped out near the body between Muse and Highland. They'll attack us here in Muse next. I'd like to know how much provisions they have with them.... We've got some Youth Brigade uniforms to help you sneak in..... Odessa, Jowy, you were in the Youth Brigade, right? We don't have any other uniforms, so would you do it for us?" There is a small problem with your plan. There are many small problems with your plan. Many of those small problems are in fact big problems. Your plan is the problem.
JOWY: "So you want us to sneak into the Highland Army camp and find out how much provisions they have..... Is that right?" Are we about to go prove we're not spies by spying on Highland? Is that a thing we're doing?
NANAMI: [bounce] "Whaaat?? Couldn't that be dangerous????" Nahhhh.
JESS: "Well, umm.... a little.... But it would be a big help for Muse. We could find out how much provisions they have. That will tell us whether they're planning a long siege or a quick all out attack."
JOWY: "................ What about it, Odessa?"

RIOU: "Sorry, but no way." Odessa's not the kind of girl to betray her country. ... Wait.
JESS: "It'll be okay. The Highland Army isn't expecting anything like this and all you have to do is peek into their supply tent." ... The Highland Army isn't expecting spies, huh. Really.
RIOU: "Sorry, but no way."
JOWY: "If it's for Muse..... No, if it's to defeat Luca, I think we should do it." I like how he decides halfway through that sentence he doesn't really care about Muse.
RIOU: "Sorry, but no way."
JESS: "I see. I won't force you, but if you change your mind, come back here."

JESS: "So what about it? Will you do it??"
RIOU: "We'll do it."
NANAMI: "What!!! Th... that's dangerous...."
JESS: [runs over, shoving Nanami aside; she is now pissed] "Really! Thank you. You're the pride of Muse. Hey!"
DUDE: [walks over to Jess, then walks back]
JESS: "Here are the uniforms. I guess you know how to put them on. To get to the Highland border, follow the road to the northeast. I'll alert the guards at our checkpoint. Good luck."
[ You got Highland Uniform ]
[ You got Highland Uniform ] Yes, it really says that twice.
Jess steps back.
NANAMI: "Well I've got no choice. I'd be worried about you, Odessa and Jowy, so I'll just have to go with you."
JOWY: "Okay let's stop by Leona's tavern and get some others to join us. Odessa, maybe we can finally be of some help too?"
NANAMI: "What are you talking about? If it gets dangerous, you have to run back here, Jowy."

Old book get.


- PEOPLE WITH FACES MET: Elza, Clive, Anabelle, Jess
- Jowy Points: 4 - 1 (nice job breaking our romantic cutscene hero) - 2 (THE WORST PLAN) - 1 (you're going to throw Muse under a bus aren't you. Do we even have buses?) = 0
- Game Overs: 2 total
- Bathrooms: 0

NEXT TIME: How many spies does it take to make a pot of tea?